Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sewer-Eels Surely Surreal

Blog-post #290:
(290 = 2*5*29.)

 Circumferential Unroundness

Retroactively Radioactive

Cremated In Eclipses

Inferiority's Coronal Light

Unlikely Congruent Likewise

Identically As Sameness


Anagrams (four):

Any ring of science is instead beaten,
if encased by its insane cone tearing.


So maddening is this lace.
Oh, its mends sliced again.


Uses lore, I sing.


No virgins seen
ever sinning so.



Sit in acid, I can, it is.


Sad losers sell indeed nil,
less resold as.


A large city quite old-fashioned
and ancient-like:


(By the way, "old-fashioned" itself surely is an old-fashioned phrase.)

All is surely a weird and
disgusting wasteland.
It is all... 'sewer-real'..

But what is weird?
A surreal 'sewer-eel'.


A lawyer admits,
"We lawyers' minds are always
in the SUE HER!.. uh,
I mean, 'sewer',..
always in the sewer, yeah."


Polygamy is a three-(or more)-ring circus.
(And the wives say, "It is a circus
where the jerk-ass does work-us.")


If they have designs on them, should they still be called...



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