Monday, May 27, 2013

Spectrostereoscopic Schematics Of Such Shadow-Boxes

Blog-post # 381:
(381 = 3*127.)

Nine new inanimations of art:

Polyhedra Parallel To
Many Massless Points

Likewise Are The Non-Lines Of
Any Nonlinear Collinearity


Maso-cosm --
Of Any Macroscopically
Cosmic Masochism

Else Of Methodically
Random Etceterations

The Imbalance Of Coincidences
Versus All Concepts Of Coincidence

Mostly Made Of Many-less
If Magic-less Agnosticisms

Outlines Of Outlying Vertices

Theoretically Sans Any
Synthesis Of Any Analyses

(These titles are out-of-control..


(Six -- Quite a mix.)

Stereoscopic air overlaps
in any true shadow-boxes.
Very paradoxical rainbows
soon see those pictures.


Nothingness is as it:
Very minimal.
... Thinning so via
nil's asymmetries.


A murder sins:
Ruins dreams.


Our dreams:
A murder so.


Our dream's mess:
As some murders.


Lines once knew so to have
denied quasi-entirety.
A woven sequence yet does
knot inside the nil air.


What do scientists view
a microcosm with?



Cheap and poorly-made items
are manufactured in...



Why is the Heimlich-maneuver
needed when you have a
cough-drop stuck in your

To dis-lozenge it..


I'm SO stupid...
I'm actually less smart than
all other people COMBINED!..

(Yes, I have an IQ-score
under 700 billion,
I hate to admit.)


The bouncer, being forced by
anti-discrimination laws to
let some ugly people into
the night-club, says to them,
.. "I hate to admit..
that you I have to admit."

(Yes, he hates to admit
both it and them.)


You know why the dance-club
went silent?

Because the discotheque..
did disconnect...


Are electronic dance-music



You must play 'brawn-poker'
when negotiating with
a 'pawn broker'..

(When you are trying to pawn
such items as.. spoons, say..)


It is 'ambivalent' whether
it is spelled 'ambulance'
or 'ecnalubma'.


7 billion people on
Earth now.

But officially there are
far fewer, because...

only the..
numerate people count..

[^This joke seems to me
to be unoriginal.]

A personal computing-device
is an.. 'app-aratus'..


You could walk up a hill of
any particular slope,...

if you are so-inclined..

(Are slopes in Europe of the
same number of degrees much
steeper than those in the US?
However, that would be good,
because in the US we are..

(And it would be easier,
I suppose, for the Europeans
to.. 'steep' their tea at
those higher temperatures
they have.)

You could also walk hundreds
and hundreds of miles..

But I myself wouldn't
go.. 'along' with that.


A historic retelling of old
news-stories would be

the.. 'knews'..

(We once knew the news.
But now the news is a ruse.
The 'rews'?..)



Astrology versus psychology:

This controversy is reminiscent
of many philosophical conflicts
between any two different (even
if not TOO different) religions.

BOTH sides are full of BS, I say.
(And full of gnome-shit too..)

A pox on BOTH your (mad-)houses!
(Whether the moon is {or whether
the lunatics are} in them or not.)


A likely unoriginal idea for
what a pretentious restaurant
might want to do:

Have black-salt and white-pepper
in the shakers at their tables.


A general
'Rule Of Dumb'
to live by:

Know that you are likely
surely wrong.. about everything
you have ever assumed.

(For example, things are {almost}
always either much more complex
or much simpler than you have
been believing.
That is... Hokum's Razor,..
or is not.)


I was thinking after seeing the
headline that a teenager will
be 'charged as an adult' for
building a pipe-bomb, maybe
sometimes when a White and/or
Christian is charged with such
a crime, they might now days
officially be..

'charged as a Muslim'...

(Har har..)

(Of course, why bother with any
of that legal namby-pamby
constitutional nonsense, like
even charging the alleged
terrorist-wannabes, in the
first place?
They are ALL guilty, of course,
because they were ACCUSED...
ACCUSED of the most horrible of
crimes of all, I say! The most
horribly "worst of the worst"
crime of being... ACCUSED!
Banish-shed them!
BANISH-SHED them!.. {to gitmo})


(Sign of the times..)

Cheap digital-watches are,
of course, ONLY worn on..


(This is so whenever the wearer
is an Arab/Muslim, obviously{!},
but not so when the wearer just
happens to be a White/
Christian American guard at
any US-run anti-constitutional
"War On Terror" prison, a prison
holding {sans habeas corpus} and
often torturing those..
"Wrist Of The Wrist" Arab/Muslim
evil digital-watch-wearers!..)

(Wrists of the wrists.. to bind
them with to the ceiling for
weeks at a time, if necessary.

But you gotta fight terror
.. in this.. 'War On..
{any digital-watch} Wearer'.)

(But, hey, style-violations
MUST be severely punished..)



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evermore Wherein Moreover Wherever Was Everywhere


Blog-post # 380:
(380 = 2*5*19*2.)

11 new art-inanimations:
(There were 11 images in
my last blog-post too.
11~11! 11~11!
It's 11~11 24/7!)

Therein Wherever Is Everywhere

Regarding Any Avant-Garde
Refractions Of Abstractions

In Undefinable Imagelessness Severing
Dimensions From Dimensions

Relativistically Envisioned

Disregarded Randomly

Overly-Oval Opalescence
Likewise Mis-Pluralized

In Any Dream Of Perfect Asymmetries

All Amorphousnesses Algorithmically
But Systematically Synthesized

If Anything Ever Seems To Be Anything

Otherwise Of

Super-Scalar Sub-Vectorization
Of Mis-Continuity


Four fewer than eleven.)

Quiet rainbow:
In baroque wit.


The quasi-rainbow:
As baroque within.


Their mathematics
as colorful:
All the chromatic
sums are of it.


The vast origins are formed
easily only inside mathematics.
As any algorithm there is of
its creatively made dimensions.


Knots are drawn as flatly
inside ironic balance.
Nonlinearly backwards is
a creation and itself.


Reality is to convolute in me,
is of any dreams' weirdness.
Destiny was forever only
sometimes as unidirectional.


Time stirs anew;
rotation spins.
It narrows to it,
as in emptiness.


The 'problem' with becoming a
mathematician is there is quite
a... 'learning-curve'
(.. of curve-learning..).


People (or/and corporations)
with very 'good values' almost
always consequently have..
very poor value.

(Ya' gotta cheat,
if ya' wantta compete.)


If things swirl within them,
they are swirling 'spinside'

And all this swirling
is so doing 'spinto'
its convergent rotation.


Politically-correct term for


Following may offend.
Following item contains
adult themes.]

Here is an (likely unoriginal)
idea for what to say next time
you carry out a coin-toss:

"Call it in the air...
Blow-job or anal?"


Man, that CrAzY coin sure
.. flipped-out...

Following may offend.
Following item contains
childish themes;
ie. it contains politics.]

The (supposedly) science-y
and (supposedly) intellectual
industry spokespeople calling
for deregulation are quite the

... 'Ayn-steins',

aren't they?..

(But some people may argue,
however, that such massive
deregulation at best would
soon lead to total
... 'Rand-Dumb-ness'..)


Speaking of political-science
(but in a more literally
science-y sense):

Lawyers will too often try to
use as "evidence" in their
court-cases quite the



Idea for band-name, album-name,
or name of an R-rated movie?:

"Ugly Please".

(Do they use.. 'shower-salts'
in that movie?..
I'm afraid now that shower-salts
is a super bad offensive thing.
I myself naively mean it totally
innocently, however, as simply
a play-on-words involving those
bad salts that are instead of
the bath {or you would think
they are so according to only
their euphemistic name}.)

("Ugly please,..
with shower-salts on top"?
That must already be a highly
obscene phrase. Sorry, but I am
actually afraid to look it up to
see what it already means...
But I go ahead and post it on
my blog anyway, like I am a
genius.. What could go wrong?..)



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cosines And Cosmoses

Blog-post # 379:
(379 = a prime.)

Eleven images,
inanimatedly imagined.

(And 11 anagrams, also.)
(11 ~ 11)
(What an eerie para'11'el.
{Or instead, an eerie {pair of a}
pair of 1's, as it is here.})


Randomness Versus Meaninglessness
As Reality Versus Existence

Transparent Colors Of Trigonometry
Conceived In Cosines' Cosmic Conjuring

Symmetry's Synesthetically
Spectroscopic Stereoscope

Its Inflection Of The Precession
Is As The Rotation Of Its Progression

Loci-lessness Somewhat
Lacking Linearities

Seemingly Semi-Somewhat Semicircular

Incalculably Inexact Numberlessness

Quasi-Delineated By Liquid
Stained Upon Itself

Any Celestial Arithmetic
Is As This

Nonetheless Of The
Nothingness Of Elaboration

Regarding the top image's name,
This name refers to the
'Chaos' of the 'Cosmos'.
(It very likely is a most
unoriginal portmanteau,
however. I have not checked
on-line yet to see if this
word pre-exists. But I would
be absolutely shocked if it
would not get at least
a few thousand* hits.)
*(A few many-nesses?
As opposed to many few-nesses,
like 'many dozens', I guess.)


(11; Eleven;..
Four more than seven.)

The rainbows became theorems.
Some cobwebs therein are math.


The semicircular loops were
almost more spun than heavy.
Amorphous curls are somewhat
incompletely vast herein.


Everything oscillated
as insane coils.
All is a glassy
convection there inside.


A thin clearness is
yet what is ascending.
Anything in it was as
dense as the circles.


As the distant arithmetic:
In its math is created that.


Math is creation,
an arithmetic so.


Yet the wiser math
is all creation.
It was solely an
arithmetic there.


Any arithmetics somewhat
as celestial:
This eye's mathematics
was all creation.


In reality.


A line-quest:
A quilt seen.


This gnome.


Regarding the last anagram:

This is also an anagram of
"gnome-shit", of course.

"That's total 'gnome-shit'!",
is 'something' to say when
expressing that 'something' is
so false and utterly unreal
that it only exists, at most,
in a realm of fantasy-creatures.

Yet even though gnomes never
existed at all, maybe their
shit still somehow does.

(And is this profound question
itself only some gnome-shit?)

"That's GS!"


I swear this didn't occur to me
before. But "GS" sounds like a
quasi-homophone for "Jesus".

So, that reminds me of this..

Agnostics, I guess, might be
(non)believers either...

or in


An ellipse and an oval, either
partially covering the other,


(^Ah, a..

If far more than two words are
combined punningly into one
word, you might then have a...


(Warning: Wisdom. Take note.)

If all you care about is money,
your life is then surely...



Romantic/sexual love too often
exists mostly because of the
loved-one's physical appearance.

ironically, true-love, however,
is often...



Scary lunar aliens:



The science of the Big Bang:



The science of those speeds
near light-speed:



The science of the
universe's history:


(Which sounds tasty...
But I am a vegetarian..)


The science of how the
universe will end:



Speaking of the End Of
The Universe...

Government officials
are certainly jackasses.

That is because our government
is quite a...


[Warning: A very likely to
be very unoriginal joke
is impending..]

A science-fiction kung-fu
movie is a...

'Sci-Fu' movie!..


Pick-up line to get the
smart girls:

"Hey, baby. You are not at all
overweight, but even though I
would really like to pick you up,
I can't.. because..
your thoughts are SO HEAVY!"..

(But will she appreciate this
because she realizes it is only a
parody of idiotic pick-up lines?)

If I had a band, we could call
it "No-Hits Wonder".

No hits? No wonder!

"Hits" = "shit" is an appropriate
anagram many times in regards to
musical pop-hits, however.



Why are owls so wise?

Because they are good at..


(Just ask Owl-bert Einstein.)

[^Not my own joke.
But 'hoo' cares?]

Long ago, it was believed that
the entire cosmos was just a
glass dome over the Earth with
the universe's smallish stars
embedded on the inside of it.
(And with the Earth being
orbited by the sun and moon.)

Yes, this was quite a..
'cel-LESS-tial' belief,
compared to that of
modern astronomy.

(Now days, however, the
cosmos is believed to be
quite a bit 'cos-MORE'
than just a dome..)
[Warning: Controversial.]

God, if He really is as anti-gay
as they say (and He exists in
the first place*), might likely
be gay Himself, and is maybe
in denial and overcompensating.

He really should then just
come-out of the.. Closmos..

(That is the biggest walk-in
closet in the entire Cosmos..
Even Liberace had not a
closet that was THIS big..)

*(Yes, God, if He exists,
probably existed literally in
the "First Place", in the very
first place ever ANYWHERE..)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Better Than Partially Fructosed Highly Hydrogenated Soybean-Syrup

[Yes, partially fructosed highly
hydrogenated soybean-syrup is the
best kind of partially fructosed
highly hydrogenated soybean-syrup.]

Blog-post # 378:
(378 = 2*3*3*3*7.)

Eight new art 'inanimations':
(And see note below about
the word 'inanimations'.)

Plexiformation Likewise
As Clockwise-like

As It Is Alongside Anything
That Is Clockwise Or Of Glass

What Is Spoken When All
Words Are Unspeakable

This Ungraphable Proof That
All Proofs Are Disproved

Shapelessly If Non-Amorphously As
Non-Shapes Are Nonlinearly Shaped

Converse To Imbalance
Itself Transpositional

Spuriously Spatial Yet
Speciously Sporadic

Maximizing The Overlapping
Of Minima


[Only four.
Four for you,

Any ultimate lens is
what is glass, is
what no-one is.
Nullity was seen
in it, as was also
something it has.


As glassy existence formed
inside as that illumination,..
Its stained scenes are of
this multidimensional galaxy.


As the meaninglessness:
Glass then seems insane.

Next anagram contains...
adult language. {gasp}]

The sexual stripper is
being censored anew.
Her wise and obscene
tits are perplexing us.


Speaking of "Inanimations":

It is ironic, of course, that even
though "animation" means basically
the opposite of "live-action", as
these two terms are commonly used,
they literally mean basically the
same thing as each other.

Could my art then perhaps be
correctly called, in a way,
Or maybe "live-inaction"
might be more appropriate?

However, "live-inaction" basically
means the same thing, literally,
as "still-life", of course.

(Furthermore, a "still death" is
quite the rigor-mortis, moreover.
But.. at least some of my art is
instead.. more.. lively.)
(Ooohhh... The irony!...)


Hey, this is May,
or so they say.
(Oh, or it may be May,
it may, maybe.)

Philosophical question:
So, given that some calendars
use 4-letter abbreviations
for the months, what then is
the 4-letter abbreviation for

(And I suppose a calendar with
only this one month in it
would therefore be the..
'May-an Calendar'?..)


Successful but disheveled
mathematicians dress very...



The contraindicated
externally applied treatment:

ointment.. ain't meant.


The religious who are envious
of others' gods:

The 'reli-jealous'..

(They are the..
really jealous religious.)


If time is eternal,
it is the...

'Fourever'th Dimension.

Very adult language.]


I mean, you really need to go
and fuck yourself,.. because
I really don't think you...
'get it' at all."

(Get it?)


Speaking of obscene speech
and all of that "Yes, you have a
First-Amendment Free-Speech-right,

Telling the truth about Reality,
about "The War On Terror", or
about any other such nonsense..
is equivalent to..

Yelling "Theater!"
in a crowded fire.

(In other words,

Yes, we find ourselves now in
The Inferno, in The Illusion,
in The HELL-usion.

But pointing out where we are
to the unfortunate others,
however, is not at all allowed
(in order for your own safety
{and, of course, for the safety
of the children,..
yes, for THE CHILDREN, by God!}
-- and please, keep your hands
within your cart at all times;
people have lost their arms on
this ride before, you know;
and at least you DO still have a
constitutional right to bear arms..
{just not to bear them outside your
cart while it is in operation}).

(In other words, what you say
can and WILL be used against you,
.. as they say.)

Yes, enjoy your visit.. and
your FREEDOM.. at our fine
Homeland abuse-ment park.

Thank you for your patronage..
and for your patriotism*.


And God Bless America,...Inc.

('God Bless America' and
'America' are registered
trademarks of USA-Inc and of
Inc-USA and may not be used
without {or with} written
All rights reserved,...
except for any of yours.)



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Into Introspective Spectra Of Converses Of Convolution

[Yeah, just threw some words together
from my images' titles to get this
blog-post's title.]

Blog-post # 377:
(377 = 13*29.)

Nine art inanimations.
(Nine non-animations?)
(Nine nouns,
none {not one}
as animated.)

Conceptual Divergence Of The Convergence
To The Converses Of Convolution

Asymmetric Aspects Of Introspectively
Interpolated Spectra

In Finitely Numerous If Infinitely
Rigorous Theorems Regarding Infinity

Existentialism's Proof --
It Is As Plexiform Stone

Any Analog Of Each Etcetera

Any Severing Interwoven With
Whatever Is Unspecified

This Stirring Of Nil Less Existent
Than Is Nonexistence

Disproof Of All Proofs Via
An Analogy To Anthropomorphism

Perfect Knots Of Plexiformly
Blurred Unknowability


(What else were you expecting?)
(Twenty -- Always plenty
whenever I have twenty.)

Art's core.


Loci rig math.


Theorems of their
erroneous noise:
Therefore, one is one
or thus is more.


Any polygonal locus:
All is what is solely it.
Only elliptically was
this analogously so.


Their earth is all
that is entirely
sans grids.
Still, they are as
stirred as this
linear thing.


The star-dial's
cosmic gnomon's beauty:
Astronomical nights
become as dusty.


Night ever is a nebula:
The big anal universe.


Our dire nightmares
be as silly.
Hell is stirred again
by me or us.


Sane dreams...
are madness.


These so convolute
inside any ring.
Unto every coil is
nothing as dense.


This fluid spins to
As the liquid is
stained upon itself.


The yelling is wise,
is once astray.
Its eyesight was
ironically seen.


Of vast ire there:
Forever, it hates.


All my rot.


may rot til.


Truth's fate maybe is
what is so true forever.
Yet furthermore, this
was as of a best virtue.


All infinity:
Finally in it.


Existentialism's proof:
It is as plexiform stone.

[Note: ^This is the name
of the 4th image above.]

Existentialism asked
for hints while
dreaming of proofs.
It formed, if inside
whole things as plexiform
as are knots.


As our meaninglessness
only irrational,...
All imaginary nonsense
is not so surreal.


Here is your "baby-formula"
right here:

"Sperm + Ovum - Contraception
= Baby"!


Scientific researchers go on...

'double-blind dates'..


People in the food-processessing
industry go on...

'expiration dates'..

(This joke is way past its
expiration,... and was even
before it was ever made.)

Commercial spaceship
to the moon:

A 'lunar liner'..


Philosophy of reality ignoring
uncertainty principal:


Quite essential is existence,
however. Thus my...

'exist-essential' crisis.


Detecting the voices of ghosts
in the ambient noise on otherwise
empty audio-recordings is only
another example of..



Speaking of (speaking of,
and in, pseudo-silence)..

It might be more appropriate to
say, rather than the undead are
'immortal', that they are..


[Compare with proper usage of
'immoral' vs 'amoral'.]

What did the strong gust of air
say when it hit the pane of glass?

Quoth the 'Wind,-"Ow!"'

(And quite the 'pain' of glass,
it was.)

(Now getting profound.
No more jokes to be found.
Not any puns, anyway.)

Is the boundary between..
{all infinitely plexiform
yet perfectly well-defined
{all simple and smooth
absolutely blurry
itself (ie. the boundary)..
or (or 'and/or'?)..

[^Especially this line:
"or (or 'and/or'?)",
seems rather like it may
imply something profound.]

The above philosophical
angst is inspired by
fractals and by something I
read regarding the possibly
very complex surfaces of
event-horizons {because of
Hawking radiation}.]

My own ambiguousness is
(sometimes) itself ambiguous:


I am (both/either) an agnostic
and/or an atheist.

I am (both/either) a solipsist
and/or an utter nihilist.

{And I might as well say..}
I am (both/either) heterosexual
and/or asexual.