Thursday, May 31, 2012

As These Oddly Remained

Blog-post # 300:
(300 = 2*2*3*5*5.)

Seven computer-art images:

Randomly Quadrated

Dissimilar To Confusion

Nonsense Strewn Clearly

Darkly Electrodynamic

Synesthesia Reanalyzed

In Each Alliterated Neuron


(Honestly, "Synesthesia Reanalyzed" creeps me out somewhat..)


Three anagrams:
(A triple-anagrammatic spectacle.)

As these oddly remained
wrung anew of that end;
indeed, we had then so
flung rotten dreams away.


A helix if once returned unto,
but tossed,
it uncurls before and then
does exit out.


In our messes,
in these quadrants,
Randomness is then
quite as sure.


Oh, I really have nothing else worth writing about today.
Maybe I should point out this is my 300th post to my Hyperthetically blog
(if I counted correctly).
That is not really important, as far as I and the universe are concerned, since I do not live mostly by the rules of the base 10 number system anyway; and the universe surely does not either.

But what else would I write about today, then?

Maybe I should encourage you all on this grand occasion to read some of my older posts, and also some of my even older posts,... and older yet still (if you want to, of course).

I know the focus of this blog has changed somewhat over the last... -- how long has it been since October 2009?

Now I publish more images per blog-post, especially more newly created images, than before.
I did not have as many anagrams in the
beginning, I think I recall.
But I had some occasional jokes, including
puns but maybe a larger percentage of
non-pun jokes than I do now.
I was much more philosophical at the beginning than now, too.
I also had quite a bit of politics, which I now forgo almost entirely (with political humor still allowed).

And, the poems, yes, I posted poems quite often in my older posts. But I think I may have lost more readers as a result of my poetry than due to my politics, to be honest. So my poetry had to go away. (Even when I do post the rare poem these days,
anyway, it is always written
{and somewhat improvised}
specifically for my blog now, and is not written in the same style as my poetry more often is; although I may cannibalize a little material from the other unpublished poems for the blog-poems.)

Yay, 300.


Pointlessness is the point; this is the point I am pointing out pointedly, poignantly.

(As I wrote recently, the word "pointless" is itself pointless, because points are zero-dimensional, or something pointless I wrote.)



Monday, May 28, 2012

Higher Paradigm-ensionality

Blog-post # 299:
(299 = 13*23.)

{Quite a pretentious post-title, yeah?}

(Seven images for you today.)


Dissolved By Dimensions

Asymmetric Hydrogen

As Rarest Pronouns Are

Its Tangled Glossiness

Transmutations Absorbed

Bleakly Oblique

Amazing, I have only two images out of these seven above that involve spirals (well, three, if you count the background of the top image). And I have only two images involving spheres (maybe three, if you count the oblong spheroids). And I have only two involving rings (in an obvious manner, anyway). And I have only four, maybe five, images involving crescents.
As you have seen from my previous posts, I have basically been plagiarizing heavily with my extensive use of spirals, spheres, rings, and crescents (and a few other simple shapes) in many of my images, especially lately. Are these geometric forms in the public-domain, though? What next, though; will simple concepts in geometry be trademarked someday soon? Woe will then be the artist inspired by archetypes.


Two anagrams
(somewhat relating to each other):

The vial, its weirdness is odd.
Water dissolved inside this.


Geometry's transmutations
are summed so.
A strangest momentum you
stirred as some.


Hey, you Cartesians,

You ONLY THINK that because
you think therefore you are..


What color is chemists' favorite?



Why couldn't the accountant's
calculations come out 'even'?

Because he was doing an ..


Society 'runs amok',
since during elections
each political party
'runs a schmuck'..



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sublime-inal Apocalypse

Blog-post 298:
(298 = 2*149.)

{Note regarding title of this post:
I believe that we are living in, and soon will be living in to even more of an extent, what is in many ways a world resembling what science-fiction stories of years past depicted as a "post-Apocalyptic" dystopia. Except.. we have not had the actual Apocalypse, however, nuclear or otherwise.. (yet).}

Five pictures of images of art:

As A Pretext Of Visions

Demagnified Of Multiplication

Unenvisioned Within/Unto Us

Rarest Reality Of Only Glass

One Or Any And All


Two anagrams
(too anagrammatical):

Your rarest glass is more real.
Mostly roses are as irregular.


All is elongated and is sideways;
As solidly as wide as nil negated.


With the world-wide financial collapse,
I suppose what we have now is the...

'economy-sized economy'..

(It's fun-sized, oh boy ...
and for our convenience, too..)


The climate-change-induced apocalyptic drought will soon bring us...



Meanwhile, in the US, our Constitution has been re-amended, in essence, now with the...
'Nil Of Rights'.


More regarding that

What happens when even the rich neighborhoods get nuked?

They become...


(Being madly mad makes you..

(unoriginal joke)

[Warning: Possibly offensive matter ahead.]

(And speaking of
'Egregious & Kathy Lee'..)

You heard how near the Arctic Circle,
things can be a little 'nippy'?

... Yeah, and in the sky there up north,
you can often see the...

'areola borealis'..

(Love this joke, ashamed to admit.
Have I heard it before, though?
Hmm.. I know that this must be
a band-name.)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vertical Vertigo Of Dizzying Diagonals

Blog-post # 297:

(297 = 11*3*3*3.)

Overarching Our Making

Aglow Or Vice-Versa

As Rust Itself Quelled


(I am only posting the best four images, in my opinion, I made during the last few days. If you think these images are terrible, you should see the others I did not post here!...
Well, no, the point is that you cannot see them. Oh, well.)

(Note: The name "Surrelativity" is a pun name combining "Relativity" and "Surreality".)


Two anagrams
(not one, not three or more than thee):

That very vast light orbits
as time is lately.
Most all its relativity
has the best gravity.


Alone in a dystopian reality;
it is one/any/all yet paranoid.


The essence of the lava-lamp
is (a) pretty fluid..


Following the guru can be rather...


(In other news: Determining the difference between a "religion" and a "cult" can be rather 'diffi-cult' also.)



Hardly pretty; Pretty hard.)


Abusement-Park Of Everything

In this 'abusement'-park of everything,
all our world is surely illusory,
wrongly ascertained, but certainly asinine.
Yes, this is our world of tyranny
laughably imposed.
This is our construct of archetypes and architectures entirely superfluous
yet confining.
Yes, we here are incarcerated amongst these clowns and arcades and colorful machines and polychromatic propaganda forcing into us that vertigo, forcing that confusion either/neither of its paradoxes
or/and/nor of its oxymora.
Quite, we here are to pay for that admittance to admonish ourselves, to displeasure us in our poverty otherwise entire, else forgotten.

For, here we dream of such an expanse
of nightmares, of such an..
therefore quite fun and funny, thus quite an imprisonment that somehow our youthfulness once considered to be justly juvenile, an imprisonment that we improvised to form these excessive and almost baroque frivolities;
here we play in what has been but that most commercial of falsehoods; we play as if we are alive, as if we are children in this artificiality, in the (psychotic
yet horridly surreal) grandeur
of our...




Friday, May 18, 2012

Sour Dreams Yell

Blog-post # 296:
(296 = 2*2*2*37.)

Created As All Unmade

Anti-Dreams Of Misspelling

These Integers Without Number

Anti-Counterbalanced By Shame

Apathetically Disemboweled

Likeness Likewise Clockwise

Accelerated Unto Deceleration


Plenty of anagrams (5):

Tense danger rules trances made;
creates gender-neutral madness.


All is a glossy frontward entropy,
only as if progress totally drawn.


As I, all this future
quelled your rust.
Truthfully surreal is a
soul quieted.


Sour dreams yell
solely as murder.


In hard sadism's faulty coitus,
it is of us, much a dastardly sin.

(The 'future quelled your rust'-one is my favorite, I suppose.)


Do I repay a period?


It's.. nobody's business.. where
I choose to NOT spend my money..


I hate when different words are spelled the same, but not only have different meanings, but different pronunciations also.
Like "tear".

"What do you mean by 'tear'?..
'Tear' or 'tear'?"


"Ah, yes."

So, how difficult would it have been to have spelled one of these "tear"s as "tare"* and/or the other as "teer", say?

*(Not to be confused with "terr'r"..)


Losers, such as I, are only..



.. But some 'people' are
not losers at all.
No, they are always winners.
They are the V.I.C.s, the
Very Important Corporations.

Better than the V.I.P.s, the
Very Important People, even.
Yet they ARE people too,
so says the US Supreme Court.

Yes, in all politics and in
all of our lives generally,
the VICs are always to be..
VIC-torious (over us)!


Best idea ever (patent pending):

Change your name legally to "Richard Cheney".
Next, somehow get on the US "No-Fly List".
(This shouldn't be that difficult.
You may be on it already.)

Then the next time that OTHER
"Richard Cheney" tries to fly,...


(And.. hilarity!...)


So, if something is not-as-funny as we pretend it to be, I guess it is just a
.. 'parody of hilarity', then..

(Now this parody of a parody-of-hilarity
IS hilarity.)



Monday, May 14, 2012

Inhumanly Interpolated

Blog-post # 295:
(295 = 5*59.)

Distilled Into Calculuses

Interpolated Pity Of Inhuman Guilt

Approximately Confused Algebras

Atonally Interplexiform

Pulsations Of An Eclipse

Cornea Never Coronal

(The name "Interpolated Pity Of Inhuman Guilt" I like much.)


One anagram only:

Into some, sins are added,
as dead dimensions tore.


You notice them giant semicircles
left in the cornfield,.. probably
left by them aliens?

Yeah, they're...



(Speaking of^..)

They say, "We are not alone."

Yes, true, *WE* are not alone,..
by definition.

*I*, however, *am* alone.


You know what is terrible?..

Being tearable...


"My tailbone is killing me!"

"Well, you, sir, have a..
'toxic coccyx'."


I might EVEN count
by multiples of 2!..

(Or, oddly, not.)


Horrid-looking sadists are..


Do the kids call it..
"algae-bra" class??

No one wants an ALGAE bra..'


This Black Death we have
blacked-out; and the
black-out itself is
forgotten, despite our
inability to forget
even our inabilities.
Ah, it all is quite a..

Mnemonic Plague.

(But why is the word
"mnemonic" itself
relatively difficult
to remember how
to spell?
For, "m"s and "n"s
keep getting
interchanged when
I try to spell it.)



Friday, May 11, 2012

Strange, Really Strangely Real

Blog-post #294:
(294 = 2*7*7*3.)

(Seven images today, more than usually.)

Multimathematically Summed

Diffractive Intrusiveness

Into Philosophical Screams

Light's Pristine Rust

Inapplicable As To Genocide

Misanthropic Anthropomorphism

Of Other Similarity


Anagrams. How many? Four.

Quest in alley...


I do cut sly linear lines...
less unidirectionally.


Stay in pod.


All arty genres:
Strangely real.


Me and my lack of glasses...
Inspiring me to overhear this:
a conversation between myopes:

"My eyes are SO bad,...
they're felons!'

"Well, MY eyes are SO bad,

"Well, MY eyes, THEY're SO bad
that they've MADE thousands...
of dollars.. from speakin'-fees
and book-contracts, since they
have immunity and are allowed
to basically brag about and
justify whatever bad things
they have done!"

"Damn, that's them there's
some bad eyes you gots.
Yours there the worst eyes."


Working as a tree-trimmer
must sure make one..


For me, becoming a yoga-instructor
would really be...
'quite a stretch'..

(This surely unoriginal joke may
likely have been.. 'posed'
to me before by someone else..)


(Say, hey, always they say,
many ways to weigh whey,
there are anyway.)


That a relatively few elitists --
the media, the pundits,
the politicians, and the
super-wealthy who fund the others
-- really entirely determine
public-opinion, well, that
surely... 'makes sense'.

Yes, they are the ones who
determine WHAT IS 'sense',
common or otherwise.

They just manufacture it,
like one of their products.



I keep reading online about psychological/medical "studies" where it is supposedly shown that people who believe whatever BS and delude themselves into being even-unjustifiably happy are somehow more likely to be "healthy" and live-longer.

Ha Ha!

Perhaps... the websites where I read about these study-results are trying to get a larger readership??

I've said it before, I would
rather die sooner and be aware,
than live long as a mistaken fool.

(R.I.P.: Realize In Peace)



Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Blog-post # 293:
(293 = a prime. Sublime.)

Meridians Themselves In Each

Randomness Itself Torn

Never Theorized By Tilting

Hemispheres Without Semicircles

Mandalas Bigotedly Before

(I do like these, I do likely suppose.)


Not much anagrammatization today.
Two or three short ones.

Surreal is
liar's ruse.


Our rusted din
surrounded it.


Dumb Me


A new expression to use when people are being overly general in what they are saying:

"Well, that's as specific as the Pacific!"


Oh, the popularity and quality of the written-word is definitely in decline...

... But I wouldn't 'read'
too much into that!..


It's not an apple per day anymore..
No.. Instead, now it's..

Not having money to pay...
keeps the doctor away!..


You hear about the guy hit and killed by an errant ball at a baseball game?

The police say he died from (a) 'foul play'!..

(Meanwhile,.. some other guy was
killed by roughhousing chickens...)


That last one reminds me:

Blood-soaked killers are...

'crimson criminals'..


Three comedians walk into the bar of a
comedy club, one comedian carrying a book of puns, one carrying a book of satire, and the last carrying a book of comic-strips.
... I don't know what it is, but...

there's a joke in there somewhere..


(So sorry, but I know I have heard all of the above jokes before somewhere;
which only proves, the dumber something is, the easier it is to remember.)



Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eventual Gross-theque

Blog-post # 292:
(292 = 2*73*2.)

 Stained With Algorithms

Physics' Sad Misanthropy

Hereafter A Timepiece

Methodically Un-Unidirectional

Testified By Doubt

A Violently Electric Hourglass

(These all are okay images.
I like the name "A Violently Electric Hourglass", though.)


Anagrams, two:

Congress, be so
gross, obscene.


So far, these only alternate:
Fast, sooner, late, then early.


Surely, I had quickly visited
the buffet table,...

since I only took seconds..


I heard a bear once killed a man..

with its BEAR-HANDS!..


Constant + Anticipation =



We all are but dancers at the...
Grotesque Gross-theque.

Such tech is dreck.