Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Amorphous Glyphs

Glyphs More Amorphous:

[Heretical hieroglyphs:
Too surreal to be seen
{and thus, they are
envisioned by us}.
Too surreal to be read
{and thus, they are
engraved into us}.
Too surreal to be real
{and thus, they are
entangled within us}.
Too surreal to be known
{and thus, they must
have enlighted us}.]

Post # 428:
(428 = 2*107*2.)

Eight new inanimations:

As Clockwise As
As Rotation
Unequal To Rotation

Circumferenceless Circularity

Surrealistic Axioms

Eclipses Of Moons Each
Both Crescent And Gibbous

Hexa-Dimensional Hemispheres

The Trigonometric Glassiness
Of Particulate Translucence

Likewise As Knots
Of Knot-lessness

Counterintuitively Clockwise
Around Roundness'
Counterclockwise Intuition

[The bottom image,
"Counterintuitively Clockwise
Around Roundness' Counterclockwise
Intuition", is yet another image
of mine which may have been
unintentionally inspired by
Lorenz Attractors;.. I am
quite attracted to these
Lorenz attractors indeed,
it seems.]

[Oh, and I also seem to like to
often use the words "clockwise"
and "counterclockwise" as part
of my images' names.]
(13 -- Ah, the luck of the irony.]

Weakest folds
have really torn.
Those knots are
all very flawed.


These berserk shapes
do rotate in atoms.
The spheres are to be
as knotted or amiss.


Darkness' atoms:
As dreams' knots.


Those gibbous and crescent
moons are in this.
Night is creation;
roundness becomes as both.


Our every lunar answer
is as some.
Any universe was
more so surreal.


In this negation,
One anti-thing is.


As nil, those nils'
symmetries are round.
All randomness is
mysterious therein.


Ranting morons:
Ignorant norms.


White-supremacists do
murder, as does this rot.
Their hate's sadisms
corrupted true wisdom so.


A sword..
was rod.


Error-code cast:
Or as corrected.


Sphericalness is
an absurdity.
Labyrinths inside
are as cusps.


A semicircle spins there
as into those.
Its hemispherical cones
are its tones.


'Ode: We kill like we do.'


Another term for your proper
first-name (ie. your so-called




Suggested band-name:



An art-desecrating graffiti
"artist" uses the underlying
preexisting artwork to..
draw-upon.. for inspiration.


You hear about* the anchorman
who became an artist to create
bronze sculptures of the human

Yeah, he went from being a
to being a.. nudes-caster!..

*(Literally, did you hear or
read about this before?
This joke seems vaguely
familiar; maybe I posted it
[paraphrased] to this blog
already, maybe long ago.)
[Speaking of topics I may
have already posted long ago..]

If one can brush one's teeth,
then why cannot one comb one's
teeth also?

That must be what they use the
proverbial "fine-tooth combs"
for, then?
To comb one's fine teeth?..

[Seriously, maybe 'tooth combing'
is essentially flossing, perhaps.]


So are "general-interest magazines"
then all about military hardware
and military patriotic rah-rah and
strategy and stuff that would
interest generals?...

Yes, yes they are.

[Very high likelihood I already
read or heard some variation of
this joke somewhere before.
Yes, as in-fact I surely know,
I quite indeed did.]
[Warning: Next 4 items are
political in nature.
Many may find offensive.]

Suggested sound-bite for a Texan
congressional candidate who
promises to be a budget-balancer
in Washington:

"Them fellers in DC sure like
to keep kickin' the can.
Well, I'm here, I tell ya',
to kick the bull-crap."


I was wondering about
this the other day:..

Milk products sold in the US from
cows not given certain hormones
are required to have that one
government-approved message
{ie. warning} on their labels
which reads something like,
paraphrasing, "The milk from cows
raised without [letters] growth-
hormone is not significantly
different from milk coming from
non-hormone-free cows."

But meanwhile,..

Any old cheeses or whatever milk
products at all can have the word
"Natural" prominently displayed on
that milk-product's packaging,
even though the word "Natural"
means not one damn thing at all,

Some major lobbying from the
less-than-hormone-free milk-product
industry has been afoot (or ahoof),


Speaking of lobbyists...

I now realize that lobbyists
themselves also need a lobby
organization -- as lobbyists are
now days getting a bad rap in
regards to public-opinion and
due to the possibility that
lobbyists' power over our
government may be curtailed
soon somewhat {HA! HA!} due to
that negative public-opinion
(but not really).

Or, seriously, do
already exist
(and are officially regarded
by these organizations
themselves as being established
exactly for that one purpose)?

The American League of Lobbyists,
or.. "ALL".

(The absolutely least necessary
lobbying organization in history.
Doesn't, uh,.. money.. lobby for
all lobbyists,.. and do so quite
well, even?)



I likely have posted already
a long while ago about the
suggested new term for
"homophobe': "Hate-rosexual".

I may have stated then too
that the word "homophobe"
just does not sound quite
evil enough, and it does not
seem to convey the bigotry
that may be inflicted by
homophobes (which may include
anything from simply being
somewhat personally disturbed
by homosexuality, to carrying
out personal acts of
discrimination, to outright
political policy-making and
official discrimination, to
physically violent attacks
against gays, to genocidal
mass-executions of
homosexuals as part of
some governments' official
domestic and/or foreign

So, I would go further, in
many cases at least, than
simply calling homophobes
the almost humorous-sounding
"hate-rosexuals", let alone
continuing to simply refer
to them as "homophobes"
(which often is really
giving them too much benefit
of the doubt about the harm
thay can each do). Maybe our
society should perhaps call
them instead something like
This would create a deserved
mental-association with
another type of bigots, the
racist White-Supremacists.
And maybe the threat posed
by the anti-gay bigots
to society in-general,
not just to the gays,
would therefore be taken
more seriously then?

Unfortunately, from a
marketing stand-point,
is much too long and
unwieldy a term, with far
too many syllables.

But "Straight-Supremacists"
sounds almost goofy.

might be what would work
best from a getting-popular
stand-point, especially
given its syllable-count;
but from the literal
stand-point, it is not
a good enough term, because
"Hetero" regarding what
(Although, "hetero" is
indeed a slang term for
heterosexual, so this is
probably the best term
we can hope for now days.)


Regarding the Earth's mantle and
a fireplace's mantle (mantel):

Both types of mantle
are so very hot.
But one type is
even more so,
while the other..
mostly is not.


Yet unknown to us, the
ultimate enlightenment
will be our...



Update: Regarding my question in
the last post where I ask,
[Is colorblindness (the type
where the colors are seen
but are transposed) a form
of synesthesia, in a way,
but taking place within
only one sense?

I realize now that if every
color is "transposed" with
one other, as compared with
the average way colors are
perceived by most people,
then the person with this
types of color-blindness,
if it even is a type of
color-blindness, may not
even know anything was
amiss -- and maybe
nothing would be amiss,
in fact.
How do we each know that
the colors we think we
see are seen in the same
ways that others see them?
[And this question is not
only in regards to colors.]

For all I know, no one
else on Earth even
perceives colors at all,
or even has any conscious
awareness of any perception
or thoughts they think
or any feelings they feel**.

They may only FEEL that
they personally have any
feelings, or may only THINK
they have any thoughts, for
all THEY know (that they know).

It is like that philosophical
question, maybe, I posted
here a few months ago.
What if someone dreams they
have received a secret prize
in an unopened box.
Before they dream that they
have opened the box -- and
especially if they wake before
opening it -- what is the
significance, if any, of
what is "really" in the box?

As for Schrodinger's Cat,
in-actuality, the cat itself
does not even exist;...
but neither does the box,
.. nor does the Geiger-counter
or radioactive substance,..
nor does the poison,.. nor
does even Erwin Schrodinger
himself,... nor even, in any
likelihood,.. do you.***]

***(Maybe this alone explains
the low numbers of readers
my blog has.)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blog-post # 427:
(427 = 7*61.)

Eight new inanimations,
again crappily "scanned":
(My images cannot
be well scanned;
ie. they scannot be.)

Paradox Bifurcated
Into Its Trifurcation,
Unto Quadfurcation,
Or Furthermore

As Space-Time's Blurs
Formed From Emptiness

Unfactorable Refractions Of Truth
Into Truth's Hues Each Unknown

Among The Many
Integer Divisors
Of Any Non-Integer

Non-Annular Sphericalness
Of Ring-like Cones

The Top-Heavy Finitude Of All

Transiting Through The Transposition
Of Transparentness, And Conversely

Light Versus Its Own

Anagrams --
Of ten again,
but not
often a gain.]

A paradox-lessness
as mathematical:
Space's axioms are
all made sans that.


This obliteration
thus was this.
It abolishes its
own truth it has.


Angst sees nihilism.
This is meaningless.


Strange was id;
As weird angst.


All this hate:
That is a Hell.

[^Did I do this
anagram already?
Humanity surely
has, however,
again, again,
and yet again.]

It is as you,
plus as entropic.


The eclipses:
These splice.


As circular:
Arc is a curl.


The circular mystery
as meaningless:
Any aligns. Symmetric
curls are these.


Rotation is turning as
does that weird symmetry.
The mysterious and yet
random ring was to stir it.


The clowns in the circus
were bound to have irked us;
with their psychedelic frowns
and their siren-y sounds
(Honk! Honk!); such clowns
and their frowns and sounds
are all surreally profound
but are surely BeRsErKus.


That student's report-card
marks have worsened to now
be below average.

Yes, the quality of that
student's schoolwork
has become..



Thinking it is secure
to be encoding a message
by simply spelling it
backwards would be quite


on your part..

[And elsewhere regarding

An enlightened liberal says:

"I'm not prejudiced
against the Muslims.
Hey, some of my best
are Muslims, even!"..


Beware the toxin,
for it could..




Being nearsighted:

Having.. 'blurndness'..

[It's okay. I'm one of them.]


Is colorblindness (the type
where the colors are seen
but are transposed) a form
of synesthesia, in a way,
but taking place within
only one sense?

Is there such a condition
as color-nearsightedness,
where colors are seen
correctly up close, but
farther away they are not?
(I myself may have this
condition a bit; I suppose
that the cones of the eye
need at least a little
sharply focused light
from the gazed-upon object
to correctly assess the
color of that object.)

And is there a condition
where the eye perceives the
hues correctly, but the
luminance values of what is
looked upon are all wrong,
either being transposed or
being all constant or being
wrong in some other way
(much more wrongly seen
than those luminance values
would be seen normally by
most people)?


Perhaps (BS!..), if there
are no examples of infinite
magnitudes of anything in
the universe, then we thus
have zero infinities. And
thus we have a universe of
each of which is numerically
indeterminate and can equal
any mathematical quantity
at all.

So, every measurement of
every aspect of anything
in this universe is
indeterminate and thus is
uncertain. And therefore,
if every measurement is
finite, quantum-physics
is then true
(or is not true)..

QED... (????)..


Relatively more seriously:

In my last post I mentioned
the infinitely large word
(which was spelled with a
finite number of letters)
with "..lessness.."
repeated ad-infinitum
(if only conceptually
repeated as so).

I suppose that this word
is an interesting concept,
if meaninglessly (or not)
it so is,.. maybe.

Let me see if I can
analyze this concept
more rigorously:..


"Meaninglessness" --
The concept of being
without meaning,
without definition,
and/or without purpose.

-- The concept of being
without meaninglessness;
ie. the concept that
whatever (regarding what
this refers to) has
at least some meaning,
definition, and/or
purpose (but is not
necessarily completely

..lessnesslessness" --
The concept of being
sans meaninglessness-
..lessness; ie. the
concept that whatever
(what thing is being
referred to) has
at least some
meaningless aspects,
or maybe does, but
certainly is not
meaningful in every
way (or maybe it is?),
and it may even be
completely without

..lessness" --
The concept of being
ie. the concept that
whatever (what is
being referred to) is
devoid of having any
possible meaningless
aspects, or maybe
is devoid of having
any uncertainty
regarding which
aspects it has are
meaningless and which
are meaningful, or
maybe, or..?..


(So, meaninglessness
wins, then?..)

I was also considering the
idea of the similar type
of word,
This seems to be maybe
quite a paradox itself, as
it simultaneously is not.
Maybe it is much like the
famous Liar's Paradox, but
applies to the concept
of 'paradox' itself,
rather than to the usually
simpler and relatively
more straightforward
concept of truth-vs-lies.

In any case, if one wants
to be REALLY profound,
maybe they could come up
with such an infinite word
or maybe a self-referential
sentence which not only
flips back and forth at
each iteration between two
opposing truth-values (in
regards to some aspect of
that word's/sentence's
own meaning), but also
at each stage becomes
more and more convoluted
(perhaps with a bifurcation
of truth-value possibilities
at each stage) as it applies
to the concept of the
concept (of the concept of
the concept of..) of that
very logical paradox itself.

[But I myself have other
stuff to do today..]






Therefore, forever is
evermore moreover as
overlapped and as
lopsidedly sideways.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Oxiomatic Axymora, Or Conversely

["Oxiomatic axymora" are
all quite as axymoronical
as is any axiom, and are
all quite as oxymoronical
as is any oxiom; or thus
they are all (as is
axiomatically obvious)
quite the converse yet
otherwise.. vice-versa.]

Blog-post # 426:
(426 = 2*71*3.)

(And the factorization of
the last post's number, 425,
is 5*17*5. And since 71 is
17 written backwards, and
5 = 2 + 3, then...
(.. However, today's date
cane be written as
4-14-14, which can be
written as:
And the sum of these
numbers is 14.
So,.. whatever, again!..)

Five new art inanimations:

The Three Multiples Of 3,
Of Multiplicity,
And Of Morphology

Ratioless Radii


Herein The Spherically
Conical Cosmos

Asymmetric Hourglassiness
(Counterbalanced If Clockwise)

I think I already wrote about
the neologism in the second
image's name, "Spherein",
which is 'herein the sphere',
of course. The second of the
neologisms in that title,
"Indeterminominators", is a
portmanteau I talk about
below in this post.

The third image's name
is infinitely long (but is
represented here with many
fewer letters).
Its ending continues with
..'lessness'.. repeated
ad-infinitum, of course.
What does it mean!?..
(Or not mean?..)

(Six is.)

Topology is as the entirety.
Those loops are yet tying it.


is else that process.
Its logistics are solely
atop/at/upon those.


The oxymoron is
affirmed more
so as this.
Irony does form from
these axioms it has.


Space's dense shape
mostly is forgotten.
The strangeness of
a cosmos yet slipped.


Asymmetry is/was
of this/that/any
altered hourglass.
And yet its
light-rays form
sums as what
they also are.


Sand is spun into
shards of light;
Yet fire made those;...
As the finite ends formed
this Dystopian hourglass.


[Aside, regarding
2nd anagram above:

seems like a good new
term for logistics,
or for a strategy,
process, method, or
algorithm to handle
any complex task or
to prearrange the
components of any
complex series
of events.

Or maybe it should
only describe the
"shape" of that
complex series of
events, rather
than the methods
to deal with that
(space-time) shape.

But, either way,
I would expect the
term to soon become
a much over-used
buzz-phrase, often
appearing, say, in
board-meetings and
business reports,
.. if my blog ever
was read by anyone,
that is.]


'I may be by. Am I?'


Are "Scape Goats"..



Why did the heart-attack victim
hate so much those paramedics
who saved his life?

Because they..
're-pulsed' him!

(And also, because of
their 'de-fib-rillator',
he then was forced to
stop his.. lying
{on the ground}.)

Maybe a more so
term for the undead:


(i.e. Post-human-beings?)


What sounds do ..
'spirits'.. make?..


(And this pun also leads
to "Booo!"s, too's.)

[I must have heard this joke
somewhere before... Maybe upon
the stroke of midnight* and
amongst the sound of rattling
heavy chains?..]

*(No, probably not from a
late-night TV comedy bit.)

From my last post,
speaking of late-night TV:

[That TV offer is substantial;
.. as substance also is..
a.. void where prohibited.

"But wait!.. There's less!"..


(This week in math-class:

You students better
study your 'less-ons',..

or you will become..


Irrational real numbers
(ie. those numbers with
the infinitely long
non-repeating decimal
expansions) are like
fractions; but, other
than possessing integer
denominators, they are
instead divided by what?



That monotonically increasing
quantity became just a..
as it went just from being..


Norman was a poor man.
So he then became a doorman.
But in that was his torment,
as in that he was dormant.
And Norman was so dormant
being that doorman
of his torment that thus
he was like a doormat
or even like a floor-mat.
And so he was more than
even he ever so more so
was likewise as that.

the plan he formed
to become a foreman.
Ah, as in his plan
and in his need,
he had so achieved,
and, indeed, he then
became that foreman
for all the doormen.
And as that foreman
of all the doormen,
he was more dominant
than was any doormat
or than any floor-mat
or than any doorman
or dormant poor man
of his former torment.

For, more firmly so
was he no more that
-- as he now was
neither a poor man
nor a former doorman.

And he was no more
of that or than that
which he had formed,
what he was before,
before in this score
evermore in his core:

Forever at his door.



The More-So Moral Moray-Eel,
was more so moral than was
The More-So Moral Moray-Eel.

Or, this Eli more so knew.
And, as you also do
in regards to you, he too
claimed his morality true.

But Morty was moreover
evermore more so moral
than was any other eel
or than was any coral,
as he more so knew
than even do you.

Yet, Eli did proclaim
the very same.
Or more so he agreed
his morality did exceed
his own greedy need
for being more so
moral and more moral
than Morty, than Morty
the so-called More-So
Moral Moray-Eel;..

And conversely,
Morty more so said
that Eli was bad,
and that he, Morty,
was good,
and that these deeds
(of his moral greed)
had done more good
than any more-so
moral moray eel's
deeds even should.

And so went
Eli's and Morty's
oral/aural quarrel
regarding who is
the most so moral.

And then they each
did finally reach
that final breach;
and their morality
became a fatality;
and that mortality
became more than
their hypocrisy.
Or more so did so
Eli else so
and Morty also
so morally lapse;..
as eels do elapse,
if they are ever so
more so moral than
even all morality.

As they are each
more so as they
so are:
Quite more so less
or less than moral.

(Thus, the moral
of this story is
more so of this:
Hence, herein,
it is the story
of this which is
a moral moral.)



Monday, April 7, 2014


(Spinning so,
through the singularity
of the nucleus of the
nexus of the

Blog-post # 425:
(425 = 5*17*5.)

Six new inanimations.
I have now "scanned" them with
a real hand-held digital camera
instead of with the web-cam.
This newer method is not at all
perfect, but the result is still
much better than before, at least
with some images.

Oscillations Of Endlessness

Nonexistence Of Both
Periodicity And Aperiodicity

One's Quotient Of One
Dividing One,
With Remainder One


Confusion Dividing, Divided
By, Or Divined In Complexity

Axiomatically Or/And
Oxymoronically Of

The 4th image's name
does indeed combine
"Nexus" and "Nucleus".

And "Asynesthesia",
from the last image's
name, means:
'The condition of being
without synesthesia'.

(19, nineteen.)

All is the apex;
As all is what is formed.
Made was this:
A helix of its parallels.

- -

(Those pyramids:
Myths do praise.)

- -

([Those cones:
Stone's echo;
Echo's tones.])


The endless stillness
again remains
as aperiodic.
Plaid's cosines
are in its mesh and
else are lasting.

- -

(All angles were of this
that is an aperiodic end.
Their loci are often as
lengthwise and as plaid.)

- -

([Shapes were
as is this length:
An integer.
Its graphs are seen
within these angles.])


([{This is entwined.
In it, it hews ends.}])


Inflections are found
inside the weirdness.
Their cosines were of
finitudes, ends, and nil.

- -

(This void outlasts
any emptiness.
Yet vast and motionless
thus is pi.)


Geometry multiplies
as sines.
Ellipses are yet
summing it so.


Those quantities are
As they were so.
Theses equal proofs;
Yet their axiom
was entire.



[^I probably
have posted this
anagram before.]

An echo is heard inside
all its ends.
Noises are still as
each hidden din.



[^i.e. A black-hole,
if you did not get that.]
- -

(Any universes existed.
Every nexus instead is.)

- -

({Eclipses' multiples
are of this nexus.
The plexiform nucleus
is as its sleep.})


As formed...
of dreams...

[^I must have posted
this anagram before.]
- -

{These do swirl.
Theirs slowed.}


{(Light as seen
stains this.
The glassiness
is in that.)}


'Music of foci sum.'


Where is an apex?

At the point of..



(Serious aside:
The "light-cones" of relativity
somewhat resemble hourglasses;
and time is regarding both.
The past flows to the future;
through the nexus of 'Now' --
through.. the 'Now-xus'.)

(See last item today for
further discussion related
to hourglasses; and another
image, as related to this.)

Where do zombie
musicians perform
before an audience?

At their..

unlive concerts..


Understanding no feelings
of others, but because all
others do not exist, is:..



That TV offer is substantial;
.. as substance also is..

a.. void where prohibited.


Why did the immigrant to
the US from many decades
ago believe that Americans
always equate capital i
with lower-case L?
(In other words
{In other letters?},
I = l.)

Because he heard that
he was sailing to...
'L-is-I Land'..

(And, after all,
Americans keep saying,
"We are number l!"
Or is it,
"We are number I!"?)


They say that eating chocolate
gives you the same feeling as
you get from being in love..

Yeah, right..
They must mean that terrifying
feeling of worry, common to
both eating chocolate and
falling in love,..
about how you might soon
gain way too much weight?

Although seriously -- weighty
issues aside;.. chocolate
does not give ME any feeling
of being utterly depressed.

I guess this is YET ANOTHER
example of pop-psychology
(or regular old psychology)
"facts" being untrue, maybe
even the opposite of the

Another case of...



When in the far future will
first be found the fossilized
remains of an anthropologist
who was killed in the act of
digging up an older fossil?

[^This seems like it might
already have been a sight-gag
from the show Futurama.]

(And maybe the fossilized
human anthropologist will
be found digging up the
fossilized remains of
an earlier {"less evolved"}
hominoid anthropologist,
who was in-turn digging up
an even earlier {and even
more hunched over} hominoid
anthropologist's remains;
... with the remains of
some early land-animal
anthropologist digging up
the fossilized remains of
a sea-creature at the end
of this succession.)


Prying about privacy:..

"What's your company's
privacy policy?"

"Sorry, it's private.
(But what it says,
since you must pry, is,
whisper-whisper, that we
can look at your privates
at any time.. in OUR OWN


Suggested new food-like
fast-food product:

Fried BBQ Chicken Ribs.

(Pigs don't got wings,
but chickens do got ribs.


Perhaps some health-problems
of aging -- especially eyesight
problems and memory-loss --
and the entropic tendency of
the universe in-general towards
disorder, are a consequence of
the simulation of this universe
being run on a computer (likely
so in a more metaphorical
sense) with only finite (albeit
massive) memory capacity.
Possibly, as the universe
(and ourselves) ages, this
simulation requires much
more memory than it did
previously, as the complexity
(and computer-memory
requirements) of the total
universe and its total
history is always continuing
to increase. So the computer,
as a means to save its memory
space, continues to reduce
the amount of order generated
in its simulations -- because
order equals information; and
so the randomness and the
blurriness (maybe even the
uncertainty of quantum-
physics) must increase to
allow for more efficient
simulation-processing as
time (itself simulated,
in a way) progresses forward.


The essence of all is of:..


[^This is a very old image of
mine, made about nine years
ago. I do not recall if I have
already posted this image or
not. But it seems appropriate
to post it, since I am talking
about time and the past here.
And a bit of color imagery in
my blog would be good to have

I always wondered too that if
something can move "clockwise",
then why also could not
something move "hourglasswise"?

(Maybe this word means flipping
something upside-down, or it
means falling or descending
like the sand within?
Or maybe it means being very
old-fashioned, so then,
backwards through time;
and in that sense, it means..

(And I think I once read that
clocks spin the way they do
because that is the way the
shadows spin on sundials in
the northern hemisphere?
So the concept of the
direction of "sundialwise"
already exists; but I guess
it has simply been renamed..)