Friday, December 30, 2011

A Loxodrome Yet Unto Us

Blog post # 254:
(254 = 2*127.)

Omnisciently Ludicrous

Refraction Of Its Imbalance

Departure From Spectra

Counterpoint Of Clumsiness

(I myself most like the top two images, "Omnisciently Ludicrous" and "Refraction Of Its Imbalance".)
(Can I even be an adequately adept critic of my own works?

.... Some critics are ... hypocritics,...
I guess I would be,
given the title of my blog,
a ... hypercritic,.. however.)


Anagrams (to annoy):

Then I shun so our God only of His,
enshrouding no foolish youths.


As doom to lure you next,
a loxodrome yet unto us.


Destined then knowing.
Ending is when knotted.


I wonder if it would be okay for some of those who try to not eat any gluten to perhaps instead eat baked-goods containing...
.. free-range gluten?...


Hugh Hefner, he hoards hordes of whores.


[Warning! Potential offensiveness ahead!]

Speaking of whores, I bet many of them get...
.. silly-cone implants!...

[Now we are safe again.]

I wonder how far back puns go. Maybe they go back to the beginnings of language itself.

Cavemen sitting around:
"We're definitely disgruntled!"



Monday, December 26, 2011

Cosmically Chasmic

Blog post # 253:
(253 = 23*11.)

Approximately Abysmal

As Derelict Radii

Metaphorically Non-metaphorical

Resemblances Of Dissimilarities

Malformed Emptiness

(I like the top image, "Approximately Abysmal", and the fourth image, "Resemblances Of Dissimilarities", the best, I suppose. The bottom image, "Malformed Emptiness", looks much better at a higher resolution than what I posted here, unfortunately.)


No anagrams today!
(No need to twist my words around today, I guess!)


Humanoids with hemorrhoids...
(Doesn't this make you think?...)


New words:

"Somewise": adj & adv: Partial or partially, somewhat, somewhat partial or partially.


"Throughin": Preposition & adv: Throughly within. Throughout, but inside not out.


"Clockwisdom" or "Counterclockwisdom": n: Enlightenment due to rotation (respectively clockwise or counterclockwise).


So, that last one reminds me:

What do I use to see time more clearly?

My hour-glasses, of course!

(Except when they get sand in my eyes, however.)

The computer that controls the
cosmic All-Illusion is the...

Cosmically chasmic, it is...

Truth is but the illegible spillage of pissants.

And those pissants do absurdly froth forth their punditic spewage, indeed.

("Spewage": {neologism} n: Spewed {or spewing} sewage.)


No more! No more punditic spewage!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Concentric To Lies

Blog post # 252:
(252 = 2*3*7*3*2.)

Monotonic Ambidexterity

Drastic Quadrature

Approximately Mis-implied

Intense Entirety

Pathologically Cosmic

(I prefer the fourth from the top, "Intense Entirety", the most, I suppose; although it unfortunately is rather unoriginal.)


Two anagrams today:

I tire so of cyan's deadly dimness...
only finessed as sad mediocrity.


Concentric to lies,
it circles not once.


Imbecilic jokiness:

People say I 'smell funny'.

Hey, they must be talking about my great 'scents of humor'!...


What causes the oxen to die?



You know why the 'Coriolis' force causes the 'correlation' of the directions of whirlpools' spins in the same hemisphere?

Because the whirlpools are all .... in-sink.

(Hmm. Maybe I actually have a BAD 'scents of humor', it would seem from these jokes.
I better use some deodorant.)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As All And More

Blog post # 251:
(251 = a prime?)

Elsewhere Counterbalanced

Truth's Subhuman Morality

Contemptible Chrysalis

Such Mental Breath

Extensive Abruptness


Only one anagram today:

Mandala's Lore
As All And More


They say it's a recession.
They say, no, it's a depression.
Actually, it's all suppression
and repression.


I have long thought that there isn't any God, not a "good" god anyway.
But maybe... maybe there indeed IS a Devil, however.
This Devil is in all of us.

Instead of the "Holy Spirit" being within us, I would say the "Hellish Spiter" is in us actually.

Yes, maybe It Spites all our attempts to be "saved".
And we ALL -- whatever our beliefs -- go to Hell.

After all, we are there now already, possibly.

But it is likely about to get still MUCH worse for almost all of us.
(For all except only those who actually most deserve to burn in Hell.
They, on the other hand, will do quite nicely in the worsening dystopia, thank you.)

Justice is dead.
Injustice is truth.


Okay. Cheer up.

Hey, I want to see the GOP presidential nominee's (whomever they turn out to be) birth-certificate!

Oh, I already assume they are an American.
I just want to have it proved to me they are at all HUMAN!...


Hey, most of us should know by now that dieting tends to be counterproductive.
It only makes you fatter in the end...
and all over the rest of you too!...


You know what the bigot told the black guy whom didn't appreciate the racist joke he just told?
Hey, why can't you just lighten up?!...


Most porn-stars actually have a lot of acting-experience under their belts...


(Mea culpa, me apologize for any of these jokes I stole from someone else. I swear any I stole, I did so by accident. Yet I should be a LOT more careful about possibly stealing than I am.)


Friday, December 16, 2011

Timid Pretense

Blog post # 250 (!):
(250 = 2*5*5*5.)

In Outward Intermediacy

Theoretically Assumed

Presumed As Polygons

Unto Loxodromes Coerced

As Doubt Mistaken

(Maybe I am not too impressed with any of these pictures.... Not TOO impressed, that is. What if I REALLY liked some of them A LOT!? That would be disturbing. ... Seriously, though. I have made better images before.)


If for some reason someone told me,
"Hey, you have the body of a 30-year-old!",
I would have to say,
"Yeah, in my basement."...


A number of anagrams:
(Warning! Some of these are potentially offensive in a sexual manner.)

Enslaved until...
unveil last end.


Whores sin...
in showers.




Our fun is icky.
I fuck in yours.


Truth is timid pretense.
Thus it misinterpreted.


A dim x-ray crescent
I am scared, cry next.


Oh, humans juxtapose, sin, tingle...
as sex on a jutting hump, in holes.



Monday, December 12, 2011

Thus, It Errs

Blog post # 249:
(249 = 3*83.)

Forwardness' Obsolescence

Protagonistic Protoplasm

Malfunctioning Apathy

Deduced Despite Illogicality

Paradox Overtaken


Relatively many anagrams today:



I'm a rager.

(A warning to the ladies!)


Me stupid.
I stumped.




An Economy
Come annoy


I do spy at..
I stop day.
Ids to pay
Sip today.
Do as pity.
(tidy soap)


I cuss, die.


Mad Pundits
Damn stupid!

(I really appreciate this one!)


Truth rises.
Thus, it errs.


Ah, serpentine is..
as penis in there.


Enslave until...
unveil last end.


Jesus Christ bled.
Just rich blessed.


(I say the following from the viewpoint of someone who talks to himself a lot and who may be homeless someday.)

Many people, including me, get oddly disturbed by seeing a homeless person talking to himself.
But hey, would you rather, though, that he was talking to YOU!?
I think not.

Maybe their self-conversing is at least part of the reason why homeless people are so poor.
He keeps asking HIMSELF for spare change.
"Hey, man. Do you have any change you can please spare? ... No, sorry."



The cop stopped me on my walk.
He goes, "You look suspicious!"
I said, "Well, *I* am suspicious of *you*."
He goes, "That's what I said."


Descartes redux:

I think, therefore
I must be wrong.


Screw the Hell-idays. Too much consumption. Too much religion.
Too much of everything, actually.

This year, as always, I am waging a...
War On Xcess-mas!
.... Xcess-mas? Muy mas.

(Old and unoriginal joke.)

Crick and Watson were...

(MUST be an old and unoriginal joke.)



Friday, December 9, 2011

See An Ill Vanity

Blog post # 248:
(248 = 2*2*2*31.)

Underwhelming Exaggeration

Incapable Recklessness

Improper Unobviousness



Six anagrams today, unbelievably:
(I have been relatively interested in these the last few days.)

Seek a torn evil.
Lies overtaken


An inward god is deaf,
as of in a wadded ring.


Nice Love
Evil Cone


See an ill vanity,
all sin yet naive.


USA Hypocrites
As the pious cry.


Its ovoids fell
if id's love lost.

(I really am amused that "violence" is an anagram of "nice love".
Some of the other anagrams today impress me too, but for poetic reasons, such as "See an ill vanity, all sin yet naive.")


We only think we have thoughts.
We only believe we have beliefs.


Why are there many people with the last name of "Short" (at least in the US), but hardly any people, if any, with the last name of "Tall"?...


Are candy canes made out of corn syrup?
That is unexpected, not just unfortunate.
You would THINK that 'candy canes' would be made out of 'cane sugar', a special type of sugar grown especially for candy canes!


After humanity causes runaway climate-change, I guess we all will get what we deserve, given the massive droughts that will result all over the world:

We will get them... just deserts.


The public doesn't seem to like 'polite' politicians.
Yes, such politicians often lose because they are too...


(JUST NOW came up with this one...)
[Warning! Potentially offensive! Warning!]

Them overly sexual priests, ministers, pastors, etc these days!
I guess most of them have been attempting to undertake their...

Spermin' on the mount!...

(I might have heard this one someplace before.)

I have an 'issue' with magazines...


Although the dogs are not serious,..
the Dog Star IS Sirius...

(Very old and unoriginal observation.)


I can't do this anymore today,


Monday, December 5, 2011

Odder Unevenness

Blog post # 247:
(247 = 13*19.)

Absurdity Of Certainty

Anti-Empathetic Emphasis

Inept Paradox

Theoretical Agony

(Thematic names, perhaps?)

Anagrams twice occurring:

All tangles seem ugly.
Sly language tells me.


For, odder unevenness is mine.
If some sins never underdone.


You know who doesn't exist?
Jane's sister "Sue Doe"...


Since concern for others is now considered a mental sickness by so many,
we all should anyway try to suffer from such...


If you don't know if racial minorities are inferior or not,
you are ...


Poll results:

(Received: 7 votes total.)

Which of these words bests describes you?

"Illegible" wins with 3 votes.
"Impractical", "Formulaic", "Overlapping", and "Insufficient" each received one vote.
"Improbable", "Amorphous", "Aperiodic", "Reverberant", and "Centrifugal" each received zero votes.


All is nonsensical, absurd, anti-logical. Just watch the news, and this will be obvious. The injustices are unbelievable and infinite. The vile atrociousness of so many people is overwhelming and thoroughly pervasive.
And people can be so foolish and ignorant and obviously mistaken to the point that many of their beliefs, I would claim, are the exact opposite of the truth in many ways. Perhaps these 'opposite-people' actually have negative intelligent, an IQ well below zero?

Yes, all "Reality" appears intensely inconsistent to me, so much so that I at least somewhat doubt in anyone else's existence, maybe even in my own.

How can the existence of such imbecilic hordes be otherwise explained, other than they do not exist at all?

Oh, for here, even the illusions are idiotic.
And, surely, they too lie.



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Madness Shaped From Enlightenment

Blog post # 246:
(246 = 2*41*3.)

Geometric Slander

Thereafter Unprecedented

Wrung From Its Conjuring

(I really should create more pictures that are square, as the bottom picture is.
Squareness is more 'natural' than the 6-by-5 ratio I almost always use instead.)


A number of anagrams:

Is aflame
I am a self.
Fail as me.


(For our recent econ-no-money:)

No sales
A lesson


In duality's thing
Is day until night.


Joke (must be unoriginal):

Sitting all day driving your Hum-V can give you...



Here is another old unoriginal joke.
I know even I have posted it here before in this very blog -- I must have.
But it is too appropriate to not post (unlike lots of my jokes which are too inappropriate to not post -- I mean, to post...).

There sure are lots of foolish people on-line.
They do like to post their...




Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dystopian Dream

Blog post # 245:
(245 = 7*5*7.)

Inexcusable Redemption

Dystopian Enlightenment

Equilateral Celibacy

Contradicted By Insufficiency

(Maybe I like the top picture best, but the other images are okay also, although not too spectacular.)


Be as forgotten mentality.
Fatal tomb's eternity gone.

That was an anagram that just happened.


Passion is a satanic monster.

It is our...


This is Dystopia.

Yes, reality -- which is all an illusion anyway, as you should know -- has been rather dystopian lately here on Earth. It has been so especially over the last decade, but has always been so more or less (mostly more) throughout history.

Even science -- the final refuge of all those who have a distaste for religion and politics and all that nonsense -- has been drafted for nightmarish purposes in recent times -- such as for mind-control, mind-reading and other super-surveillance, super-weapons, unethical biological experimentation, and other horrors. (If something CAN be done {no matter how horrible it is}, it WILL be done. That is the rule, and not only in regards to science.)

Climate-change, with its severe droughts and intense weather events, is about to reach its point of runaway acceleration, if it has not already. It is about to devastate the planet and humanity, and it will cause unprecedented mass-suffering (and even lead to more war).

Fuel shortages, which will only help exacerbate the food-shortages caused by climate-change, are about to lower all our standards-of-living at an incredibly rapid rate. (And these too will cause wars.)

And those wars -- caused by climate-change, caused by fuel shortages, caused by ethnic bigotries, caused by religious nuts trying to fulfill prophecies, caused by truly evil and monstrous leaders sadistically ruling over their people and threatening others, caused by selfish big-money interests with something to gain from conflicts, etc etc etc -- could cost millions, maybe even billions, of lives. Some of these wars might indeed involve nuclear weapons or biological weapons. (No, the world is NOT safe from even a full-scale nuclear exchange, one which could even end most life on Earth.)

And, oh yeah, (speaking of selfish big-money interests), the world economy is inevitably about to collapse BIG TIME, certainly. No, it hasn't yet, relatively. Don't make me laugh. Things are about to get REALLY bad economically here on this planet. Money will become absolutely worthless, essentially. Everyone, except of course the small number of the very super-elites who caused the collapse in the first place, will basically lose ALL our incomes (jobs, pensions, etc) and savings. Plus you will lose your homes. And your big-screen TVs. And your computers and your game-consuls. That is because you will use them to try to barter for food and water and medical care. But you will get very few takers to barter with, given the seriousness of the shortages of essentials. And these takers' prices will be too high. Sorry, your family will just have to die, I guess.
And so crime will become horrendous. You better get a gun and bullets now (while you can) to protect yourselves... and to go out and steal for you and your family's own survival.

And you think the government is authoritarian NOW. Ha. Just wait. The crackdown will be total. The Constitution -- which has always been just an illusion anyway -- will be subverted and negated completely, even more than it has been already, much more. The government's thugs will likely arrest you, rape you, torture you and your loved-ones to death. And this will be the best outcome you could have hoped for, given the unthinkable alternatives saved for the unlucky many others.

Yes, Hell is coming.
You have been thinking you were special, haven't you, and that you wouldn't have to experience such torment (as many many around the world have already)?
But now, the damnation will be whole and all-inclusive and MUCH worse than anyone, including I, have ever imagined or feared... or than even anyone ever before has suffered.



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not In A Stir

Blog post # 244:
(244 = 2*61*2.)

Unrestrained Virtue

As An Inadequate Tantrum

Only Somewhat Otherwise

Madness' Mass

(I guess I like the top picture best, but not by a large amount.)


Two anagrams today. (One more than one.)

Crescent is lit.
It sent circles.


Not in a stir.


Thus this:

Deadpan bedpan,
it entails entrails
of the psychic sidekick,
a cheapskate cheesecake
both oblivious and obvious,
despite his gentle genitals
of omissions, of emissions,
yes, surely, yet sourly.




Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unworthiness Gained

Blog post # 243:
(243 = 3*3*3*3*3. Worthy of wow.)

Acceleration Of Its Inertia

Circumferences Sickened

Exponentially Subtle

An Abyss Annihilated

Reverberant Eclipse

(I guess I prefer the bottom picture to the others, but I definitely am not too impressed with any of these today.)


Such an anagram:

Gain extrapolations.
Next, stir a loop again.


A poll:

Which of these words bests describes you?