Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lacking Logarithmic Labyrinths

Blog-post # 361:
(361 = 19*19.
A prime-squared,..
as if you cared..)

Seven new pieces of my

This Magnitude Between Its One Self And Itself

Translucency Sans Its Void

Mis-seen In Its Misspelled Dreams Of Dictionaries

Crystallinearity Unlike Crystal Or Linearity

Immaterial Is This Quasi-Translucence

As Sidereal Scalars Intermittently Of Themselves

Quasi-Multiangular And Somewhat Unidirectional

(Sorry about all the
quasi-translucence in
these images' titles.)

And, yes, "Crystallinearity"
(in 4th image's title) is
not a preexisting word.


(Only five,
but I like most of them.)

Such densities
made theorems.
They did create each pi
more so inside all sums.


Monotonic linearity
rises, then it ascends.
That is indirectly to
arc in some, in oneness.


Light moved as its
cosines.. then sines.
Some things coil
inside the vastness.


The weird arts' dense
energies transcend a sin
.. created inside their
drawn strangeness seen.


It grins so; then
its tongues salivate.
This is ourselves
eating, not tasting.


And now...
The grins and groans:
(But hopefully no groins..
.. for today, anyway.)

Surrounding this incompetent
jerk, people do say that
there surely is an..

'err of error-gance'.

(And he doesn't even know it.
But he surely 'No!'s us.)

You know why its was so obvious
that the jet was about to fly
over the ocean?

Because it was surely..


You hear about that
car-mechanic who went
to prison?

Yeah, he went from..
working on the crank-shafts..
to working in the shank-crafts.

(And I'll give you one guess
which type of eating-utensil
he most often crafts in the
prison workshop into these

Ignorant asinine idiots just
want to hide deeper and deeper
inside their.. BUNK-ers*..
when confronted with the facts.

*(mental and sometimes
even literal bunkers)

Old unoriginal joke, again.
{And most often, but not
always, it is about people
who are old and unoriginal,
I suppose.})

The ambiguous prophecies about
the future of quantum-
superpositions were revealed
(and simultaneously not so)
by the..


(Revealed a little nebulously,

Which day is it when almost all
of the water your household uses
goes to washing your clothes?

'Lawn-dry day', of course!


The bakery was trying to make
some sourdough bread. But it
instead all just went..

(^I do think I have indeed
heard this one too somewhere
else before.)

Why did the cannibals not want
to "invite" that one person
"to dinner"?

Because he was..
persona non gratin.

(And you gotta' have gratin
with your persons.)

Those people who never eat
animal-products ever, almost
consistently, but still do
sometimes eat them anyway,



(Now, some jokelessness..)

There are surely many more people
each pretending to be something
that they are not...
than there are even people at all.

(Damn it, readers;
I am NOT referring here to the
remote possibility that some
"people" are really non-human
animals or extraterrestrials
in-disguise. I am trying to be
philosophically profound here
{yet pretentiously so,
perhaps?..}; that is all.)


New job:

A 'Weirdist'.

(Reality: It is
the weirdest surrealists
the surrealest weirdists.)


An unemployed weirdist
(A surrealist stole my job):


Friday, January 25, 2013

Materialism's Meta-Realisms Of Plexiform Sinewaves

Surpass the surrealistic,
and more so the materialistic,
unto.. the meta-realistic..

Blog-post # 360:
(360 = 2*2*2*3*3*5.)
I did have an idea for a
joke or comment about the
number 360, since this is
post # 360.
But I cannot now recall what
it was. But this will do...

360 degrees?...
Is that the temperature someone
should cook pi in the oven at?..

Eight new pieces of my

Plexiform Sinewaves (Aperiodically Paradoxical)

Discontinuously Disconnected From Discontinuity

Concepts Abstractly Countering Their Abstractions

Yet Of My own Science Regarding Myself

Simultaneous Temporariness Of Quasi-Precession

The Many Multidirectionalities Of Clockwiseness

Without Emptinesslessness

Maxima And Minima Mutually Misaligned

(I don't feel like discussing
neologies today. You will just
have to try to understand them


But at least two
of them may likely
have been posted
here before.)

My exponential irises
saw forever, I had seen.
And so, in their eyes
are plexiform sine-waves.


Dreamy falseness:
Dares my sane self.


Morons shape us.


is flesh.

[I may have posted this
one before.]

All these odd zigzags
so rotate their shadows
within you.
They will do this
as we had or
as zero does
(thus gazing to it).


Labyrinths trust
a game's lie.
All its nightmares
betray us.


A liar yet made his loss,
or vice-versa;
.. as victories' every
realism had also.


Liars are asking us...
of the many pleasures.
A false ruse is surreal
myth again spoken.


Real things.


Acting so.


Rare agnosticism:
Missing a creator.


Minds are...
in dreams.

[I may have posted this
one before.]

Anorexics yet slay dreams.
But you also then solely
had, however.
They always over-exercised
absolutely more so than
any should.


This science was again
It is what is; as is an
equiangular coincidence.


[Note: I posted an 'important'
message about my last blog-
post's parallel-parking joke
as a comment to that post.]

Now back to our regularly-
scheduled program...


Puns are just another form of
anagrams, in a way;
or vice-versa.

And anagrams are like
math-equations, and
math-equations are like poetry,
and poetry is like music,
and music is like visual art,
and visual art is like science,
and science is like philosophy;
and philosophy is like All.

And All is simply a simile...
like puns are.

And All is all simply
(as it is like, like..)
pretentious fakery.
(Like politics is.)

[I like all this stuff^;
So, then, is it like me?]


Is this a good blog-post?

Well, it all... de-puns..
on whether it is or not.

(So,.. no..)

A ship that has cruises to
the centers of hurricanes
would be an...

Oh, and that eye-liner
surely gets smudged by
those hurricanes, too.

(^This pun is in honor of the
second image above,
"Discontinuously Disconnected
From Discontinuity".)


Which tour-bus line always
takes too long?

The D-tour-bus, of course.


What we have here with our
lack of order is surely some

... randomonium!

(I've heard of
random mutations.
But random permutations!?
Or is it 'permposterous'?)

What is the atomic weight of
the element randomonium?
Whatever it is, it is; and
is all else whenever else.

Are its atomic weights then
pseudo-random numbers?
Oh, maybe more so they are
random pseudo-numbers.

Like our world, it is
But do-not-do
those 'to-dot-to's!

(And all coloring books,
yes, they color you.)


Which element taken as a
supplement helps one get

Gymnasium, that would be.

(What is the atomic weight of
Probably not necessarily that
much, actually; but it does
lift its own atomic weight
for many many reps.)
("Drop and give me
Avogadro's number!" --
{so, where did I hear this
line before?})


I bet butter makes
your butt better.

(^This is not as much of a
tongue-twister as I would
have thought. But...
Maybe only because there
is no need to literally
twist your tongue when
eating butter, perhaps?

So, should we call it a...
'tongue-churner' instead?
Ah, alas,..
what a churn-of-phrase...)

(One more health-related pun:)

What kind of workouts do
they do in the Middle East?


the Aerobic language
is considered by many
to be the most breathy
of languages.)
(Okay, one more health one.)

My witch-doctor just gave me
my annual... meta-physical...

[I do believe I have posted
this one before. Last year
around this time?..]
[Now, for something much
less healthy.]

The guy who has never had sex
before finally going out and
spending big on some hooker
is a...

splurgin' virgin..

(And he'll finally be gettin'
what he's long been urgin'..)


What kind of woman can be both
out of her clothes and in them
simultaneously (for money)?

A Mobius-stripper, of course.

[This joke seems to me like I
have posted it before.]

Uploading.. uh, certain types
of pictures of yourself
to the internet is surely..

full-frontal foolishness.

(Yes, you're upfront
about your foolishness.)


If there is only one possible
answer that could have been
given to a question, is that
answer then thus...
'perhap' true?


Angry people's eyes have
.. IRE-ises..


The god of asteroids is...

.. the Creator of this crater.


It depends,...
but being without any
dependents may mean
you have the..
free-will to be will-free.

[But ask a lawyer first..
I'm sure he won't mind
that much you asking him..]

Women working at
the post-office:

Those females charge mail-fees.


Okay, now the fun is done.

Is there some abstract/logical
analog* to the Mobius-strip
(or Klein bottle) that
contradicts itself on its
own other "side"?

A meta-contranym/
Ironically ironic in the
ironically ironic sense?

*(Beside politics, of course,
... or religion,.. or besides
anything else at all either,
for that matter...
or for that anti-matter.)

(Well, politics is surely
not 'logical'.**)


** And this reminds me that
I have invented a far more
politically-correct term
to substitute for the much
used insult these days,


As in,
"Those stupid assholes are
being so damn retrological!"

Surely, there IS INDEED VERY
much infinite stupidity,
nonsense, absurdity, and
foolish asininity proudly
displayed by certain people
in today's world (and many
of these same idiots happen
to be in positions of power/
authority within government
and/or the media). But these
stupid jerks surely all
possess far less quality of
character and far less
human-worth than almost all
of those people who,
medically, are described
(in the literal sense) as
having mental-disabilities.

So, don't be
Use the term

(It's my 'special' word..
{Uh, oh.. Oh no..
Here we go..})


Hey, fight the Man, man!
("Wait, fight ME?")



Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Aspects Of Absence

The Aspects Of Absence
.. Of Aspects..

Blog-post # 359:
(359 = a prime, it seems.)

Eight new art-images today
of my..


Pseudo-Theoretical Hallucinations Of Blindness

Matter Wrongly Made From Calculus And Atoms

Sciences Definitively Dreamt,
Inconclusively Confused

Meta-spective Nonlinearity

Sequential Sums Of Incommensurable Non-Sequences

Non-Systematically Algorithmic Synesthesia

Shape Of All Geometry Holistically Regarded

(First, so sorry about the too
long discussion under my last
post's images about technical
image-quality issues.)

Possible neologies from
today's images' titles:

"Soliphrenia" (from 1st image):
n. The mental state of having
one's thoughts be totally one's
own. Purest freedom of the mind.

(from 5th image):
adj. Relating to
transcendental inner-sight
where one 'sees' the very
concept of seeing, as one
also sees all and all
that is beyond all.

Some of the other words are
a bit quasi-neologistic, but
I do not feel like writing
about them today.
(And then there are some
rarer words in the titles
I did not at all invent.)


(Only four.)

Solipsism is the
lone fact imagined;...
as something I do
misplace in itself.


The electron infinitely
winds (as this) into me.
Its inflections then
end with some linearity.


Those low agnostic
alarms yell it there.
Yet algorithms can
otherwise also tell.


Oddness' calamity nearly
bisected similarity.
As asymmetry does bend
inside all criticality.


My anxiety regarding All's
possible nonexistence is
only some...

'Zeroth-World Problem'..

(Although I should not..
trivialize.. this anxiety
of mine.)

[And take that!
You f*ckin' meme!
(Whether or not it
even exists, or even
if the First-World
itself exists or not.)]

(And that^ was as good
as this post gets.
Only even worse stupidness

Most weird crazy people
are actually more so
.. 'ego-eccentric'
than egocentric.


An annoying standup comedian
might quip:

"I am so against sexism. Yeah, I
definitely think that there are
lots of women who could be just
as good car-mechanics as even
the best male car-mechanics are.
And why not?
Hey, it ain't like car-mechanics
necessarily have to parallel-park
those cars they work on,
or anything like that!"


That Cartesian-plane may be
'edgy', yes, but it is still
more 'griddy' than gritty.


Platonic friendships:
more trusting
than thrusting.

I guess platonic friendships
could be described as being
of .. 'heterogender' or
'homogender' orientation?


Old man rants:

"Those American doctors!
Since you have to often wait
hours and hours in their
waiting-rooms after the time
your appointment is scheduled
for before you actually begin
your appointment, it's a GOOD
thing, then, I guess, that the
doctor only sees you in-person
for five or ten minutes, tops,
during that appointment.
Because we patients* probably
don't have ALL day before we
can finally LEAVE our doctor
appointments! We have to get
home sometime, you know."

*(Despite our patience,

(And time for THIS appointment
you have had with the absurd
to finish up for today...)



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Into Ultra-Red Unto Infra-Violet

Blog-post # 358:
(358 = 2*179.)

Six new art-images:

Imagined But Unthinkable Yet Unimaginable Thinking

Theorems Of (And Formed From) Atoms

A Postulate Compositely Atomic

Absurd Integers Interlaced Within By Purities

Unto Tangles, Yet Never Into Entwinement

A Convergent Divergence Exponentially Exponentiated

A technical comment regarding
the top image:
"Imagined But Unthinkable Yet
Unimaginable Thinking", I
believe, is the largest image
(in terms of file-size) I have
ever posted to this blog.
(The image-resolution is not
that great, but the image was
inefficiently compressed into
a jpeg file because of this
particular image's relatively
intricate nature.) Its
low-resolution thumbnail here
does not do the image justice.
I do suggest you click on
the thumbnail for the larger
version (as I also suggest for
most of my images, especially
for my more intricate ones).

Some of the thumbnails for my
images don't look as great as
they should even on my own
high-resolution monitor.
I hate to think how people
reading my blog using mobile
devices, say, see my images
(and especially those images'
much-too-small thumbnails)
on their tiny little screens.
(But maybe at least some of
my images look BETTER on
those tiny screens? Ha.)

[PS: Update: After actually
clicking on the top image's
thumbnail, I see that even
the larger version of this
image looks like crap online
for some reason. One problem,
but not the only problem, is
that the jpeg-artifacts in
the online version seem to
overpower any of the intended
data from the image itself.
(Yes, there are jpeg-
artifacts in the version of
this image on my computer,
but they are of much less
significance than they are
in the online version.)
Plus, the online version
looks washed-out compared to
the version on my computer.
And I am guessing that this
type of discrepancy in quality
is a common problem in regards
to my images posted online.
PPS: I am also changing this
post's title slightly.]

(And now, that my images have
been viewed by us all, it is
time for what _I_ call

(Ten; a number which is
.. often of ten..)

As trends do,
that trending time moves
forwardly yet stylishly so
there inside us.
It mostly had the vastly
weirder grandness surely of
its odd theorems' intensity.

[^Is this the longest anagram
I have posted here? It is one
of the largest, surely.]

Such grand power is
conducted (as time)
into anything inside all.
We produced it and its
many clashing technologies
... and its ruin.


All is a caged god
in any sin;
diagonally ascending,...
as I.


My destined balance is as
its own revisions.
Variable cosines twist so
inside many ends.


It asks me:


Men ask it:


We yet asked any lying dreams
or nervousness' thoughts
inside them.
They mistakenly did guess so
.. and then answer us more so
every night.


The sciences said
what universally is:
This reveals sly ice
can thaw inside us.


The glisten is...
its light seen.

[^Have I posted this
anagram already?]

A bleaker anagram is...
again as remarkable.

[And 'again' is correct
if the anagram right above
this one is a repost.]

What type of measurement-
system is best used for
scientific experimentation?

The 'empirical system',
of course.

(Yes, because we would NEVER
want to METER anything using
the metric system, would we.)


How many molecules in a

That would be..
'Avocado's number',
of course!...

[I KNOW this joke is not
original. And I have heard
it before elsewhere probably
many many times, too.
How many times? Oh, about..
or so times. But that's all.]

(PS: But I did crash-course myself
in regards to some chemistry just
so I could make this pun. I have
always wanted to learn much more
chemistry than I know. But little
did I know before yesterday that I
would finally learn such a simple
and basic fact about this science
just so I could make a pun, and
worse, make a very stupid and
unoriginal pun, too.
Is that shameful of me?
PPS: But I'm knowledgeable about
OTHER types of science.)


(Speaking of plagiarism..)

You hear about the musician
stealing his songs regarding
surgery from another musician?

Yeah, his op-riffs
were all rip-offs.


Where does one keep his porn he
has downloaded off the internet?

On his.. sex-drive,
of course.


Well, those were disappointing..


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Else-ness Unlike Dissimilarity

Blog post # 357:
(357 = 3*7*17.)

Seven new images.

Yet The Trigonometries Also Precess

Else-ness Unlike Etceteras

Irreducibly Enclosed By All-Inclusiveness

Insanity Sans Its Many Benign Weirdnesses

Truth's Conjecture That Any Truth May Be

Dissimilar To Every Noun, Abstraction, And Axiom

In Unthinkable Angles Of Unimaginable Turning

(The first two are my favorites.)


(Six. Six?.. Six!)

The roundness,
it entwined as rays.
Within any densest dents
are ours.


Yes, a density produces nouns'
pieces or their spinning.
Since its angry precision
in these depends upon yours.


Once is..
so nice..
is cone.


Forever, Hell is a ruse.
Evil slurs are of here.


These are thin and drawn.
Yet all is severed.
Threads were then
vastly as linear, indeed.


A line so drawn,...
if to a cursive so true.
Our clearest vision
of it was unread.


(Not much else today.
But is that good, though?)

[Warning: Politics ahead.
Warning: And puns.]

If those Ayn-Rand-acolytes --
those who often say this -- are
actually correct when they claim
that all the richest people have
worked hard to get whatever they
have, and all the people who have
worked hard enough are rich (as
they deserve to be) -- and,
conversely, all the poor deserve
to be poor because they are all
lazy -- then I guess it might
be said,.. that we could thus
classify our society as being
of two distinct groups:...

The 'heave(r)s' and
the 'heave-nots'!..

I never noticed this before;..
But the name "Ayn Rand" sounds
a lot like "Iran", maybe even
more so than that country's
name sounds like "Iraq".
("Iraq" versus "Iran" being
the name-comparison usually made.)
I wonder if someone on the political
left should point out this
"Any-Rand" versus "Iran"
sound-alike-ness whilst debating
politics; do so just for fun,
you know.
(There HAVE to be SOME comparisons
that can be made in this regard
beyond only their names, although I
cannot now think of any, besides
maybe the ideologies of both being
counter to the success of American
society, or something, perhaps.)

After all, "Obama" sounding
like "Osama" has been fair game.

I used to mis-hear the song by
Flock Of Seagulls as going,
"Iran, Iran so far away."*
So, I guess then, that song
could be rewritten to go,
"Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand so far out."

*(I wasn't fooled. I always knew
the song was really "I ran".
.. Or was it, though??..)


If you eat suspicious food on a
dare, perhaps it can be said you
then do.. ingest... in-jest!..


But practical-jokes can
sometimes lead to quite the..


(Hey, I've heard of both Justices
of the Court and Court Jesters.
There must be a joke in there
somewhere, though, whatever it is.
Disorder in the court, I guess.)

Swearing on the Bible
(after taking the stand):
"(I'm taking a stand, here.)
F*ck the Bible!"
Damn, that would be some
.. WIT-ness statement.

"You're out of order!"

And, you, your honor,
are permutated as well.
Crap, but I'm out of
chaos. Want to trade?

"Off with this court-
jester's head!"

Got to.. head-off any of my
silliness, y'all, I guess.
Good plan, your honor.
And hey, you may be..
Your Honor; but I am just
ON today, man. Yeah.


Hey, I appeal!
.. if to only myself..

In just ice..
is injustice..
when all we deserve to ever
have is only luke-warm drinks.

(Yeah, you guessed it, that
stuff above was improvised,
and maybe also heard somewhere
else, at least in-part.)


Quite an intense image the
artist has sketched:

That sketch of his must thus
be very..
'draw-matic', indeed.


Man and little kid talking:

Man: "When will you learn
to tell time?"

Kid: "Only time will tell."

Man: "When you can finally
tell time, then, hey, tell
it to stop making me so old!"

Kid: "Want to stop time?
Then get a stop-watch."

Man: "That was the problem
with my last watch. Stopping."

Kid: "Seems like it was too
old. Maybe it should have
stopped more and for longer
periods so as to not have
such a problem with stopping."

(Voice from above interjects
here: "And the too-old man has
a problem not with stopping,
but with going."..)

Man: "Hey, I am telling!..
time on you, little boy..
because you are being too

(And that kid's name was..
I. Ron Nick.
Cue theremin:..
{"Hey, who am.. I? Ronny!"
he would always say.})


Sorry, I guess there was a
bit more in this post than
I thought there would be.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Cosmic Cosines Coarsely Coursing

Blog-post # 356:
(356 = 2*89*2.)

Six new art-images:

Sans Crystalline Phosphors Else Falling Clockwise

Spaces Woven With Shapelessness

Within The Missing Disjointedness Of All

Transitioning But Not Transiting Via Triangularity

Beyond But Afterwards And Before

Derived From Anything Or Of Anywhere


Seven anagrams again,
as in my previous post.)
[Note: But I included a
bonus anagram in a comment
to my previous post.]

These irises ignorantly
dream of themselves.
Their dimness sees far --
to all, some, everything.


I am the mess:
It shames me.

(Aside: And appropriately,
anagrams make a 'mess' of
the order of letters in a
phrase.. Sorry.)

Yet without me, never to be
so was this mathematics.
Thus, vast entirety, it
somehow somewhat became it.


Observations all
equally seen:
Every oblique slant
also leans.


Oh, any lazy hourglasses
tilted into all the knots
as yet lost here.
They are horizontally
tasking less so, then
they also stalled-out.


In moist slop is...
its implosions.


Our science-thesis
envisioned woven truth.
Unseen cosines curved
in it to this, however.



Oh, how o-BLEAK!


Halfway alike:


(Did I already post
this before?
Or something.. semi-lar,
at least?)


As cosmologies:
Unto 'FARever'...

The study of..


That reminds me of 'gastrology'
(ie. the pseudoscientific
analog to gastronomy):


Where would you find the food
that is the most mentally-chill?

In the.. 'lunatic-fridge',
of course.

(It's okay. I'm one of them --
a crazy person myself.
But I am not food, however.)

When riding their horses,
cowboys like to...
stirrup.. lots of dust.


The philosopher assassins both
kill and create their victims
simultaneously, often doing so

... existential-style.


Sneaky usurpers are quite the...



Teens who are very adept at
using forbidden slang are all
just a bunch of..

'juvenile de-linguists'..


Is tomorrow.. 'no-terday'?..

(And then, would that mean
'Yes-stradamus' was thus a
historian -- even if not a
very reliable one?..)


Things naturally tending towards
becoming more folded, crumpled,
crooked, and un-straight is the
physics principle of...



All that is good is collapsing
into vileness via the willful
actions of selfish and powerful
people. Our ideals are in ruins,
as we near Dystopia directly
because of these people's very
much intentional...


of our society and of what
was once virtuous about it.


[Warning: The next observation
may offend some people.
Warning: The following may
offend, as it contains adult
themes and language that some
might believe to be obscene.
Warning: The following may
offend, as it is political
(and related to religion).
Proceed at your own risk.
Warning. Warning.]

Many religious conservatives
still say that homosexual sex
is the one most significant
cause and reason for all of
the problems in our world.
(How? Magically?)

The religious-conservatives
are half-right, actually:...

Although the problem isn't
'gay sex', per se;..

.. it IS indeed, however,..



Yeah, I'm out'a here..