Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Blog post # 105:

(I like the last picture of these four the best. This is another way of saying that I really don't enjoy the first three pictures that much. But they were still {barely} good enough for my blog, anyway.)

Pathology Of Absurdities

Our Roundish Rhombi

Rendered As Dimensions

Fulfillment Subdivided


A new poll!
And controversy!

What happens to your consciousness after you die?

Possible answers:

Death is the final end.
You become unthinking pure energy.
You go to Heaven or Hell.
Reincarnation as someone/something else.
Reincarnation as yourself. (Time loop.)
You go where everything is funny.
You'll never die.
Life is an illusion anyway.
Something else entirely.


That's all for today. Read my old posts (there's more than 100!) if you are bored.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Blog post # 104:

Inertia Unicuspid

Cosmological Glass

Tantamount To Fluid

(My favorite is the middle one, then I like the bottom one next.)

An anagram!
This one has to do with math:



Here are three cartoon ideas, sans pictures:

First frame: Inside a car, a man is watching the car ahead of him weaving. "I better call 911 and report this drunk driver." He calls from his cell phone, and as a result, HIS car starts to weave. Last frame, line of cars weaving and each driver calling 911 about the car ahead weaving.

Man in low-class restaurant, talking to owner: "Why don't you trap or kill the roaches in your restaurant?"
Owner: "Because they are my best customers."

This last one is dirty. (Warning! Warning! You must be over 18 to read!)
I was thinking this would be a good cartoon for a porn magazine.

One frame. Rich elderly aristocratic man talking to his friend in the study of his mansion.
On the wall is a pair of naked woman's breasts, mounted.
The aristocrat: "Ah, yes. They're from my trophy wife."

I actually tried to draw the last cartoon. But it looked like a little kid drew it, the quality was so poor.


Okay, finally, the sucky poem I wrote today. It is inspired by the last picture above.

Quaint Creature

As a foiled fish, as a slender tube
Tantamount to its exaggeration; as a
Conglomerate of bulbs and strands rendered;
It is a quaint creature bending and turning
Again in retrograde, into its existence amongst
Its limbs and disembodiment. And it is as a
Tail, thoroughly of completion. It swims within
The steam. And it floats above all butterflies,
Themselves devoid of torsos, themselves
Consisting of wings and arcing abstractions
Shaped too as semicircles.

Ah, this meandering loop does fold, as it
Proceeds from right to left, then upwardly,
Then rightward; then it expands beautifully
Into its course. Ah, it is a selfish animal
-- For, it spins and rests, then it
Demands of us its colors, demands the
Elliptical sands of such glassy scales.

Oh, it wiggles as those butterflies beneath.
And fish and insects design our mathematics.
Yes, the strange conceit of this creature's
Spirit, it forms cusps from roundnesses; it
Forms wings from fins and forms chemicals
From its flaps. So, it breathes of
Offensive fluids, of liquids limbic in their
Triumph, liquids spat and swallowed and aglow
As counterintuitive serpents
Each sprouting their inhalation.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Again

Blog post # 103:

Not much today. But, so what, I'll post anyway.

Recent pictures:

Visions Of Paradox

Miscalculated Counterpoint


Some word-play, people!
(This may not be original. I'm not Googling it to find out.)

Computer-generated "reality" would be... softwhere...


Earlier I wrote of hyno-hippies and gargling gargoyles.
But today I write of ... crypto-Christians..
There, I wrote of them. No more.


I say "uglily" uglily.

(I bet you do too.)


A title for SOMETHING, don't know what:

"Pogroms and Pomegranates"


Okay, the saddest part of my blog:... the poem!
Written today, inspired by the second picture.

Hourglass Not Of Time

These funnels of counterpoint are translucent to
The vastness and edges behind us each. But
They are opaque within themselves, within
Their glass of conical intersection. This pairing
Is as a lemniscate rendered theoretical
Upon its cater-cornered tips. Oh, those tubes,
Both thinly adjacent, each surpass the other and
Do not conjoin; yet they are almost overlapping;
Yet they are almost positioned parallel.
They too are clear.
Oh, from randomness' sand this hourglass
Is not of time. It is, however, of our
Minds' arpeggios. It is indeed of our
Colorful pleasures aglow and crystalline.
But these specks are balanced by
Their emotional mathematics. Yes, they fly
And ascend as they fall. They do float
Within the flasks of such vain particles.
Yes, the sand becomes this glass. And
The glass is symmetrical. Yet it
Diverges from its stone and does depart.
It thinks only of imprecision, thinks
Of blurry time not rigorous; but yes, such
Time is constrained; it is miscalculated.



Monday, August 23, 2010

Jocular Juxtapositions

Blog post # 102:

Not much today.

Weirdly Summing To Two

Do You Sea It?

This last picture is not serious art. I just like humorously surreal juxtapositions -- in this case between fish and eyes. In a much earlier post to this blog, for example, I published a picture of a fish as a helicopter. Same deal.


Well, the poll is closed: Let's review the results:
Question: What do you think the shape of Everything is?
One vote for each of the following:
Multi-dimensional sphere.
Shapeless/ blurry. (That was my own vote.)
Higher-dimensional potato chip/ saddle
Splattered egg.
Something else.

No votes for any of the other options.

Thanks for voting.


Okay, a poem. (Dag nabbit!)

I wrote this yesterday. It relates to the top picture above.

Quartered Extraneousnesses

These bulbs do split and pair, and then they
Are the hollow creases of conical cloth.
Then they are the empty folds of such
A division into duplication and cutting shape.
These knobs do parallel their divergence
From root to arc above. And they
Each conflict with equations so truthful.

Yes, they sum to two and are yet weird.

They are yet wound into their severing, surely.
Void and substance dichotomize and
Are so halved again. However, these
Quartered extraneousnesses are but dreamt of in
Labyrinths, in riddles concocted from alphabets.
Yes, added is this plurality of minimization.
But it is subtly to be explained and counted.
It is surely to be split upon those apexes,
Upon those limbs of termination knotted,
Upon the ascension of theoretical things
Rising, diminished, yet strung neurologically.


Okay, time to get silly.

I like the fact that the word "sugar" rhymes with the word "booger".

Anyone for booger sugar?



Intelligence falling.... IQ points leaving me quickly....


Friday, August 20, 2010

Vile Beauty

Blog post # 101:

Of Hypothetical Waters

Absurdists' Rigor

Imposition Of Purity

Such Sour Beauty

Enjoy, if you dare.


A poem I wrote a couple days ago:

Piercing The Sphere

Piercing the sphere somewhat off-centered,
Emptiness is quite a prolate cone. Emptiness
Is quite an oblong and oblique shard
Evaporating the matter as all violence, as
All electromagnetic anger and solidity.

Into the clump, into the orb, this slanted
Knife, it tilts and transforms the pacifist,
This ball placed rigidly. And that bullet
Punctures substance and truth, and then
It renders them partial and biased. This
Stupid blade does stab such a smooth
Mass. And now it is claimed, and it is
Exploded into realization's arcing ejecta.

Oh, that sudden blast eviscerates this
Rigor; then our mathematics is
Thereafter asymmetric. Thereafter,
Contradiction is our pleasure, and
Confrontation is our consistency. Yes,
Pierced is this soft shape with
Human fault becoming absurd, becoming
Psychotic, authoritarian, and despicably
And destructively injurious.


A little politics:

With Tea Partiers going nuts all over the country, and with some of these nuts involved in mass-shootings and trying to blow up things, I would say these frustrated individuals are...



Dirty anagram:

"Santa Claus"
is an anagram of
"a lass, a cunt".

"Hello, little boys and girls. Ho Ho Ho."

Okay, Santa speaks of "little boys and girls",
and he speaks of
"big girls and big boys."

But why doesn't he ever speak about "middle-sized children"?

"Ho Ho Ho. What would you like for Christmas, middle-sized boy?"



Sunday, August 15, 2010


Blog post # 100:

Well, this is blog post # 100. And to celebrate, this post will be very UNspectacular.

For starters, I don't really like these three pictures I recently made; at least I don't like them a lot.

Waywardly Mathematical

Arctangents Of Weirdnesses

Semi-Paradoxical Congregation

Note, the names of these three picture all somewhat have to do with mathematics gone wrong.
(When good math goes bad! Next on Fox!)

I like how I used the plural of "weirdness" in the middle picture's name.


Is what we dream really happening in another universe for real? Or are dreams completely of our minds? Or maybe a combination of falsehood and reality? Are dreams put in our minds by outside forces? Or are they completely ours? -- Some of my dreams I swear have really occurred in other universes. There is no way I could have conceived of them on my own. While other dreams of mine seem so false and absurd. (Absurdical! Absurdical, I say!) What do you think?
Please comment.


It's for the eco-no-money, damnit!...

I'm going to do something I NEVER thought I would do... Give George W Bush some credit. I was critical of this at the time, but after 9-11 Bush did something that may have temporarily helped the economy. He managed to convince Americans that buying stuff was a way of showing patriotism. Why doesn't Obama do the same thing? He has the gift. Why doesn't he use it?

Forget Obama. *I* am telling you all to spend spend spend as much as you can, for AMERICA (or for whatever country you live in), damnit. I know we don't have a lot of money. And the last thing we should do is going further into debt. But maybe we can buy that latte in the morning we have been foregoing lately because we thought we should be saving our money. Maybe we can tell 'em terrorists, and bankers and politicians, that they haven't beat us and that we WILL rise up again as a nation and as all of humankind!


Okay, since this is blog post # 100 -- or maybe it is # 101 (by one count), whatever -- I will tell you all to go read my old posts if you can stand to! You all can skip the poetry and the politics, though. Or maybe you just want to look at all the pictures.

Also, don't forget, I have a blog of simple games I made up:


There are about 120 games posted there.

And there is more of my art here:

[Update: URL censored because site has been hacked!]

(I update this site about every 6 months.)



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heroes And Heroin (sic)

Blog post # 99:

Once Of Rusted Liquor

Cannibalistic Enlightenment

Unexpected Intuition


A not-very-clever red-light anagram:

Where's heroin?
In here, whores.


Speaking of drugs: I don't do drugs because I don't need them to make me a downtrodden useless bum.

No, I am a downtrodden useless bum on my own!


[Politics alert! Beware! Beware!]

I was thinking that ONE good thing about George W Bush "winning" the 2000 US presidential election was that, if Gore had become president, we would probably now have Joseph Lieberman as our president! The horror!
Maybe not getting Lieberman as our president justified the first four Bush jr years. But for the last 4 years, we would have been much better off with John Kerry as president.

How do I know that things would have been better if we had John Kerry as our president from 2005 to 2013, rather than the way things went with us getting a second term of Bush and now having President Obama?

Don't be silly.

Because the worst outcome almost ALWAYS takes place. Evil almost always wins any game it plays, since it plays dirty and cheats.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to kill the human incarnation of Evil.
Well, God appears in my dream -- in the form of Morgan Freeman -- and tells me He LIKES Evil, because Evil has courage. (Unlike that spineless Good.)

Let that be a lesson to you all. God likes Evil more than Good,... at least according to Morgan Freeman...



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Logic Not

Blog post # 98:

These two pictures, made yesterday and today, complement each other somewhat, at least in regards to their names.

Unreality Wrung

Illogicality Summed


Now I will entertain you all with a not-very-clever anagram:

No atrocities can be seen as yours.
Say so, a rotten science is our bane.


Last night I had a dream I was doing math, much as I used to do often in reality. Well, as certain I was when I was dreaming that the equation I discovered was truthful and that my logic was rigorous, when I woke up I was like "What the ??? That's total BS!"

Now, if, a BIG IF, our dreams are really happening in another universe, then maybe what I figured out in my dream was indeed true in the alternate reality. Or maybe I was just absolutely insane.

Some amateur mathematicians believe that pairs of numbers that don't equal each other (such as +1 and -1) are in-fact equal, or believe that two numbers that do equal each other (such as 3 and 3) are in-fact not equal. Is there ANY truth to any of this madness, ANYWHERE? Or are the rules of logic consistent throughout the multiverse? Of course if you say they are, then x doesn't necessarily equal x, and the answer may still be no in the other universe.

Then there is that crazy-talk coming from right-wing talk-radio lately.... More illogicality.

That's the word for today: Illogicality.

It's in the poem I wrote today. But I will NOT publish that poem here. (It's a miracle!) I WILL post the poem I wrote yesterday, though. (Ah, f***!...)


Paragraphs Of My Waking

And I wrote such idioms within my calligraphy.
And so I ascended as string unto that cloth,
Unto a knot of syllables disarrayed. I
Ascended as the twisting space amongst us,
Amongst earthen sand, ha. Oh, I wrote of
Paraphrased blurriness thus contrite yet
Extracted. And I extricated my mind from its
Paper, from its pen therefore unreal and
Mathematical. ..., I surely scribed these
Damnable thoughts, and I wrapped them and
Wrung them as my dreams.

Yes, I drew the prayers of polygons onto and
Throughout these sheets. But they only pierced
The porous papyrus within me. Yes, they pierced
Those words and denied them their aggregates.
Oh, denied were those paragraphs of my waking,
Of my written breath pitifully perfect, otherwise
Pathetic, otherwise willfully but
Unjustly typographical.



Friday, August 6, 2010

The Big Shape

Blog post # 97:

Bidirectionally Sustained

Sickeningly Existential

An Inflection Postulated


What do you all think the shape of Everything -- Everything with a cap-E, the universe, the multiverse, and beyond -- is? Is it a circle, a sphere, maybe a mandala? Is it shaped like a giant butterfly? (I've heard that theory.) Is it totally shapeless? (My guess.) A triangle? A rhombus? A dodecahedron? (Was it Plato who associated the dodecahedron with the cosmos?) A giant higher-dimensional doughnut? A giant higher-dimensional Pringles potato chip, saddle-shape? Is it shaped like a computer circuit, maybe? Perhaps it is shaped like an atom or molecule in a larger universe? Or perhaps it is too blurry to discern any shape about it. Someone suggested to me it is maybe shaped like an egg splattered on the wall. Maybe it is flat or is just a line or a point (or even less than a point). I am guessing It is a giant hyper-hyper-hyper-sphere, where despite the fact It is a hyper-hyper-hyper-sphere, It is without any shape at all. Maybe this is like asking, what is the shape of a thought or a dream? Okay, it's a fractal shaped like the neurons in my brain. But what do YOU think?'

Vote in my latest poll!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bitter Screams

Blog post # 96:

Both of these pictures were made over the last 3 days:

Oblique Cosmology

Paradigm Of Counterpoint


First the fun stuff:

This anagram seems to be significant somehow:


(Not too Earth-shattering -- unlike my 9-11-2001 anagram. Sorry.)


New idiom:

That's a FUCK-DOWN!

(As opposed to a 'fuck-up'. Much like a 'smack-down'.)

"I'm going to FUCK YOU DOWN, asshole!"


Oh, diddle daddle before I get serious:

I've been thinner.
I've been fatter.
Now it's so true
that I'm the latter.


I contribute hardly anything, if anything, to this society or to the world. Yet I am definitely a taker -- I only take resources and give nothing in return. I use but don't replenish.

So, my desire to live, and to not die, is selfish.
I only harm this world by living, since I am using of its resources. Everyone is using more than they are giving. But with me, it is especially true.

Yet I have been brainwashed into wanting to live and into fearing death. Or maybe my desire to live and to not die is innate.
Either way, I want to live to the oldest age possible. I guess I have a GREED for life.

Yes, I am greedy and selfish for wanting to live.

[Update: I must post that even though wanting to live may be greedy and selfish, SO F***iING WHAT!? It is more selfish, maybe, to want to kill yourself. So, LIVE, everybody!]

[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

Okay, this could get ugly... I read that some Christian church in Florida -- Gainesville, I think -- is planning to burn a pile of Korans on 9-11. Then some Islamist group, in retribution, promised "rivers of American blood", or something. Great. The brain-dead religio-nuts are going to go at it. Shall we burn Bibles too? Shall we burn Torah's? Be my guest. But you relio-nuts please just consider the environmental impact of all the burnings, and AT LEAST burn holy books printed with lead-free inks!...

And then there is that mosque that is proposed to be built near Ground Zero. What gets me is that the Christian fundamentalists in America got a law passed about a decade ago (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) that prevents zoning laws from being used to stop the construction of religious buildings. But now the fundies want to prevent a mosque from being built. They apparently only want THEIR churches to be built all over this great land, ad infinitum. No mosques, though.

Tough shit. Read the US Constitution. The law can't favor one religion's buildings over another's. And now the Jewish Anti-Discrimination League has come out against the mosque. You think they would know better, you know, with all the Jews' history with Nazism and stuff. Now, I'm no fan of mosques, but I am no fan of churches or synagogues, either. And I say, if that stupid Religious Land Use law is in effect anyway, then it must be applied equally to everybody. Otherwise, repeal the law completely..... God, I'm sick of religion.


Well, here is another poem you all dread. I originally meant it to be taken more literally. But it is definitely an allegory for politics in America.

Confrontational Concurrence

Until the thorn rises rightward, it does sprout
From only space, and then does cut only matter.
It does consist of only inertia and rigidity.
But it is sustained as all euphemisms, protruding
Unto edges of diagonality, edges of selfishness
Made divine. And before it, there is a gap. Then
Before that width there is but smoothness.
Such a flatness spherically leftward of the cusp,
It glistens as fluid and its paradigms. But
This glob of roundness, it is simply the terminus
Of duality and forgotten glass. Oh, this
Blubbery blob forms that eclipse without
Moons or stars. Yet it still converges
In its passivity, in its compassion, in its
Confrontation with counterpoint. Yes, it does
Endanger the very thorn to its right. And
It remains as sharp as prickly jags never
Tempered, as sharp as spurious transformations
Always oxymoronic, always bipolar and overly
Antagonistic, overly and overtly disinterested in
Equations, in dissertations of negative zero,
Of any zeroness, therefore.