Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sewer-Eels Surely Surreal

Blog-post #290:
(290 = 2*5*29.)

 Circumferential Unroundness

Retroactively Radioactive

Cremated In Eclipses

Inferiority's Coronal Light

Unlikely Congruent Likewise

Identically As Sameness


Anagrams (four):

Any ring of science is instead beaten,
if encased by its insane cone tearing.


So maddening is this lace.
Oh, its mends sliced again.


Uses lore, I sing.


No virgins seen
ever sinning so.



Sit in acid, I can, it is.


Sad losers sell indeed nil,
less resold as.


A large city quite old-fashioned
and ancient-like:


(By the way, "old-fashioned" itself surely is an old-fashioned phrase.)

All is surely a weird and
disgusting wasteland.
It is all... 'sewer-real'..

But what is weird?
A surreal 'sewer-eel'.


A lawyer admits,
"We lawyers' minds are always
in the SUE HER!.. uh,
I mean, 'sewer',..
always in the sewer, yeah."


Polygamy is a three-(or more)-ring circus.
(And the wives say, "It is a circus
where the jerk-ass does work-us.")


If they have designs on them, should they still be called...



Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Ooze You Can Use

Blog-post # 289:
(289 = 17*17, square it.)

 Gibbous Knots Of Anything
Astigmatic Clangor
Forewarned Of Metaphors
Without Isometries Or Dimensions
Morphological Thoroughness
Apparently Synesthetic Syzygy
(I perhaps slightly prefer the top and bottom images.)

One anagram:

Nails touched wedges
wide as notches glued.


The economy is so bad now that we all have...

liens on our lean-tos..


Contrary to popular belief,
the wealthy ubermenschen
are not actually picky-eaters.
No, they almost always enjoy the...

flavor of the weak..

(.. republicannibals?..)


We untermenschen, the plebby masses, will ALL soon (if we are not already) be considered by the elite to be the...


(No more economic-political punning today, but punning nonetheless.)

Where they grow any damn tree they want to:

The arbitrary arboretum.


You know which part of your body lives the longest after the rest of your body has died?
The pupils, because they tend to...


(Aside from the pun, this is true also, in a way, because pupils are the absence of substance -- by definition, if not in actuality given the fluids and such within them -- and emptiness doesn't really die.)


The layer surrounding my body, protecting me from harmful radiations:

The ooze-zone layer..


So, considering my ooziness, this is a good time to bring up my new pickup-line.
(Highly likely to be plagiarized by me.)

I'm like a high-performance sports car...
And I'm going to ride your curves!"..


I posted the following before already, I'm sure, but it is worth repeating again:

"Girl, I'm like a chocolate sundae...
'Cause I'm going straight to your thighs"...


The opening line of a personal:

"Warped man seeks curvy woman."

(Maybe something too about how the two can oscillate together or something, but discretion is advised here.)



Monday, April 23, 2012

Weirder Than Water

Blog-post # 288:
(288 = 2*2*3*2*3*2*2.)

Infinity Thus Subservient

Liquid Moistened By Truth

Hypothetically Chromatic

Azimuth Of Otherness

As Skies Unnumerologically Fly


(I will get to the anagrams in a little while.
Now a word from our spons..., uh,..

What is...

Tyranny: The Patriot Act

Freedom: The patriots act!..

(Yes, apathy = tyranny...
Not that caring can do us any good at all, anyway, anymore.)


Anagrams! (Worth the wait.)
(Three: depressingly political)

The Patriot Act
Tap it. Cheat. Rot.


Nazis' ill magic kills everyone.
No slicker amazingly evil lies


Is drawn into the Beast,
this, a war, intends to be.


(Speaking of that last anagram..)

Biblical prophets will surely keep us...
'a-beast' of the situation.


[Warning! Potentially offensive pun!]

If you like to commit sodomy 'like crazy', you then are surely...


Why are scientist guys so sexy to women?

Because the scientists are always carrying out..


You know what is counterproductive spending for a company?



I'm flabbergasted(!) by my gastric flab.


Sure can't wait until there is a so-called
"Weirder-gate" in the news.

(Unless there already has been..)


Speaking of news:

Just one of the many proofs that a hoodie is not really a good justification alone for shooting a young minority male wearing one:

If it was, then the cops would be PLANTING HOODIES on the bodies of unarmed minority men/boys they shot and killed!

(Or do they actually do this?... Never can be too certain of anything these days.)



Saturday, April 21, 2012

And Quintessence Became

Blog post # 287:
(287 = 7*41.)

(Six images. Not much else, relatively.)

Nihilism's Quintessence

Quantum Irrelevance Of All

Into Surreal Harshness

Plural Yet Repeated

Encircling Us Within Us

Pseudo-Partial Quasi-Falseness


Three anagrams. (Yeah.)

See a quantum science beyond.
And quintessence became you.


And an erroneous thing rolls again.
Another one rings around all I snag.


A quasi-falsehood, it spited its pureness' sum.
This is of pseudo-partialness quite assumed.


In my last post, I said that the "Lesser-Evil" political party had nominated Satan for its candidate to run in the general election.
But the Greater-Evil will win instead, as it always does, because...
Satan is just .. 'LOSER-fer'!..


All the 'cool kids' are surely...


Each dream of dramatic palindromes:

(I'm not that impressed here.
The 'chilled-ren' joke even impresses me more. Anyway, I wonder if there has been some piece of children's fiction, maybe even a very popular work, where someone declares they are about to "Dine on chilled wren", and some kids overhear and get scared for themselves. I might have stolen this pun from that, although not intentionally.)



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Weirdness Does Go

Blog-post # 286:
(286 = 2*11*13.)

Each Spilled Misspelling

Unlike All Astigmatic Spectra

Re-repetitive Forelengthening

This Mediocre Massacre

Mandala Of Lopsided Paradox

Despite De-Facto Spite

(Yeah. Images.)


Have some anagrams (4):...

Thus, as murder,
dreams hurt us.


The weirdness does go.
I see these odd wrongs.


Yes, it protrudes.
Yet, dire pus rots.


An evil net


I won't even try out to be a mohel...

Because I could never make the cut..


And the nominee for the
"Lesser-Evil" political party is...


(Yeah, don't deny it; it might as well be.)



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monochromatic Lies

Blog-post # 285:
(285 = 3*19*5.)

Our Human Ooze

Mysticism's Metabolites

Blurred Of Logarithmic Glass

Unstable Summability

Distilled By Equilibrium

Eternity Yet Dismantled


Anagrams, two. (1 + 1/2, more like):

Monochromatic lies;
I con them. I am colors.


[Warning! A little dirty.]

Some is sin.


A collection of voids is a...


("Hear me, my fellow Americans' brains...")

A poorly-constructed traffic-circle is an...

about round roundabout..


Why did the chicken cross the road?...

The chicken couldn't help it; it's just that that road sure does hate them chickens!...

(The chicken therefore definitely should become a...
'street-fighter', then!
Kick that road's ass!..)


[This one seems appropriate.]

It won't be until
'Hell freezes over'
that we FINALLY get...



Enough with the funny stuff.

(Full disclosure: I am an artist, poet, and have written songs, a maker of so-called 'intellectual property'. I have never download movies/songs/etc, paid for or not, in-part because: (1) I have only a dial-up internet connection; (2) almost every song/movie made these days [or really almost ever] absolutely SUCKS,... especially if the main reason that that song or movie was created in the first place is/was for it to make a monetary profit for its creators or for some big corporation [more significantly so if the latter].)

America's, and much of the world's, copyright/patent/trademark systems have gotten so very ridiculous.
(See news lately for references.)

I bet that in the near future you could maybe even get arrested for 'pirating' intellectual-property just because you THOUGHT of a particular movie or song without paying royalties for doing so. After all, isn't just thinking about something essentially copying it in your mind?!

We are definitely heading this way as a society at an exponentially accelerating rate lately, I'm sure you have noticed.

(Maybe... also maybe in the future, any guy who... 'thinks' of any particular woman will have to pay her royalties for that guy's privilege of being so entertained... This possibility might be much more dystopian to horny lonely people than to their objects of desire {who might get some extra income this way}.)

Hyperbole? I think not!
(Damn. Maybe they will institute a tax on hyperbole too in the near future! We're doomed!)



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Idiotic Abaci

Blog-post # 284:
(284 = 2*71*2.)

Superfluously Uncounted

Lessened By Eternities

Approximations Of Imaginableness

The Sky Un-Alphabetized

Such Transparent Solubility

A Subjective Machine

(Mostly, I like these.)

Anagram-ism (3, you see, for thee.):

Heaven mostly needed a risky disembowelment.
Indeed, my world mistakenly seems to have been.

[Warning! Next two may offend!]

Ids boil.


Is so as needs' nepotism.
Penis does moisten ass.


Another palindrome... (See my last post for several others.)

Is as to idiotic abaci to idiots as I.


Where controversial art is displayed:

The... art GALL-ery...


Yes, line-drawings are a form of art that can be especially... edgy.


Speaking of controversial edginess:

We all sure have been getting an edgy-cation lately in regards to economic-inequality.
It's been a ... lesson in our lessening.

In my last blog-post, I wrote (very little, however) about we plebs being the 'Untermenschen'.
Yes, we are the...
Unmentioned Untermenschen...

the unmentionable Untouchables, that is.


Be aware.
Beware the ... Brain-Scams.

You heard of the blood/brain-barrier?
What we all each have also is a...

(Be wary of that barrier..)


Speaking of pseudoscience:

I have been very interested in psychology-studies lately.
But this interest is akin to the interest some no-nonsense skeptic may have in reading his/her horoscope despite a dislike for magical-thinking.
It's all just for fun.

I have written before in this blog about my disbelief in the validity of most psychology-studies. (I think I may have written here regarding that.)

Take these two commonly believed psychology "facts":

1) One's facial-symmetry is a major indicator of one's physical attractiveness.
So, then, how can we ever decide if someone's face is physically attractive or not if we have only seen them from the side?
Almost impossible to do so, you would think!
Yes, perhaps facial-symmetry has something to do with physical attractiveness, but I seriously doubt it is one of the major reasons anyone -- at least me -- is attracted to anyone else at all. It is probably not even a significant factor at all, especially given all the other possible factors for a face's physical attractiveness.

2) People think cats are cute mainly because their faces resemble human infants' faces to us.
So,.. if we were to see a hairless cat or, for that matter, a furry-faced human infant, we would surely be repulsed.
One of the major reasons I personally find some smaller animals to be cute is their furriness/softness, a very non-human attribute. (But yet again, an attribute best left for the non-human-beings.)

There are many other cases of pseudo-psychological "facts" I also find laughable. Some of them are not as widely believed, though. And some are even quite obviously false, or must be false, I think, given how counterintuitive they are.

And as in any branch of science, the researchers' own biases and expectations will almost inevitably lead to less-objectively-done studies.

And I myself must be careful in deciding whether to believe or not believe the results of studies I read about -- because, as has been determined in psychological studies.. , self-deception is highly common amongst we human-beings.

Be aware. Beware.



Monday, April 9, 2012

See, Still It Sees

Blog-post # 283:
(283 = yet another prime.)
(I have been 'primed' to expect primes...
but not primarily.)

In All Limbic Entropy

Sarcastic Substructure

Its Algebraic Prism

Visualizations Of Unthinking


One (annoying) anagram:

All of these bigoted asymmetries so;
This, a game, forebodes yet some still.


[Warning! Final two may offend some.]

See, still it sees.

Is a war. Be. Glass algebra was I.

Must save vast sum.
(^ Too moot!..)

Evolve. Rev love.

Pus-revolvers rev lovers up.

Stiff fuck; cuff fits.


We surely have a SHIT-uation, don't we!?

Hey, it all is just a bunch of BULK-WRAP!

(Me and my PUN-CROCK!..)


Now some rantiness:

Hey,... if we truly have a "War On Drugs", well...
we should put THE WAR in jail, then!

Maybe the reason the war has been such a failure is that it is always stoned!

... And the US Supreme Court would surely agree, too, that even a war is a "person".
So, since it is, let's jail it!

("Yeah, man. It's the WAR that's on drugs..")

Porn-stars surely do have good PR:...


Once I was good at math. You might say I was even...


Misnomers I 'miss no more'.


The optimists and censors say:
The foreboding is forbidden!

(Achtung! Es ist verboten!)


Speaking of speaking in German...

The "99%" are...
we plebby 'Untermenschen'.
(The PU's).

What parasitic* plebs (PP's), we are!

*(According to Any Rand, who was, in my opinion, the real
.. Ayn-tichrist.
-- And not because she was an atheist, either!)


Sometimes I much prefer the extremes.

* I prefer both really mellow music and hard hard rock (pun-crock!), but I hate the pop-music crap in the middle.
(Likewise, I like some of the more interesting and smarter rap, but not at all any of that 'bulk-rap'.)

* I most prefer making art images with intense high-saturation colors, and sometimes images that are black-and-white.

* I prefer really sweet foods and foods with absolutely zero sweetness. Anything that is slightly sweet, however, especially if it is not traditionally a sweet food, literally makes me nauseous.
(Note: I do like semi-sweet/dark chocolate, though, but because it is indeed sweet enough and chocolate is traditionally considered a sweet food.)

* And as other people do, I like ice tea and hot tea both, but I hate room-temperature tea.


Say this about CD's:
They sure 'turned the tables' on the turntable industry!

And 'in-turn', the internet (the in-turn-net) turned the tables on CDs.

If the internet somehow survives the many many attacks against it as of lately (from governments and industries trying to censor it, to all those stupid people who use it to post idiotic comments, etc), then perhaps it will extend unto the cosmos someday.
Then it could be called the 'infi-net'.



Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phen-Nominal Astro-Normality

Post # 282:
(282 = 2*47*3.)

Neither Ever Nor Either

Spilled Of Multiplications

Any Mundane Astronomies

Archetypical Screams


Seemingly Of Its Bewilderment

(I most like the titles "Neither Ever Nor Either" and "Cosmophobia".
As for the images themselves, "Any Mundane Astronomies" probably came out the best of these, I think.)


An anagram + another:

Idiots yelled, hated, lack any answer.
We ironically asked yet had slanted.


Any lesser repetition was its shame.
In pasts they were not as I, liars seem.


You hear about the hippy mobster?...

Yeah, he sm0ked some d0pes!...


Funniness about outer-space is...


(A cosmic comic might tell that one... maybe.)

Regarding the word "cosmophobia" (one of the image's titles above):

There are so many reasons to fear outer-space, I guess.

Asteroid/comet impacts;
Gamma-bursts ending life here;
Black holes(!);
Extraterrestrial invasions;
Sun becoming a nova or dimming;
Vacuum-decay bubbles;
Earth's orbit destabilizing;
Astrobiological microbes;
(Much more, certainly).

When I was a kid, especially, I used to often have nightmares about the night sky.
I recall that in some of these dreams, it was dangerous to even look at the sky at night.
If you saw even a little glimpse, you might see such things as the black-holes or aliens or whatever. But what I really feared seeing in that sky were the so-called "space-lines".
Somehow, if they were seen by you, horrible things would happen to you as a result. Specifically they were suppose to give me bad dreams. (Too late!) And later I realized that dreams = realities.
So, DON'T look upwards!
(Science is dangerous, kiddies!..
even astronomy..)