Saturday, April 7, 2012

Phen-Nominal Astro-Normality

Post # 282:
(282 = 2*47*3.)

Neither Ever Nor Either

Spilled Of Multiplications

Any Mundane Astronomies

Archetypical Screams


Seemingly Of Its Bewilderment

(I most like the titles "Neither Ever Nor Either" and "Cosmophobia".
As for the images themselves, "Any Mundane Astronomies" probably came out the best of these, I think.)


An anagram + another:

Idiots yelled, hated, lack any answer.
We ironically asked yet had slanted.


Any lesser repetition was its shame.
In pasts they were not as I, liars seem.


You hear about the hippy mobster?...

Yeah, he sm0ked some d0pes!...


Funniness about outer-space is...


(A cosmic comic might tell that one... maybe.)

Regarding the word "cosmophobia" (one of the image's titles above):

There are so many reasons to fear outer-space, I guess.

Asteroid/comet impacts;
Gamma-bursts ending life here;
Black holes(!);
Extraterrestrial invasions;
Sun becoming a nova or dimming;
Vacuum-decay bubbles;
Earth's orbit destabilizing;
Astrobiological microbes;
(Much more, certainly).

When I was a kid, especially, I used to often have nightmares about the night sky.
I recall that in some of these dreams, it was dangerous to even look at the sky at night.
If you saw even a little glimpse, you might see such things as the black-holes or aliens or whatever. But what I really feared seeing in that sky were the so-called "space-lines".
Somehow, if they were seen by you, horrible things would happen to you as a result. Specifically they were suppose to give me bad dreams. (Too late!) And later I realized that dreams = realities.
So, DON'T look upwards!
(Science is dangerous, kiddies!..
even astronomy..)



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