Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Title Does Not Contain The Word "Lie"

Blog-post # 326:
(326 = 2*163.)

Seven new images,
as was expected:

Of Oculi Or Oscilloscopes

Psychoatomic Counterpoint

Mathematics Drips As Gravity

Any Description Of
Dictionary And Timepiece

Of Numberism's Quasi-Equations

Its Asynchronized Self-Differing

Our Rigor Rigorously Disproved

(I think the middle image above has the longest name I have ever given an image of mine. And if I had my way completely, I would have used the plurals "Dictionaries" and "Timepieces" instead; but I tried to shorten the name as much as I could.)

Anagrams (5?):

A total lie and
evils destroy us.
It devastated
you losers in all.


Any colors pulse;
Loops surely can.


I am indeed sideways
plus overlapped.
Plaid divided me,
as we nearly suppose.


Atomic skin or nuclear eggs:
Cracking our lies' megatons.


Such was soft normality;
Thus, it conforms always.


The workings of a
SUBatomic-clock are its..



The overly-repetitive
oscillations do..
we non-hipsters.

(Yet we loved those pulsations
ourselves before we got old.)

(Yes, I am talking about
MUSIC here..)


Sadly, if a married couple
misplaces their chastity-belt,
then they have to have..
'sex out of wed-lock'..

(Oh, the humanity!...)

But that is not as bad as if
the husband misplaces the key
while his wife is wearing
the chastity-belt.
Then they are f*cked..
Or not.
(..Or not at all, really..)


Since I am too lazy to groom
myself well, I guess I cannot
manage to..
muster my luster..


Yeah, I'm pissed.
And I am determined to be so,
no matter what you say.

That's right:
curmudgeon ain't budgin'..


No more funny-business:
the following is not a pun!)

My big idea:
What the world needs now are:

(I will re-invest the profits I
make from my rental-pizza idea
in sunglass-monocles.. Maybe
these monocles are polarized.)



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dizzier And Faster Than Diz-zaster

Blog-post # 325:
(325 = 5*13*5.)

Seven new images,
like it matters anymore:

Superterranean Therein

Any Reverberation Of Inferences

Counterposited By Counternegativity

Swirling Transposed

Arctangents Inside Denial

Selfish Conformity Shunning Self

Unmismatched Via Iridescences

(Note that the first word in
the top image's name is
"SUPERterranean", as if
I am clever.)


Anagrams (six):

Unto dystopia is this:
Soon it has stupidity.

(^A very apt anagram.)

As sines under ours,...
a roundness is sure.


And this direction
ends there again.
Oh, arctangents are
hidden inside it.


Oddly as some,
any three do.
They are so sly
and doomed.


Extended within are
ages all yet ours.
Next we rouse, lastly
died there again.


All we do.


Our mass-dumbness
is now leading us
to all autocracy
and its atrocities.

We deserve no pity
for this stupidity,
for this dystopia:
our world, America:..



Yes, I don't believe "in" the Bible.
I mean, I do not even believe the
Bible exists at all.
Neither does anything else.

Yes, I do not believe in God.
But I also do not believe in religion.
Actually, I do not believe in religious people, either.
Nor do I believe in the existence of anyone, period.


Here is a hypothesis for the Freudians to suck on:..

The current popularity of drinking bottled-water and the more longstanding trend of drinking beer from bottles may be (partially) due to the possibility that drinking from bottles unconsciously reminds even adults of suckling upon baby-bottles when we were very young, when we were at an age when our needs were simple and often fully quenched by the contents of our bottles.

("If I don't get my
bottled-water/beer, I'm
goin' to cry!"..)



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Directions Directly Dire

Blog-post # 324:
(324 = 3*3*2*2*3*3 = 18*18.)

Seven new images.

Its Electromathematical Perfume

Of Any Quantum Of Logic

Truth Surpassed By Essence

Shapes Into Spaces Unto Vastness

Psychosis Unequal To Trigonometry

Rigorous Delusion Of Echoes

Cosines Aperiodic Then Chaotic

(I like the word "electromathematical" in the top image's name. I wonder if it is a new word; and I especially like how it sounds similar to "electromagnetic". Wouldn't any math, though, used to describe electrical-circuits, or maybe the equations describing electromagnetic propagation or describing the quantum physics relating to electrons/photons or such be properly called "electromathematical"?
PS: I am not looking this word up now.
PPS: And maybe the word does already exist, but it is hyphenated.)


Anagrams (nine.):
(Warning. Some of these
may offend. Warning: Some of
these may not be that good.)

It oriented each mass...
the same as direction.


Ebola is disturbing and
also beyond-real to us.
Global diseases do not
end our burials any bit.


Asses die.

(^Which can be the
plus-side of disease..)

Got insanely gouged:
Does it on an ugly egg.


Easy smegma:
A messy game.


many tell.


All this roundness...
is a dullness' thorn.


In the one
shadow's dichotomy,
No two icons,
some they had hid.


Human vastness will waste
in us our flat ethos.
Most anuses (as we) have
truthful stains now ill.


(Now, the jokeyness.)

You know how Noah's misuse
of trigonometry lead him
to go way off-course*?

Yes, he went off on an..

*(Like this really mattered.
Didn't he just have to stay
afloat, and that is all,
according to lore? I mean,
he wasn't GOING anywhere
in-particular, correct?)

I'd never date a

She would definitely have
too many 'hang-ups'!..


You know what the guy told
me who REALLY likes watching
slasher movies way too much?

"Hey, man, I need help,
because my mind is surely
in the gut-her."


Sometimes, using contractions
sounds better than writing all
the words out, does not it?


The clockworks, the waterworks,
the fireworks, the ironworks,
the steelworks, even the roadworks,
but I do not.


^This reminds me that I like
the new compound-word I may
have invented:

As in,
"The knot-works are
extremely plexiform."

Would the 'knot-works' be the
factory where they make knots?

Or would it be a tangle of
knots reminiscent of clockwork?

(I was thinking of the latter
definition when I came up
with this word.
Or maybe without the terminal-s,
then, it is definitely the tangle.
But maybe the knotworks factory
is extremely plexiform too.
Why not? And why knot?
.. "Because it pays the bills,
that's why! People can't
be expected to make their
own knots, now!")


Speaking of consumer culture..

I noticed this statement on my
perfume-free laundry-detergent
bottle: "Dermatologist tested."

Of course, I immediately thought
when I read this that they
tested this detergent
ON dermatologists, instead of
on animals.
"No animals were harmed in the
testing of this product.
But some dermatologists,
however, indeed were!"

(Or are dermatologists just a
bunch of animals, anyway?..
They DO work in the...
'skin-industry', after all!)


Now, the seriousness:

(Related to the last anagram above.)

There is no truth; none at all.
So, thus, I myself am as unreal
as all else is.

Regarding human-beings:
Only our anuses exist.
Not our bodies, not our minds,
definitely not our souls.
We are all literally just
a bunch of assholes.

Seven billion assholes.
That is a lot of holes, period,
let alone a lot of smelly holes.

(Sorry for that image,
but you deserve it
because you are an..)


Update: This angers me. Even though my crappy dictionary does not have "knotworks", a simple online search would have shown that this word is quite common online, and it has a number of different definitions besides even those two I give above.

The word "electromathematical" as one word is rare online, however. As two different words in conjunction, the compound phrase (not necessarily hyphenated) is much more common, though.



Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Sine Asylum

Blog-post # 323:
(323 = 17*19.)

Eight new images.
(Is this the most
I have ever had
in one post?)

Sane Sines Of Coiled Cosines

These As Radioactive As These

Translucency Mis-imagined

From Transmutation Unto Transcendence

Paraplexic Plexidrome

In Finite Infinities

Static Halfness

Axioms Themselves Inanimate


(Eight, the same great 8
that is the number of
images this post.):

The wise knots:
It knows these.


All awareness is
indeed to doubt --
Dared as well,
but too sane inside.


I often thought;
as we sinned.
Enough of it was
then its end.


It cheats problematic irony..
to best remain hypocritical.


Our cosmos is
Most magic or
science rules too.


Methodically be on end,..
once dominated by Hell.


A rise then into arcs..
reaches transition.


The surreally
cute seashells:
All these surely
curl as these.

(I much like the irony-based
anagram, the 4th one.)

Why can't they successfully build
a bridge that is shaped the same
in both directions?

'Span snaps.'


I had a bit about the ultimate
palindrome (due to its conciseness)
in a recent post.

A new contender:

'Sin is.'


And speaking of snapping, here
is a new thing for the hipsters
to now say:

"That is more a snap
than takin' a nap!"

I hear ya', man.
{snap snap snap})

You hear about the artists
who stole some paints in
a major heist?

Yeah, they had concocted
quite a.. color-scheme..

{That them there
some art-thieves!..}

(Referencing the name of the
top image in this post:)

If you want to appear not to
be crazy, you must act quite
predictably. Therefore,
if you must oscillate,
do so trigonometrically.

Be seemingly sane
like the sine-wave.


Why did the barber go on a diet?

To 'trim-down', of course..

(Oh, my, that pun is of
disturbingly low quality.)

Since offensiveness is so
common, maybe we should
call it...



If you are aware of the
tangling, you have...


(Maybe you go to..
to learn about knots?)


That which is beneficial to
ECOnomics, at least in regards
to the most selfish of the
interests of corporations,
often has little benefit for
ECOlogy, it seems, despite the
"eco" in both words.

Since, ECOnomics is usually
driven by the selfish interests
of those with the most money
(and definitely not always by
concerns for the environment),
I propose we call it instead..

(And Donald Trump weighs in,
proposing we call it..
'Trump-onomics'. Quite.)

The anti-regulation types will
love having this fear I suggest
they have:...

The nanny-state grows to such a level in the near future that food-companies will be required (required!!) to post on their packages a numerical-value representing the amount of BAD-BREATH these food items can give you by eating them!
(Wake up, people!)

BBQ = Bad-Breath Quotient:
(And BBQ has a large BBQ, too!)



Monday, August 13, 2012

These Ruins Of Myself

Blog-post # 322:
(322 = 2*23*7.)

Seven imagined images:

Perfect Misalignment

Purest Asymmetry

Absurdity Orbits Roundness

Conically Ecliptic

A Clear Glow Complexly Bleak

Inertial And Never Inert

Probability Of Predetermined Smoke

I actually do not absolutely love any of these images. But they are all quite acceptable to me anyway.

(Note the relationship between the names of the top two images.)


Anagrams (5):

All reverts sadly into
ruins of yourself.
It forever turns falsely
or loudly as sin.


A stain: something stinks;
In this is stagnant smoke.


An orbit there somewhere:
On Earth,
it bores me/we/her.


This precise essence made..
as the prime seed's science..


This melodrama's nasty style:
Reality shat mostly madness.


When we are overreacting,
ironically by being quite
emotionally inert, we are
thus being so very...

melodramatically mellow.

that's our panic.


"Oh By The Way, you know
that's the street I live on?"

"NO WAY!.. is where I live."

"Yeah, I keep getting mail for
the guy who lives at my address
on Oh By The Street."

(Abbot & Costello say so.)

[Warning! Politics and

Funny, those people who actually know the very LEAST science, sociology, or anything else about the races of humanity are called "racists".

That is like: If those very people who knew the least about physics and science were called "physicists", or like if those we call "mathematicians" were those very people least able to even add.

"sexists" are all virgins, then?..)


[Warning! More politics.]
Not very clever point ahead!]

Since the US Constitution is now considered void and completely irrelevant to how we are governed in the US now days, why do we in the US even need a president or congress or any other constitutionally-mandated government entities at all anymore, then?!

(I am not saying that anarchy is all that great, though.
But since we Americans supposedly -- at least those in the rest of the world believe this -- all personally own and carry weapons [given the 2nd Amendment], this fact alone should lead we Americans, in the absence of any official government, to still all be honest and civil with each other anyway.. Right?..)



Friday, August 10, 2012

As Dull Nihilism Lasts

Blog-post # 321:
(321 = 3*107.)

Six images.
(Six. A new record low...
high,... for today..)

Poetically As Possibly Clockwise

Slanted Without Diagonality

As Time Condemns Gnomons

Unresonant Becomes Reasoning

Such Solids Of Meteorology

Abyss Of Absolution


(8, eight,
rhymes with 'fate'.)

Death's supportive
purity is gone.
Everything, as it,
props us up to die.


As possibilities here,
it is a biosphere's lies.


A weirdness
conforms alone.
For, we coil
sane randomness.


Suns are eventually
planets, as I.
Yet all is a
past lunar Venus seen.


As all the fluids,
Alas filled thus.


As dull nihilism lasts,
I was fooled.
All its wisdom is
a Hell of sundials.


A flaw: a ply hovers,
overlaps halfway.


A mark.

(^This last one seems
to be highly unoriginal.)

Mathematicians surely have an..


(You sure cannot 'trust' those


Since whatever can be invented
will eventually be, all that is
to be so thus will so be...



As humanity is now inventing
technology at a rapidly
accelerating rate, but mostly
for sadistic and selfish reasons
and to bring about Dystopia
but not for the betterment of
our lives, what we have and will
suffer from is the betterment
instead of and development of..



Punk-rock 'zines surely have..


(This is my second
'magazine issues'-related pun.)

Here's a euphemism for you:

"Yuck", instead of "fuck".

As in,
"Yuck you, you yucker!"
"It's all yucked up!"


[Warning! Potentially offensive
political commentary! Warning!]

No matter their religions, beliefs, or ideologies, terrorists very often have one thing in common: That they make generalizations about the groups they attack -- they see none of their victims as individuals.
Why don't the authorities -- who have always been keen to ethnically profile people of certain religions and races, allegedly for law-enforcement or terrorism-fighting purposes -- instead now profile those same people who have been generalizing large groups of people and have called for profiling of those groups in the belief by the pro-profile advocates that these people they want profiled are much more likely to be criminals or terrorists or whatever?
Because.., you see, it is the prejudiced profiling-proponents who themselves have so much in common with the terrorists!
Let's surveil and possibly round-up and hold in secret-prisons without trial (and maybe torture), or at least give special scrutiny at the airport to, the bigots themselves! .. those same bigots who have called for such 'special' treatment of often innocent people just because of whatever (likely to be in-fact unjustified) reasons.

Update: I am very aware that I myself am profiling the profilers, and so I may be calling for my own mistreatment by the authorities here.
Sorry about my hypocrisy.
Oh,.. woe are those who are bigoted against the bigots!...


Update PS: I cannot post comments, a reply or otherwise, to my blog for some reason.
Sorry about that. But something is wrong with Google/Blogger, it seems.



Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Blog-post # 320:
(320 = 2*2*2*5*2*2*2)

Seven new images:
(No fewer, nor more,
than immediately before.)

Oxymoronic Biosphere

Indecisively Dimensional Electromagnetism

Darkness Incapably Dark

Longitudinal Non-Density

Unpronounceable Facade

Also Oscillating, Only Ambiguous

An Explosion Destroyed


Anagrams (just 3):

All destroys complexity:
Mostly clarity explodes.


That angularity spins so,...
thus, into a lasting spray.


A god ruined sane stomachs.
And sad hunger is comatose.


Jerk logicians are the..

'analogs of anal-logs'!..



If a digital clock is noticed to be one minute ahead*, then is it less likely it will be corrected by anyone than it would have been otherwise, because to correct it by setting it back one minute -- by pressing the "minute" and "time" buttons simultaneously, say, and having to go ahead through 59 minutes -- will likely take so long that the clock would have read one minute ahead by the time this correction is completed anyway?
(Even if going ahead 59 minutes only takes 30 seconds, for example, there is still a significant chance that time would have flipped ahead to the next minute by then anyhow.)

Are there far more digital clocks around the world that are one minute ahead than there otherwise would have been, therefore?

*Why do we English-speakers (at least in the US) so often say a clock is one minute "fast"? "Fast" implies the clock's RATE is too quick. But saying the clock is "ahead" by whatever time correctly implies what is more so true, that the clock's rate is not too quick (for the most part), but the time simply has an offset.


Why do we, when we mean something happens "occasionally", so often instead say that something happens "periodically"?
Because most of the time, it seems to me, what we really mean is that these somethings happen "aperiodically", which is the opposite.

Very ironic.


So, in 4 billion years (approximately..),
the Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda
galaxy will "collide", astronomers say.

Oh, that there Andromeda galaxy..
.. So, THAT is what the world
is really coming to!..


If you think you might leap off of
a cliff because you think you have
just realized something so horrible,
perhaps you should not be..

.. jumping to any conclusions!
(even to yours!)

In the Game Of Reality:
"If you land on this space,
then jump ahead to the end.
Game over. You win!")

And if you hit your head while
leaping, but don't die,
maybe you are just..
.. jumping to concussions..


(Oh, NOW I will offend you all..)

You know what the visually-impaired
architect said when I told him I
will invent audible blueprints
for his sake?..

"Sounds like a plan!"..


You know why politicians like to
flip-flop on the issues so much?

Because many of them used to be..


(Now, THAT is a bad joke.)

You hear how fascism results
from having ESP?

E(vil); S(tupidity); P(ower).

Fascists: Definitely more
telepathic than empathetic.



Friday, August 3, 2012

Is All As I?

Blog-post # 319:
(319 = 11*29.)

(Seven images.. again.)

Or Else Self-Equal

Equating Truth To Truth

Poetic Thirst

Roundly Hexagonal

Its Central Intermediacy

Analogous To Anthropomorphism

Insideways Indeed


Anagrams (eight, oh great):


(^Now, this one is ironic.)

Perimeters hint of lust;
For, time sleeps in truth.


I lost yesterday;
but this day emerges.
I lasted inside.
Indeed busted,
it hid meagerly;
yet it is less so astray.


Of all bisections,
no best coils fail.


Hidden eyelets
puncture eggs.
Ugly seeps get
cured in the end.


Protection inside your
oscillatory cage alone;
Or is one at all any
poetic or cryogenic solitude?


Nude lass in
Hints of sins,
skin, and cute legs.


Those palindromes:
The loops in dreams.


I was wondering earlier if
the ultimate palindrome is:

"Is all as I?"

But this, however, is less
ultimate than the even more
ultimate palindrome,


(Then there is the phonetic
equivalent of this most
ultimate palindrome, yet
another palindrome:



Phonetic spoonerism:



(Seems appropriate, somehow.)

You hear about the
understocked sex-toy store?..

I hear they're always out of
what you're into..

(The ex-stripper who owns it
says she is now out of jello..

And you cannot get her to
get back in it again..)

(I should probably post
some joke here about
But I don't think I will
post that.)


Okay, I will now post a very
bad joke I JUST thought up.

You hear about the witches and
the prostitutes playing

It was..
'hexes versus hoes'..

And did I hear this before?
Yes I did.
.. Maybe in elementary school.)

Speaking of jokes I have
definitely heard before but
will post here anyway as my own..

The difference between women and men:
(Quite generalized, of course. ALL of
these types of jokes generalize..)

When a woman talks to a man she
likes, she pretends to be stupider..

But when a man talks to a woman he
likes, he ACTUALLY becomes stupider.


"Hey, what are they goin'
to do with that vacant lot?"

"A lot."..


Seriously now...

I fully expect some American bigots
to soon proclaim, if they have not
already proclaimed so,..

"Well, the American Flag(tm) is
indeed red, white, and blue;..
NOT red, BROWN, and blue!...
So, therefore, only Whites
can be true 'mericans!"


Or alternatively proclaim,

"Hey, the American flag is
red, white, and blue;
NOT PINK, white, and blue,
proving that this country was
founded by our Founding Fathers
on heterosexual-principles!",
or something.

If none of America's many laypeople
revisionist historians have already
actually said any of this stupidity,
it is only because they are
not clever enough to have done so..

(But when it comes to "God"
on US money implying our
"Founding Father's desires
for a Christian nation",
they surely are quite adept
at similar speciousness.)


Regarding the truth of the
illusion of All:

If matter/space/distance is
an illusion, as these surely
seem to be, then why would
time alone be real, however?

Is the dream only remembered,
then? Or has it actually
occurred, albeit falsely, as
it has been experienced?

Is simultaneousness
only simulated?


Imprefectly (sic),