Friday, August 10, 2012

As Dull Nihilism Lasts

Blog-post # 321:
(321 = 3*107.)

Six images.
(Six. A new record low...
high,... for today..)

Poetically As Possibly Clockwise

Slanted Without Diagonality

As Time Condemns Gnomons

Unresonant Becomes Reasoning

Such Solids Of Meteorology

Abyss Of Absolution


(8, eight,
rhymes with 'fate'.)

Death's supportive
purity is gone.
Everything, as it,
props us up to die.


As possibilities here,
it is a biosphere's lies.


A weirdness
conforms alone.
For, we coil
sane randomness.


Suns are eventually
planets, as I.
Yet all is a
past lunar Venus seen.


As all the fluids,
Alas filled thus.


As dull nihilism lasts,
I was fooled.
All its wisdom is
a Hell of sundials.


A flaw: a ply hovers,
overlaps halfway.


A mark.

(^This last one seems
to be highly unoriginal.)

Mathematicians surely have an..


(You sure cannot 'trust' those


Since whatever can be invented
will eventually be, all that is
to be so thus will so be...



As humanity is now inventing
technology at a rapidly
accelerating rate, but mostly
for sadistic and selfish reasons
and to bring about Dystopia
but not for the betterment of
our lives, what we have and will
suffer from is the betterment
instead of and development of..



Punk-rock 'zines surely have..


(This is my second
'magazine issues'-related pun.)

Here's a euphemism for you:

"Yuck", instead of "fuck".

As in,
"Yuck you, you yucker!"
"It's all yucked up!"


[Warning! Potentially offensive
political commentary! Warning!]

No matter their religions, beliefs, or ideologies, terrorists very often have one thing in common: That they make generalizations about the groups they attack -- they see none of their victims as individuals.
Why don't the authorities -- who have always been keen to ethnically profile people of certain religions and races, allegedly for law-enforcement or terrorism-fighting purposes -- instead now profile those same people who have been generalizing large groups of people and have called for profiling of those groups in the belief by the pro-profile advocates that these people they want profiled are much more likely to be criminals or terrorists or whatever?
Because.., you see, it is the prejudiced profiling-proponents who themselves have so much in common with the terrorists!
Let's surveil and possibly round-up and hold in secret-prisons without trial (and maybe torture), or at least give special scrutiny at the airport to, the bigots themselves! .. those same bigots who have called for such 'special' treatment of often innocent people just because of whatever (likely to be in-fact unjustified) reasons.

Update: I am very aware that I myself am profiling the profilers, and so I may be calling for my own mistreatment by the authorities here.
Sorry about my hypocrisy.
Oh,.. woe are those who are bigoted against the bigots!...


Update PS: I cannot post comments, a reply or otherwise, to my blog for some reason.
Sorry about that. But something is wrong with Google/Blogger, it seems.



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