Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Unusual Than The Weirdness

More Unusual Than The Weirdness
[.. Yet quite non-weird, relatively.]

Blog-post # 371:
(371 = 7*53.)

Eight new computer-art inanimations:
(Eight.. that are inanimate..)

Therein Here
Herein Wherever
Everywhere Within
These Whereabouts

Thereafter Implying Every 'Therefore'

Synonymically Compared With
Words Lacking Synonyms

Non-Sequiturs Of Dreamlessness
Thus Transposed

Emptiness Angularly Of Any Space
Yet Spectrally Of Every Shape

Metal-phoric Nil Of More-lessness

Grid-work Graphed Onto
The Concept Of Lattices

Even Insanity Is Hallucinated Herein


(Six is.)

All my chaos originates
into all its universe.
Time is ill;
as are any vast
chronologies until.


That sameness is in it:
at reality.
As any similarities
then attest.


Backwards retrogradation
is anti-negation:
Orbits are again
drawing it, an arc
so knotted.


The level cosines
ever swirl into the
linear rainbows.
All interwoven helices
orbit their own
arisen selves.


Subatomic nihilism
best bends as before.
Of time so sans it:
inside bubble-chambers.


Eat a mind.

[^This anagram here is
fitting for this era.]

Why did that rye go-awry?

Because the baker got too...
carried away.. with the caraway..

[^Note: This is the 2nd
"rye gone-awry"-related
pun I have posted recently.
Good for me.]

A company/app with the purpose of
helping preserve at least some of
your privacy in this recent
dystopian high-tech era:

A data-mine-sweeper..

[^In honor the last anagram above.]

(And if some of us want whomever to
'respect our space', in terms of
honoring our privacy, instead of
whomever using facial-recognition
computer-analysis on us, I guess
what we want, then, is...

Good thing, in my case at least, I
am so ugly that I'll break their
computer systems when they try
to ID me with their face-analyses.)


The Mundane:
The Most Plain Astral Plane.

(Not too clever -- which is
appropriate here, I guess.
But I like it mostly since it
rhymes and has a pair of


Reality may be a matter-of-opinion,
but many sciences concern themselves,
however, with their..



In the far-off future, our universe
may collapse so densely that even
the void will become solidified.
Then space-time will become
Yes, and this is only a..


Anti-tautological is what is...



Now some punlessness:..

The scholars of math's history
tell me that the concept of 'zero'
is a relatively new concept
historically (or on a geological
time-scale, anyhow..), not being
"invented" until just about a
couple thousand years ago or so
(and not used as a number with
its own mathematical value until
about 600 AD or so, although
previously it was used as a
placeholder in written numerals
and in other ways).


Then that means that previously,
thousands of years ago in the
mathematical world without any
idea of what is zero, there were
then therefore.. zero 'zeroes'..

Does this thus disprove all reality
via reductio ad absurdum?*
(At least, does this disprove the
existence of existence before a
couple thousand years ago?)
For, how else could there have
been zero of anythings at that time,
even of zeros?

(Of course, the pedants might say
there was indeed the idea of
absence in those earlier years.
But I am trying to be pretentiously
philosophically profound here.
In any case, the pre-zero idea of
'absence' was not truly a
mathematical concept, but was more
simply so a colloquial idea,
I would bet.)

Even today in our "advanced" world,
it must be, then, that there are
ideas -- mathematical or otherwise
-- so unimaginably profound that
they cannot be even imagined or
considered, and maybe they even
cannot be known that they might
possibly exist, and maybe cannot
even be discussed in any way at all
(except here in this blog-post..).
And maybe, at least, they cannot be
imagined or considered without at
least some reference to themselves.

Even the existence of the concept
of Knowledge has to itself become
known somehow to each person

*(This zero-0's proof via
reductio ad absurdum is a very weak
proof that reality is absurdly false,
however {relative to the many many
other proofs of the Unreality}.)


Funny thing.
Many times when we say something
"weird" or "strange" has happened
to us, we mean that some sort of
notable occurrence that should
have been very rare has somehow
instead occurred in our lives
at a greater-than-very-rare rate
(if even just once, but even
once is much more often than we
would have expected).

So, ironically, coincidences
are often called "weird" or
"strange", yet especially they
are called so (and are especially
ironically so called) if they are
relatively commonplace.

Here is the first part of the chorus
from a Broadway musical song I have
written on this topic.
(I have written this first part
of the chorus, but no more of
this song, is what I mean.)..

"Weird is not weird,
if by 'weird' you mean 'unusual'.
'Cause 'weird' is quite normal,
quite common, quite plain."


[Puns resuming.]

What does the Devil use as a mixer
for his alcoholic drinks?

'Sa-tonic water', of course.

(That there some fire-water.)

Potentially mildly offensive.]

I get so little sex, I am now
immune to it. I guess that
makes me a...


(That one 'e' is, of course,
very important here...)

(And I guess that many of the straight
ladies who are also likewise immune
to those urges have been inadvertently
treated with... Romeo-pathy?..)

[See my earlier post regarding what
homeopathy is, if you are unfamiliar
with it.]

(Hmmm. I get very little homeopathy-
exposure in my life, although still
I get a miniscule amount of it.
So, does homeopathy cure even


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Or Is It Spoonerisms Of Alliterations Instead?

[But sorry, none today either way.]

Blog-post # 370:
(370 = 2*37*5.)

Six new art-inanimations:

To 1 To 3 To 2;
Sans Shape;
Without Distance;
Of Zero Directionality

As Tautologically Plexiform As
All Alliterations Of Spoonerisms

Indescribably Integer-like
Non-Trigonometric Trigonometry

It Is As If It Was As It Is Of

Quantum-Rectangularity Of

Extra-stentialism Unto
Otherness And Otherwise


(5, five, 1+1+1+1+1)

Any ugly abstractions:
They were all shaped
into their truths here.
But only graphically drawn
are those; thus these are
this entirety.


The strangest sine-waves
result anew in some disarray.
Weirdness is its vastness
yet more angular than we are.


Sad show.


Mentally wise is
this surrounding all.
Alluring madness yells
within it or us.


As equinoxes are:

[^In honor of March 20th.]

You hear how, because their
vehicles kept breaking down,
they kept needing to drive the
route of the funeral procession
again and again?

Yeah, but at least that funeral
procession was..
well re-hearsed.


If you are simply out-of-phase with
society in regards to your thinking,
instead of you being insane, you more
so are in-fact..


(Out-of-phase with the 'sane' people;
get it?)


Those who cut-down-on, but do not
forego completely, eating meat..
are at least, regarding living the
vegetarian lifestyle, willing to..

'meat halfway'..


What do America's "Founding Fathers"
and those current-day Americans who
claim our constitutionally-guaranteed
civil-liberties are only keeping us
"Unsafe from terrorism!"
all have in-common?

Both types of Americans are truly..

'The framers of the Constitution'..

[Speaking of politics, etc,..
{This may warrant a 'Warning'.}]

Assholes are unthinking idiots
who all surely must have gotten...



[Did I post the following yet?]
[Warning: Potential offensiveness.
Warning: Political commentary.
Warning: Adult themes.]

Speaking of the previous joke...

Some of this country's most extreme
anti-homosexual bigots -- especially
some particular politicians/pundits
whom I could name (but won't here)
-- might like to proudly and loudly
tell everyone, even important people
they have just met for the first
time at (say) fancy fund-raisers,

I got me an OUTIE-anus!"

That's impressive, Congressman..
Uh,.. I mean out-pressive; sorry.]



Friday, March 15, 2013

Those Thing-less Things, Etcetera

Blog-post # 369:
(369 = 3*41*3.)

Ten(10) new computer-inanimation arts:

Monotonic Sinewaves
Moreover Sideways

Needlessly Noteworthy Is Such;
As Nouns Are Worthwhile

Differentially Diffracted Yet
Unintentionally Unalternating

Eclipse Of An Indescribable Earth

Pre-numbered Reality
Yet Still Unalphabetized

Those Things Else Within
The Thing-lessness Of Those

Every Very Severed Everything

Cosinusoids Of Anti-Astronomy

Lines More Dimensional Than
Dimensionality Conceived

Alternating Conversely Else
Of Or Also In Etcetera


(Eight, which is great.
But wait; there are two
anagram puzzles too to

My sundial's
rotation so is...
its sinusoidal


The swirls are polygonal.
These wary rings loop all.


All is neither obscene
nor toxic in any games.
Origami balances only
their nonexistences.


Thin and oblique
sine-waves each
swirl there past us.
Thus, their own bends
are as quasi-level
within space.


These positive arcs
are with us so.
Curves were this
shape, as it is too.


Vision is to be our
world's sights seen.
This swirling, it does
soon observe us.


Labyrinths are caged
inside this noise.
The brain's ceasing
reality is hidden so.


Hate alternating
inside itself:
That inertia
disentangles life.


Anagram puzzles:
(Two for you.)

Our 'damn kin' are unfortunately
like most members of...
(1 word)


When you do 'cringe at' my puns
or anagrams, you are simply...
(1 word)

[Answers in the comments for this post.]

[Update: My comments have not been
appearing for some reason lately.
So I will post the answers at the
very bottom of this post instead.

Update 2 (as long as I am posting
updates): I also fixed up a bit then
reposted here the 4th image above,
"Eclipse Of An Indescribable Earth".]


Why are there no
rectangles there?

Because the.. 'four-gons'
have all been 'foregone'.


I could never say "I love men"
with... a 'straight-face'..


The various speeds of this
too 'stop-and-go-slow' traffic



Possibly offensive pun.]

Sexual activity is...



More irony:...

'MORtality' essentially means
that you do NOT get 'more'.


No more fun!

[Warning. Politics.
Warning. May offend you.]

The Republican party platform
shortened to its essence is:...

"Life begins at incorporation."

(Plus some extra extra-evil
stuff too; but I digress..)


America as whole has been
infected with AIDS:

Acquired Intelligence-
Deficiency Syndrome.


Philosophical question:
(So you Americans can just
forget the rest of this post;
but go back and re-read the puns,
anyway. They at least might
entertain you... when you
finally understand them.)

If a non-existent person is said to be a 'virgin', say, is this true?

Can a trait (such a virginity) described at least in-part by the absence of something thus then correctly (always) apply to a nonexistent thing?

But (almost) no trait is defined absolutely completely by absence of some essential quantity, I guess.
(However: 'This nonexistent thing is without any existence.'
This seems to be a valid example of something somewhat defined using a trait that is in-turn absolutely completely defined by absence. Or.. is it?...
Maybe it is not entirely so defined. After all, 'this nonexistent thing', whatever this is, has just been considered and written about; so, thus, it is not ENTIRELY without existence. So, was the statement at the beginning of this parenthetical simply a lie? Maybe not any more so than ANY statement is, after any such statement is dissected completely in regards to every implication it may have on any levels.)


"Why does mankind believe in its gods?
So that we might be comforted by
believing there is at least one other
thing in this universe that is even
less real (but sometimes even more evil)
than we ourselves are."




Anagram puzzles answers:
1: "Mankind"
2: "Reacting"

Friday, March 8, 2013

All Systems Are Glow

[The title refers to
the first anagram today.
I decided to call this post this
before the recent news about a
certain nation threatening
nuclear war again. Hopefully
this title does NOT refer to
those threats actually ever
being carried out..
at all.. But I should try
to post this before it
might be too late to do so,
just to be safe.]

Blog-post # 368:
(368 = 2*2*23*2*2.)

Nine new computer-art

Arctangents Disentangled From
(Yet Summed With) Geometry

Syzygy Of Synonymic Waveforms
Made Of Matter Formed

Shard-like Reciprocals Of
Fraction-like Shattering

Physics Of A Glassiest Dream

Nihilism Densely Filled By
Both Non-Matter And Non-Void

If Shapes Are Ever Possible
Or Geometry Can Ever Be

Any Quasi-Zeroness As
Almost Nonexistent

Dismorphic Iridescence
Of Dissonant Imaginings

Convergently Bent Around All
Bending Around Convergences


(Only five...
to keep alive.)

Most glass solely was...
So, as all systems glow.


Sly gas:


Swig internally:
Neatly swirling.


The lines were made
too spherically
(too formed) as
their cones.
These or those,
if more, are only
composed in all
this we created.


These sine-waves:
Those dilute such spray.
Yet as we have, spheres
thus sliced into us.


You hear about how the stupid
scheme to defrost the fridge
went awry?

Yeah, that plan was
not well thawed out..


Unimportant facts about



The twisted knot of political
nonsense is so unimaginably
complex that it can only be
assessed with the mathematics


They make no apology
for that topology.


The structure of the underside
of things can be mathematically
described using..


(This may be a more appropriate
word to describe politics.)


I was born biologically as
someone who is against
homosexual and transgender

But now I have come to
identify with those people
who support homosexual and
transgender rights.

It's who I am, and who I
always was, I realize now.


Finally, an insight:

I might have been subconsciously
all these years been trying to
write my poetry very badly so to
keep people from wanting to ever
read it.
(And I do not want anyone to read
it because it is badly written.)



Saturday, March 2, 2013

Circumlocutorily Circumventing Circumferences

Blog-post 367:
(367 = a prime.)

Nine new images:
(Well, actually it
is 8 and a half.)

Of Circles The Most
Unequal To Everything

Clockways Yet Conversely

Reality's Radialism Versus
Realism's Radiality

An Ironic Yet Lexiconic But
Oxymoronic Infinite-Entendre

Non-Convergently Non-Divergent

Every Etcetera Evermore Everending

Every Other Etcetera
Evermore Everending

Ultimately Between All
Universalities Of Etcetera

Uncountability Extrapolated
From Its Interpolations

I could not decide which was the
best to post here, the
black-and-white or color version
of that one image above.
Both versions of this image have
their faults.
(This type of hard choice has
occurred before, but I usually,
maybe always, just post the
color versions here.)

By the way, I hope I do not have
to explain the neologies/neolisms
in the titles to you all.


(Five, 5)

This swirl does yet
spiral unto an angle.
Its loops are all
then turning sideways.


The reality askew then
really spun as in realities.
Its spheres are linearly
unlike that; yet a line was.


Sin parallel to this knife:
All I feel in its sharp knot.


Again as dissimilar was
every wiggle turning
as to be mine.
In it, all sine-waves
are sagging, but some
are rising midway.


All art is those
odd shapes upon it.
As lopsided loops
are thus in that.


An asymmetric circle
can be very...


(Speaking of the
bottom anagram above.)

Which way do you turn your
key to lock your door?

'Lockwise', of course.


Ironically, those people
who are the most 'sweet'
are also usually the LEAST

"Quite a sweet person,
she is."
"So, you mean she is
in-fact unsavory?"..


[Speaking of unsavory...
This following pun deserves
a warning...]
Possibly offensive.]

Evisceration via vomiting:

'Thorough-ing up'...

More darkness..]

Mass-death of our souls:
(A mass-zombification?)

The 'pan-DAMN-ic'.

[Darker yet..]

A serious question:

Would the neologic word for
'the mass-murder of all
of humanity' best be
spelled as.. 'panocide'?..
(This is reminiscent of
the word 'genocide', although
the o is actually part of the
prefix in that preexistent

.. Or as 'panicide'?
(This spelling begins with the
word 'panic', which is swell.
I guess the actual final
mass-death of all humanity
might begin too with each of
us panicking about that near
future,... if we are even
lucky enough to see this
mass-death coming, that is.
Har har.)

(Maybe such a word already
exists. And perhaps 'pancide'
would be the most proper,
technically. But I think I
now like 'panicide' the best,
because of it beginning with
(In either case, am I mixing
Latin and Greek again in
forming "new" words? That
is bad. Call the pedants!..
Maybe if they are concerned
about EVERY detail of
EVERYTHING, then they are..
'pan-dants', of course!
But they would chastise
me because this pun implies
they are concerned about
jeweled necklaces mostly.
{See related pun in my
previous blog-post.})


A horrific dream that
reality is only nothingness
might be quite a...


(I dreamt that all was only
a meaningless dream.
And all was... indeed.. all.)


Factions and their fictions.

If you believe that this is
all that religion is, then
maybe you might believe too
that the "Word of God"{tm}
is quite the...




The relatively jerky liberals
can be quite..


with their passive-aggressive


If you suffer from undeserved
high self-esteem, maybe you
believe you are a..

'cunning do-gooder'

because of the
Dunning-Kruger effect.

(These two 'semi-spoonerisms'
above are both almost correct,
yet they are not technically
spoonerisms. But I felt like
posting them anyway.
Say them both quickly, and
they might seem to be correct
to you, however.)

[Back to the lighter side..]

Ben the car-mechanic might
want to be known as...

'Benjamin The Engine-Man'.

(See the engine-related puns
in my previous blog-post.)

Finally, regarding a very
unimportant recent news-story:
[And I WILL piss off people
here... But not for the usual
reasons I often do.]

Hey, you hear that there is now
a lawsuit against the maker of
two, uh,.. less-expensive..
US beers claiming that these
beers have been watered-down
(now even more so than before..),
reducing their alcohol content
(even further..)?

Har har.

But it occurred to me that,
if the lawsuit claim is true,
then these cheap beers could
maybe be great homeopathic
treatments for alcoholism,

(You know how homeopathy "works",
don't you? The unhealthy thing,
a disease or allergen {or in this
case, alcohol}, is added to some
water. And this is diluted,
and then diluted some more, and
then diluted some more, and some
more.., until there is hardly any
of the original substance left,
maybe not even one molecule.
But allegedly, according to the
believers, the water has a
"memory" of the original unhealthy
substance. And if you drink this
water, you will then get an
immunity to the unhealthy thing --
like if you built a tolerance to

So hence, these two particular
beers could be a homeopathic
remedy for alcoholism.
But why would this one beer
company WANT people to be
CURED of alcoholism? All I can
figure is because... There was
really no significant amount of
alcohol in their beers ever

Full disclosure: Beer has never
been my thing, whether it has a
significant amount of alcohol or
does not.
It tastes rather badly either
way, I think.