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More Unusual Than The Weirdness

More Unusual Than The Weirdness
[.. Yet quite non-weird, relatively.]

Blog-post # 371:
(371 = 7*53.)

Eight new computer-art inanimations:
(Eight.. that are inanimate..)

Therein Here
Herein Wherever
Everywhere Within
These Whereabouts

Thereafter Implying Every 'Therefore'

Synonymically Compared With
Words Lacking Synonyms

Non-Sequiturs Of Dreamlessness
Thus Transposed

Emptiness Angularly Of Any Space
Yet Spectrally Of Every Shape

Metal-phoric Nil Of More-lessness

Grid-work Graphed Onto
The Concept Of Lattices

Even Insanity Is Hallucinated Herein


(Six is.)

All my chaos originates
into all its universe.
Time is ill;
as are any vast
chronologies until.


That sameness is in it:
at reality.
As any similarities
then attest.


Backwards retrogradation
is anti-negation:
Orbits are again
drawing it, an arc
so knotted.


The level cosines
ever swirl into the
linear rainbows.
All interwoven helices
orbit their own
arisen selves.


Subatomic nihilism
best bends as before.
Of time so sans it:
inside bubble-chambers.


Eat a mind.

[^This anagram here is
fitting for this era.]

Why did that rye go-awry?

Because the baker got too...
carried away.. with the caraway..

[^Note: This is the 2nd
"rye gone-awry"-related
pun I have posted recently.
Good for me.]

A company/app with the purpose of
helping preserve at least some of
your privacy in this recent
dystopian high-tech era:

A data-mine-sweeper..

[^In honor the last anagram above.]

(And if some of us want whomever to
'respect our space', in terms of
honoring our privacy, instead of
whomever using facial-recognition
computer-analysis on us, I guess
what we want, then, is...

Good thing, in my case at least, I
am so ugly that I'll break their
computer systems when they try
to ID me with their face-analyses.)


The Mundane:
The Most Plain Astral Plane.

(Not too clever -- which is
appropriate here, I guess.
But I like it mostly since it
rhymes and has a pair of


Reality may be a matter-of-opinion,
but many sciences concern themselves,
however, with their..



In the far-off future, our universe
may collapse so densely that even
the void will become solidified.
Then space-time will become
Yes, and this is only a..


Anti-tautological is what is...



Now some punlessness:..

The scholars of math's history
tell me that the concept of 'zero'
is a relatively new concept
historically (or on a geological
time-scale, anyhow..), not being
"invented" until just about a
couple thousand years ago or so
(and not used as a number with
its own mathematical value until
about 600 AD or so, although
previously it was used as a
placeholder in written numerals
and in other ways).


Then that means that previously,
thousands of years ago in the
mathematical world without any
idea of what is zero, there were
then therefore.. zero 'zeroes'..

Does this thus disprove all reality
via reductio ad absurdum?*
(At least, does this disprove the
existence of existence before a
couple thousand years ago?)
For, how else could there have
been zero of anythings at that time,
even of zeros?

(Of course, the pedants might say
there was indeed the idea of
absence in those earlier years.
But I am trying to be pretentiously
philosophically profound here.
In any case, the pre-zero idea of
'absence' was not truly a
mathematical concept, but was more
simply so a colloquial idea,
I would bet.)

Even today in our "advanced" world,
it must be, then, that there are
ideas -- mathematical or otherwise
-- so unimaginably profound that
they cannot be even imagined or
considered, and maybe they even
cannot be known that they might
possibly exist, and maybe cannot
even be discussed in any way at all
(except here in this blog-post..).
And maybe, at least, they cannot be
imagined or considered without at
least some reference to themselves.

Even the existence of the concept
of Knowledge has to itself become
known somehow to each person

*(This zero-0's proof via
reductio ad absurdum is a very weak
proof that reality is absurdly false,
however {relative to the many many
other proofs of the Unreality}.)


Funny thing.
Many times when we say something
"weird" or "strange" has happened
to us, we mean that some sort of
notable occurrence that should
have been very rare has somehow
instead occurred in our lives
at a greater-than-very-rare rate
(if even just once, but even
once is much more often than we
would have expected).

So, ironically, coincidences
are often called "weird" or
"strange", yet especially they
are called so (and are especially
ironically so called) if they are
relatively commonplace.

Here is the first part of the chorus
from a Broadway musical song I have
written on this topic.
(I have written this first part
of the chorus, but no more of
this song, is what I mean.)..

"Weird is not weird,
if by 'weird' you mean 'unusual'.
'Cause 'weird' is quite normal,
quite common, quite plain."


[Puns resuming.]

What does the Devil use as a mixer
for his alcoholic drinks?

'Sa-tonic water', of course.

(That there some fire-water.)

Potentially mildly offensive.]

I get so little sex, I am now
immune to it. I guess that
makes me a...


(That one 'e' is, of course,
very important here...)

(And I guess that many of the straight
ladies who are also likewise immune
to those urges have been inadvertently
treated with... Romeo-pathy?..)

[See my earlier post regarding what
homeopathy is, if you are unfamiliar
with it.]

(Hmmm. I get very little homeopathy-
exposure in my life, although still
I get a miniscule amount of it.
So, does homeopathy cure even


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