Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Or Is It Spoonerisms Of Alliterations Instead?

[But sorry, none today either way.]

Blog-post # 370:
(370 = 2*37*5.)

Six new art-inanimations:

To 1 To 3 To 2;
Sans Shape;
Without Distance;
Of Zero Directionality

As Tautologically Plexiform As
All Alliterations Of Spoonerisms

Indescribably Integer-like
Non-Trigonometric Trigonometry

It Is As If It Was As It Is Of

Quantum-Rectangularity Of

Extra-stentialism Unto
Otherness And Otherwise


(5, five, 1+1+1+1+1)

Any ugly abstractions:
They were all shaped
into their truths here.
But only graphically drawn
are those; thus these are
this entirety.


The strangest sine-waves
result anew in some disarray.
Weirdness is its vastness
yet more angular than we are.


Sad show.


Mentally wise is
this surrounding all.
Alluring madness yells
within it or us.


As equinoxes are:

[^In honor of March 20th.]

You hear how, because their
vehicles kept breaking down,
they kept needing to drive the
route of the funeral procession
again and again?

Yeah, but at least that funeral
procession was..
well re-hearsed.


If you are simply out-of-phase with
society in regards to your thinking,
instead of you being insane, you more
so are in-fact..


(Out-of-phase with the 'sane' people;
get it?)


Those who cut-down-on, but do not
forego completely, eating meat..
are at least, regarding living the
vegetarian lifestyle, willing to..

'meat halfway'..


What do America's "Founding Fathers"
and those current-day Americans who
claim our constitutionally-guaranteed
civil-liberties are only keeping us
"Unsafe from terrorism!"
all have in-common?

Both types of Americans are truly..

'The framers of the Constitution'..

[Speaking of politics, etc,..
{This may warrant a 'Warning'.}]

Assholes are unthinking idiots
who all surely must have gotten...



[Did I post the following yet?]
[Warning: Potential offensiveness.
Warning: Political commentary.
Warning: Adult themes.]

Speaking of the previous joke...

Some of this country's most extreme
anti-homosexual bigots -- especially
some particular politicians/pundits
whom I could name (but won't here)
-- might like to proudly and loudly
tell everyone, even important people
they have just met for the first
time at (say) fancy fund-raisers,

I got me an OUTIE-anus!"

That's impressive, Congressman..
Uh,.. I mean out-pressive; sorry.]



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kikinotdee said...

To 1 To 3 To 2;
Sans Shape;
Without Distance;
Of Zero Directionality, this one is beautiful Leroy.It has joined my collection :)