Saturday, March 2, 2013

Circumlocutorily Circumventing Circumferences

Blog-post 367:
(367 = a prime.)

Nine new images:
(Well, actually it
is 8 and a half.)

Of Circles The Most
Unequal To Everything

Clockways Yet Conversely

Reality's Radialism Versus
Realism's Radiality

An Ironic Yet Lexiconic But
Oxymoronic Infinite-Entendre

Non-Convergently Non-Divergent

Every Etcetera Evermore Everending

Every Other Etcetera
Evermore Everending

Ultimately Between All
Universalities Of Etcetera

Uncountability Extrapolated
From Its Interpolations

I could not decide which was the
best to post here, the
black-and-white or color version
of that one image above.
Both versions of this image have
their faults.
(This type of hard choice has
occurred before, but I usually,
maybe always, just post the
color versions here.)

By the way, I hope I do not have
to explain the neologies/neolisms
in the titles to you all.


(Five, 5)

This swirl does yet
spiral unto an angle.
Its loops are all
then turning sideways.


The reality askew then
really spun as in realities.
Its spheres are linearly
unlike that; yet a line was.


Sin parallel to this knife:
All I feel in its sharp knot.


Again as dissimilar was
every wiggle turning
as to be mine.
In it, all sine-waves
are sagging, but some
are rising midway.


All art is those
odd shapes upon it.
As lopsided loops
are thus in that.


An asymmetric circle
can be very...


(Speaking of the
bottom anagram above.)

Which way do you turn your
key to lock your door?

'Lockwise', of course.


Ironically, those people
who are the most 'sweet'
are also usually the LEAST

"Quite a sweet person,
she is."
"So, you mean she is
in-fact unsavory?"..


[Speaking of unsavory...
This following pun deserves
a warning...]
Possibly offensive.]

Evisceration via vomiting:

'Thorough-ing up'...

More darkness..]

Mass-death of our souls:
(A mass-zombification?)

The 'pan-DAMN-ic'.

[Darker yet..]

A serious question:

Would the neologic word for
'the mass-murder of all
of humanity' best be
spelled as.. 'panocide'?..
(This is reminiscent of
the word 'genocide', although
the o is actually part of the
prefix in that preexistent

.. Or as 'panicide'?
(This spelling begins with the
word 'panic', which is swell.
I guess the actual final
mass-death of all humanity
might begin too with each of
us panicking about that near
future,... if we are even
lucky enough to see this
mass-death coming, that is.
Har har.)

(Maybe such a word already
exists. And perhaps 'pancide'
would be the most proper,
technically. But I think I
now like 'panicide' the best,
because of it beginning with
(In either case, am I mixing
Latin and Greek again in
forming "new" words? That
is bad. Call the pedants!..
Maybe if they are concerned
about EVERY detail of
EVERYTHING, then they are..
'pan-dants', of course!
But they would chastise
me because this pun implies
they are concerned about
jeweled necklaces mostly.
{See related pun in my
previous blog-post.})


A horrific dream that
reality is only nothingness
might be quite a...


(I dreamt that all was only
a meaningless dream.
And all was... indeed.. all.)


Factions and their fictions.

If you believe that this is
all that religion is, then
maybe you might believe too
that the "Word of God"{tm}
is quite the...




The relatively jerky liberals
can be quite..


with their passive-aggressive


If you suffer from undeserved
high self-esteem, maybe you
believe you are a..

'cunning do-gooder'

because of the
Dunning-Kruger effect.

(These two 'semi-spoonerisms'
above are both almost correct,
yet they are not technically
spoonerisms. But I felt like
posting them anyway.
Say them both quickly, and
they might seem to be correct
to you, however.)

[Back to the lighter side..]

Ben the car-mechanic might
want to be known as...

'Benjamin The Engine-Man'.

(See the engine-related puns
in my previous blog-post.)

Finally, regarding a very
unimportant recent news-story:
[And I WILL piss off people
here... But not for the usual
reasons I often do.]

Hey, you hear that there is now
a lawsuit against the maker of
two, uh,.. less-expensive..
US beers claiming that these
beers have been watered-down
(now even more so than before..),
reducing their alcohol content
(even further..)?

Har har.

But it occurred to me that,
if the lawsuit claim is true,
then these cheap beers could
maybe be great homeopathic
treatments for alcoholism,

(You know how homeopathy "works",
don't you? The unhealthy thing,
a disease or allergen {or in this
case, alcohol}, is added to some
water. And this is diluted,
and then diluted some more, and
then diluted some more, and some
more.., until there is hardly any
of the original substance left,
maybe not even one molecule.
But allegedly, according to the
believers, the water has a
"memory" of the original unhealthy
substance. And if you drink this
water, you will then get an
immunity to the unhealthy thing --
like if you built a tolerance to

So hence, these two particular
beers could be a homeopathic
remedy for alcoholism.
But why would this one beer
company WANT people to be
CURED of alcoholism? All I can
figure is because... There was
really no significant amount of
alcohol in their beers ever

Full disclosure: Beer has never
been my thing, whether it has a
significant amount of alcohol or
does not.
It tastes rather badly either
way, I think.




kikinotdee said...

Reality's Radialism Versus
Realism's Radiality My favourite one today :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Hey, I just published that post about a 1/2 hour ago.
And long-time-no-read any comments from you, Kiki.
Good to hear from you again.
(That one image you mention may look better at lower resolution, while other images look better at higher resolution.. To me, anyway.)