Sunday, February 28, 2010

Massive Asses And Assive Masses

Blog post # 47:

Shhhh, I smell an eye....


These two pictures I made yesterday and today.

Otherwise Finite

Meaningless Labyrinths


Well, well, well. You know what the WORST thing to be is, in the opinion of the masses? A murderer? A torturer?
Nope, not even close.

The WORST thing to be in our society is FAT.

I got weighed the other day, after a month and a half of not knowing what I weighed.
In that month and a half, I gained THREE whole pounds!

You know what that means, kiddies?

That means I have joined the ranks of the failed. I am a loser, a food addict, a threat to the environment; I am responsible for the high costs of medical care in this country; I am ugly; I am a sinner; I am EVIL.

It is not like the overweight have enough problems in this world, but they have to be the victims of bigotry too.
Even doctors, who should know better, often treat their fat patients in ways that sometimes borders on malpractice, given that the doctors sometimes don't give the overweight the same quality of care they give their thinner patients. (After all, fat people's lives are less worthy of being saved, right?)

And on top of that, diets almost always backfire, and the dieter eventually gains MORE weight than they lost.
(This is the main reason why my relatively minor weight gain worries me. My weight could be on the rebound, after a modest loss of weight, and my weight might be about to skyrocket upwards.)

Maybe, just maybe, the reason that fat people are more likely to get illnesses has more to do with the STRESS of being fat (dealing with the bigotry and the constant obsessions with weight and weight-loss) than with being fat in and of itself.

NO, not all fat people are stupid. (Nor are all thinner people.)
NO, not all fat people got the way they are because of lack of will power.

I know for a fact that some people have a MUCH easier time of staying thin than other people do. It is genetics, for the most part, not some kind of immorality that is at the heart of all fat people.

I had anorexia once. I was afraid to eat -- and came very close to dying as a result -- because I thought that eating was EVIL.
Well, damn me to Hell, then. I'm eating again!


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

This will surprise you all, probably not.

Well, a couple days ago the US House was getting ready to vote on the 2010 Intelligence Authorization Act, when someone noticed that an amendment had been added that would have outlawed the most extreme kinds of torture during "war on terror" interrogations.
The amendment would have, in addition to outlawing extreme forms of torture, made TORTURE THAT LEADS TO DEATH punishable by 15 years in prison, maybe even life in prison for the most serious cases.
(Life in prison seems very fair to me -- and 15 years is obscenely light a punishment -- considering that we regular folk non-government employees could get the DEATH PENALTY in many states if WE tortured someone to death.)

But what happened when the amendment was discovered by House members?
First, the Republicans, and some Democrats, grew very very angry that someone would DARE punish people who torture detainees to death.
House Minority Leader John Boehner said that the amendment was "unconscionable".

How DARE anyone do that!

Then the Democrats all tried to distance themselves from the amendment.
And finally, of course, the Dems completely caved to Republican desires, OBVIOUSLY!

This whole drama shows how literally evil our congresspeople are. Damn them ALL, even Rep Kucinich, since his soul is tainted beyond salvation by his association with these thugs and monsters.

We Americans are all damned too, most likely. After all, we collectively voted for these assholes.

See you all in Hell.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life Is

Blog post # 46:

Today's two pictures (made two days ago and today) share in common a silver spike nail dealie in the lower right part of each picture.


Such An Urgent Lapse



Unoriginal observation:

Life is (You know what life is??)
driving fast on a busy highway
(with lots of curves)
and you are blindfolded.

You just don't know what will happen next.
Why don't you then press your foot to the accelerator a little more?



You know -- speaking of being unoriginal -- I often times post jokes here that, even though I came up with the joke independently, the same joke has already occurred to at least hundreds or thousands of people before me.
(Although I suspect I DID hear the "life is" comment -- not really a joke -- before, and I plagiarized it.)

Take any key phrase or word from one of my jokes, and Google it. Presto, many many hits.

For example: Googling "cancervative" (from a couple days ago) gets almost 4000 hits.
Yes, some of that is just people unintentionally misspelling any pun-ish word. But the vast majority of those hits were put there but other people coming up with the same joke as me.

I know that any joke I think of is unoriginal. So, I definitely do NOT Google any joke's key pun or phrase before I post it here. For, if I were to see how many people have also thought of the same joke, I would not want to post it. But sometimes I do Google the joke after I have already posted it, when it is too late to keep from posting. It is interesting to see what a conformist I really am.


Geometry joke: (So, when is geometry NOT funny??? Lots of funny shapes, you know.)

A certain conjecture about a right-triangle is a...


(Notice the "th" mid-word.)

(No, I haven't Googled "hypothenuse", but I know it is common -- probably honest misspellings a lot of the time, though.)


There are numbered streets named Avenue, as in 1st Ave and 4th Ave.. And there are numbered street named Street and Road, as in 1st Street and Road 326. But are there a significant number of numbered streets named Drive or Place?
3rd Drive, 4th Drive, sounds like gears or something. Living on 4th Drive is better than living on 4th Place, though. (That isn't even a bronze medal.) I suppose that people would like to live on 1st Place, however.


I was going to post something about politics. But I have no more motivation to care about something so evil as politics. Damn them all. Enough said.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abstinent E-motions

Blog post # 45:

First the pictures, made yesterday, the day before, and the day before the day before yesterday.

An Abstinent Lens

Wilting Resurrection

Stand Of Threatening Passivity


Okay, everybody. Only one person has voted on my newest poll so far. Is ANYONE reading my posts!? Hellooooo!!
Tell your friends to read my blog, and to read my back posts too if you missed those!


When it comes to politics, the news, environmental destruction, whether you are damned to Hell or not, are you attractive enough, how much money do you make, do you have an adequate love-life, etc etc etc...

The key to happiness is apathy!



The Muslim world has for women the veil, the hijab, the burka, etc. But these are the same, in a way, as what women have here in the West: Makeup, plastic surgery, etc.

Why? Both sets of things HIDE women.


The purple-pimpled pimp confronts the ghosts of despicable love.



Why is it, in our society, that men are usually assigned the task of asking women out, not vice versa?

Things would be much easier for EVERYBODY if women asked men out instead, on most occasions.

You see, we all know what men want. It is almost a certainty that if they are asked by a woman, no matter what, they will say yes.

But because men must ask women, we get this strange situation sometimes where intentions and emotions are vague. This often leads to broken hearts, and sometimes even to rape.

I myself refuse to ask women out. But if a woman asks a man out in our society, she is considered often times to be a "slut".

How wrong is that?

It SHOULD have been completely natural for even nice girls to ask the man out, instead of the f-ed up way things are now.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Blog post # 44:

Yes, it IS that time of year. The holidays! Valentines Day and Presidents' Day are just one day apart this year. And besides, it snowed a bunch in Denver this morning. I guess someone was dreaming of a white Valentines Day, huh?

I have a bit to get off my mind today. Be patient with me, please.


First, the pictures:

(Made yesterday.)
Anti-Centrifuge Of Protruding Things

(Made today.)
Superficial Hydrogen

The latter picture is shamelessly unoriginal. It looks reminiscent of those famous stylized sun images -- circle in the center with zigzaggy triangles on the edge for the corona. Totally plagiarized, I know.


Since today is Valentines Day, I will be sure NOT to say much about it. I don't celebrate this day, obviously. But I don't get into the anti-celebration that takes place this time of year among many of the jilted, either.
Any excuse to eat more candy is a good thing. But I'll buy it later when it is on sale, if I get around to buying Valentines candy at all.


As for Presidents' Day....

[beep beep]
We interrupt this program to bring you a special political joke. Please stand by for important information...
[beep beep]

Rightwing conservatism has been spreading across America and the world lately, spreading like an out-of-control disease.
I guess we can say that this political and philosophical sickness can be truthfully referred to as...



Now back to our program...
[beep beep]

I don't know about you, but I find EVERY president who has ever ruled over the US of A to be evil in at least some ways.
George Washington, for instance, owned slaves. Abe Lincoln tried to lift habeas corpus. Pretty serious evil, I'd say.
And those are the two president we most idolize. (Except for Ron Reagan, of course. He's our GOD!...)

But Americans, no matter what, only vote for what they perceive to be the "lesser evil" at election time. (And sometime they vote for the greatest evil!) Americans are like some abused women. We move from one abuser to another -- from one abusive president to another. We refuse to break free of the cycle. I guess this is what we should expect, since the kind of person who runs for president is by their very nature an evil tyrant.

And then came Obama...
I really WISH Obama had lived up to the hope-hype. I really really do.
But the Military Industrial Complex (TM) has got us all fooled. There isn't anymore even an organized and viable anti-war opposition to Obama's war policies, for instance, even as civilians continue to be killed at a horrendous rate in Afghanistan and elsewhere. You see, President Obama is a MASS-MURDERER, maybe even more so than George W Bush, at least in some ways. But where are the anti-war protests!?
The only viable and organized opposition to President Obama is from those gun-loving psychotics on the RIGHT in the Tea Party and in the Republican Party.
Yeah, at least THEY are protesting the president's policies (with guns in tow). Great.


Just want to go over the dream poll, briefly, before I delete it.

One person (me, actually) had a music video dream (if you can call it that).
One person had a foreign film dream. (Was it subtitled?)
One person had a comedy dream.
And two people couldn't recall their dream from the night before they voted.
So, that was 5 people (including me) who voted.

See my blog post # 43 ("Molten Space") to see the results of the political poll.

I will post a new poll soon.
The purpose of the poll is to see what the next poll after that should be about.

What is your favorite topic, from the topics below, for a poll about favorite things?

What is your...
Favorite color?
Favorite 1-digit number?
Favorite world continent?
Favorite force of nature?
Favorite 2-d shape?
Favorite simple flavor?
Favorite major world religion?

Fun and controversy!



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Molten Space

Blog post # 43:

First the pictures.

These are the pictures I made over the last 3 days, including today.

The Width Of Dreams

Of Abstract Refraction

Inanimate Circumference

(As I contemplate these images, space becomes molten.)


There is not much for me to write about today. First, I will go over the results of my political poll, before I delete that.
Only four people voted, including myself. And we are all somewhat progressive (3 generally progressive, one ultra-progressive).
So, if any right-wingers are reading this, and you are offended by my political humor or commentary, then shucks. You should have voted!


Hey, politics is evil. Simple, really, to state. And true, too.
Politics is responsible for almost all of the suffering humans (and animals too) have had to enjoy over the millennia.
Wars and genocides, torture, starvation, sickness, fascism, communism, brutal dictatorships, ignorance, on and on.
Most crimes against humanity.

And even the so-called "progressive" politicians are corrupt. And especially the conservative politicians are corrupt.
Politics, by both major parties, is ONLY for the corporations' benefit. Period.

I am so SICK of politics and politicians.

I don't think I will ever vote again. I just want to not care anymore.

But the pro-political whiners nag, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain!"

Well, let me tell you. Maybe I AM voting. I am voting, by not voting, for "None of the above."
I am voting for the "All politics is evil" Party.

Sign me up for THAT party.

Fuck the rest of them!

You can say that I am ...


Okay, one more thing that is politics-related. (I can't resist. Damn lack of apathy!)

Former President George W Bush is probably thinking to himself:

"I'm goin' to be prez'dent again someday soon. I'm goin' to change dee law so I cans be prez-dent again. And I can change dee law 'cause I wills be prez'dent. again. Dee prez'dent cans makes dee law, ya know. Yeeaaww!"

By the way, this is my 43rd blog post, and GW Bush was the 43rd US president!
Coincidence? Yep.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Official Story

Blog post # 42:

Here are the pictures for today.
The first is an older one, and the latter was made today.

Unalphabetized Superstitions

(Did I post this before already to my blog?)


Consisting Of Segmentation

This picture looks sort of like a sliced peach to me. I almost didn't make this image. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn't make any more computer art. Why not? Because all of my art inevitably takes on the characteristics of any art made by anybody via Photoshop. Photoshop has more to do with how my art looks than I do. So, my art is not original. It is not of my own mind as much as I would like it to be.

And besides, my computer art -- though less so than all art I have made in any other medium -- totally sucks. I know this. You all know this.


Speaking of art:
You know how I know that I had nothing to do with the making of this universe? (Besides the fact that everything completely sucks in the news, that is.)
Because I hate the colors brown and green, shades of which make up most of the natural world.
(Except for the light blue of the sky, of course. But I hate light blue too.)

Hey, I like purple and fuchsia. Those are the colors I like. But if plants were all fuchsia instead of green, then I guess I would dislike fuchsia instead, just because it was everywhere. Maybe then, in that case, I would have liked green.

As things are now, you see purple and fuchsia in the natural world only really among certain flowers. Maybe that rarity is what makes those colors so enjoyable to me. Maybe.

Or maybe the universe is just UGLY!


You know what is frustrating?
Years ago, right after I moved out of my parents' house, I looked far and wide for antibacterial dish-soap, because I was so afraid of germs. But nobody made that kind then.
Then, in more recent times, I read everywhere how germs have gotten resistant because of antibacterial soaps. These soaps also harm the environment, I hear.
So, now days, I want to use dish-soap that is NOT antibacterial. But almost all brands of dish-soap ARE antibacterial now days! I have a very hard time finding a brand that is not. (And this is starting to be the case with hand-soaps too.)


[Political jokes alert!
Political jokes alert!]

(Well, these are not really jokes... in the funny way.)

Whenever you hear in the news the "official story" of events, remember this. OFFICIAL stands for:
OFFIce of CIA Lies!


What is the biggest (biggest) difference between me and Sarah Palin?

If I named my kid "Trig", that would only be because it was short for "Trigonometry"!


Republicans go on and on about "smaller government". (As they seek new and bigger Big Brother tactics to use on all of us. But I digress.)

Well, I'm for smaller government too.
Yes, let's make government smaller by getting rid of all the Republicans in it!



Monday, February 1, 2010

Deja Vu, Deja Vu

Blog post # 41:

Hey, everybody. Be sure to go back and read all of my posts to this blog you might have missed! Remember that there are also posts older than those on the front page. (Click on "older posts" at bottom of first page to get to those.) I think that as of now, there are posts older than those on the SECOND page as well. (Click on "older posts" at bottom of second page to get to those, I think.)


The pictures for today's post: Made yesterday and today.

Inscribed Into Dimensions

Transversals Ceasing


A relatively subtle joke:
(Apologies to Steven Wright and Rodney Dangerfield, jokes from both of whom have inspired this plagiarized joke.)

I would have voted for the Anarchy Party,...

... but it doesn't exist.


Okay, here is the poem I wrote today. Enjoy (or not, more likely...).

The Thread, The Rope, And The Wire

This one sharp thread, it ceases in its perpendicularity
With the rope beneath it; it ceases exactly as a
Cusp upon the very edge of bundled filaments and
Contemplation. And before its terminus, it loops
In a billowing arc; then it becomes that
Same rope that cursed it. And in its
Widening, its dual also loops and ceases
Upon the cusp of rope-versus-thread. But
The counterpart continues in its extension
Downwardly, and it becomes a wire. And
That wire contains a current of such magnetism,
Of such refracted dreams recreated. Yet, none
Of these strands are braided in their variations.
None of these cusps and loops merge unto the
Fading integers inscribed. Oh, the thread, the
Rope, and the wire are abruptly without
Purpose. But they serve my poetry, surely. They
Therefore are despised in their fraying, in
Their words we drink strangely then soothe
In these focused lines of elongation, of transversals.

(Note the word "transversals" is in both the poem and in one of the pictures' names above.)