Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abstinent E-motions

Blog post # 45:

First the pictures, made yesterday, the day before, and the day before the day before yesterday.

An Abstinent Lens

Wilting Resurrection

Stand Of Threatening Passivity


Okay, everybody. Only one person has voted on my newest poll so far. Is ANYONE reading my posts!? Hellooooo!!
Tell your friends to read my blog, and to read my back posts too if you missed those!


When it comes to politics, the news, environmental destruction, whether you are damned to Hell or not, are you attractive enough, how much money do you make, do you have an adequate love-life, etc etc etc...

The key to happiness is apathy!



The Muslim world has for women the veil, the hijab, the burka, etc. But these are the same, in a way, as what women have here in the West: Makeup, plastic surgery, etc.

Why? Both sets of things HIDE women.


The purple-pimpled pimp confronts the ghosts of despicable love.



Why is it, in our society, that men are usually assigned the task of asking women out, not vice versa?

Things would be much easier for EVERYBODY if women asked men out instead, on most occasions.

You see, we all know what men want. It is almost a certainty that if they are asked by a woman, no matter what, they will say yes.

But because men must ask women, we get this strange situation sometimes where intentions and emotions are vague. This often leads to broken hearts, and sometimes even to rape.

I myself refuse to ask women out. But if a woman asks a man out in our society, she is considered often times to be a "slut".

How wrong is that?

It SHOULD have been completely natural for even nice girls to ask the man out, instead of the f-ed up way things are now.



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