Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life Is

Blog post # 46:

Today's two pictures (made two days ago and today) share in common a silver spike nail dealie in the lower right part of each picture.


Such An Urgent Lapse



Unoriginal observation:

Life is (You know what life is??)
driving fast on a busy highway
(with lots of curves)
and you are blindfolded.

You just don't know what will happen next.
Why don't you then press your foot to the accelerator a little more?



You know -- speaking of being unoriginal -- I often times post jokes here that, even though I came up with the joke independently, the same joke has already occurred to at least hundreds or thousands of people before me.
(Although I suspect I DID hear the "life is" comment -- not really a joke -- before, and I plagiarized it.)

Take any key phrase or word from one of my jokes, and Google it. Presto, many many hits.

For example: Googling "cancervative" (from a couple days ago) gets almost 4000 hits.
Yes, some of that is just people unintentionally misspelling any pun-ish word. But the vast majority of those hits were put there but other people coming up with the same joke as me.

I know that any joke I think of is unoriginal. So, I definitely do NOT Google any joke's key pun or phrase before I post it here. For, if I were to see how many people have also thought of the same joke, I would not want to post it. But sometimes I do Google the joke after I have already posted it, when it is too late to keep from posting. It is interesting to see what a conformist I really am.


Geometry joke: (So, when is geometry NOT funny??? Lots of funny shapes, you know.)

A certain conjecture about a right-triangle is a...


(Notice the "th" mid-word.)

(No, I haven't Googled "hypothenuse", but I know it is common -- probably honest misspellings a lot of the time, though.)


There are numbered streets named Avenue, as in 1st Ave and 4th Ave.. And there are numbered street named Street and Road, as in 1st Street and Road 326. But are there a significant number of numbered streets named Drive or Place?
3rd Drive, 4th Drive, sounds like gears or something. Living on 4th Drive is better than living on 4th Place, though. (That isn't even a bronze medal.) I suppose that people would like to live on 1st Place, however.


I was going to post something about politics. But I have no more motivation to care about something so evil as politics. Damn them all. Enough said.


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