Monday, December 31, 2012

Conjectures Summed With Theorems

Blog-post # 355:
(355 = 5*71.)

Eight new art-images.

Every Something Of Some Everythings

To Equal All Myth Disproving Math

More Finite Than Is Any Number

A Continuum Crumpled, Shattered, And Stained

Into Its Own Maddening Amorphousnesses

Disconnected From Continuumlessness

Without Any Words Synonymous With Absence

Interwoven Between Interpolations


(Seven. 7.
3+4. Five plus two.)

The sum rotates,
remains a loop
of things.
It forms into these
at amorphous angles.


That mandala slept
inside us, inside
our despair.
It is ruined; thus
it all does appear
damned as sin.


They are woven spheres.
Those span everywhere.


Oh, such does truncate
a purest entirety seen.
Yet those inert punctures
are then so caused.


Yet before us, and
still predicted so,
is science.
In its fluid,
oddest pieces be
as correctly seen.


This lusty theory she
had of every uterus:
Yes, you trusted hers
thusly, if to have her.


Coincidences then
seemed to be thus;
But those sciences
once denied them.


[I'm going to get relatively
intellectual with the stupid
puns today.]

Say we have a math conjecture
proved false by showing that,
if it had been true, summing
a quantity with something
else would have lead to
that quantity actually being
subtracted instead.
Then this is a disproof via..

'REDUCTION-ADD Absurdum'..


If two separate objects both
exist with the exact same
masses and volumes, that
thus then is quite a...



You see that TV docudrama
about the black holes?

Yeah, it was inspired by
actual.. event-horizons..


Cathode ray TV screens with
shapeless pixels are coated



A word meaning the same thing
as another word, except for
being out of phase with it:


[And now the end of my
"intellectual" puns.]

[Warning: Bad joke ahead.]
[Warning: Bad joke impending.]

Why was my heart broken?

Because it had been constantly..

(That there must be quite some
.. heartin'.. of the arteries..)

[Another stupid and possibly
offensive joke.]

Many misogynists believe that
the feminists are a bunch of...



[And this last joke ain't
much better. Actually, it
may offend some readers, and
may even do so very much.]
Possible offensiveness.]

(America-centric joke.)

You know why 18-year-olds
are as good as (US) cash?

Because they are now..
'legal tender'..



And Happy New Year
(Happy Y-mas), you all!

[But have we come to a
place now days in society
where any concern about
"New Year's resolutions"
is only in regards to
their mega-pixels?...
.. Oh, how tragic.]


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Of Corkworks And Clockscrews

Blog-post # 354:
(354 = 2*59*3.)

And six is the number
of my art-images for today.

The Nihilism Of Sleeping Ghosts

Meanings Distinctly Unlike Every Meaning

Infinitely Meso-Determinate Intermediacy

Scalenism Of Palindromes And Vice-Versa

Counterhourglasswise Is That Clockscrew

Anomalously Of Any Obsidian Abyss

I like the first two images
the best, I guess.
And the top image's name
I really like.

"Meso-Determinate", from the 3rd
image's name, is a neology meaning
somewhat determinable; and perhaps
means possessing a level of
indeterminability that is itself
maybe undeterminable?

"Scalenism", from the 4th image's
name, is the concept of possessing
unequal lengths, as a scalene
triangle possesses.

What would "Counterhourglasswise",
from the 5th image title, mean
exactly? Simply 'up', maybe?
Or maybe technological progress?
Or perhaps even time flowing
(as technology ironically
simultaneously progresses)?
"Clockscrew", from the same
title, is a play on "clockwork"-
versus-"corkscrew" --
see this blog-post's title.


(Four; no more.)

Oh, all is as most.
Thus, corkscrews keep time.
The clockwork-spirals
seem to assume this.


As the dents soon almost jut;
an adjustment lost those so.


Toughest sins die...
inside those guts.


As the atomic energies
were so real:
We are genies.
Their comets are also.


What type of bottle-opener needs
you to twist it twice, not just
once, for it to appear in the
same orientation as before
you started to twist it?

A quark-screw.

(And, yes,...
'Half-Spin-Doctors' are a bunch
of quarky quacks, also.)

(Note: This is at least my second
quark-related joke. I might
prefer the earlier one I once
published in this blog,
though -- the joke about the
"subatomic clock".)

You hear about that contagious
disease that can make you
really dizzy?

Yeah, it's goin' around...


Which vitamin existed prior
to even life on Earth?

Vitamin 'B4', of course..


If a group of kids decide
together to all take-up
smoking, I guess they
then must have a...

'suicide pack'..

(^A very unoriginal pun.)

Okay, seriously -- since IQ
is typically measured by comparing
one's intelligence to the average
level of human intelligence,
allegedly, then what if I am
correct in my solipsism?

I suppose I would then have
an IQ of exactly 100, then?

But what if even I do not
exist, and absolute nihilism
is the only correct philosophy?

Would my IQ then be indeterminate,
being simultaneously at every
level between zero and infinity?

And would, then, even my
non-existent mind exist
somewhat when my IQ is in
any way infinite at the moment,
because zero multiplied by
infinity is SOMETIMES non-zero?
(Just ask those zero-mass yet
light-speed-velocity subatomic
particles regarding this math

Anyway, this whole topic
confuses me, especially as to
how it might relate to
Descartes' contention that we
must be real because we think.

But maybe we are NOT real, and
are not real precisely because
we think; since when we do
think, it is evident and given
that we all sometimes have zero
IQ, and sometimes have infinite
IQ, and sometimes it is in the
middle (but mostly is rather
low for almost all of us).
Or something..

Thus, I am alone and
nonexistent, and so have an
IQ at all levels at once;
hence I think despite my
lack of thoughts.

(And this time right now is
NOT an infinite IQ moment
for me, as you can see.)



Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of Eternity

The End Of Eternity

Blog-post # 353:
(353 = a prime, apparently.)

Six new images:

Ambiguously Relevant Counter-Conceptualization

If Names Were Also Nouns

Refraction Of Purity Into Its Impurities

Cosmically Consistent Yet Universally Uneven

Monotonic Swirling

Consequence Disbelieved By Causality

I like these.


(Only three.
Damn, I suck)

Unequal hemispheres
oddly separated.
They all perhaps
seemed quasi-rounded.


Chaotic repetition in us:
The ironic pace is unto it.


A crescentic sphere; a duality:
The circles; any are cuspidate.


So, I have to hurry up and post
today before the...


(I hate whenever the end of the
world happens, too. It is hard
to make plans around, you know.
"Let's see if I can schedule
you in. Wednesday, I have a
doctor's appointment. Thursday,
I have an appointment with my
financial advisor. Friday is the
end of the world. Monday, I have
to take my dog to get groomed..
Tuesday, then? Oh, wait, Tuesday
won't work after all, because
Maybe Wednesday of next week,
however? That works.")

But the real
"End of the world" is humanity.
First there is the by-far most
likely outcome for the world ending,
when it finally happens, being that
people will somehow destroy the
world completely someday..

But also, we are collectively
as a species literally
the END of the world,
the world's ass, in other words.


The History Of The World,

The powerful and pompous..
.. and their pogroms.


On a somewhat related note*,
I may indeed be the
(because I am the only solipsist
ever..), but I still find some
("other"?) people's selfishness
and lack of empathy to be almost
infinitely offensive to me.
And worse, I think, many of these
people are not only proud of their
own selfishness and lack of
empathy, but they often publicly
proclaim how they actually loathe
so damn much the people, unlike
them, who DARE act selflessly
or with empathy, as if being
kind in any way is a very VERY
BAD things for anyone to be.

I don't know what is worse:
That many people only pretend
to be kind, but these people are
in fact completely selfish and
maybe even at least a little
Or that many people are openly
proud of their selfishness and
greed and sociopathic nature,
and will angrily belittle and
strongly criticize anyone else
who dares show even a small
amount of humaneness towards

The problem with the latter type
is that they encourage society as
a whole to become more like them,
and they move the thermostat of
what is considered by society
to be "normal" and "good"
in the opposite direction
of where our moral values
should be going instead.

*(And do musical tones even have
relatives, like cousins?
Chord-cousins, perhaps?)


The creatures of our nightmares:

These.. 'DREAMons'.


Leroy Quet-zalcoatl strikes again.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do Those Ears Hear.. Piercing Noises?

Blog-post #352:
(352 = 2*2*2*2*2*11.)

[Note regarding title:
They may hear sharp notes
too.. This is alluding
to an anagram below,
by the way.]

Sorry for the long wait,
relatively, since I posted
last. I have been feeling
a bit ill. (And all the
bad news recently isn't
helping me out either.)
Hopefully, though, I will
be completely better soon.

And sorry for the relatively
poor selection of images, in
regards to both their number
and quality.

Yes, seven new art-images.

(An aside: Since my art images
exist only on computers --
one could call them --
the fact they exist only as
abstract concepts therefore
makes them truly..
'abstract art',.. in an even
more literal sense than how
that phrase is commonly used.)

As Triangular As Triangles Almost Are

Nullity Interspersed With Nonzeroness

Converging Onto Its Non-Convergences

Only Of Both Either And Neither

Portrayal Of Etceteras

Of Any Somethingnessless Somethinglessness

Loci Of Shape Sans Its Location

(Now I maybe wish I had
named the 4th image
instead, "Only Of Both
Either And/Nor Neither".)


(Seven. And seven images too.
See a pattern?..)

A revolution slanted so,...
as un-level rotations do.


Our demons shall
violently beat us.
Then sly evil morons
out-abused all.


The crescent
held us as so.
Thus arcs
enclosed these.


Strings become hated,...
being the most scared.


The mile-deep
staircases sloped:
All space does rise
despite them.


Ears of the needles:
All their sly entirety
yet heard our sight.
They are listened for;
they are seen, are
rightly still shouted.


My dumb brain:
This does rue me.
Subhumanity did
remember so.


Not much jokiness today:

I may not be tall, dark,
OR handsome (ie. I am
but you know what they say
about we 'pasty'-skinned
guys, don't you?

At least we will always..
'stick' around..


[I really should not post the
following. It is relatively
much better than another joke I
decided to not post here today,
however; and there is very
little else I am posting today.
So I will publish this anyway.]

One could say about some
substance or habit they are
trying to warn someone from:

"That substance/habit
(whatever it is specifically)
is SO carcinogenic, it
will likely give you..
HAIR-cancer, even!"

(But good thing chemo is pretty
much 100% effective against
hair-cancer, though; at least..)

[Sorry. And I have friends and
family who have had...
{but not that kind}
Just 'ugg's all around.
And hair-cancer is probably real,
too, and people probably die
from it, too.* Sorry especially
then. But sorry either way.]

*[I am sure that there actually
must be types of cancer involving
the area of the skin right at the
hair-follicles {such as.. oh..
most skin-cancers generally}, and
maybe sometimes including some of
the {still-living} bases of the
hair-strands themselves as well.
Although, so my joke is still
'funny', I am specifically
referring in this joke to cancer
occurring on the hair strands
only at points at least 1 inch or
so from the surface of the skin.
I am glad I could clear up that
.. Now you may laugh away..]

Okay, I'm out-of-here!..

Leroy Quet(-zalcoatl)
(I am = 1 AM.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holes Centered Upon Punctured Intermediacies

Blog-post # 351:
(351 = 3*3*3*13.)

Seven new images:

Transitions In Conceptualizations
Of Somethingness

Shaped Like Shape-like Spacelessness

Breath Tasting Of Lexicons

Entropy's Traitorous Tangents

Meaning Meant To Be Meaningless

Soliloquies Palindromically Woven

Collective Dissent

(I like most of these.
I had a difficult time deciding
which order to put the top three
images into, though.
An imperfect permutation?
An 'impermutation'?
Yes, impurely, surely.)
(Not much else today.)

(Only five.)

Space-time is but of the
sand-less hourglass.
Its emptiness falls
because our ghosts had.


This ending ends
in the voids.
Nothingness is
then divided.


Ha, reality ends, centered
somewhat upon its holes.
Yet these corners we made
into all those I had spun.


thus so.


For, things arced:...
Of charted rings.



Sin: A madness' end; a man is.



Written legal-agreements will
come to have finer and finer
print inserted (literally and
figuratively) "between the
lines" {between their lines},
and with even finer print
between those lines, on and on
ad infinitum...

In other word, even legal
agreements will soon become

(Sorry, no puns here in
this regard. Oh, okay;
how about this?..

Fractalized abstractions are...
'abstractal' in nature.)

[I may have heard of this fractal
legal-agreement prediction
somewhere else and so it is maybe
not originally mine.]


If we only rely on OTHER people
to write in regards to important
and erudite topics, then are THOSE
other people's theses they write
(not being 'these theses') then..



You know what kind of music
makes your feet want to dance?..



I guess that dance-parties
with hard techno-punk
(such as industrial music
with hard-core punk lyrics)
could be called...



"That would be 'outrageous'!
'Cause, hey, those punks
can't out-rave-us!"


You hear they caught the
homicidal guru prophet?

Yeah, he was charged with...



I really dislike humanity,
all of it.

I hate it so much that it
makes me want to puke.

Does that make me, then, a...



My rantiness, when I do that,
is intended to..

incite insight.

("But hey, you ranters:
Don't get your ranties
all in a twist!..")


Paranoid yet?

(Oh, we have a..
medication for that..

Yes, a 'MED-NESS'
for your "MADNESS"!...)


Possibly offensive
material ahead.
Warning. Beware.]

Two guys talkin' guy-talk:

"I want to 'do' her SO hard, man."

"Yeah, but she wants to 'do' ME
... so wet!"


ALMOST a perfectionist,..)


Friday, December 7, 2012


Blog-post # 350:
(350 = 2*5*5*7.)

This blog-post's title has little
to do with its contents.
I just think the name would be a
good band-name, unless it is
already one (which it must be).

Seven new images:

Demultiplication More Axiomatic Than Itself

As Plural As All The Aspects Of All

Predecessors To Predestined Previousness

Heresy Herein Forbidden To Be Betrayed

Processes Transiting Within Propagation

Abstraction Disregarding Even Me

Seeing Onto Unrecognizable Recognition


(Twelve: Do that zen;

Any disordering of the mess
is cast alone:
Synthetic dimensions are
also as forged.


It is crafted failure,
and thus is seen;
as in that rude surface
inside itself.


This soliloquy meant
to understand us.
It shorted so a
silently quantum sound.


The soliloquy is:
"Oh, so, silly quiet."


The one soliloquy:
Quiet, oh, so lonely.


Things are ever as
in all theses said.
Again, less real
than severed is this.


A thesis was:
As we, as this.
A wisest ash.)


Grids are mainly as something,
as if elongated so.
Yet mis-arranged is all,
is goodness again of them.


So cuspidate:
As pi does cut.


The dystopian Jupiter's
entirety was yet wrapped
in all lush red.
Pi is neatly wiped to rust,
then appears justly and
weirdly there.


These surreal halves unlikely
be of not one iris;
if your lens shall see
in or to the bleak universe.


One's induction...
is continued on.

(And now the rest..
Not much today, though.)

Forget trying to get odd jobs
in this economy..

We need instead..

Those even jobs,
so we can break-odd.


I now hear Jim Morrison singing...

"Break-odd with an even job.
Break-odd with an even job."

("A take-off on a Doors' song.
Take-off on a Doors' song.


A customer enters a bar;
There is a very young baby working
as the bartender. The customer then
says to the baby-bartender:
"You must be new here."


You know what would be poetic?

Shootin' some guns!..
(Yes, yee-haw.)

... Yeah, shootin' some guns...

out of a cannon...

.. at some other guns.

(Yep, shootin' some guns, indeed.)


Being called "Politically-Correct"
has, these days, somehow itself
become a slur, and is now quite
an offensive thing to be called,

So, may I suggest instead:


as something to label those people
who dare not be racist, bigoted,
offensive, crass, or vile.

(I am sure you all can do better
than even {even!} I did with
inventing a new term for such
And more points to you if you use
more and more hyphens in your new
label for them!)

[Update edit:
Perhaps "Asininely-Challenged",
especially because "Asininely"
is an adverb, might imply the
opposite of what is intended.
So, maybe "Asininity-Challenged"
Or, to be more correct in the
literal sense,
"Asininity-Deficient" might
be a better term? Although this
does not follow the pattern of
many other "politically-correct"
terms, which often end in
"-Challenged" {and which often
begin with an adverb}.]



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Uncertainty Contaminated With Certainty

Blog-post # 349:
(349 = a prime.
And this is a prime post.)

7 new images:
(I guess these are mostly good.)

All Forevers Inside All Finitude

Interspersions Of Simplest Plexuses

We Thus Flew Via Our Own Grounding

Apex Formed By Its Own Apparitions

Posits Positioned Within Meaninglessness

The Materialism Of Selfish Matter

Cantilevered Counter-Chaos


(A Great Eight.)

Condensing apex:
Cones expanding.


All trust in rust
traps one lie.
It returns unto
its parallels.


In a sheer purity or
clearest complexity;
Empty yet circular
are their explosions.


Ask, you:
Okay, us.




Metronomic there.


Our sun's irate flares yell.
They then come to be as
their dimmer solar-heat.
Yet these lunar fires
also arc some, but are
more hot there inside
all myth.


Love is interwoven.
We revolve into sin.


There is a parallel
"pair o' 'l's"
in the word "parallel".

I must 'paroddy' that fact
in this very sentence..)


Language-use quibble:
Speaking of the short
sentence "Okay, us,"
from an anagram above:

Hey, we, why don't we more
often use first-person-plural
pronouns in a sentence when we
are addressing whom we are
speaking to in that sentence?

"How are we doing, us?"
"Hey, we, we are doing okay!"


Alternative medical therapies
sometimes consist of..

'transcendental medications"..


I like when everybody talks about
that "quiet man" who turns out to
be, in fact, a mass-murderer.
So common an occurrence:
Those "quiet" guys and their
mass-murder... (as long as we
are stereotyping people as much
as we {stereotypically}
all seem to like to do).

(For the record; I must not be
dangerous at all, then, because I
am always SCREAMING obscenities..)

Anyhow. Afterwards, those who had
known the killer like to say, when
they are interviewed:
"I don't understand. He was not
the type to have hurt anybody."

No, he would not hurt anybody,..
anybody at all.

He instead would just
always kill all his victims
very quickly...
before they even felt the pain.

(See, nice guy after all.
And quiet too.)


Regarding something that will
never happen, even eventually:
Will it then happen...


(Or maybe.. 'oddtually'?)


The entrepreneur enters the
dollar-store, and announces:

"This is a dollar store,
correct? Yes, I'll take this
whole store for one dollar."

(See, that's why capitalists
demand a "free market"..

So then they can save a buck..)


In my last blog-post I had an
image titled: "Knots Tied
Yet Untied As Entropy".
Regarding that name:

I wonder which contributes
more entropy to this universe:

Tying a knot?

Or untying a knot?

Tying the knot in a way creates
more randomness, at least if the
particular knot ends up being
relatively chaotic and random,
but is not intentionally and
methodically constructed using
any algorithm-like methods
(at least not successfully so).

But untying the knot causes the
dissipation of past efforts,
intentions, and achievement*..
all metaphorically back into
the universal background-noise.

*(ie. the immediately prior
tying of the knot.)

Quite a conundrum..


Inspired by recent writings..

Is some rich person who
invests much of their own
money so to actually cause
disorder in the universe..
then an...



A poem:

I promise not to post poetry
very often here anymore -- as in,
hardly at all, if at all anymore.

This poem is not my very
best written, I think. Yet it
expresses a philosophical idea
that I contemplate sometimes;
AND it does so via poetry!
So, yay.


So, if the truths can superimpose and
Do so as density too may, then can the
Abstractest of absences likewise
Coincide with themselves, with
Whatever is everything?
Can then these nonexistent absurdities
And shapeless anti-truths truly be as
Somewhat positioned within this reality
Of posits and prepositional conjectures,
Conjectures each without the causality
Of our assumptions, otherwise? And does,
Therefore, a mathematical entirety of
The one universal science simultaneously
Contain every falsehood and actuality,
And do so factually?

For, are the most strange of unthinkably
Undreamable and unprovable imaginings
Yet counterintuitively potential still,
Albeit maybe sub-substantially?
Is such entanglement to imply the lies
-- Whether despised or wise --
And make them as profoundly exact as any
Anti-opposites or even as any depictions
Of quanta?
Oh, so, are those myths of our psychotic
Meaninglessnesses to equal astronomy
Or atomic materialization or its matter?
Or is, rather, that vision of envisioning
To form its own apparitions, to form its
Own overlapping of inaccuracy onto
Perfection, or form its own impurity both
Imperfect and, thus, consequently pure?
And is this thereof my misunderstanding
Of our understanding, or is my insight
Conjoined with only summation? Or is it
Additionally specious and additively
Spatial but as sporadically spurious
As somehow was vaguest void, as somehow
Was something as also multiplicatively
Non-explicit... as is/are some?


**In {more} plain English:
Does quantum physics lead to ANY
physical quantities or even any ideas
-- any ideas no matter how abstract,
absurd, or false-appearing --
therefore being above zero and/or
true in-actuality; even if at only
extremely minute levels, but always
at levels greater than zero or truer
than absolutely false?

For instance, "absolute zero"
temperature is not literally
ABSOLUTELY NO thermal energy,
because, if it was, then that
physical quantity of temperature
could be perfectly known
(it being perfectly zero),
which is forbidden by the
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Now, of course, we believe the
physical quantities that the
Uncertain Principle relate to are
of only of a certain specific and
limited variety, such as momentum
and position (and only in regards
to very very small particles).
But even then, maybe the idea of
a minimum level of heat that the
vacuum must contain can be extended
further to other quantities; maybe,
analogously, even past the physical
measurements of physics to any
abstract ideas or concepts regarding
truth and fact and reality.
Of course, I am being silly here...
Or am I?

After all: Maybe one of the
beneficiaries of the idea that all
ideas may at least in-part be
correct is this very same idea




We're uncertain..
what's exactly in them...



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Wisest Retina

Blog-post # 348:
(348 = 2*3*29*2.)

Six images today:

Introscopism's Unknowable Unknowability

Tilted But Untilted Retinae

Thereof Hyperdimensional Glass

Thereafter The Cosines Are Astray

Unseen As Any Irises

Knots Tied Yet Untied As Entropy

("Introscopism" I think is
a neology. It means much the
same as 'introspection' does.
But this word implies more so
the physical usage of one's
Inner Eye.)


(Quite a bunch, today.
Twenty; that's plenty.
{And 2 are 3-part anagrams.})

Mad art is...
Its drama.


Beyond light,
as was insight...
By this, a
glistening shadow.


Glass retina:
As triangles.


This wisest retina...
sees within its art.


Wiser ends.


Wise nerds:


Be wide as geometry;
maybe rot edgewise.


Everything came out
ever sideways.
They vary in me as
to curve edgewise.


Most shapes are
again shaped...
as something has
appeared as.


Integers rate
their mathematics.
The matter is its
greater machine.


Withering knots are
empty and as me,...
making dreamt entropy
what is seen.


Thinking dreams:
Kind nightmares.


I may hunt.
(A hint?.. Yum.)


As we did hate;
all conical dust
also so divides us.
Its void inside holes
adds, was a
calculated soul.


Anger meets:


[Warning: This anagram's
language may offend.]

These finer hot women's
overtly beautiful asses:
Some butts of theirs
we are sinfully
to have seen.


Masses seen.


I pity stud.
It study pi.

(I MUST have posted this
before or read it someplace
else. But I am too lazy to
search right now.)


We wear styles torn,
stained, or ruined.
Last year, trends were
worn inside-out.


Some teenagers are still
hustled with old data.
As all the wild estimates
should... 'trend' to agree.

(Note: This is both an
anagram and a pun.
Two things in one.)


(Now, the funner stuff.)




(Alone among the crowd,
living in..



What kind of coffee should any
much-too-anxious politician
only drink?..



You know why pastries are never
getting baked at 13 o'clock?

Because then...
the baker's dozin'..

Next 2 jokes may offend some.]

'Shit hits this':

The.. 'fan-agram'?..


You hear about the well-respected
man who accidently exposed himself?

Oh yeah, it was quite 'the flap'..

(And he was a nuclear-scientist,
too. So, from the incident, there
was a bit of 'fallout'..)

[I may have read/heard this joke
before someplace else.
See my previous blog-post for
the "Unoriginal Sin" joke,
regarding this.]

Nothing to watch on TV?

It's just The Void-eo screen.


You know where the wayward salmon
swam instead of swimming upstream?

He swam the course of a..

Yes, but this was only because
he had partaken in some of the
sailors'... rhumb.


New things to say:
(Or maybe, things already said,
which I heard somewhere else?)

Christmas maybe should
be renamed..


Instead of saying
"Jesus Christ!", those afraid
to vocally sin may instead say,
"Gypsum Crystals!".

(And on that note, maybe
one who uses euphemisms may be
considered by other rougher
and coarser people to be
a little..


"Ob-see" (or 'obsee'):
verb; To see, either
intentionally or accidentally,
something that is obscene.

As in,
"Whoops, I mistakenly ob-saw
something bad. Oh, better
throw me in jail, then!"


And finally, a put-down:

"You're such a 'dumb-ster'!"..

(Ending as in 'oldster',
'youngster'. Combining
'dumpster' and 'dumb',

[Quite, I am a dumbster, too.
Because I posted this despite
that I must have heard/read
it before. .. Me study pi.]