Monday, December 31, 2012

Conjectures Summed With Theorems

Blog-post # 355:
(355 = 5*71.)

Eight new art-images.

Every Something Of Some Everythings

To Equal All Myth Disproving Math

More Finite Than Is Any Number

A Continuum Crumpled, Shattered, And Stained

Into Its Own Maddening Amorphousnesses

Disconnected From Continuumlessness

Without Any Words Synonymous With Absence

Interwoven Between Interpolations


(Seven. 7.
3+4. Five plus two.)

The sum rotates,
remains a loop
of things.
It forms into these
at amorphous angles.


That mandala slept
inside us, inside
our despair.
It is ruined; thus
it all does appear
damned as sin.


They are woven spheres.
Those span everywhere.


Oh, such does truncate
a purest entirety seen.
Yet those inert punctures
are then so caused.


Yet before us, and
still predicted so,
is science.
In its fluid,
oddest pieces be
as correctly seen.


This lusty theory she
had of every uterus:
Yes, you trusted hers
thusly, if to have her.


Coincidences then
seemed to be thus;
But those sciences
once denied them.


[I'm going to get relatively
intellectual with the stupid
puns today.]

Say we have a math conjecture
proved false by showing that,
if it had been true, summing
a quantity with something
else would have lead to
that quantity actually being
subtracted instead.
Then this is a disproof via..

'REDUCTION-ADD Absurdum'..


If two separate objects both
exist with the exact same
masses and volumes, that
thus then is quite a...



You see that TV docudrama
about the black holes?

Yeah, it was inspired by
actual.. event-horizons..


Cathode ray TV screens with
shapeless pixels are coated



A word meaning the same thing
as another word, except for
being out of phase with it:


[And now the end of my
"intellectual" puns.]

[Warning: Bad joke ahead.]
[Warning: Bad joke impending.]

Why was my heart broken?

Because it had been constantly..

(That there must be quite some
.. heartin'.. of the arteries..)

[Another stupid and possibly
offensive joke.]

Many misogynists believe that
the feminists are a bunch of...



[And this last joke ain't
much better. Actually, it
may offend some readers, and
may even do so very much.]
Possible offensiveness.]

(America-centric joke.)

You know why 18-year-olds
are as good as (US) cash?

Because they are now..
'legal tender'..



And Happy New Year
(Happy Y-mas), you all!

[But have we come to a
place now days in society
where any concern about
"New Year's resolutions"
is only in regards to
their mega-pixels?...
.. Oh, how tragic.]



kikinotdee said...

Love the art I'm playing catchup, I;ve been in bed for almost five days with a migrain.
Happy new year Leroy I hope you had a good one :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

So sorry, Kiki.

In your honor, I present:


A migraine mostly pesters her.
The sorely grimmest pains are.

(I hope I did not err here in this anagram.
My crappy dictionary says "migraine" ends in e.
Is the UK spelling without an e? Usually the US has the shorter spellings instead, though.)

Hope you soon mitigate
your brain pain migraine..

Anonymous said...

/the brits make up for all their extra letters by using the word 'kit' for just about everything...