Friday, January 4, 2013

Cosmic Cosines Coarsely Coursing

Blog-post # 356:
(356 = 2*89*2.)

Six new art-images:

Sans Crystalline Phosphors Else Falling Clockwise

Spaces Woven With Shapelessness

Within The Missing Disjointedness Of All

Transitioning But Not Transiting Via Triangularity

Beyond But Afterwards And Before

Derived From Anything Or Of Anywhere


Seven anagrams again,
as in my previous post.)
[Note: But I included a
bonus anagram in a comment
to my previous post.]

These irises ignorantly
dream of themselves.
Their dimness sees far --
to all, some, everything.


I am the mess:
It shames me.

(Aside: And appropriately,
anagrams make a 'mess' of
the order of letters in a
phrase.. Sorry.)

Yet without me, never to be
so was this mathematics.
Thus, vast entirety, it
somehow somewhat became it.


Observations all
equally seen:
Every oblique slant
also leans.


Oh, any lazy hourglasses
tilted into all the knots
as yet lost here.
They are horizontally
tasking less so, then
they also stalled-out.


In moist slop is...
its implosions.


Our science-thesis
envisioned woven truth.
Unseen cosines curved
in it to this, however.



Oh, how o-BLEAK!


Halfway alike:


(Did I already post
this before?
Or something.. semi-lar,
at least?)


As cosmologies:
Unto 'FARever'...

The study of..


That reminds me of 'gastrology'
(ie. the pseudoscientific
analog to gastronomy):


Where would you find the food
that is the most mentally-chill?

In the.. 'lunatic-fridge',
of course.

(It's okay. I'm one of them --
a crazy person myself.
But I am not food, however.)

When riding their horses,
cowboys like to...
stirrup.. lots of dust.


The philosopher assassins both
kill and create their victims
simultaneously, often doing so

... existential-style.


Sneaky usurpers are quite the...



Teens who are very adept at
using forbidden slang are all
just a bunch of..

'juvenile de-linguists'..


Is tomorrow.. 'no-terday'?..

(And then, would that mean
'Yes-stradamus' was thus a
historian -- even if not a
very reliable one?..)


Things naturally tending towards
becoming more folded, crumpled,
crooked, and un-straight is the
physics principle of...



All that is good is collapsing
into vileness via the willful
actions of selfish and powerful
people. Our ideals are in ruins,
as we near Dystopia directly
because of these people's very
much intentional...


of our society and of what
was once virtuous about it.


[Warning: The next observation
may offend some people.
Warning: The following may
offend, as it contains adult
themes and language that some
might believe to be obscene.
Warning: The following may
offend, as it is political
(and related to religion).
Proceed at your own risk.
Warning. Warning.]

Many religious conservatives
still say that homosexual sex
is the one most significant
cause and reason for all of
the problems in our world.
(How? Magically?)

The religious-conservatives
are half-right, actually:...

Although the problem isn't
'gay sex', per se;..

.. it IS indeed, however,..



Yeah, I'm out'a here..


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