Sunday, January 13, 2013

Into Ultra-Red Unto Infra-Violet

Blog-post # 358:
(358 = 2*179.)

Six new art-images:

Imagined But Unthinkable Yet Unimaginable Thinking

Theorems Of (And Formed From) Atoms

A Postulate Compositely Atomic

Absurd Integers Interlaced Within By Purities

Unto Tangles, Yet Never Into Entwinement

A Convergent Divergence Exponentially Exponentiated

A technical comment regarding
the top image:
"Imagined But Unthinkable Yet
Unimaginable Thinking", I
believe, is the largest image
(in terms of file-size) I have
ever posted to this blog.
(The image-resolution is not
that great, but the image was
inefficiently compressed into
a jpeg file because of this
particular image's relatively
intricate nature.) Its
low-resolution thumbnail here
does not do the image justice.
I do suggest you click on
the thumbnail for the larger
version (as I also suggest for
most of my images, especially
for my more intricate ones).

Some of the thumbnails for my
images don't look as great as
they should even on my own
high-resolution monitor.
I hate to think how people
reading my blog using mobile
devices, say, see my images
(and especially those images'
much-too-small thumbnails)
on their tiny little screens.
(But maybe at least some of
my images look BETTER on
those tiny screens? Ha.)

[PS: Update: After actually
clicking on the top image's
thumbnail, I see that even
the larger version of this
image looks like crap online
for some reason. One problem,
but not the only problem, is
that the jpeg-artifacts in
the online version seem to
overpower any of the intended
data from the image itself.
(Yes, there are jpeg-
artifacts in the version of
this image on my computer,
but they are of much less
significance than they are
in the online version.)
Plus, the online version
looks washed-out compared to
the version on my computer.
And I am guessing that this
type of discrepancy in quality
is a common problem in regards
to my images posted online.
PPS: I am also changing this
post's title slightly.]

(And now, that my images have
been viewed by us all, it is
time for what _I_ call

(Ten; a number which is
.. often of ten..)

As trends do,
that trending time moves
forwardly yet stylishly so
there inside us.
It mostly had the vastly
weirder grandness surely of
its odd theorems' intensity.

[^Is this the longest anagram
I have posted here? It is one
of the largest, surely.]

Such grand power is
conducted (as time)
into anything inside all.
We produced it and its
many clashing technologies
... and its ruin.


All is a caged god
in any sin;
diagonally ascending,...
as I.


My destined balance is as
its own revisions.
Variable cosines twist so
inside many ends.


It asks me:


Men ask it:


We yet asked any lying dreams
or nervousness' thoughts
inside them.
They mistakenly did guess so
.. and then answer us more so
every night.


The sciences said
what universally is:
This reveals sly ice
can thaw inside us.


The glisten is...
its light seen.

[^Have I posted this
anagram already?]

A bleaker anagram is...
again as remarkable.

[And 'again' is correct
if the anagram right above
this one is a repost.]

What type of measurement-
system is best used for
scientific experimentation?

The 'empirical system',
of course.

(Yes, because we would NEVER
want to METER anything using
the metric system, would we.)


How many molecules in a

That would be..
'Avocado's number',
of course!...

[I KNOW this joke is not
original. And I have heard
it before elsewhere probably
many many times, too.
How many times? Oh, about..
or so times. But that's all.]

(PS: But I did crash-course myself
in regards to some chemistry just
so I could make this pun. I have
always wanted to learn much more
chemistry than I know. But little
did I know before yesterday that I
would finally learn such a simple
and basic fact about this science
just so I could make a pun, and
worse, make a very stupid and
unoriginal pun, too.
Is that shameful of me?
PPS: But I'm knowledgeable about
OTHER types of science.)


(Speaking of plagiarism..)

You hear about the musician
stealing his songs regarding
surgery from another musician?

Yeah, his op-riffs
were all rip-offs.


Where does one keep his porn he
has downloaded off the internet?

On his.. sex-drive,
of course.


Well, those were disappointing..


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