Sunday, June 30, 2013

Numermetry Of Oneiromaniacs

Blog-post # 386:
(386 = 2*193.)

Then,... ten images.
(Inanimately often of ten,..
if yet again.)

Illogical Tautologies All
Provably Apropos Of All


As A Sphere -- Shapes Are

Somewhat Of Hemispheres
All Semi-Here

Yet This Oneiromancy
Was Itself Dreamt

Numermetrics Of
Countable Enumerations

Unkempt Yet Undreamt And
Experimentally Misspelled

Existentially Labyrinthine
Translucence Of Entirety

Thereof These Theorems Therein
This Theatrical Quasi-Hypnogogia


Regarding some of
these image's names:

You may remember the word
"Quantinuum", the 2nd
image's name, from my
last post. I believe it is
a neologism (maybe). It
is a portmanteau mixing
"quantum" and "continuum".
It is also a bit of an
oxymoron, given that
a "continuum" is
by-definition not quantized.
But in-fact, the continuum
that is our universe's may
be quantized anyway.

The third image's name
is an anagram (see below).

Regarding the 4th image's
name: I suppose that the
non-handle part of a..
'spoon' would be a
'hemisphere' which is

From the 6th image's name:
"Numermetrics" might be a
neologism, but it sounds
to me like it must not be.
It would mean, I guess,
the science/math of the
measurement of numbers.
(Oh, that SEEMS like a
redundant concept..)

From the 9th image's name:
"Hypnogogia" is a
preexisting word that
refers to the state your
mind is in just before you
fall asleep. So,
"Quasi-Hypnogogia" is the
concept of being halfway


(6; the six is in.)

All is as any vector
.. yet in oval scalars.


The one nothingness was
as plexiform as it is.
Hexagonal points were
in this mess of stains.


A coil knots;
it arcs too,
as helices were wrung.
Those twirls are again
so counterclockwise.


No irony came.


The cosmic end is so.
This dooms science.


Shapes are...
As a sphere.

[^Did I post this
last anagram before?
... I mean, in any earlier
post? Of course I posted
it above in THIS post
{as an image-name}.]

This which is symbolic of
whatever is unbounded by
any (finite) symbolisms:

This is the..


The hyperactive madness
of divining our dreams:



The most complicated of
any 6-sided polygon:

A 'plexigon'.


(And those forms one gets
from the government to use
to apply for benefits or
to pay one's taxes are
quite the 'plexi-forms'.)


Which of the sciences is
the most overly-dramatic?

Theatrical physics,
of course.

(Sometimes, it still...
A-bombs at the box-office,



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Counterconsciously Countercountable Counterclockwisenesses

(Counterintuitive are these
counter-consciously counter-countable
counterclockwisenesses I have
counter-continuously and
counter-correlationally encountered.)

Blog-post # 385:
(385 = 5*11*7.)

Six new art inanimations.

Trigonometries Mathematically
Mechanized And Asinine


Spectra Of Etceteras

Anthropomorphic Lack
Of Self-Metaphors

Random Reciprocals Of
Every Quasi-Translucency

Integers Interwoven
Within Their Insanities

("Hexagontinuum" is a
portmanteau, a cross between
"hexagon" and "continuum".)

Six images,
then six anagrams.
So, would a mix of six
be.. 'hetero-six-ual'?..)

Energetic insanity:
Yet in its inner cage.


This hole swirls,
yet hues rotate.
They are less
without their loss.


The agnostic
solstice arose.
Its technologies
are cast so.

[Aside: Happy solstice,
if a few days belatedly.
Summer in the North.
Winter in the South.
And Spring in the East
and Fall in the West?]

Coils set.


A cosmic shit:


All only inside it,
our sick masochism:
Mistakenly as ill is
such ironic doom.

[Some wisdom: Take note.]

Human-society is like math:

Division is...


Cartoons are...

(Is this an old joke, and
not mine? It seems familiar.
But that might be only
because it seems to me to
be so simplistic, somehow,
as if it itself is just
a childish line-drawing.)

What does the
see, despite his



The phrase
"Ladies and gentlemen",
when you think about it,
really seems so...
(And even a bit sexist.)

Maybe when addressing a
rougher crowd, one can
say, "Brutish-ladies and
regular-tempered men,..".

*(Was it I who discussed
-- and did I do so herein
this very blog -- the
fact that the expression
"old-fashioned" itself
seems so old-fashioned?)

An item from my April 19th,
2013 post (#375):

[The eerie parallels between
the Hindenburg and the Titanic
(For one thing,
the first-officer of the
Titanic was named "Hindenburg",
and the first-officer of the
Hindenburg was named..uh,..
{Shake up, Weeple!..})]

An update:

The Titanic hit a 'berg'.
And, conversely, the
Hindenburg must have gotten

(And before you criticize me
for joking about unfunny
things**, AT LEAST I made no
joke here about the two
anatomically interesting
words suggested by the first
few letters of each of these
ships' names. And shame on you
for seeing those words, too.)

**(But is it okay to joke
about unfunny things if the
jokes themselves are unfunny?)

The proverbial "wolves in
sheep's clothing" are...


[The following two items
are America-centric.]

J Edgar Hoover was a...


(..Or so I heard; and he
heard we had heard).

Any of the many recent
political scandals in the
US involving both idiocy
and technology (ahem)
could be nicknamed:



What is the best day of the
year to go on a blind-date?

September 11th, of course:
A date on which we all
were... blinded.

(Did I write that out-loud?

No more funniness today.

Rhetorical jokes:
Even more telling than
what the rhetorical
questions have asked...
of you.

(.. And those rhetorical
questions and jokes {and
questionable jokes} have
all asked of you to ask..
{of} yourself.)


"Good will win in the end,"
they say.
First, this bromide most
surely is just an outright
lie. But true or not, are
those optimists who claim
this as truth thus claiming
in-essence that in "The End"
-- long after everything
they each have ever cared
about has ceased to exist
and very long after everyone
they have ever loved is dead
-- THEN "good" will finally
(FINALLY) overcome?



Something to say about
auto-correct (which, full-
disclosure, I do not have
experience with, thankfully):

A free-will spell-check is
fine. (Simply underlining the
words that might be wrong.)
"correct" my spelling,
you damn software/device!

People act like auto-correct
cannot be turned off --
they are always complaining
about it.
(Can it not be turned off?)

Prediction: (Perhaps a good
idea for a dystopian story
{if relatively silly one},..
which soon becomes reality,
despite the story's seemingly
absurd hyperbole-esque-ness,
doing so.. yet.. again..)

In the near future, the
federal government will pass
legislation making it a
federal crime -- a very
serious felony, maybe even
officially an "act of terror"
(of course..) -- to dare try
to turn your device's
auto-correct off.
And maybe it will also be a
very serious crime to even
simply discuss with anyone
the topic of turning it off.

You herd it hear first...
Don't trust those woolves..)

The 'Quantinuum'...


Finally, a new
for people to use
if they so choose:

[Warning: Bad language.
May offend.]

Women always seem to
be giving me a..

"F^ck you; not me."

(It made sense to follow the
non-sequitur above with what
is definitely not in any way
a non-sequitur, huh?)


Monday, June 17, 2013


Blog-post #384:
(384 = 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*3.)

Nine new inanimations:

Integers Rotate Yet
Cosines Divide Into All

Ellipsis-less Multi-Angularities
Of Pseudo-Mythoi

Less Than All Finitudes Yet
More Than Any Eternity

As Even The 'Equals' Are
Each Unequal To Each

Plexiform Crux Of
This Zeroness Thusly

Spheres As Convoluted As
Are Any Cuspidate Ovals

Relativistic Retinae Visualized
By Any Retinue Of Non-Consequences

Torque Is As That Is
-- This Quasi-Rotates



Anagrams: 5.
(Five are so.. -- As ever of I.
{And then there were six..})

All is as forgotten as integers.
Its rotating angles are of less.


This quasi-rotates.
Torque is as that is.

[^Did I post this one before?
It is the title of an image
I posted today, however.]

As inside all,
as introspection:
It is a lens, and is
once to spiral.


Ill abuse was then suicide.
Because, all dies within us.


Ideal spheres stay as
convoluted therein.
Their ovals are then
so densely cuspidate.


Which monster likes to enter
your house announced?

The Knock-Less Monster..


To alternate repeatedly between
being in and out of the room
is to be..

regarding how you..
enter leaving.


The transpositions of
transvestite drug-lords:

The Drug-Queen Drag-Kingpin,...
The Drug-Queenpin Drag-King,
and vice-versa.


Suggestion for title of story
about Adam's life before Eve
was created:



People act like falling into
a bottomless pit would be so

But what's worse than falling
into a bottomless pit?

.. Falling into a pit
WITH a bottom, obviously..

[Warning: Adult themes.]

And what is worse, for a man,
than knowing you have a
problem getting an erection?

.. NOT KNOWING if you have a
problem getting an erection...

[I may have posted something
already in my blog similar to
the second of these two jokes^.
And the top joke of these two
I may have read somewhere else.]
(No more joking..)

My laundry is racially integrated
-- whites and darks washed
together without any problem.*

People treat society sometimes as
if it is the laundry:
As if the dark essence of
minorities will somehow stain
the pure white essence of white
people, or vice-versa, if the
groups DARE intermingle.
(As if that "staining" would even
be necessarily bad in any way.)

*(Has even my laundry received a
court-order to integrate?)


On a laundry-related note:
Years ago I added bleach to my
laundry without knowing what I
was doing. Well, I poured it
right onto my (favorite,
I think) plain black shirt...

When the laundry was done,
at first I was horrified..
But then..
I soon realized that that
shirt now looked really cool,
because it then had a nice
black-and-white tie-dye-like

Well, the point of me telling
you this story, besides the
serendipity, is to point out
that a gray-scale tie-dye
design can look pretty cool
(and also look coolly pretty).
(Maybe it might, if done right,
look at least a little bit
'goth-meets-hippy', even.)


Speaking of integration:

If I ever get into a relationship
again, I will tell everyone that
me and my girlfriend are in a
.. 'mixed-gender relationship'.

(Some people might have a problem
with our mixed-gender relationship
{especially so in the US South,
But, damn it, love is love.
Stop judging us with your bigoted
values, people! Those types of
values are finally dying off now,
and for good reason..)


Getting profound...
(I guess I am more pro-found
than I am anti-found..)

I heard it said that,
"Everything Is Everything."

I guess that is true, but perhaps
only because "0=0".
(Since Everything = 0.
Get it?)

But not all 0's are EXACTLY equal.

And not even all 'equals' are
exactly equal to each other.

Nor are all types of inequalities
(including these^ relating to
the 'equals') exactly equal.

**(Not even mathematically are
all zeroes EXACTLY equal in all
For example, to illustrate what
I mean by this:
The percentage of 'real numbers'
{ie. decimally-represented
numbers with decimals going
potentially forever} that are
'fractions' {ie. each an integer
divided by an integer; and all
fractions are a subset of the
reals} is 0%, and absolutely
not any larger.
However, there obviously are
not NO fractions at all.
{In-fact, there are actually an
infinite number of fractions.}
In other words, the percentage
of all real numbers that are
fractions is not 0% in the most
absolutely zero-est sense of 0%.
But yet the percentage indeed
is still a very firm 0%.
{I think it was the
mathematician Cantor who
first published a proof of how
the real numbers in-general
are FAR more numerous than
are the fractions.})



Move to the next level when you
finally discover and understand
that you are simply a character
in this game -- you are both
the player and the played.

You advance to the yet next
higher level when you finally
understand that you are simply
a character in a game playing
a game-within-a-game.

And you advance further yet
when you finally know of the
meta-game of all meta-games,
and know of the levels of
levels and of the many-ordered
levels of the word "meta":

Then you advance to the next
even higher level when...


The office assistant who writes
whatever he/she feels like despite
what is dictated to them to write,
and who acts very surreally
otherwise, is quite the..




Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Blog post # 383:
(383 = Prime,
a prime to rhyme.
Three eight three,
it does be.)

Ten new inanimation art-images:
(Maybe 'often' are the number
of images 'of ten', despite what
I claimed earlier.)

Crystalline Multiplications
Plurally Plus Glassy Multiplicativity

Continua Of Spectralism's Inflectua

Bisections Of Bijections Of
Each Monotonic Miscounting Of One

Inexplicabilities And Their
Circle-like Asymmetries

Trigonometronomic Discontin-Unity

Eclipses Inside All
These {(}Parentheses{)}

Despite All Balance Of Imbalance Or
Counterbalance Or Of Their Lacking

Dichotomously Neither Or Either
Of Existence Nor Nothingness

Imperfect Permutations Of
Perfect Absences Of Permutation

Multiplications Plus Pulsations
Added To Trigonometry

Regarding "{(}Parentheses{)}":
even the parentheses themselves
are in parentheses.

Regarding "Inflectua":
I do not think this word
pre-exists. I mean by it:
The plurality of inflected
continua (or the continua of
all geometric inflections).

A couple other neologisms;
But you can figure those
out on your own.


(Only 4, no more.
Not very much
this post, ironically
because my life and
mind this week have
been so scrambled.)

Finite space-time winds
around those blurs it is.
Because emptiness thus
did swirl, if in rotation.


These many diagonals are
less dimensionally little.
As all angles tilted
more inside; as only
the lines may.


Worlds once seen are
without eclipses.
Those were so spilled
unto raw science.


Trigonometry became as
mistaken inside angles.
Its many metronomes are
being ticked again less.


Which planet rotates
the most?

Sa-TURN, of course.

(And it can spin RINGS around
any other planets that want
to challenge it..)


That profound theory from the
science of linguistics surely
is very..


to the average person.


Clocks and metronomes are..


[^This seems very familiar.
Did I post it already?]

(But even if I already did
post this joke before, I
guess it is good anyway to
post it... periodically.)

[^And I just realized that
an ellipsis {"..."} is a
set of.. periodic periods.]


And when your computer gives
you problems, you are then
... 'teched-off'.

[^And this seems like it
must be someone else's joke
I read somewhere.]

Angry and/or dissident
and/or delinquent bees
tend to...



If a beauty-parlor's
hairdresser, as a joke,
makes a woman ugly
instead of beautiful,
this would be quite a..

(And, hence, a
possible band-name
comes to mind here:

Possibly offensive joke.]

The difference between
a drag-racer and
a drag-queen?

The first drives
the straightaways.

The other drives
the straights away.


Why did the overly wholesome
young lady have no suitors?

Because she...
chaste.. them all away..

{Again, ^old joke
which is not mine?}

Being unloved (har-har), I
am a 'nogamist', I guess.

Even the MOnogamists
get "mo'" than I do..



How does a streak consisting
of both wins and losses
finally come to end in
a palindromic game?

'Ties reverse it.'

(It's all in-balance, man.
It's all out-of-imbalance.)

Where do you find a
missing philosopher?

In the..
"Lost And Profound".

[This joke seems familiar.
Did I post it already?
Or did I read it somewhere?]

But the not-as-profound
thinker, however, is
just a..


(Seriously, enough.
No more joking.)

I have had a bad breakup
with humanity.
Humanity, see, was cheating on
me with God, for one thing.

(Or did I instead have a bad
breakup with God, who was
cheating on me with humanity?
Either way,
I am not interested in
that 3-way.)
(A.. Hate-Triangle.)


I was thinking that one
of the reasons the concept
of optical refraction
seems so interesting to me
is because it essentially
(and synesthetically)
relates the geometry of
angularity to colors/hues
and their relative positions
within the visual

(Colors become shapes,
and conversely...
As happens in visual art.)


It is likely smart to generally
almost always believe the truth
is what is the exact opposite of
what most people claim is true.

This is a good..
'Rule Of Tiniest-Toe'
to follow..



Monday, June 3, 2013

A Mis-Beta-alphatized Spectromagnetic Electrum

Blog-post #382:
(382 = 2*191.)

Ten inanimations:
(Not often is the number
'of ten', ironically.)

Unparallel To Every
(Infinitesimal) Integer

Perimeter Of The Innermost Middle

Cosmically Of Spectromagnetically
Pi-less Cosines

This Theorem Divisible By
Its Own Inanimate Polygons

Proofs Or-(But)-Of Their Own
Disproving Via Themselves

Random Non-Geometries Of
Non-Random Incomprehensibilities

Arcs Of Zeroness Aligned With Space-Time

Dis-Misspelled Yet Mis-Dispelled

Unsystematism Surreally Unalphabetized

Zeroness Also As Unlike Its Own
Essence Of Being Unequal To Itself


(8; 2 times 4
is its fate.)

All elongates;
everything has slopes.
Lengths easily overlap
those angles.


The curl is dreamt;
it enclosed the same
infinite arcs.
Their circumferential
ascent does last
inside them.


Glassy soils became
any loop's coils,...
.. as cosmologically,
as possibly seen.


Any polygons are clockwise
inside these rotations.
Their one loop yet arced
as knowingly as its cosines.


Within those inward gods,
we are inside all,...
asking lies.
There, thin rings do wad...
likewise as sines
again will do.


Pi plus one:
Time is those atoms'
Yet electromagnetism
superimposes upon this.


These networks are...
as knots there were.


Nullity has more focus.
A fulcrum only is those.


Those who may be only pretending
to be what they are or to be
what they are not, or who may be
not anything at all, are the...



Pretending to not be an amateur:



If you are only pretending to
be able to see, your eyes are
'in faux-cus'..


That device with the
faux-gloss is...

a machine with a mock-sheen..


Forget the so-called
'Liar's Paradox'.
'This statement is a lie.'
True, but...

What if the idea itself of
any paradoxes is a lie?

And what if the alleged
existence of any liars is
only a lie?

What if the alleged existence
of any lies is just a lie?

What if the alleged existence
of any statements at all is
all a lie?

And what if logic itself is
just a lie?

And what if not only all
answers are lies, but even
all questions (like these)
also are likewise lies?

And what about you?..

(Quick, someone call
Jefferson Airplane!)

are those lies...

[Possible band-name:
{Because beta is betta'?}


[Just joking again..]

If one 'sines' a document,
does the other person who
'cosines' it do so somewhat
out-of-phase with the first
person's signature?

(And so they both sine it
in.. 'curve-sive'?)


Quote the psychologist:
"What do you see within the


[Did I post the
following already?]

Unhappy air-travelers
surely like to...



If corporations are people,
are poor people therefore
.. 'poor-porations'?


(However, the largest
of corporations are

"Rations for the poor are core!"
"Yes, let them eat apple-cores!"


Ovoids avidly avoid a void.