Monday, June 3, 2013

A Mis-Beta-alphatized Spectromagnetic Electrum

Blog-post #382:
(382 = 2*191.)

Ten inanimations:
(Not often is the number
'of ten', ironically.)

Unparallel To Every
(Infinitesimal) Integer

Perimeter Of The Innermost Middle

Cosmically Of Spectromagnetically
Pi-less Cosines

This Theorem Divisible By
Its Own Inanimate Polygons

Proofs Or-(But)-Of Their Own
Disproving Via Themselves

Random Non-Geometries Of
Non-Random Incomprehensibilities

Arcs Of Zeroness Aligned With Space-Time

Dis-Misspelled Yet Mis-Dispelled

Unsystematism Surreally Unalphabetized

Zeroness Also As Unlike Its Own
Essence Of Being Unequal To Itself


(8; 2 times 4
is its fate.)

All elongates;
everything has slopes.
Lengths easily overlap
those angles.


The curl is dreamt;
it enclosed the same
infinite arcs.
Their circumferential
ascent does last
inside them.


Glassy soils became
any loop's coils,...
.. as cosmologically,
as possibly seen.


Any polygons are clockwise
inside these rotations.
Their one loop yet arced
as knowingly as its cosines.


Within those inward gods,
we are inside all,...
asking lies.
There, thin rings do wad...
likewise as sines
again will do.


Pi plus one:
Time is those atoms'
Yet electromagnetism
superimposes upon this.


These networks are...
as knots there were.


Nullity has more focus.
A fulcrum only is those.


Those who may be only pretending
to be what they are or to be
what they are not, or who may be
not anything at all, are the...



Pretending to not be an amateur:



If you are only pretending to
be able to see, your eyes are
'in faux-cus'..


That device with the
faux-gloss is...

a machine with a mock-sheen..


Forget the so-called
'Liar's Paradox'.
'This statement is a lie.'
True, but...

What if the idea itself of
any paradoxes is a lie?

And what if the alleged
existence of any liars is
only a lie?

What if the alleged existence
of any lies is just a lie?

What if the alleged existence
of any statements at all is
all a lie?

And what if logic itself is
just a lie?

And what if not only all
answers are lies, but even
all questions (like these)
also are likewise lies?

And what about you?..

(Quick, someone call
Jefferson Airplane!)

are those lies...

[Possible band-name:
{Because beta is betta'?}


[Just joking again..]

If one 'sines' a document,
does the other person who
'cosines' it do so somewhat
out-of-phase with the first
person's signature?

(And so they both sine it
in.. 'curve-sive'?)


Quote the psychologist:
"What do you see within the


[Did I post the
following already?]

Unhappy air-travelers
surely like to...



If corporations are people,
are poor people therefore
.. 'poor-porations'?


(However, the largest
of corporations are

"Rations for the poor are core!"
"Yes, let them eat apple-cores!"


Ovoids avidly avoid a void.


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