Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moon-Spots/ Sun-Craters

[Eye of corn/
Ear of the storm.]

Blog post # 438:
(438 = 3*73*2.)

Sorry about the delay..
The longest gap between
any posts must be between
this post and...
my first post, of course
-- just under 4 years and
9 and a half months.
But is the gap between
this post and my last
post -- 13 days -- the
longest gap between
consecutive posts?

[Fashionably late:
"Today on the runway,
our models are wearing
the latest styles in
stylish lateness.
Hey, where are our models?
Oh, I see. They're all
still backstage."..]

Twelve new inanimations.
(There are so many this post
because I was.. doze'n'..
and forgot to post them
until now.)

In An Azimuthal Angle
Equal To Infinity

A Purely Knotted
Nothingness Of An
Abruptest Blurriness

All Plexiform Periodicity
Of Aperiodic Asymmetries

Diagonal Spheres Once
Of Spherical Diagonals


The Most Symmetric
Of Such Solitons

The Solitary Asymmetry
Mostly As Such

Infinity Is Between Some
Integers Exclusively,
Yet Is Never Between Others

Characteristics Entwined
With Categories


Angles Yet Stir

Time As Cast
Onto Then Upon
The Earth-Dial


Does perfect nonexistence
itself.. exist?..

Is perfect impossibility
ever.. possible?..


Where was here?
Where will here be?
Here, all is within
the shadows of
our earth-dial and
inside the sands of
our eternity-glass.
Therein them, therein that
infinite clockwork -- when..
then.. is time now to be?..

(21 -- But I have not
double-checked these.
And by, "I have not
double-checked these",
I mean that I have not
checked to see if I
have checked these.
But, to be safe, if
you like any one of
these anagrams, maybe
you should check the
accuracy of it {it
should have the same
numbers of each
specific letter on
both sides} first
before you use it
in a conversation
or wherever.)

These oscillations
do turn...
.. unto their coils
so slanted.


Of these true theorems:
To thus therefore seem.


The asymmetry
soon is endless.
Yet this mess
only meanders so.


Pi so is yet
essentially a machine.
.. As in any timepiece
solely as this.


Pi's axioms are of
the oscillations.
A coil is as plexiform;
so one is that.


Angles yet stir.
(Angels yet stir.)


Such spin; those are time..
As cut into hemispheres.


Monochromatically tilted
or else as unidirectional:
Circles are multidimensional.
They too do arc into all.


Spheres are as entwined
as in that stirring.
Again, the transparent
weirdness is theirs.


Angles did so arise
in that azimuth.
A sum is adding this
to a real zenith.


This worthlessness is to
be summed into one area.
As those numbers, those
lowest dimensions are it.


Eyes are cast as those
knots entwined behind
this that is.
It was the ascent seen
so inside both the sky
and its earth.


This clearest spiral
was inside this.
It is dense, as is
that spherical swirl.


Roundness was yet
a solid distance.
It so is as densely
counted as drawn.


An odd iris oscillates.
It is so solid and clear.


The hollow glassiness:
Light so seen shows all.


Quite as solid:
A liquid so set.


Soft fluids:
Solid stuff.


Sines mangle.


Zero is the maze's grid,
then is a gap.
Zigzags are made into
this sphere.


Raze so:
As zero.


Which type of government agency
makes sure you xeroscape (by
paving over your grass),..

Your local..
'law'n-for-cement' agency!..


What type of building has the
most structural soundness?

An auditorium!..


Because the students learn about
remedies there, medical-school
is, ironically, literally a..

remedial school.


Where is it best to learn math?

At SUM-mer school, of course!
(.. of math-course.)


If things are too askew to
stay put, they may be too..


[Did I already post {long ago}
how being messily asymmetric
is being.. 'slopsided'?]


The angry person's hand quickly..
the other person's face.


Those who are outpatients at
psychiatric clinics have been..



Ahhh, nothing is as
heartwarming.. as is..

a laser-blast to the chest..


I'm SUCH an unmanly loser..

that this month my girlfriend
is even EARLY..

[^I may have posted
this one already.]

Since, as they say,
"Truth is beauty"*,
supposedly then a
beautiful person
who is too stupid
to know of the truth
must be, therefore,
indeed quite the..


*(But maybe this phase
itself is simply ugly?)

"All-Seeing-Eye Dog"

"Razed By Wolves"



Some voodoo-dolls are more
disturbing than others.
How disturbing they each
are, though, surely...



Voodoo-doll which "screams"
(using talking-doll tech)
whenever you poke it with
a needle.
(Maybe it twitches, too.)

Nice voodoo-doll:
Spritz it with rose-scented
perfume, say, to bless the
person it resembles.


To all those witches and wizards
who.. wish.. to have someone
fall in love with you, but you
dislike the fact that love-spells
are too much a violation of

Maybe then cast a spell on
YOURSELF which simply makes
you magically more attractive
somehow to that person of
your desire by giving yourself
the characteristics that they
would have found attractive
ANYWAY (in accordance with their
own free-will and whether or
not you had cast any spells
at all regarding them).


Food-related observation:

Table-salt, especially, has a
definite unpleasant aftertaste,
particularly to me if I eat too
much of it at once.
However, table-sugar, especially
(as compared to other types of
sugar such as brown sugar,
powdered sugar, let alone
corn-syrup, honey, etcetera),
also seems to me to have that
same definite aftertaste
(if more subtly it does so).

What is that aftertaste, then?

[Warning. Warning:
Rest of today's blog-post
is political in nature.]

A great idea:..

If with some crimes -- such as
crimes involving illegal drugs
(or in some cases, crimes involving
prostitution) -- it is justified in
any way for society to jail those
people whom are essentially the
victims of these crimes (the
drug-users, say) so as to hopefully
lessen the incentives for the
criminals (the drug-dealers, in
the example) to commit their crimes
(via reduced market-demand),...
then.. -- since criminal
bank-executives are just too rich
and powerful for society to dare
punish them in any way for any of
these executives' extreme crimes
-- maybe society should therefore
instead jail these banks'
CUSTOMERS and any other people
(like those homeowners with
mortgages through these banks)
who would allow themselves
(whether unwittingly and/or maybe
even unwillingly**) to be defrauded.

This would be a needed DETERRENT!
Hey, it's a WAR,
a War on Bank-Fraud!

**("Would allow themselves":
Maybe even if only due to those
customers' naivete; and/or maybe
even too due to those customers'
inability to avoid at all doing
business with these banks, if
only because, say, the banks
bought those homeowners'
mortgages without those
homeowners' consent or
But just too bad either way,
because, as I said,
hey, it's a WAR!)

[Speaking of being
political.. in-nature..]

I got to thinking...
what if Ayn Rand herself
was an environmentalist?
[And maybe she WAS..]


"The Environment's inherent vastly
superior worth it itself has earned!
Why do we feel it must share any
amount at all of the resources
inherent in its superior self-worth
with the human PARASITICAL species!?
After all, human-beings have not
themselves worked hard for these
resources! So, they do not deserve
any percentage of them.
Human-beings, being parasites,
simply want to take these resources
in exchange for nothing truly of
value in return!
With this socialistic distribution
of resources from the
resource-creator [the environment]
to resource-consumers [human
parasites], the entire eco-system
as a whole overall, therefore,
in-fact then becomes lessened.
In other words, due to the
foolish attempts by human-beings
to impose an unnatural balance
in resource-possession via the
redistribution of those resources
(those which are in rightful
possession by the environment)
to our undeserving human species
of takers/consumers, the
environment then as a direct
result becomes, ironically,
more so unbalanced."

Or something.


Our Dystopia is where we will..



And,.. finally,...
[^And hopefully not
very literally so..]

Nations often seek to
build their own...

new killer-weapons..

[And these weapons,
ironically, are
meant to kill..
we peons.]


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Unit: No Continua

Blog-post # 437:
(437 = 19*23.)

Six new art-inanimations,
one which is (like I used
to create months ago) a
color computer-art image.
(Yeah! This is a one-time
special deal, however.
I will not be able to make
computer-art images that
often again, if ever again,

[And also just like old-times,
I will write the title for
the computer-art inanimation
in simply plain black.]


As Knots Irrelevantly
Regarding Their Tying

Interpolations Of

Continuousness Implies
The Discontinuities Of
Its Own Continuum

As Withever Is Whatin

Of A Helical Hourglass'
Quantal Sands

(12 -- 2*3*2.)

In no focus:


The diagonals
remain in angles.
These random lines
again align.


are these.
Its geometry also
can shape them.


Many are as
this diagonal.
A radian's
analogy is them.


As their parallels:
All are the spirals.


This rotation's pulse:
The loop turns as it is.


Descent is calamity.
It denies cataclysm.


As mess' arc:
Massacres --
As screams.
Mass scare.
(Asses cram...)
(Ass creams.)

[^I think I have already
posted a few of these.]

I saw the
An entirety graphs
what it sees.


Any sight is in its
facts' entire knowing.
Insignificant knots
were tying as this.


Electricity was
atoms' ruse.
As circuits yet
almost were.


All sands align,
rotated inside any
This angle's slant
is diagonally angular,
or it is added.

[^See comment below in
this post about those

'A unit: No continua.'

'Erase many away; names are.'

'Is it so mega-minimum?
In image, most is I.'

'Tied is nil,
a minimal inside it.'




Whenever we are taking the same
dangerous path again, we are
moving so as before along a
course which is its (and our)

Oh,.. that is quite a potential


What type of curve did the
two spheres travel along
when they were tossed?

A.. 'pair-of-ball-ic' arc,
of course!

[Yes, of course, that
was their course,
.. if coarsely so.]


Why do boats only turn around
by 180 degrees whenever they

Because, that's the way one
turns.. a boat-face..

[Indeed, those turns do stem
from captains being so stern.]


Ironically, 'planes' need
to fly by going through
three-dimensional space.


Are hydroplanes and hovercrafts
types of..


Where do those Yin and Yang
fish swim with so many
other fish like them?

In their.. school..
of Eastern philosophy..


Those women who grudgingly
accept their unwanted
pregnancies are probably
being.. 'fetalistic'..


"Are you seeing anyone now?"


"Me neither!
So, I guess we could
then LITERALLY go on a..
blind-date.. together."


Earlier [long time ago]
I may have asked jokingly:

Hey,.. did you redo..
your playing of
the.. didgeridoo?

So,.. now I will ask:..

Did you digitally redo
your playing of
that didgeridoo?
(Me too!)

Two band-names:

'Digital Hourglass'*

*(I guess that hourglasses are
indeed digital, in a way, since
the sand-grains are essentially
quantal, if not necessarily is
each grain exactly the same

'Haters Of Dystopia'

(Speaking of what they hate..)

All of us, in actually, indeed
have "nothing to hide"...

.. Anymore..


Political-cartoon idea:
[Has this been done already
by a political-cartoonist?
It seems familiar.]

"Something To Hide".

Two frames:

Frame 1:
A computer-screen shows
a man (seen from his front)
reading a dirty magazine.
(The man's face might be
sweat-drenched. But his
face shows no emotion.)
On the magazine's cover
is the usual: Big-busted
and very scantily-clad
sexy ladies.
The computer-screen
might also have words
such as "Surveillance-
target IDed; his
habitual activities
now assessed."

Frame 2:
Same scene from the
vantage of behind the man
inside the room he is in,
with the camera seen
in the background.
Turns out, he has a
serious newspaper
hidden WITHIN the pages
of the porn magazine.*
The paper is turned to its
national or international
section, with a headline
about the most recently
revealed government-
spying; the headline
maybe reading such as,
"Recent leaks confirm
privacy-advocates' worst

*(And this is the funny
part of this cartoon.)

[In other words --
to explain the cartoon
to those many people who
STILL do not get it --
he DOES read those
magazines only for
the articles,..
but claims otherwise,
and.. he hopes no one
discovers his extremely
dangerous ruse.]


People who read fashion-
magazines with an interest
only in the clothes and
not at all in the models
.. do indeed read THOSE
magazines "only for
the articles",..
the articles of clothing,
that is!..

And finally, a somewhat
offensive joke. [Warning.]

The sycophant's non-serious
comment was only made
(at the behest of his
benefactor, in fact) quite..



Friday, July 11, 2014


[Telescopic nearsightedness
of farsighted microscopes.]

Blog-post # 436:
(436 = 2*109*2.)

Eight art inanimations:

Probabilistically As Parallel,
Yet Rotationally As Randomized

Such Absolute Absences
Are Thus As Spun

In Strictly Rigorous
Mathematics Describing
Its Own Strict

All Is That
Never Of All
That Is

Those That Are Therein
Neither These Nor Themselves

Unto More Than It Is
Or Had Been, Unto Its
Formulaic Begetting

But Spun Sans Any Radians

Folded Upon Its
Impossibilities Spun

[The last two images were
so named because originally
I meant to have them appear
together in the reverse
order they do here. But
given these two titles
themselves, the mix-up
seems to me appropriate.]
(Sixteen; and 16 is
2^4 = 4^2, which is
a mathematical anagram,
I guess. And also, any
typical anagram is a
word-equation; and math
equations are in-turn
numerical anagrams;
and, in addition, this
sentence here is an
anagram of concepts.)

As a color's hues:
Such are also so.
(Also so are such.)


Entirety folds as these.
Their flatness yet does.


These swirl so,
as within light:
This lens is what
is their glow.


Actuality's light-waves
are less so, less than any.
Visually, each totally was
as is the strangeness.


Any hourglasses'
sands are existent.
A helix rusts as
energy and as stones.


Unto corkscrews,
yet unto the helices:
They turn these so


In any radian itself
as geometric:
Infinity is made;
angles are to arc.


Infinity so creates,
as great numbers do.
Its integers
are beyond a
fraction's sum.


Beyond sets are
those beyond.
Yet any ends do
so ebb so there.


This I know:
Things entwined..
.. within these
winding knots.


These are made
in vast spirals.
As mine have
stirred as petals.




The delays are...
already these.

[Speaking of 'already',
did I post the following
anagram already?..]

A hate's slur:
Thus as real.


They are before destiny.
Yet hereafter is beyond.


The annihilation does sting.
Alone is that inside nothing.
(Nothing inside that is alone.)


The randomness inherent
in the foam is quite..



The far future is inevitable.
That is the universe's...



Those who believe in life's
supreme place in this universe
have a...
view of the cosmos.


Gene-therapy could someday be
quite the medical..



Where did the chess-piece land
... upon?

A pawn!..

(A pun!)


A cannibal's proclamation
is his..


[Speaking of 'To the person'..]

Why was that chef considered
wrong in every opinion he had?

Because the competing chefs
successfully claimed he did
.. add-hominy;
a tactless tactic.


And why did we assume the
punster was always wrong?

Because he did, in fact,
tactlessly add a homonym.


Speaking of tactlessness:

If I am tactlessly attacked,
it would then be good
if I could
tactlessly attack back.

Thus, I must
tactically take a..

coarse self-offense course,
.. of course!


I would have liked to date
a personal-trainer..

But I'm sure it wouldn't
have.. worked-out..


What type of university education
is of such poor quality that it
makes its students dumber and
more ignorant?

Retrograde-uate school,
of course!

(And of course, those courses
can earn you quite a number of
degrees... below zero.)

Form may follow function,
as they say.
But mathematicians know this,
that it is also so that...

a function follows formula.

[Is this a title already for a
movie about a freshmen college
coed and the issues she must
face at school?]

"Study As She Goes"


Is it only a coincidence that all
coincidences are coincidental?


Short video-skit idea:
[Inspired by actual events.]
May offend some readers.]

A guy, after eating a big meal,
is convinced by his friends to eat
just one more burger for-the-road.
"Hey, Jim, one more won't hurt ya'!"

But as he grabs his car-keys, he then
has a flashback to his childhood.
His mom says (while wagging her finger),
"Jimmy, don't you, when you are grown,
go driving until at least 30 minutes
after you eat, or you will get a
bad stomach cramp!"

But grown Jim decides to drive anyway..

The cop pulls him over.
Jim is made to try to walk in
a straight-line.
But as he attempts this, he gets a
serious stomach cramp, and so he
bends-over in pain before he is
able to complete the task.

The cop then gives him a
bad-breath-alizer test, and Jim
'blows' a 0.12, the percentage of
his breath which is onion-breath.
This is over the legal-limit
for bad-onion-breath, so Jim
is led away to the cop car..

The end.

So, remember, kids!
Don't eat and drive!..


(Shall we mourn for that fire..
of this funeral's pyre?
Yet shall else we forget
why we came here instead,..
for the death we are living
and for the souls of our dead?)


[Warning, warning: Politics and
other such offensive stuff.]

A liberal* is a person who says,
"I am not the type of person who
says, 'I am not a racist,.. but..',
.. BUT..."

*(As I also am, and am
also as self-loathing.)

Or, in other weirds,...

I am not the type of person who says,
"I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not a racist, but..', but..',
.... but..', but..', but..",... BUT...

Or, more generally,

I am not the type of person who says,
"I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not the type of person who says,
'I am not a hypocrite, but..', but..',
.... but..', but..', but..",... BUT...

(And as this number of iterations
approaches infinity here, you will
then approach an understanding of
the essence of existence of all
such nonsense which is likewise
just as unjustly commonsensical.)


As we are finding out
more and more so,..
(.. Because:..
Injustice is injurious.)

If any one person REALLY has
"nothing to hide", whether they
so claim this or not, then,
THEREFORE, that one person DOES
have even more TO FEAR...


Freedom, it's such a naive
"July 3rd"-type of concept,
you know.

So "quaint", or something..


Oo, to tattoo the tofu is taboo.





Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Conjectured/Conjured/Concocted Contraptions

Blog-post #435:
(435 = 3*29*5.)

Six new art-inanimations:

In Inflections Each
Of Infinite Radians

An Indeterminate Machine
Interposed Between

Somehow The Sphere
Was So Severed

Translucent But Not
Clockwise Geometry


Aperiodic Yet Not Asymmetrical
(Signal: Clang Is)

From bottom image's name:
"Signal: Clang Is" is a palindrome
(from my previous post).

From next-to-bottom image's name:
Switch the first syllables of
these two words to get the two
words they were derived from.

(7 -- Uh, I mean.. 8:
Eight anagrams,
including this one:
.. Thus changed into
real imaginings.)

Absurdity is done..
.. beyond its radius.


As of its
indeterminate machines:
Mathematics' ends
are so infinite.


The math is solely
what is consistent.
This once else was
that mostly in this.


Disarray's meaningless chaos:
Each randomness is glassy air.


Rotation was unlike
these lost symmetries.
Their own messiest knots
are ultimately so.


Spherical slices are
those made finite.
In each is form;
as the ellipse is created.


These ever are where
this dimension once was.
Otherwise, their own
essences have remained.



'Stuck cuts.'

'Turn in rut.'



Eddies in a stream are
quite the.. occurrence
of.. O-currents..


I really want to trek along the
so-called "road-less-traveled".

Yes, and I am quite..
'rare-ing' to go..


Poaching an egg?

Well, I guess that,..
though it ain't fried
in a skillet,...

you still got to kill it!..


Scientists sometimes play God.

But the scientists themselves
say that God plays dice
(if not always so nice).

So, who do the dice play?
They play us all.. for fools.

And some fools play scientists;
although the scientist then
might simply.. play-along..

(But now, playing-through...)

Yet all players do
play here.. atop this stage,
our cage.

Oh, but say what?
They play where, you say?

They play there,
and there they so play...

... upon-words.


The most inexact zero:

The.. 'indeterMINIMUM'..


"One in n times", whatever is n,
usually indicates something
happens 1/n-th of the time or
that something has a 1/n chance
of happening each time.

But (if it has ever been said),
"One in zero times" would
probably, ironically, NOT mean
something happens infinitely
often or has an infinite
chance of happening.
(Furthermore, as per the
common definition of what is
a mathematical probability,
the greatest possible chance
that an event can occur is 1,
not infinity.)

If it ever had been said,
happening "1 in 0 times" might
even have commonly meant, as
it seems to me (appealing to
my colloquial language
instincts, not to my
mathematical instincts),
happening never or having
zero chance of happening.
It may even have meant having
an indeterminate probability
or indeterminate frequency
of occurrence.

If something happens
"1 in 0 times", and it is
meant by the speaker that
that event happens despite
it being impossible to
happen (because, say,
there have been 0 rolls
of the die; but yet still
a given number shows up
anyway), then in this
situation, I suppose that,
yes, there was an infinite
probability of that event

(By the way, this all
above is mathematically
non-rigorous, and it is
so in addition to even the
fact that infinity is not
always rigorously defined
as equal to 1/0.)

Political stuff:
[Warning: Some may offend.
{I hope the above item already
scared away the dumb people.}]

Regarding recent news items
and multiple revelations about
social-media and the violations
of its users' (de-facto
alienable) human-rights:

has become..
(People and their freedoms
and privacy... crushed...
under all that so-called
Turns out, the bits and bytes
have been taken out of YOU.)

I hope that the US Supreme Court
soon issues a ruling (as long as
even corporations are persons)
clarifying the following to be
a constitutional fact:

"PRODUCTS" are persons, too!...
with constitutional rights,

[Much less serious --
but may still offend.]

The societal transition from
segregation to integration:...


[Much more serious.
Definitely will offend.]

Certain people* of a certain
US far-right political-"party"
tend to believe that those
lazy poor should just try to
pull themselves up by their
own... boot-stomps..

Just like those certain right-
wing people have already done.
Yes, many were propelled upwardly
to their great wealth (and hence,
also to their deserved political
power) via the forced downward
application of their heavy boots
(or their benefactors'/family's
heavy boots) upon the
(often non-White) poor people's
faces (if metaphorically so).

*["Certain people": Literally.
Yes, they indeed tend to be
very certain of what are the
facts on many issues, often
despite.. the actual facts..]

Hardcore punk-band
name or album-name:


(^Appropriate name,
given human-nature.)

Band-name (but probably
not for a hardcore band):

'Buxom-Buck and the Man-Boobs'

('Mister Buxom-Buckminster
and the Man-Boobs'?)

It would be odd if it is soon
someday revealed by psychology
research that what women REALLY
most want in a man's physical
appearance is not so much that
he is tall, but is rather much
more so that his pants-cuffs
are just a little too high
above his ankles, relative
to most guys' pants-cuffs.

(As the taller guys have
not been letting their
pants-cuffs droop too low.)

[^Causation vs Correlation,
yet again:.. Ohhh,...
Yet another battle fought in
this eternally raging war
for our perception of truth.]
Something serious:
(but relatively less offensive
than most of the above)

It is not so much that dreams
are ever interpreted,..
as much as they are..

(And they interpolate every
mental essence to so interpret
what is there between each
person's own mind and itself.)

The only certainties are
those lies finally revealed
by the very liars themselves
to indeed be lies.

So, hence, the lies surely
exist and have deceived us,
as we come to know as fact.
But it remains unknown which
beliefs of ours were in-fact
such lies and which others
were (even possibly) true.

All lies disprove themselves.
But consequently/likewise,
all reality has also been
disproved by its own

The most truthful truth possible
is thus this: That this all is,
therefore, at-best paradoxical.