Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Conjectured/Conjured/Concocted Contraptions

Blog-post #435:
(435 = 3*29*5.)

Six new art-inanimations:

In Inflections Each
Of Infinite Radians

An Indeterminate Machine
Interposed Between

Somehow The Sphere
Was So Severed

Translucent But Not
Clockwise Geometry


Aperiodic Yet Not Asymmetrical
(Signal: Clang Is)

From bottom image's name:
"Signal: Clang Is" is a palindrome
(from my previous post).

From next-to-bottom image's name:
Switch the first syllables of
these two words to get the two
words they were derived from.

(7 -- Uh, I mean.. 8:
Eight anagrams,
including this one:
.. Thus changed into
real imaginings.)

Absurdity is done..
.. beyond its radius.


As of its
indeterminate machines:
Mathematics' ends
are so infinite.


The math is solely
what is consistent.
This once else was
that mostly in this.


Disarray's meaningless chaos:
Each randomness is glassy air.


Rotation was unlike
these lost symmetries.
Their own messiest knots
are ultimately so.


Spherical slices are
those made finite.
In each is form;
as the ellipse is created.


These ever are where
this dimension once was.
Otherwise, their own
essences have remained.



'Stuck cuts.'

'Turn in rut.'



Eddies in a stream are
quite the.. occurrence
of.. O-currents..


I really want to trek along the
so-called "road-less-traveled".

Yes, and I am quite..
'rare-ing' to go..


Poaching an egg?

Well, I guess that,..
though it ain't fried
in a skillet,...

you still got to kill it!..


Scientists sometimes play God.

But the scientists themselves
say that God plays dice
(if not always so nice).

So, who do the dice play?
They play us all.. for fools.

And some fools play scientists;
although the scientist then
might simply.. play-along..

(But now, playing-through...)

Yet all players do
play here.. atop this stage,
our cage.

Oh, but say what?
They play where, you say?

They play there,
and there they so play...

... upon-words.


The most inexact zero:

The.. 'indeterMINIMUM'..


"One in n times", whatever is n,
usually indicates something
happens 1/n-th of the time or
that something has a 1/n chance
of happening each time.

But (if it has ever been said),
"One in zero times" would
probably, ironically, NOT mean
something happens infinitely
often or has an infinite
chance of happening.
(Furthermore, as per the
common definition of what is
a mathematical probability,
the greatest possible chance
that an event can occur is 1,
not infinity.)

If it ever had been said,
happening "1 in 0 times" might
even have commonly meant, as
it seems to me (appealing to
my colloquial language
instincts, not to my
mathematical instincts),
happening never or having
zero chance of happening.
It may even have meant having
an indeterminate probability
or indeterminate frequency
of occurrence.

If something happens
"1 in 0 times", and it is
meant by the speaker that
that event happens despite
it being impossible to
happen (because, say,
there have been 0 rolls
of the die; but yet still
a given number shows up
anyway), then in this
situation, I suppose that,
yes, there was an infinite
probability of that event

(By the way, this all
above is mathematically
non-rigorous, and it is
so in addition to even the
fact that infinity is not
always rigorously defined
as equal to 1/0.)

Political stuff:
[Warning: Some may offend.
{I hope the above item already
scared away the dumb people.}]

Regarding recent news items
and multiple revelations about
social-media and the violations
of its users' (de-facto
alienable) human-rights:

has become..
(People and their freedoms
and privacy... crushed...
under all that so-called
Turns out, the bits and bytes
have been taken out of YOU.)

I hope that the US Supreme Court
soon issues a ruling (as long as
even corporations are persons)
clarifying the following to be
a constitutional fact:

"PRODUCTS" are persons, too!...
with constitutional rights,

[Much less serious --
but may still offend.]

The societal transition from
segregation to integration:...


[Much more serious.
Definitely will offend.]

Certain people* of a certain
US far-right political-"party"
tend to believe that those
lazy poor should just try to
pull themselves up by their
own... boot-stomps..

Just like those certain right-
wing people have already done.
Yes, many were propelled upwardly
to their great wealth (and hence,
also to their deserved political
power) via the forced downward
application of their heavy boots
(or their benefactors'/family's
heavy boots) upon the
(often non-White) poor people's
faces (if metaphorically so).

*["Certain people": Literally.
Yes, they indeed tend to be
very certain of what are the
facts on many issues, often
despite.. the actual facts..]

Hardcore punk-band
name or album-name:


(^Appropriate name,
given human-nature.)

Band-name (but probably
not for a hardcore band):

'Buxom-Buck and the Man-Boobs'

('Mister Buxom-Buckminster
and the Man-Boobs'?)

It would be odd if it is soon
someday revealed by psychology
research that what women REALLY
most want in a man's physical
appearance is not so much that
he is tall, but is rather much
more so that his pants-cuffs
are just a little too high
above his ankles, relative
to most guys' pants-cuffs.

(As the taller guys have
not been letting their
pants-cuffs droop too low.)

[^Causation vs Correlation,
yet again:.. Ohhh,...
Yet another battle fought in
this eternally raging war
for our perception of truth.]
Something serious:
(but relatively less offensive
than most of the above)

It is not so much that dreams
are ever interpreted,..
as much as they are..

(And they interpolate every
mental essence to so interpret
what is there between each
person's own mind and itself.)

The only certainties are
those lies finally revealed
by the very liars themselves
to indeed be lies.

So, hence, the lies surely
exist and have deceived us,
as we come to know as fact.
But it remains unknown which
beliefs of ours were in-fact
such lies and which others
were (even possibly) true.

All lies disprove themselves.
But consequently/likewise,
all reality has also been
disproved by its own

The most truthful truth possible
is thus this: That this all is,
therefore, at-best paradoxical.



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