Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Too Am Of Temporary Perpetuity

Blog post # 269:
(269 = is a prime.)

I'm back! (I don't know why I was gone or where I even went to.)
To 'error' is human.
But to errrrr is only the All-gorithm's fault.

I guess it could be said, though, that despite this mishap, I still...
technically... like computers..

Yes, yay.
Ha, ah, my blah-blah-blog is back.


Seven images this time, given my relatively lengthy banishment:

Dissimilarly Unto Divergences

An Abrupt Failure To Rot

Somewhat Anything

Of Rigorous Unlikelihoods

Within Physics Unspecified

Geometry's Previousness

The Decay Of Worthlessness


No anagrams today. But I do have some other wordishnesses.


I lost my rutabaga...
.. But I'm sure it'll .. turnip.. somewhere..

(... as this joke often does.)

So, there is the word "sidewalk",
and there is "sideways".
But not often do we say "sideway".

There are many ways... always..
.. to sway.
You can go along the "highway",
the "midway", the "byway",
the "walkway", the "runway",
the "pathway", the "driveway",
the "skyway", the "flyway",
the "go-away!"...

Yes, many ways to go.


When subatomic particles
violently collide, they surely undergo
quantum... en-mangle-ment.


Misunderstandings about the
martial arts can lead to ...
kung fu-sion...


What bodily organ rarely ages?...

A KID-ney!...

(But which joke is older than anything?
This one!..)


I'm rooting for the trees.


FBI bureaucrats are...
pro filers.


Now the politically controversial stuff that I may regret posting...
(Ha! But posting horrible puns is probably grounds enough for me being considered a "terrorist" in this era, anyway!)

A Palin-drome: She might be heard saying...
"Bar an Arab!"


Just a thought:

If pro-lifers believe so much that life "begins at conception" (And I am NOT going to argue they are necessarily wrong about this, actually), then why don't they just all tell everyone from now on, therefore, that they themselves are 9 months older than their legal ages?
(As I'm sure many of them did, actually, a few months before officially turning 21..)


Until I vanish again...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Inconsequence Coincidentally Consequential

Blog post # 268:
(268 = 2*67*2.)

Misanthropic Misshapenness

Beheld Thus In Misspellings

Pseudo-Geometric Indeed

Amorphously Unabsurd

(I like most of these.)


Anagrams (3):

A note retraced
And/or etcetera


Water fountains
An art is unto few.


Anti-geometrical, as so
Again coils, rotates me.


(Not so much more today.)

White Supremacism is a ...

(Ah, a little alliteration, although
only phonetically so, and also, alas,
it all consists of consistent phoniness
(phonetically), of course --
and thus this is coarsely concerning.)

(No more today.
So go vote in my poll, which is soon to close.)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking Not Like It Looks

Blog-Post # 267:
(267 = 3*89.)

Bothersome Magnificences

Analytically Of Etceteras

Overtaking Convergence Overcome

All Anythings Likewise Otherwise

Meta-Astronomical Malfunction

(Actually, the second image today, "Analytically Of Etceteras", is a slightly better image than it looks like it is. This is notable because my images almost always are a little worse, a little at least, than they look like they are.)


Them anagrams again (three):

All Atomic Astronomy
As mortality can loom.


Selfishly of our saints
If sour flatness is holy.


Seeds Of Convolution
If loves soon counted.


This is the Era Of Terror.
It is the Era of Error.

There has been quite a
Deluge Of Delusion.

Oh, all heed this, all you
Cognitive Dissidents.

It is ordained: This Era is of the
New World out-of-Order.

And all such permutations permeate
permanently, perplexingly.


(And speaking of Sarah Pain...)

"You botcha!" is a botched "You betcha!"...


PS: I often pluralize words that aren't usually plurals -- as I do sometimes with some words in some of my images' titles -- getting words such as "trigonometries" and "magnificences" and "anythings" and "everythings".
But I don't know how original or commonplace this practice is, especially in poetry.
(I guess there are many varieties of "originalities" and many different kinds of "commonplaces", however -- although these two particular plural words were indeed recognized by my browser's spell-check; so not that original sometimes.)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Apropos Apocalypse

Blog post # 266:
(266 = 2*19*7.)

(Four images, forever imagined.)

Invented Within Pronouns

Unnumbered Via Oxymora

Overcome By Finitude

Amusingly Pandemic


Anagrams (just two):

This one sequence of strangenesses...
is as quest for scenes seen then gone.


Bible is evil insanity
in believability's sin.


I lack lacquer.
(I at least lack the blacker lacquer.)


Hog-tied at high-tide by the sci-fi hi-fi?
High-five! Oh, my. Oh, so
do you have an IQ for haiku?
Me too! (But not here, I fear.)


Dealers often sell their substances in the...

abusement park...

("Some abusement for your amusement??"..)


The revolution of revelations,
it will be fought by the...


(Oh, never mind those hypno-hippies,
though. They aren't making a comeback --
not yet. Still quite quiet and still.)


Angry people (online especially)
like to spew their...

(Hey. Bulls, like some people I know,
like to spew their utter bullcrap.
Yet cows, however, like to spew their..
udder cowcrap.)


GW Bush may have indeed said this:
"I'm concerned. I'm concerned about the malappropriation of my malapropopismisms."


Those of you who know me (and maybe as I do, you know better) know I am very upset about the "choices" we have for US president in the 2012 election.
The general election will essentially be between the candidate who is of purest evil and the candidate who is infinitely worse even still.

Yes, I'm VERY pessimistic about
the US presidential race.
You could say, even,
I'm very much a ... pres-simist...


Etceteras, and etceteras,
and more etceteras,... etcetera.



Friday, February 10, 2012

Existentially Essential Etceteras

Blog post # 265:
(265 = 5*53.)

Belittled By Essence

Sight Observably Incorrect

Nothingness Needlessly Superficial

Offensively Quiet

Clangorous Predication

(I like these pictures more than those in my last blog-post, I suppose.)


Breaking word-play!
Just thought up literally seconds ago!...

Supermodels don't just pose.
They superpose, I suppose.

(Sorry to impose that
superimposition upon you.)


Okay, now today's (one) anagram:

A Hemisphere's Pain
I am happiness here.


There is some confission
among some people about
the difference between
"fusion" and "fission"..


Is All

It All
(as does its


As I so pessimistically posted in
my last blog-post,
I am a ni-Hell-ist.
(Or AM I?? Am I anything at All??)

So, a poll, now.
Please answer,
and do whether you exist or not.

What fraction (most closely approximated here) of what you assume about reality to be true do you believe is actually indeed true?

All of it
Less still, but something

Are you being honest?
Are you being honest about your honesty?
.. or honest about that, even?
.. Etcetera.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrible Parable

Blog post # 264:
(264 = 2*3*2*11*2.)

Scientifically A Parable

Nihilism Therefore Begotten

Consequential Non Sequitur

Stagnation Stymied

(The second image could have otherwise been called "Nihilism Therefore Forgotten"; and still the universe would have approved.)


One anagram (lonely, so it is):

The Nihilist
This Thin Lie


I am a 'ni-Hell-ist'.

I believe I have been damned to the illusion of all, the damnation I have most feared.
I don't believe I am even a solipsist anymore, since even I may not exist.
And I am now doubting this existence is even just a dream, because dreams imply that they are occurring inside an actual "brain", a brain that exists inside some real reality "beyond" the dream.
I suspect that all existence everywhere is formed of only ignorance and evil.
Nothing else exists, perhaps not even nothingness itself.

This is my damnation.


If FDR was president today, he would say,
"The only thing we have to fear is TERROR!"

Anyhow, terror(ism) is the terrible-parable for our era.

Yes, to terror is human.

But those suicide-exploders and bombers are all committing..
.. blast-phemy!

Such explosions are not nuanced. No.
But they are nuisances, indeed,
nuisance explosions.
(And "Nuisance Explosion" appeared in my mind as a possible band-name recently.)

Quaint, these explosions, ah, quite.
(Oh, please pass the tea, my good chap.)


If you, as do I, care not about newly released software, then you are...


I don't give a foock..
.. about celibacy.


I wonder. I wonder about astronomy.
I wonder about women.
Okay, I am wondering,...
Maybe the truth is that women's bodies control the cycles of the moon,
not vice versa
(if either possibility is true).

And maybe EVERYTHING is ultimately controlled by women's menstruation,
everything period,.. that is.



Saturday, February 4, 2012

As The Obliqueness Obliges

Blog post # 263:
(263 = a prime, perhaps.
I'm never sure about those purported primes.)

Uprightly Sideways

Unendingness Imploded

Unapologetically Gibbous Crescent

Addends Anti-Superimposed

An Idiotic Cosmos


Just two anagrams today:

As the obliqueness...
has lines be quotes.


A pincher
Her panic


Our sadistic pseudoscience
is our... sado-science.

(Sado-scientific is all such politics, chemistry, psychology and psychiatry, physics, metaphysics, and mathematics determined to impose itself against and into our innocent minds.
And we each will hellishly succumb, as it has been overwhelmingly determined, to that excessively wicked experimentation.)


A little cheerier:..

If a group reluctantly agrees to something, despite their mutual anger amongst themselves, then they are all in...


If you can't work because you suffer from chronic vertigo,
then you have a ... dizzy-bility...


(Mitt Romney is not the poor-man's Mormon.)

He is indeed a Mormon of Mammon.

(He's more, man. He's the man with more.)