Monday, February 13, 2012

Apropos Apocalypse

Blog post # 266:
(266 = 2*19*7.)

(Four images, forever imagined.)

Invented Within Pronouns

Unnumbered Via Oxymora

Overcome By Finitude

Amusingly Pandemic


Anagrams (just two):

This one sequence of strangenesses...
is as quest for scenes seen then gone.


Bible is evil insanity
in believability's sin.


I lack lacquer.
(I at least lack the blacker lacquer.)


Hog-tied at high-tide by the sci-fi hi-fi?
High-five! Oh, my. Oh, so
do you have an IQ for haiku?
Me too! (But not here, I fear.)


Dealers often sell their substances in the...

abusement park...

("Some abusement for your amusement??"..)


The revolution of revelations,
it will be fought by the...


(Oh, never mind those hypno-hippies,
though. They aren't making a comeback --
not yet. Still quite quiet and still.)


Angry people (online especially)
like to spew their...

(Hey. Bulls, like some people I know,
like to spew their utter bullcrap.
Yet cows, however, like to spew their..
udder cowcrap.)


GW Bush may have indeed said this:
"I'm concerned. I'm concerned about the malappropriation of my malapropopismisms."


Those of you who know me (and maybe as I do, you know better) know I am very upset about the "choices" we have for US president in the 2012 election.
The general election will essentially be between the candidate who is of purest evil and the candidate who is infinitely worse even still.

Yes, I'm VERY pessimistic about
the US presidential race.
You could say, even,
I'm very much a ... pres-simist...


Etceteras, and etceteras,
and more etceteras,... etcetera.



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