Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrible Parable

Blog post # 264:
(264 = 2*3*2*11*2.)

Scientifically A Parable

Nihilism Therefore Begotten

Consequential Non Sequitur

Stagnation Stymied

(The second image could have otherwise been called "Nihilism Therefore Forgotten"; and still the universe would have approved.)


One anagram (lonely, so it is):

The Nihilist
This Thin Lie


I am a 'ni-Hell-ist'.

I believe I have been damned to the illusion of all, the damnation I have most feared.
I don't believe I am even a solipsist anymore, since even I may not exist.
And I am now doubting this existence is even just a dream, because dreams imply that they are occurring inside an actual "brain", a brain that exists inside some real reality "beyond" the dream.
I suspect that all existence everywhere is formed of only ignorance and evil.
Nothing else exists, perhaps not even nothingness itself.

This is my damnation.


If FDR was president today, he would say,
"The only thing we have to fear is TERROR!"

Anyhow, terror(ism) is the terrible-parable for our era.

Yes, to terror is human.

But those suicide-exploders and bombers are all committing..
.. blast-phemy!

Such explosions are not nuanced. No.
But they are nuisances, indeed,
nuisance explosions.
(And "Nuisance Explosion" appeared in my mind as a possible band-name recently.)

Quaint, these explosions, ah, quite.
(Oh, please pass the tea, my good chap.)


If you, as do I, care not about newly released software, then you are...


I don't give a foock..
.. about celibacy.


I wonder. I wonder about astronomy.
I wonder about women.
Okay, I am wondering,...
Maybe the truth is that women's bodies control the cycles of the moon,
not vice versa
(if either possibility is true).

And maybe EVERYTHING is ultimately controlled by women's menstruation,
everything period,.. that is.



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SOme nice word play in there.