Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Too Am Of Temporary Perpetuity

Blog post # 269:
(269 = is a prime.)

I'm back! (I don't know why I was gone or where I even went to.)
To 'error' is human.
But to errrrr is only the All-gorithm's fault.

I guess it could be said, though, that despite this mishap, I still...
technically... like computers..

Yes, yay.
Ha, ah, my blah-blah-blog is back.


Seven images this time, given my relatively lengthy banishment:

Dissimilarly Unto Divergences

An Abrupt Failure To Rot

Somewhat Anything

Of Rigorous Unlikelihoods

Within Physics Unspecified

Geometry's Previousness

The Decay Of Worthlessness


No anagrams today. But I do have some other wordishnesses.


I lost my rutabaga...
.. But I'm sure it'll .. turnip.. somewhere..

(... as this joke often does.)

So, there is the word "sidewalk",
and there is "sideways".
But not often do we say "sideway".

There are many ways... always..
.. to sway.
You can go along the "highway",
the "midway", the "byway",
the "walkway", the "runway",
the "pathway", the "driveway",
the "skyway", the "flyway",
the "go-away!"...

Yes, many ways to go.


When subatomic particles
violently collide, they surely undergo
quantum... en-mangle-ment.


Misunderstandings about the
martial arts can lead to ...
kung fu-sion...


What bodily organ rarely ages?...

A KID-ney!...

(But which joke is older than anything?
This one!..)


I'm rooting for the trees.


FBI bureaucrats are...
pro filers.


Now the politically controversial stuff that I may regret posting...
(Ha! But posting horrible puns is probably grounds enough for me being considered a "terrorist" in this era, anyway!)

A Palin-drome: She might be heard saying...
"Bar an Arab!"


Just a thought:

If pro-lifers believe so much that life "begins at conception" (And I am NOT going to argue they are necessarily wrong about this, actually), then why don't they just all tell everyone from now on, therefore, that they themselves are 9 months older than their legal ages?
(As I'm sure many of them did, actually, a few months before officially turning 21..)


Until I vanish again...


jamiessmiles said...

Good to have you back Leroy.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks, Jamie!


An addendum to the 'ways to sway':
There is also
the "causeway", the "railway", the "seaway", the "raceway", and the "speedway".
(No way! ... Anyway...)

flip said...

I thought the word play was good today.
(lotta rhymin' goin' on there)