Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking Not Like It Looks

Blog-Post # 267:
(267 = 3*89.)

Bothersome Magnificences

Analytically Of Etceteras

Overtaking Convergence Overcome

All Anythings Likewise Otherwise

Meta-Astronomical Malfunction

(Actually, the second image today, "Analytically Of Etceteras", is a slightly better image than it looks like it is. This is notable because my images almost always are a little worse, a little at least, than they look like they are.)


Them anagrams again (three):

All Atomic Astronomy
As mortality can loom.


Selfishly of our saints
If sour flatness is holy.


Seeds Of Convolution
If loves soon counted.


This is the Era Of Terror.
It is the Era of Error.

There has been quite a
Deluge Of Delusion.

Oh, all heed this, all you
Cognitive Dissidents.

It is ordained: This Era is of the
New World out-of-Order.

And all such permutations permeate
permanently, perplexingly.


(And speaking of Sarah Pain...)

"You botcha!" is a botched "You betcha!"...


PS: I often pluralize words that aren't usually plurals -- as I do sometimes with some words in some of my images' titles -- getting words such as "trigonometries" and "magnificences" and "anythings" and "everythings".
But I don't know how original or commonplace this practice is, especially in poetry.
(I guess there are many varieties of "originalities" and many different kinds of "commonplaces", however -- although these two particular plural words were indeed recognized by my browser's spell-check; so not that original sometimes.)


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I also like to screw with words. But I do it in a way that makes me seem morer