Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diminishment Invoked

Blog post # 238:
(238 = 2*7*17.)

Agnostic Zeroness

Insight Of A Malefactor

Unconcealed Obviousness

Pronouns Of Bigotry

Incorrect Sorrows


An anagram, yes:

Nothing else
is one length.


Nothing else,


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Devoid Of Voids

Blog post # 237:
(237 = 3*79.)

Between Its Resemblance

Aberration Wrung

Elaborate Lacking

Twice Hollow Once Iridescent

(I guess my favorites of these are the top one and bottom one.)


Just one thing to ponder today:

What if your (first or last) name was "Void"?

Then how would you be able to get anyone to accept your checks? .....

(This question occurred to me many years ago.
I apologize if I asked it here before.)



Friday, October 21, 2011

As Disturbed

Blog post # 236:
(236 = 2*59*2.)

Intensity Of Exoskeletons

Fraction Of Consistency

Extraneous Asymptotes

Beautifully Defied

Thereafter Extrapolated


The anagram for this day:

As Disturbed
Bad Rust Dies

(Oh, relatively crappy.)


And, finally, a horrible pun:

So, tomorrow isn't two days from now. It is one day from now.
So, shouldn't we instead call it...


(Is it any wonder I am perpetually lonely and unemployed... really?)



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Of Pi Or Death

Blog post # 235:
(235 = 5*47.)

Undetermined And Indeterminate

Emphatic Unworthiness

Unexplainable Diagonality

Perturbed By Balance

Draped Amongst Levitation


Thus, this, an anagram....

For that ellipsoid
Still of pi or death


Okay, here is a politically-incorrect pun:

Transexuality is...


(I suspect this pun is highly unoriginal.)

The alleged End-Of-The-World is coming soon (in only a few days), according to one infamous self-proclaimed seer.

So, how long do YOU think we have until The End does come for us all who are still alive at the time?

Less than a year.
1-3 years.
4-10 years.
11-30 years.
31-75 years.
76-150 years.
151-500 years.
501-2000 years.
2001+ years, but eventually.



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Dim Whole

Blog post # 234:
(234 = 2*3*13*3)

Vanishing Nonexistence

Unrepentant Drowning

Bidirectional Trisection

Outstretched Inwardness

Conjoined Without Enumeration


Okay, I DO have an anagram today, but it is really lame.

A dim whole
Oh, I am lewd.


[Stuff deleted so as to not look guilty.]



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just This

Blog post #233:
(233 = a prime, I think.)

Singularity Without Crescendo

Asymmetric Contradiction

Adequate Nothingness

Subterfuge Feigned

Lacking Unreality


Don't feel like posting anything other than pictures today. By the way, hurry up and read my blog before it is deleted. Google likes to delete people's blogs for no apparently good reason all the time.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


Blog post # 232:
(232 = 2*2*2*29.)

More crappy pictures:

Impractical Frustration

Demanding Apathy

Insufficient Extreme

Another Intermittency

They Rest As Weirdness


No anagrams today. No poetry. I have lost any interest in so many hobbies I used to have -- music writing, mathematics, drawing, poetry writing, game inventing, anagram making, and (coming really damn soon) the making of computer art.

As for why I don't post poetry here anymore: I used to, many years ago, write somewhat quality poems, at least on occasion. Somewhat quality poems, anyway. But soon, even before I started this blog, my poetry became more and more cliche, less and less unique between poems. As you must have noticed if you have read any of it I have posted here, I like to reuse words over and over again from poem to poem. Yes, one could argue that this is just my "style", since it is for the most part intentional. But still this habit is annoying, even to myself.

Honestly, none of the poetry I have posted to this blog ever was worth publishing. And lately, recently, my poetry has gotten even worse.

So, forget it. I have no plans to post poetry here again. Maybe I will if I really like a particular poem. But I haven't really liked one of my poems in many years.

And also my computer art has been sucking lately. I regretfully forced myself to post the pictures for today despite my temptation to forego blogging entirely, at least for a while.