Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Of Pi Or Death

Blog post # 235:
(235 = 5*47.)

Undetermined And Indeterminate

Emphatic Unworthiness

Unexplainable Diagonality

Perturbed By Balance

Draped Amongst Levitation


Thus, this, an anagram....

For that ellipsoid
Still of pi or death


Okay, here is a politically-incorrect pun:

Transexuality is...


(I suspect this pun is highly unoriginal.)

The alleged End-Of-The-World is coming soon (in only a few days), according to one infamous self-proclaimed seer.

So, how long do YOU think we have until The End does come for us all who are still alive at the time?

Less than a year.
1-3 years.
4-10 years.
11-30 years.
31-75 years.
76-150 years.
151-500 years.
501-2000 years.
2001+ years, but eventually.



1 comment:

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

First off, your favicon is now seen on the Dashboard.
Secondly, if you ever decide to put your art into canvas, I'll probably be a constant buyer if I can afford it at all.
Thirdly, I shouldn't have, but I chuckled at the politically incorrect humour. =D