Monday, March 31, 2014

Loco Loci And Their Foci

Blog-post # 424:
(424 = 2*2*2*53.)

Only a relatively few
sketchy-scans today.

As Also Nonlinearities Are
Aligned Along Their Parallelisms

Essences And Non-essences
Else Of Existence

Otherwise As Un-likewise,
If Likewise As Counter-otherwise

Sorry, not as many anagrams
and puns today as usually.
Some other types of stuff,
however, are prevalent.]


Annihilation has
its symmetries.
In this analysis
is more than time.


A hallucination was
this or these.
Such annihilates
what is too real.


Zero equals such a
nonzeroness, despite
what it is.
Questions are
as this was:
Their puzzles
once done.


Any voids are
a zero's self.
Forever is
analyzed as so.


Cusps' diagonals:
Spun as a cog slid.


April Fools:
Slop of liar.
(Or of a spill.)
Liar flop so.
(Or also flip.)


The bottom anagram is in
honor of April Fools Day,
which is TODAY.

Ha ha ha!

APRIL FOOLS! April Fools
Day is ACTUALLY tomorrow!

(This is an old joke I am
sure I heard somewhere
else. And almost no one
will read this blog-post
on the day it was posted,
Mar 31, anyway. Hell,
Almost no one will even
read this post at all..)

Regarding anagrams:

I used to like mathematics
much more so than I do now.
So maybe that is why I have
become interested in making
anagrams. They, in a way,
combine my interest in
poetry with the remains of
my interest in math.

As anagrams are,
poetry equations.


The words "aurally" and
"orally" might mistakenly
be confused if either of
these two words is not..
heard.. as it was.. said.


The word 'neven' (on the
pattern of 'never' formed
from 'not ever'), had it
existed, would have surely
existed quite.. oddly.. so.


You know what type of disease
you catch from the employees
at the hospital where you are
being treated?


(This joke^ seems very
unoriginal. Maybe I posted
it here before, or maybe
I read it somewhere else,
or both. I think both.)

Maybe many (most?) people who
refuse to buy at the store
any produce with spots on it
actually are not bothered by
the spots per-se as much as
they are by the increased
likelihood that many other
people before them have
(also) looked at AND HANDLED
that same piece of produce
before returning it to the
shelf (because of the spot,
.. and also because of the
previous handlers returning
it, in-turn because of the
spot.. and the even earlier

"Hey, you are really sick,
Jonnie. Here, let me wipe
your runny nose for you...
Oh, this tomato looks nice.
Wait. Ewww, it has a spot.
{Puts it back.}
Good thing I saw that
spot before I bought this
tomato! That spot {or the
germs from all the people
touching this tomato before
I did} could have made me
and my family REALLY SICK!"


Speaking of

I prefer to eat junk food.
But sometimes when I spend
too much, I buy something
a little more fancy.

("Hmm.. These fried gourmet
thingies look tasty."..)

But buying such fancy
foods often goes awry.
See, only after getting the
gourmet deep-fried thingies
home do I too often first
notice the cooking-
instructions, which are
frequently overly lengthy
and complex.
And they necessitate the
use of exotic cookware
and cooking-utensils,
and special types of ovens,
and maybe additional
ingredients;.. none of
these things I possess or
have the motivation to use
(let alone, in the case of
the utensils and cookware,
have the motivation to
clean later), even if I
had miraculously possessed
them all somehow.

The instructions often
go something like this:..

"Do not microwave!

First, place the [thingies]
in large bowl with a quart
of saffron-infused merlot,
cover with an inverted
ceramic plate, and place
in refrigerator to marinate
for 10 and a half hours.

Then, transfer to a copper
jorum and hand-coat in a
batter of 3 egg-whites
{properly separated}, a cup
of organic unbleached wheat
flour, and 3 tablespoons of
melted unsalted butter.

Next, transfer to casserole
dish, cover with aluminum
foil, and place on the
middle rack of a preheated
443 degree F conventional
oven to roast for exactly
one hours 12 minutes.
(High-altitude instruction:
Add an additional 5 and a
half minutes at altitudes
over 5000 feet.)
While roasting, rotate the
casserole dish at an angle
of 105 degrees each

Then lower the oven's
temperature to 310 degrees,
and roast for another
hour and 5 minutes.
Continue to rotate the
casserole dish by a 105
degree angle each half

Next, remove the [thingies]
and deep-fry in 3 quarts
of boiling yak-butter.
Cook thoroughly!
(Make certain that the
internal temperature of
each [thingy] reaches at
least 265 degrees F!)

Finally, drain and transfer
all [thingies] to a large
chilled plate to cool for
35-42 minutes.
Then enjoy!"

Thus me: "Uhh... Maybe I'll
just microwave them."..


Excerpt from my last post:

There seems to be
perhaps a bigots-decry-the
version of Russell's
Paradox. I might write more
about that in my next post,

Does this work?..

Consider all bigots who are
prejudiced against anyone
who is tolerant of everyone
but the bigots themselves.
Are these bigots then
bigoted against themselves?

No, that don't work..

More seriously, the
following is an
actual analog to
Russell's Paradox,
or somewhat is so:

('Group' and 'groups'
below refer to groups
of people and to
groups of groups of..
.. groups of people.)

Consider the 'Group'
whose members all are
tolerant of, but only
of, any groups which
are each tolerant of
every group BUT their
Is the Group tolerated
by its own members?

(Do stereotypical
liberals form such
a Group? .. as they
may be less bigoted
against any other
groups which are made
up of self-loathers?)

I may have gotten this
paradox wrong --
and I can no think
good anymore.

I set out to try to
show how ILLOGICAL
the bigots' arguments
for the bigot-haters'
hypocrisy are.

But if this is a true
analog to Russell's
Paradox, or at least
is indeed a paradox,
then maybe this shows,
by implication, instead
just how ILLOGICAL the
existence of the group
of stereotypical
self-loathing liberals
Because if this group
existed, then this would
have lead to a WaCkO
CrAzY logic-paradox,
and the universe would
have collapsed long ago.
Since it is still here,
then, therefore, it can
be shown that the
bigots' accusations of
hypocrisy against the
bigot-haters are faulty,
.. but only because
sense at all..
(or something).

But, as I say,
I no think good now.


(Alluding to the
first anagram today.)

The scientific study of


[Warning: Following 3 items
have political and economic
subject matter.]

They say that E = M C^2.

They also say that,
"Money is the root of all evil".

So, let Evil = E, and Money = M,
and Corruption = C.

(And corruption is analogous to
the velocity of light, because
nothing spreads faster in this
universe than corruption.)

First we see, as it is too with
the relationship between Energy
and Mass, it is evident that
the magnitudes of Evil and Money
are proportional to each other.

And furthermore,
E/M = C^2.
Or,.. in other words,..

Corruption is the (square)root
of all Evil-divided-by-Money.

(Fun with math and science!)


It seems the ONLY good news
these days is when bad things
happen to bad people, as they
SOMETIMES do... (sometimes).

That is why I now days enjoy
reading the business section
of the news, despite my
personal distaste for money.

It cheers me to read how
THOSE people (who have so
often ruined the lives of
other people via their
power and greed) are
sometimes suffering, too.
Albeit the super-rich's
suffering, whenever it
has happened, is in much
different ways and is to
much lesser magnitudes than
is the suffering of their
economic victims.


Modern-day Miranda Warning:

"You have the right -- ha ha
-- to remain TOTALLY silent.
If you, however, choose to
(or must) give up that right,
ANYTHING you (or anyone you
know, or anyone they know,
or anyone THEY know)
have ever said, written,
done -- whether online, on
the telephone, or in private;
anything, anywhere, at any
time -- can and WILL be used
against you; although not
necessarily in any
courts-of-law, because
terrorist-hippy scum such
as yourself (and/or such as
anyone you have ever, in any
way, communicated with, or
anyone who has ever
communicated with anyone who
has ever communicated with
anyone who has ever
communicated with any
terrorist-hippy scum such
as yourself) do not have the
right at all to face even
a judge, let alone a jury,
before it is determined
(perhaps solely via the
government's A.I.-enhanced
Bayesian-statistical analysis)
that you are a threat who must
be 'disappeared' permanently."

See, you have a choice;
.. a 'Freedom-Choice',
you could even say:

You can now totally avoid
communicating with everyone
you know.. the EASY way;
you WILL soon totally avoid
communicating with everyone
you know.. the HARD way..)

[.. And, please, sir,..
turn to the side and cough.*]

*("Cough? But, but.. I have
a RIGHT to remain silent!"
Doctor: "I take that to mean
you are definitely guilty.
Only a terr'rist would refuse
to allow a doctor to check
for his potential hernia!")


TV in other universes:

(1) There is only a
black-and-white signal
which is transmitted.
But each TV uses its
own highly advanced AI
to automatically color
in the images
(and maybe also to make
them appear 3D, in some
of these universes).

(2) TV signals are analog.
When a TV is tuned slightly
off a bit from the correct
frequency, the image gets
blurry (instead of getting
static-y, as had happened
in our universe back when
our TV signals were analog).

When the TVs are tuned too
far off from the correct
frequency and the images
reach a level of infinite
blurriness (at the optical
infinity, man..),
then that is called:
"Below Zero-Focus".

("Below Zero-Focus"
seems maybe like a good
or sci-fi novel name.)


Hey, that WaCkY Non-Euclidean
geometry sure has some really

loco loci!...



Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Infinity Of Finitudes

Ah, the infinitude of finities.
As all these also were once
only likewise so to end.

Blog-post # 423:
(423 = 3*47*3.)

Twelve new sketchy sketches.
(Seriously, the crappy quality
of the "scans" is inspiring
me to cease this blog maybe
relatively soon.
Again, I remind you all
to go look at my posts from
Oct 28, 2013, # 402, and
earlier -- as then my art
looked much better.)

Beyond All Distances

Neither 'Either' Nor 'Aether'
Is Otherwise So

Only Oneness Is
Aperiodically Hollow

A Knot Entwined With
Its Inability To Ever
Have Been Tied

The Glassiest Of
Clarifying Convergences


In Indicative Thesauri Or
Theoretical Dictionaries

Nonzeroness Equals Zeroness,
And Thus Is Zero

Entangled Concentricities
Of Multiangular Knots

Loci Formed Through The
Foci Of All Solidity

These Many Mis-arrangements
Of Infinities

The Thing Made Before
Creation Had Been

Anagrams: (11 -- the anagram
of which is.. 11.)

All refraction's beauty is
hewn as each color's prism.
Its rainbows metaphorically
are of such clearness.


Dimensions made cobwebs;
These are of entropy.
They so spin,
become as formed,
or be as entwined.


Any trigonometries
are more lengthwise
inside this.
Only their
intermediate origins
were as some things.


Dreams are knots;
Yet sad illusions
are only curved.
As our lackluster
minds do sever, as
any entirely do.


As inside our
sanity's metaphors;
as in foolish dreams;
.. Any liars and
idiots are of this
amorphous messiness.


This beyond
vast distance:
That descent in
abyss' void.


Demonic end:
I condemned.


Any only in it;
These hide inside that.
Annihilation ends this;
Yet they die.


Nonzeroness is..
In sensor-zones.


Synonyms are also
as what else is.
A sameness was
solely this or any.


A continuum's
equinox ascends.
As no quantum-nexus


Regarding bottom
anagram above:

This is to honor of the
equinox about a week ago.

Hey, the spinning of the
Earth might be overly
unpleasant and harmful
this time of year; as it
so is surely quite..


(And this spinning can
thus make us very..

But, hey, as they say,
even an unbalanced/tilted
planetary rotation is still
twice per year!..

[^Alluding to my earlier
sundial/clock joke.]

The circles all agreeing
to align within each other
is of:...



The world that microbes
existentially experience
is their..



From white light,
a prism...

'hews hues'..

(And then it..
collates those colors
it has so cut.)


The monitoring device which
is outputting only weirdly
erroneous data is a..



"Clam-Powder; Baby-Chowder!"

This should become a
popular interjection,
to be said in that
early 1900's
nasal type of voice.

[Did people back then commonly
really sound like that? Or was
that through-a-megaphone nasal
sound of most recorded voices
just an artifact of that era's
recording technology?]


'The Mis-abused'


"Path Of Greatest Resistance"
seems like a punk-band name,

(Sing it!..
"Along the path
of most resistance!
Along our path
to least existence!"..)


Speaking of^ that path
of most resistance and
of least existence...

[Warning: Next 4 items
involve politics.
Warning: Pun-ditry.]

Is the Cold War
on-again again?


Lots of taunting,..
and lots of taking-back
of the take-backs of
the previous taunting.


And speaking of politics:

I guess the corporate/
military ties common in the
US are, for their investors,
a form of profitable..

(as in..
'hedge{-money}' funds).

(Is that why our nation is
..'ka-ching a Cold'-{War}?)

[^A sickness, either way.]

Historically, though,
war-time is of the..

bad-old (battle) days.

(And some people [mostly
bad old people] long for
those days-long battles.)


The prophetic authoritarian
leader (who knows his
successor will be even
more authoritarian) is a..


[Warning: Race and bigotry
is to be discussed next

I was wondering if in the
near future -- if this is
not already an existent
computer app --
there is created a..


It would "correct" any
writing so to, for example,
change "The Black Sea"
"The African-American Sea",

or change two particular
(if oddly still acceptable)
common phrases into
"an Asian in our armor",

or change the name of
our species to

Seriously, though:
There are plenty of reasons
to dislike people and to
even hate people, but these
reasons mostly apply to
almost everyone collectively.
And the justifications for any
hate are never ever delineated
along racial/ethnical/gender/
sexual-orientation/age lines,
and are rarely ever justified
along religious or even
political lines.

But I have to wonder,
honestly, if the
dislike for bigotry many
of us claim to have is
really more so because of
our hatred for the bigots
themselves rather than
because of our love and/or
acceptance and tolerance
for all types/groups of

It is FUN to hate, see.
So why not hate the bigots
themselves, as long as we
are hating, more so than
hate anyone else?
(Although, when the bigots
whine about how THEY are
not tolerated by those very
people who desire tolerance
for all other groups, I
have to be infuriated
somewhat even more so by
these bigots' hypocrisy.
Ha Ha Ha.
Because the bigots have
no valid opinions at all
on matters of tolerance,
logic, or hypocrisy; as
they cannot even begin to
empathetically understand
the mental-processes of
any persons outside of
their own immediate group
{as they themselves
have often claimed}.)

[Update: There seems to be
perhaps a bigots-decry-the
version of Russell's
Paradox. I might write more
about that in my next post,

[Warning: This one item may
offend. If sexual content
might offend you, please
skip to the item after this.]

New suggested term
for the clitoris:

The.. 'vulva-uvula'.

(This is somewhat literally
correct, too, as an
'uvula' is, anatomically,
any bit of hanging flesh,
not just that in the mouth.)

Language quibbles:

Even weirder than that
the plural of 'human'
(ie. human-being) is
not 'humen' -- as would
have been based, if
it otherwise was so,
on the pattern of the
plurals of 'man' and
'woman' being 'men' and
'women' -- is that I
have not ever pondered
this issue prior to
just a few days ago.

[Note: This is not the
ONLY issue most people
have been overlooking
despite its obviousness.]

Something which annoys me
-- in regards to both math
and language -- is how some
writers (especially more so
now days, it seems) write,
x-number-of "times smaller
{or slower/fewer/dimmer/etc}
than" whatever.

As in,
"The average human-IQ
is approximately thrice
smaller than is my
own IQ."

So,.. perhaps the writer
is claiming, then, that
he/she possesses an IQ
of -50?
(Writer's IQ = w.
x -3*w = 100.
-2*w = 100.
w = -50.)

either way..)

[Update: I changed each
x in the algebra above
to a w, since I use x
elsewhere in this
subsection to represent
something different.
Talk about ambiguity!]

I hope I do not have to
explain to my reader(s)
how awful it looks (or,
.. should look) to have
written,.. a number(x)
of TIMES a measure which
represents diminishment
(slower, smaller, fewer,
dimmer, stupider, etc),
rather than..
'1/x_th as' much of a
positively increasing
measure (faster, more
numerous, smarter,
heavier, etc).

Otherwise, with
"x times smaller", say,
there is (much deserved!)
ambiguity as to whether
the writer means..

1/x the size,

or maybe instead

-(x times the size),
1-(x times the size)
(1-x) times the size,
or something else
also rather bizarre.

Of course, as with
much ambiguous writing
-- and I am the first
to be okay with this
-- if the meaning is
somehow understood by
almost all readers
anyway, then fine.
But this one practice
bothers me still;
as this is not only
exemplifies ambiguous
writing, but it
exemplifies really
annoying writing, as
well; and especially
so when professional
writers* write like
this for the masses
(who then will think
this crap is okay and
adopt the practice).

*(These writers are
writing with 10 TIMES
LESS talent than they
otherwise would have
written with.)



Is there a single-symbol
used for 'or', analogous
to how the ampersand is
used for 'and'?

The 'ampersor'?

Maybe the circle-r
(registered trademark
symbol) might do?


[Maybe the circle-r cannot
be used for the 'or'
purpose because it itself
has been trademarked
already for the sole use
of indicating registered

Whenever you are writing,
and it is more precise for
you to write 'distinct'
instead of 'unique',
be sure then to make
that proper..



When the point dissipates,

.. it disappoints..



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Synonyms Of Celestillation


Blog-post # 422:
(422 = 2*211.)

Seven new art-inanimations:

The Many Oscillations
Of Endless Oneness

Twice Amongst Thrice
Within Halves And/Or Thirds

Mostly Isometric
Are Most Scribbles


These Synonyms Of
Misspelled Photons

Amorphous Spinning
Of Cosines

Integers Dividing
Into Themselves With
Nonzero Remainder

[15 -- Fiveteen; Which I can
only spell.. a bit more well
than I can 'Fourty'.]

As from spectra:
Space forms art.


In spectra
so apparent:
Art spans a


Any madness is
what is ornate.
This was as insane
yet random.


Yet the scribbles are
almost ideal in this.
All besides that, then,
is barely isometric.


The partial dichotomy
is as oneness.
Those many depictions
are also this.


Similarity otherwise
ends totality.
This or it always
does limit entirety.


All shadows are
this universe's.
As there, void was
as Hell's ruins.


This pretty peahen's
beauty itself so was.
But yet, yet she is of
what is less apparent.


Made as those, strange
creations were made.
Drawings are so, some,
the same, and etcetera.


In a count.


What a synonym is as:
Any was this; so many.


Only these are...
Else any other.


All this, but this:
That is bullshit.


is a knot.
mistakes align.


Errors are thus formed
inside this theorem.
Disorder is therefore
more than their sums.


Words with similar meaning,
but misspelled slightly so
as to be palindromic:




'Stellar: All ETs.'


Therein (herein):
An entirely self-contained
proof, itself proved true
via itself, is thus true,



Incorrect math is,
in conclusion,..

'ThERRORfore' so.

(Or.. thER{ror}efore.)


What condiment do artists
put on their burgers?

'Sketch-up', of course!


If you drive your car
through a fence, I guess
that means you are
surely quite the..

de-fence-sive driver?..

["But, dammit, that
was really very
necessary, I tell ya'!
Hey, that fence was
otherwise just so
dangerous and was too
much in the way!"..
.. ^You guessed it:
Said by the driver,
as he was being.. on
.. the defensive..]

A sign of transposition
[posted on the {de}fence]:

'Be dogged by awareness.'

(I think that
'Bewareness' should be
a common word, especially
these days. But WHOM is
it we should really all
be guarding* against, in
regards to this state
of bewareness?..)
*[Regarding our..
In my last post I wrote;
Quoth, me:..

Introspective rainbows often
have their moments of..

So, thus, such rainbows
must each have an..



As a peafly-butterfowl
was solely so:..

Aurorally speaking
.. yet (else) (also)..
orally aglow.

[^Someone should draw
a picture of a peacock
with a butterfly-wing
design on its tail,
juxtaposed next to a
butterfly with a
peacock-tail pattern
on its wings.
I won't do so, however,
because this is not an
original idea at all,
and I just don't have
the ability {artistic
or otherwise} to make
such an image, anyway.
However, images with
this theme have very
likely been made by
many different artists
already, certainly;
I myself probably have
already seen some of
these images.]

Band-name suggestion:

'No-Way Street'

[This band must exist
already, though.]
[Warning: The next item
may offend,.. and get
me {or keep me} on that
government list.]

Naive guy asks:
Are those the guys who
drop the suicidal bombs?"

[Hmmm.. But ALL bombs
are suicidal by-nature;
as their very purpose
in 'life' is to be
themselves destroyed,
as much as that
purpose is for they
to be destructive
and to destroy other
things and to kill.]

And thus, the universe
.. pulses...




Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some Subaxiomatic Particularities

Blog-post # 421:
(421 = a prime.)

Six new inanimate scrawls:

Three-Halves Of

Emptiness Stirred Mathematically

Creation Transformed
By The Glassiness Of
Transformative Sands

Subaxiomatic Particularities

Amorphousness Yet Rotating..
As Unto Trigonometry's Shape


(Of course, the bottom image's
name, "Skulvis", is a portmanteau.
And the image above that has
a title which is an anagram.)

Rue of net,
To unfree.]
{I will not say there
are now 15 anagrams,
because this one above
is not really worthy
of being counted.}

yet rotating...
As unto


A polygon forms as
rotations there.
Those portrayals
are of its gnomon.


A scalar's
Any is as
spectral as
are shapes.


A spectral show:
So seen, so heard.
.. As were those
shapes and colors.


Dimensions are
as poetic
were drawn so.
Any creation is of
its space-time's
own theorems
and/or weirdness.


Time-pieces are so
distant then small
yet asymmetrical.
Most emptiness is
entirely created
as mathematically.


An angular hourglass
is of that, in this
passageway's descent.
The lens' focus was
as a gate; as any
sand-grains slip
through it.


In this hourglass
of shade's angular
.. The sand-grains
slide as through a
lens' focus.


The exacting
atoms align;
All is any.
Things entangle
as axiomatically.


The glassiness is
almost ideal yet
plexiform yet
That aperiodic helix
of atoms else aligns
in less symmetry.


One is divided and
is else as also
are its own zones.
In zero-lessness
inside, alas,
a void too
was denied.


Soon was...
Now; so as.


Odd piles:

[^Did I post
this one already?
Worth posting
again, anyway.]

Finality else was:
Nils as we yet fail.


They say, even a broken clock
is correct twice per day.

But, a working sundial,
on the other hand*, is
correct half the day!

(But, these days, it is wrong
over half of those half-days
it would have otherwise been
correct, because of
Daylight-Savings Time --
but that is yet another
topic for yet another day
{which is Sunday, or
tomorrow as of when I
posted this}.)

*[On the other gnomon?]

You hear about that clock
which periodically stops?

Yeah, it predictably
does break like..

clockwork (sometimes does).

[If this clock is not auto-set
somehow, I am wondering how
this hypothetical clock would
even know when it is to break?
{^And my attempt at
pseudo-philosophy has accidently
begotten a possible riddle.}

Introspective rainbows often
have their moments of..



Speaking of looking at oneself:

Why are "selfies" not more
commonly spelled "cell-fies"?

Maybe the word "cell-fy" is
wisely being reserved
(by whomever/whatever dictates
trendy words) for when, in the
very near future, AI tech
becomes so advanced that
cell-phones somehow achieve
consciousness and vanity, and
so those phones then begin to
take pictures of themselves
using their own cameras.

(Then people's cell-phones too
will become as annoying as now
are the people who use them.)

Both the poor and the rich
need to make far more money.

But the difference is:...

The poor need to do so..
so to pay their bills.

Yet the rich need to do so..
so to pay their shills.

[.. And they both must
.. make their kills
just to have their fills.

.. To hunt, they must:
As it so is just;
as this common need
has been decreed.

And despite our skills
and despite our ills,
each such kill fulfills;
thus, its money thrills.

And we ourselves survive,
as we each always will,
or.. we all will do so
only.. until...]

[.. Our nil?]

[Did I post the
following already?]

Maybe pet-lovers
should refer to dogs as
and to cats as


Speaking of anthropomorphization:

Immigrants deported from a
country, now called "deportees",
should maybe instead be called,
to humanize them more,


to be more politically-correct,

(And, as a bonus, "dem" resembles
Greek for "the people", "demos".
On the other hand, given that
"demi" is a prefix which means
'half', "demigrant" looks like it
might mean a person who has been
halfway granted something, such
as, say, permanent residency
and/or citizenship in the country
they are now living in.)

However, conversely, maybe
non-person items that,
after being imported into
a nation, have then been
returned back to their nation
of origin for whatever reason
("exported" or "deported" to
there, you might say) maybe
could be called..

'deports' (as a noun).

[Have I posted the
following already?]

Siblings essentially are..



The overlapping words of
this portmanteau, herein,
are moreover quite as..



If you have the list of all
paradoxes where each paradox
in the list references Russell's
Paradox within it and where each
such paradox does not refer to
itself within itself, does that
list contain.. this paradox?

(But is this even a paradox?
And even if not, is it in
that list anyway?)
[I have NOT thought about this
question in any serious way...
or really at all.
My mind must thus contain,
MAYBE, the list of such

Anyway, MAYBE there is
in the {non-serious}
"paradox" I have stated

But what about the list
of all paradoxes which
do not reference their own
{pseudo}profoundness within
them? Is the question of
whether this list contains
the very paradox herein
this very paragraph then
itself {pseudo}profound,
or is it not?... It is..


Suggested band-names:

'A Vicious Sphere'

'Shenanigans For Shut-Ins'


(Singing lapses
lead to..

A suggested gimmick
for a professional singer:

The singer is a ventriloquist
who ACTUALLY sings during
live performances, but who
does not move his/her lips
(let alone lip-synch).

in other words.


(.. Slips inching{-up}.)


Splitting a standing tree
vertically down its center,
and then removing one half,
will get you..

'a semi-tree',..
which is thus of..

a group of many
might still possess
many 'symmetries',
geometric and/or

(Regarding those sub-axioms..)

The mathematical analogs to
subatomic particles:..

Subaxiomatic particularities:

If there is a mathematical
proof that can be subdivided
between its steps,
between its lines, with
increasingly more basic and
rigorous lemmas/axioms each
supporting a step in the
previous iteration of this
lengthening proof -- so that
the proof as a whole is to
become increasingly more
certain as these sub-lemmas/
sub-axioms are interleaved
between the lemmas/axioms
of the previous iteration --
then maybe that mathematical
proof, after an infinite
number of such iterations,
becomes essentially..
a continuum,
ie. a continuous logical
(and infinitely complex)
structure of an infinite number
of supporting arguments each
supported by an infinite number
of supporting arguments
(.. ad-infinitum), arguments
which are more simple
and more certain at each
higher-order level than at the
levels of the previous orders.

(However, this likely would
not represent a 'continuum' in
the mathametical sense,
ironically. I am guessing that,
at most, the number of steps
would be of countable-infinity
{as large as the number of all
integers or fractions},
and would not possess the
cardinality of the set of
all real-numbers...
Not even close to being close.)

[Update: Whoops. Without thinking
too hard about it, I guess it IS
possible to get such a proof
that contains a number of steps
equal to the infinity which
equals the number of real numbers;
ie. the infinity of the continuum.
But,.. to do so would require
LOTS {an infinite amount} of
repetition of at least some of
the sub-lemmas/sub-axioms.
That is because the list of ALL
distinct proofs, lemmas, and axioms
which can be written in any language
with a finite character-set is of
a MUCH smaller infinity -- that of
the number of integers -- than is
the number of reals.
But if we wrote, say, 10 sub-lemmas
supporting each lemma on the level
above them, the number of all steps
in the proof would be as the number
of decimal fractions between 0 and
1, or in other words, the number of
proofs has the cardinality of the
reals. So the AVERAGE number of
times each subaxiom/sublemma is
repeated would have to be infinity,
quite a huge infinity, actually.
{Did I do that all^ correctly?}]

Now, the offensive stuff:..
[Warning: Rest may offend.]

It is fitting, I guess, that
many johns are loner-men,
since many prostitutes are,
essentially,.. loaner-women.


As they say:

The only good [blank],
who is just-as-good-as-dead,
is a dead [blank],
who is just-as-good-as-dead.

[^You have carte-blanche
to fill in the 'blank'.]

Some tongue-twisters:
(Your actual smileage may vary.)

"Those special spectra's
colorectal colors are
especially else as spectral."

"This is thus a trusted testament
to my rusty but trusty testes."



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Superimposed By Overlapping

Blog-post # 420:
(420 = 2*5*3*7*2.)

[Lots to read today.
Sorry, or you're welcome.]

Eight new art inanimations:
But should I even call these
'inanimations' anymore, like I
called my computer art (which I
posted until a few months ago)?

These are more so scrawl than
sketches; as if I am a doctor
illegibly writing out a
prescription, or something,
when I make these drawings.
(Hey, the vivid colors and
the relatively high resolution
were not all I miss about those
computer images of mine --
the straight lines and perfect
circles were nice too.)

As Asymmetry

Portrayal Of The
Oneness Of Zero's
Infinitely Many

Sundiality Arisen

Overlapped By Its
Own Discontinuities

Equalities Of Entirety Else
Entirely Equal To Equations

The Divisibilities
Of Random Space

This Lunar-lessness
Of Eclipses

Chaotically Becoming

("Sundiality" is the
reality of the sundial.)
[Eleven -- 11.]

Space is random,
yet it is seen;
... As sameness'
periodic entity.


This tangle overlaps
its arcs' shape.
That vast prong is
else as spherical.


In the coarse entropy,
these slack twists are
tied askew.
A sphere as knotted
there was as its
clockwise entirety.


Their rotation is
as is whatever is.
Its variations are
otherwise this.


Certainty's tide
overcame us.
Its creation yet
made curves.


Any fails it:
As finality.


Many evil
so stirred any
Their satanism is
as every sin in
your damn selves.


Reality's angle sets
within a sundial.
It is as all;
anything was
else under it.


This universe was solar
in its daylight.
That sundial is aswirl;
everything is so.


Sums are aswirl.
Surrealism was;...


Surrealism was rotating
sideways to this.
A torus is mostly as
what is a weirdest ring.
... (Rotating sideways
to this, sums are aswirl.)

Palindromic crappiness:

'Is as it so;
meta-tori rotate;
most is as I.'


Failure after making quite
the effort is not so much
a 'triumph' as it is a..



They mocked me for having
yellow stains on my teeth.

But, hey, I just...
brushed them off.


Who researches the physics
of bluish-green light?

The 'cyan-tists', of course!


Appetizers strewn astray:

Quite the 'dis-hors d'oeuvres'.


The accordion-player playing
the written music skillfully
and accurately is surely one
time when things actually..

went.. accordion to plan!..


A celibate banker might
advertise he is a..

'low-interest lo(a)ner'.


In the future!..
(and whenever else):

There will be (are/has been)
mass-transit time-machines.

But will they have a good
reputation for..
on-space-time reliability?

(Can any
ever even possibly arrive/
depart off-schedule? Hmmmm..)

I was just reading (again) how
the entire universe may be one
big black-hole.
In that case, I would guess the
Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction
-- due to the universe expanding
extremely quickly at distances
extremely far away from us, and
so seeming to flatten and slow
to a stop at those distances --
may result in the universe
possessing an (very large)..


[PS: Is the apparent flattening
out at VERY distant distances
from us actually being observed?
I read once that it was observed
or I read that it was at least
possible. But now I cannot find
much info on this idea of there
being an 'advance horizon'.]

(As they say, the universe will
end not with a bang, but with
a whimper.
So, is this.. The..
"Big-Whimper Theory", then?)


Indeed, you are the product,
as they say. But worse,
you don't actually OWN
yourself, but rather only
have a license to use

And that usability of you
by yourself is subject to
restrictions; and this
usability can be remotely
disabled at any time and
without warning and for
any reason whatsoever.

Didn't you read your TOS?


Extremists are (by definition)
quite... ANTI-SEMI-tic.

[^I might have posted
this joke already.]

New name for eyeglasses:


Next item will surely
offend most of you.]

The US prison-system is
essentially run by the..

Department of

[It's NOT funny, sadly,
because it's true.]
Since I am being
offensive here anyway..
[Warning: Offensive.]

Proof that the Bible is
probably not representative
of historical reality:

It contains very few jokes.

Where the HELL are the jokes?
Where is the (intended) humor?!

Reality is pretty funny,...
but only for whoever has been
fooling us for these millennia
with their nasty trickery.

But the Bible is even more
serious, or at least it seems,
than would have been a purely
academic and modern-style
first-hand account of all that
genocide, murder, war, slavery,
rape, incest, famine, demons,
Hell/damnation, and that
end-of-the-world stuff.

(But to be fair, the Bible's
writers and translators over
the centuries weren't trying
to increase their ad and
purchase revenues, like the
media's scribes of today do,
by being extra entertaining;
not necessarily so, anyway.)


When it is sad for Susan,
but funny for us, it surely..

Yucks to be Sue!

(Due to a mishap
involving a spoon,



'Shock And Wow'
Their album: "Wow-Therapy".
(Shock-full of awe-fulness.)

'The Conspiracy Theorems'

'Shroud Of Turing'*

*(Was the 'Mechanical Turk' a
chess-playing Turing Machine?
{"MT-vs-TM-Complete, even?"}
Better give it the
Turing Test to find out!..
And if that test is a public-
education standardized test,
the poor Mechanical Turk will
have to fill in the little
bubbles with a number-2
pencil to indicate each of
his next chosen chess moves.
And a REAL robot would have
struggled with handling that
pencil. So, checkmate, Turk;
we know what, I mean who,
you really are!)
(PS: BS^.)

[As for this "Mechanical Turk",
was this automaton an Ottoman?..
Seriously, maybe this^ pun is
even why the automaton was made,
in the first place, to represent
a Turk, as opposed to someone
of another ethnicity? {Me know
no history of "his" story.}]

One of the worst things, I
believe, about the human mind
(aside from its commonplace
tendency to act sadistically
against others) is:..

Its inescapable and often
hyperactive tendency to try
to deceive itself.

autonomic masochism.

Early in human-evolution, it
seems, people were too often
dying from too much STRESS.**
(Of course, during those
relatively early years of
human evolution, even more so
than now days, people were
dying more from what CAUSED
stress -- wild-animal attacks,
war, famine, diseases, etc --
than from the stress per-se..
But, yeah.)

And instead of the human body
evolving to, say, be less
harmed physically by the
mind's stress, evolution
had another strategy:
Reduce the stress itself by
leading our minds (whether
any of us actually have
desired this "fix" or not) to
attempt to deceive themselves
into being overly optimistic.
(Meanwhile, any remaining
stress we each still have
anyway has continued to be
damaging to our physical

confirmation-bias (ask some
scientists about how it can
mess up their research),
bigotry, superstitions,
religion, politics,
the Dunning-Kruger effect,
mental-illnesses (especially
the psychoses with
hallucinations), dreams
(if so realistic as to be
deceptive), just being way
too stubborn about believing
what we have believed..
despite all contradictory
evidence, and even our
tendency to be too easily
deceived and also manipulated
by others (an almost willful
gullibility, if not always
willful), plus other unsavory
mental traits not necessarily
regarding our self-deception
per-se (such as addictions
to substances/behaviors),..
all became traits way too
commonplace, unfortunately,
in the brains of our species.

And not just attempts to avoid
stress have moved human-
evolution towards our tendency
to engage in self-deception.
Often other needs have too,
such as mating;..
"Believing in" oneself, enough
so such that one actually asks
out that attractive person, say,
might likely be (as it often is)
only a result of one lying to
oneself about how "great" one is.
("She wants me, I know it.")

But if the self-deceptions get
you laid and keeps you from dying
of STRESS, then you might be more
likely to pass on your
self-deception genes to your

It is almost as if humanity's
entire purpose for living our
lives is to be deceived
(by ourselves and by others).

**(PSA: And the only thing worse
than stress for you is HYSTERIA!
We have GOT to lock up all
those hysterical women and men
-- mostly women -- RIGHT AWAY!
OR ELSE! Or else.. their
HYSTERIA will spread and will

Regarding confirmation-bias
(which I mentioned above):

How do scientists and their
critics who have claimed that
confirmation-bias has tainted
scientific research (and our
human experience generally)
know for sure that THEY
THEMSELVES are not subject to
any confirmation-bias when
they see confirmation-bias?
As they too seem (seem to me,
anyway) to be determined to
see confirmation-bias all
over the place; and it surely
is ruining our understanding
about the truths of the world.
(Or IS it??...)


A drawing may be completely
realistically drawn, with all
aspects of objects depicted
within it each conforming to
and acting correctly regarding
any applicable laws of physics.
Or it may be of an extremely
unrealistic image which is
completely absurd and
nonsensical and impossible.
Or, of course, its realism
might be somewhere in the
intermediacy between.

But as there is also no
perfect zero in regards
to temperature, there too
is no way a drawing can be
of absolutely zero realism.

Because, it is indeed
physically and logically
accurate in at least one
It correctly represents
an image drawn upon some
paper/canvas/etc by a pen/
pencil/crayon/etc; and it
correctly represents the
physics of pencil-lead/ink/
etc affixed to such paper/
canvas/etc; and represents
correctly, too, the physics
of light reflecting off such
an image; and represents the
biology/psychology of our
eyes perceiving that light
and transmitting the image's
representation to our brains,
where we might understand or
not understand the aesthetics
and/or the implications
of that image.


On another topic only
somewhat related,...

May very likely offend!]

As I understand, at least
some Muslims believe that
artistic depictions of
living things are quite

Has anyone thought to
argue with those Muslims
that these artistic
depictions do not
necessarily depict
living things, per-se,
but instead they are only
depictions OF DEPICTIONS
of living things?

This same argument could be
used with some non-Muslim
people here in the West too
in regards to imagery that
THEY find offensive, also.

Maybe it could be argued
to those who want to ban
flag-desecration, as an
example, that the flags
which are being burned at
any protests are NOT really
representing America and its
freedoms, but are instead
just artistic images
(albeit, rendered in cloth)
representing flags.. which
in-turn represent America.

And what about bans on
pornography? Has anyone ever
successfully argued in court
that their porn is only
offensive things/acts, and
is not the images of any
offensive things/acts

I doubt this argument above
has ever worked, in criminal
court especially, with any
person or authority (such as
judge, prosecutor, jury) who is
firmly against any such imagery
-- it must not matter to them,
no matter what, how many times
the images were essentially
only recursively derived/
extracted from the previous
incarnations of those images.
(Photographing the images,
say, and keeping only the
photos of the photos is not
necessarily a way out of
such possession being
potentially very illegal,
I would bet.
As a matter of fact, even
simple cartoonish drawings of
stick-figures shooting "guns"
and of stick-figures engaged
in unacceptable sexual acts
have gotten real people in
very real legal trouble
before within the past years
{yes, in modern times, and,
yes, in "free" nations}.)
{Disclaimer: I am not
advocating for anyone using
the above legal strategy,
both because the bad images
might be offensive to me
personally as well, and
because, oh yeah, I am
not a lawyer.}

All that matters to many people
is the final image itself and
how it appears to the awareness
of the observer (and only how
ultimately by the observers/
which is at the crux of most
laws against offensive things).

The image IS what it represents.
(Or so, that is how it is..

(A philosophy^ which might bring
up its own spiritual crises for
Muslims, say, firmly against
any artistic portrayals of any
highly revered prophets and/or
God, if they looked hard at the
implications of that philosophy
in regards to idolatrous images
being blasphemous.
If images of images are as
blasphemous as are first-order
images of whatever living thing,
then why not is the living thing
itself/himself not just as
blasphemous also?
Logical consistency, thus,
must be.. ungodly.
{..As it also must be so to all
religions generally, by the way,
not only to extremist Islam;
but I digress.})

Speaking of logical
[And, as we know, segues
themselves can also surely
be consistently illogical.]

It is good that I do not derive
mathematical theorems anymore,
as most all of them, especially
these days, would be incorrect.

("I have proved 0=1!
So therefore, it does not.
{Or does it?..}")