Saturday, March 15, 2014

Synonyms Of Celestillation


Blog-post # 422:
(422 = 2*211.)

Seven new art-inanimations:

The Many Oscillations
Of Endless Oneness

Twice Amongst Thrice
Within Halves And/Or Thirds

Mostly Isometric
Are Most Scribbles


These Synonyms Of
Misspelled Photons

Amorphous Spinning
Of Cosines

Integers Dividing
Into Themselves With
Nonzero Remainder

[15 -- Fiveteen; Which I can
only spell.. a bit more well
than I can 'Fourty'.]

As from spectra:
Space forms art.


In spectra
so apparent:
Art spans a


Any madness is
what is ornate.
This was as insane
yet random.


Yet the scribbles are
almost ideal in this.
All besides that, then,
is barely isometric.


The partial dichotomy
is as oneness.
Those many depictions
are also this.


Similarity otherwise
ends totality.
This or it always
does limit entirety.


All shadows are
this universe's.
As there, void was
as Hell's ruins.


This pretty peahen's
beauty itself so was.
But yet, yet she is of
what is less apparent.


Made as those, strange
creations were made.
Drawings are so, some,
the same, and etcetera.


In a count.


What a synonym is as:
Any was this; so many.


Only these are...
Else any other.


All this, but this:
That is bullshit.


is a knot.
mistakes align.


Errors are thus formed
inside this theorem.
Disorder is therefore
more than their sums.


Words with similar meaning,
but misspelled slightly so
as to be palindromic:




'Stellar: All ETs.'


Therein (herein):
An entirely self-contained
proof, itself proved true
via itself, is thus true,



Incorrect math is,
in conclusion,..

'ThERRORfore' so.

(Or.. thER{ror}efore.)


What condiment do artists
put on their burgers?

'Sketch-up', of course!


If you drive your car
through a fence, I guess
that means you are
surely quite the..

de-fence-sive driver?..

["But, dammit, that
was really very
necessary, I tell ya'!
Hey, that fence was
otherwise just so
dangerous and was too
much in the way!"..
.. ^You guessed it:
Said by the driver,
as he was being.. on
.. the defensive..]

A sign of transposition
[posted on the {de}fence]:

'Be dogged by awareness.'

(I think that
'Bewareness' should be
a common word, especially
these days. But WHOM is
it we should really all
be guarding* against, in
regards to this state
of bewareness?..)
*[Regarding our..
In my last post I wrote;
Quoth, me:..

Introspective rainbows often
have their moments of..

So, thus, such rainbows
must each have an..



As a peafly-butterfowl
was solely so:..

Aurorally speaking
.. yet (else) (also)..
orally aglow.

[^Someone should draw
a picture of a peacock
with a butterfly-wing
design on its tail,
juxtaposed next to a
butterfly with a
peacock-tail pattern
on its wings.
I won't do so, however,
because this is not an
original idea at all,
and I just don't have
the ability {artistic
or otherwise} to make
such an image, anyway.
However, images with
this theme have very
likely been made by
many different artists
already, certainly;
I myself probably have
already seen some of
these images.]

Band-name suggestion:

'No-Way Street'

[This band must exist
already, though.]
[Warning: The next item
may offend,.. and get
me {or keep me} on that
government list.]

Naive guy asks:
Are those the guys who
drop the suicidal bombs?"

[Hmmm.. But ALL bombs
are suicidal by-nature;
as their very purpose
in 'life' is to be
themselves destroyed,
as much as that
purpose is for they
to be destructive
and to destroy other
things and to kill.]

And thus, the universe
.. pulses...




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