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An Infinity Of Finitudes

Ah, the infinitude of finities.
As all these also were once
only likewise so to end.

Blog-post # 423:
(423 = 3*47*3.)

Twelve new sketchy sketches.
(Seriously, the crappy quality
of the "scans" is inspiring
me to cease this blog maybe
relatively soon.
Again, I remind you all
to go look at my posts from
Oct 28, 2013, # 402, and
earlier -- as then my art
looked much better.)

Beyond All Distances

Neither 'Either' Nor 'Aether'
Is Otherwise So

Only Oneness Is
Aperiodically Hollow

A Knot Entwined With
Its Inability To Ever
Have Been Tied

The Glassiest Of
Clarifying Convergences


In Indicative Thesauri Or
Theoretical Dictionaries

Nonzeroness Equals Zeroness,
And Thus Is Zero

Entangled Concentricities
Of Multiangular Knots

Loci Formed Through The
Foci Of All Solidity

These Many Mis-arrangements
Of Infinities

The Thing Made Before
Creation Had Been

Anagrams: (11 -- the anagram
of which is.. 11.)

All refraction's beauty is
hewn as each color's prism.
Its rainbows metaphorically
are of such clearness.


Dimensions made cobwebs;
These are of entropy.
They so spin,
become as formed,
or be as entwined.


Any trigonometries
are more lengthwise
inside this.
Only their
intermediate origins
were as some things.


Dreams are knots;
Yet sad illusions
are only curved.
As our lackluster
minds do sever, as
any entirely do.


As inside our
sanity's metaphors;
as in foolish dreams;
.. Any liars and
idiots are of this
amorphous messiness.


This beyond
vast distance:
That descent in
abyss' void.


Demonic end:
I condemned.


Any only in it;
These hide inside that.
Annihilation ends this;
Yet they die.


Nonzeroness is..
In sensor-zones.


Synonyms are also
as what else is.
A sameness was
solely this or any.


A continuum's
equinox ascends.
As no quantum-nexus


Regarding bottom
anagram above:

This is to honor of the
equinox about a week ago.

Hey, the spinning of the
Earth might be overly
unpleasant and harmful
this time of year; as it
so is surely quite..


(And this spinning can
thus make us very..

But, hey, as they say,
even an unbalanced/tilted
planetary rotation is still
twice per year!..

[^Alluding to my earlier
sundial/clock joke.]

The circles all agreeing
to align within each other
is of:...



The world that microbes
existentially experience
is their..



From white light,
a prism...

'hews hues'..

(And then it..
collates those colors
it has so cut.)


The monitoring device which
is outputting only weirdly
erroneous data is a..



"Clam-Powder; Baby-Chowder!"

This should become a
popular interjection,
to be said in that
early 1900's
nasal type of voice.

[Did people back then commonly
really sound like that? Or was
that through-a-megaphone nasal
sound of most recorded voices
just an artifact of that era's
recording technology?]


'The Mis-abused'


"Path Of Greatest Resistance"
seems like a punk-band name,

(Sing it!..
"Along the path
of most resistance!
Along our path
to least existence!"..)


Speaking of^ that path
of most resistance and
of least existence...

[Warning: Next 4 items
involve politics.
Warning: Pun-ditry.]

Is the Cold War
on-again again?


Lots of taunting,..
and lots of taking-back
of the take-backs of
the previous taunting.


And speaking of politics:

I guess the corporate/
military ties common in the
US are, for their investors,
a form of profitable..

(as in..
'hedge{-money}' funds).

(Is that why our nation is
..'ka-ching a Cold'-{War}?)

[^A sickness, either way.]

Historically, though,
war-time is of the..

bad-old (battle) days.

(And some people [mostly
bad old people] long for
those days-long battles.)


The prophetic authoritarian
leader (who knows his
successor will be even
more authoritarian) is a..


[Warning: Race and bigotry
is to be discussed next

I was wondering if in the
near future -- if this is
not already an existent
computer app --
there is created a..


It would "correct" any
writing so to, for example,
change "The Black Sea"
"The African-American Sea",

or change two particular
(if oddly still acceptable)
common phrases into
"an Asian in our armor",

or change the name of
our species to

Seriously, though:
There are plenty of reasons
to dislike people and to
even hate people, but these
reasons mostly apply to
almost everyone collectively.
And the justifications for any
hate are never ever delineated
along racial/ethnical/gender/
sexual-orientation/age lines,
and are rarely ever justified
along religious or even
political lines.

But I have to wonder,
honestly, if the
dislike for bigotry many
of us claim to have is
really more so because of
our hatred for the bigots
themselves rather than
because of our love and/or
acceptance and tolerance
for all types/groups of

It is FUN to hate, see.
So why not hate the bigots
themselves, as long as we
are hating, more so than
hate anyone else?
(Although, when the bigots
whine about how THEY are
not tolerated by those very
people who desire tolerance
for all other groups, I
have to be infuriated
somewhat even more so by
these bigots' hypocrisy.
Ha Ha Ha.
Because the bigots have
no valid opinions at all
on matters of tolerance,
logic, or hypocrisy; as
they cannot even begin to
empathetically understand
the mental-processes of
any persons outside of
their own immediate group
{as they themselves
have often claimed}.)

[Update: There seems to be
perhaps a bigots-decry-the
version of Russell's
Paradox. I might write more
about that in my next post,

[Warning: This one item may
offend. If sexual content
might offend you, please
skip to the item after this.]

New suggested term
for the clitoris:

The.. 'vulva-uvula'.

(This is somewhat literally
correct, too, as an
'uvula' is, anatomically,
any bit of hanging flesh,
not just that in the mouth.)

Language quibbles:

Even weirder than that
the plural of 'human'
(ie. human-being) is
not 'humen' -- as would
have been based, if
it otherwise was so,
on the pattern of the
plurals of 'man' and
'woman' being 'men' and
'women' -- is that I
have not ever pondered
this issue prior to
just a few days ago.

[Note: This is not the
ONLY issue most people
have been overlooking
despite its obviousness.]

Something which annoys me
-- in regards to both math
and language -- is how some
writers (especially more so
now days, it seems) write,
x-number-of "times smaller
{or slower/fewer/dimmer/etc}
than" whatever.

As in,
"The average human-IQ
is approximately thrice
smaller than is my
own IQ."

So,.. perhaps the writer
is claiming, then, that
he/she possesses an IQ
of -50?
(Writer's IQ = w.
x -3*w = 100.
-2*w = 100.
w = -50.)

either way..)

[Update: I changed each
x in the algebra above
to a w, since I use x
elsewhere in this
subsection to represent
something different.
Talk about ambiguity!]

I hope I do not have to
explain to my reader(s)
how awful it looks (or,
.. should look) to have
written,.. a number(x)
of TIMES a measure which
represents diminishment
(slower, smaller, fewer,
dimmer, stupider, etc),
rather than..
'1/x_th as' much of a
positively increasing
measure (faster, more
numerous, smarter,
heavier, etc).

Otherwise, with
"x times smaller", say,
there is (much deserved!)
ambiguity as to whether
the writer means..

1/x the size,

or maybe instead

-(x times the size),
1-(x times the size)
(1-x) times the size,
or something else
also rather bizarre.

Of course, as with
much ambiguous writing
-- and I am the first
to be okay with this
-- if the meaning is
somehow understood by
almost all readers
anyway, then fine.
But this one practice
bothers me still;
as this is not only
exemplifies ambiguous
writing, but it
exemplifies really
annoying writing, as
well; and especially
so when professional
writers* write like
this for the masses
(who then will think
this crap is okay and
adopt the practice).

*(These writers are
writing with 10 TIMES
LESS talent than they
otherwise would have
written with.)



Is there a single-symbol
used for 'or', analogous
to how the ampersand is
used for 'and'?

The 'ampersor'?

Maybe the circle-r
(registered trademark
symbol) might do?


[Maybe the circle-r cannot
be used for the 'or'
purpose because it itself
has been trademarked
already for the sole use
of indicating registered

Whenever you are writing,
and it is more precise for
you to write 'distinct'
instead of 'unique',
be sure then to make
that proper..



When the point dissipates,

.. it disappoints..



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