Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr Zaggie Ziggs And The Cow's Meow

[Yeah, this post has nothing more
to do with the Mister Zaggie Ziggs
or his incredible cow. Sorry.]

Blog-post # 366:
(366 = 2*61*3.)

Six of my new art-inanimations:

Hyper-spectrally Clockwise

Lacking Thing-lessness

Unimaginable Unmalleability

Finite Then Infinite Or Also
Finitely Yet Infinitely

Between The Inwardnesses
And The Intermediacies

Analogously Like
Longitude-Like Logarithms

(I like most of these, I suppose.)


one of which is 4-part,..
thus it is 4-dimensional?)

These multidimensional
things end.
This mundane limit
is so lengthened.


I summed it into any ill.
Till I do sum time in any.
(My sum in a line,
I told it.)


Cliches are as rounded.
A circle has ended ours.


Most cliches are rounder
than as they still are:
So, any real circle thus
has its mortal end there.


Odd simplicity was of
all these hurricanes
instead so real.
Whereas, this cloud
spirals into any dream
itself as coiled.


Seizing gazes:
See in zigzags.


This hid as these prongs..
inside the sharp ghosts.


Sad differentiation is alone,
thus is mysterious,...
then is added.
As the future forms
inside it,.. as density
had done inside it also.


Person #1:

"Well, that's quite a..
'coarse mode'.. of
communication you're
using there."


Maybe offensive words spoken
in video-footage should be
censored ("bleeped")
like this:


[Whom am I kidding?
It would take too long to
sound this composite bleep.
That bad word would have
been long ago said by the
time all these 'bips' and
'beeeps' were sounded.]


If Charles Babbage had invented
a steam-powered A.I. computer,
would he had called it, perhaps,
the "Intuition Engine"?

Building a steam-powered
AI-capable computer would have
taken quite some...



Nano-technology is
quite a feat of...



The submarine's journey to
the bottom of the ocean-trench
was very...



If someone is being overly
concerned about the historical
accuracy of what is claimed
about the jeweled necklace
artifact, then that someone
is being quite...



Ironically, infrastructure
is often EXPANDED by...


"Shrinks", ironically, often
try to INCREASE their patients'
pharmaceutical dosages, and
likewise try to INCREASE the
bribes they receive from
drug-companies for doing this.


Commonly-held sexist beliefs
about men, beliefs that are
total 'BS', are...


(And such wrong beliefs
about women are..
'udder cowcrap'.)

Question Mark...

Because Mark asked
to be asked!


Spies under the table try to..

'underhear' conversations.

But they are unexpectedly
'overhanded' when publicly
admitting their deceptive


One who vandalizes something by
rubbing up on it and scraping it
is being quite the...



Why do ghosts each have a size
and shape, but have no mass?

Because each has a...



You know why the former
pseudo-geometer decided
to become instead a
professional fighter?

Because, he had failed
in 'squaring circles',
but he thought he
might have better luck
in 'boxing rings'.


You hear about the cargo plane
delivering equipment for the
control-tower? I heard it was
lost WHILE AT the airport.

Yeah, it had just...
dropped off the radar screen..



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lines And Shapes And Shades And Colors And All Else

Blog-post # 365:
(365 = 5*73.)

[I was thinking of calling this
'blog-post # 364+1/2', but have
decided to just call it #365.]

[By the way, I am a proponent
of putting a plus between the
integer apart and fraction part
of such mixed numbers, as opposed
to writing them otherwise in the
more common form as '364 1/2'.]

Hey, I have seemed to figure out
how to post images now!

[Beware; the following is some
technical stuff:
I was before writing my own
extension name '.small' at the
end of my image-names, because the
images I post here are of a smaller
resolution than are the slightly
higher-resolution images I made
Having a custom extension used to
work fine for uploading to my blog;
but no more for some reason. So I
have now changed the ends of all
these picture names to instead
have the extension 'jpg'.
Problem solved.
The moral of the story:
I can no longer be a

And now, TWELVE new images:
(Yes, these dozen 'do Zen'.)

Mental Refractions Into
Non-Numerical Frequencies

Voids More Multidimensional Than
Even The Truths Describing Them

Infinitely Indeterminate
Yet Infinitely So

As Any Anti-Rhyme
Of Non-Algorithms

Moreover Less And Less More So
To Be Varied Or Vague

Instead Of Instead Of
Its Non-Volume As Voluminous

Re-arrayed Yet Dis-arranged
Yet Quasi-Counterclockwise

Of Anti-Oxymora Paradoxically
Too Anti-Paradoxical

The Least Like All
Similarities With Dissimilarity

Else Of Outermost Otherness
Otherwise Of Elseness

Scalene Sciences Wound
Around Randomness

Imagining Such Soliloquies
Of Unimaginability

As I said in my last post,
the images' names are rather
long this time.
(They are all taking two
lines to write out today.)

Lots of images of spheres
and images of rings and
images of both spheres and
rings amongst these, too,
as you can see.


I have made only one
anagram since I last posted:


The plusses do align so
within these many times.
This oneness was as
something they multiplied.


I have actually come up with
about one or two or three
other things I could post
today too, but I am too busy
to do so today.
So, those things will have to
wait until my next post.


Good to be able to 'be seen'


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Somethinglessness Else Even Less

Blog post # 364:
(364 = 2*7*13*2.)

Ten news art-images:...

Well, no.

[Google seems to have changed their image-upload interface to one that does not work at all (for me, at least). I used to have the option, until days ago, to use an (older??) image-upload interface that actually worked for me. But it seems I have no such option anymore. So, no more images!
(At least no more images until Google fixes this problem, a problem which may simply be a bug. But they are not really good at responding to user-complaints, I have noticed.)

So, no images.
If this problem ever gets corrected, I probably will have lots and lots of images then to post all at once (or over a few blog-posts).
(If any readers of this blog -- if there are any readers of it -- know what I can do about this issue, please post a comment.)

I had made ten images just so far as of today since I last posted a week ago, too.
I even liked some of these still-unpublished images. (Yes, I liked SOME of them at least..)

But, alas, many of their names were REALLY long -- too long -- anyway.
(When I first started making computer art, the images' names were relatively short, often only one word each.
Then the names on-average started getting longer.. and longer.. and longer..)]

Anyway, some text-only-based
fun for you all, anyhow:


For old-time's sake
(as in some of my very
earliest posts to this
blog), here instead is
some "typewriter art":



(8: It ain't 'ate';
but it's still great.)

resets to so
sever time.
Yet noon ticks.
.. It seems it
coils forever.


All time spun
in these cute
because then
will sin.


The drawn rebus
so draws cleaved
Sums arranged
words ever as
what balanced.


Your drastic nightmares
were all as this ire.
Their ills' disarray
was screaming out there.


I am one;
as one is
entirely itself:..
as what I sired.
Soon, my realities
are seen with
sad finalities.


Television is
a sad ruse
I rendered.
Our lives are
seen inside
its dread.


The human nonsense
does that unto
sanity or sin.
It shuns someone
and stuns anyone
other than it.


Damnation's kiss:...
As a mind's knot is.


Anyone who is equal to
themselves is simply


(Yes, paradoxically
is that sameone's


Summing numbers together
that are never of even-
parity is engaging in..


(Or, is this what you are
partaking in while you are
being weird when trying
to get a role as an actor?)


When pi was equated to 4,
instead, because the lazy
mathematicians considered
it the perimeter of a square
divided by its width, this
miscalculation, ironically,
was due (this time) to
NOT cutting corners.

[By the way, no more
funniness in this post;
except for the non-funny
funniness, though.
Going to get odd in
here now..]

Of an object-like object:
This objective is
such a subject,
as it is of its
subjective object.


Translucency contaminated
with perfect transparency:

As transparency
and/or hollowness:
Moreover less so and
less more so than
are all variations
or any vaguenesses.


Have I already posted here
about 'and/or' being
"'and' (or) 'or'"?

So, what if we had instead:
"'and' (and) 'or'"?

Or maybe,..
"'and' (and/or) 'or'"?

But that^ is really:
"'and' (and{or}or) 'or'"?

So how about:...
"'and' (and{and}or) 'or'"?


And then...

Etc etc etc...

(I am having a
fun time in the

All is something:
Thus, all is..


(Note: Not a pun.)

PS: I also have been
thinking lately about
a concept I posted in
a recent earlier
the concept of:

Random pseudo-numbers.

But I have not many
meaningful thoughts
regarding these.
(Which seems


I was thinking that
there should be a
movie about the
US South titled,
"Mobius, Alabama".

(Of course, there is
a scene of some kid
living in Mobile, Alabama
who is painting one side
of a Mobius-strip white
and simultaneously painting
the other side black,...
and then the painted areas
come together on the same
side, unexpectedly to the
kid -- but expectedly to
anyone who can spot a
cliche from a zillion
miles away..)

[Does this movie or this
particular scene already
exist outside my mind?]

One last thing:..

Seemingly surreal are
systematic syndromes
surely synonymous to
synesthetic sine-waves,
such same sine-waves
sadly of someone's sin,
somehow somewhat so of
somethings' syntheses.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Hyperdimensional Hypnogogia Of Ironic Ideologues

[Yet, these ideologues are
ironically one-dimensional,
if algorithmically and
logarithmically but
labyrinthinally* so;
oh, damn those amorphous
scalars and their
shapeless linearity..]
*(Or whatever the adverb
form of 'labyrinthine'
really is.)

Blog-post # 363:
(363 = 11*3*11.)

Seven of my new
artsy inanimations:

Moire-Mobius-ness Of All Amorphous Scalars

Like Lens-like Unseeability

Screams Thereafter Unlike Everything

Atop An Indirect Sky

Transections Transposed Unto Transversals

Formulaic Forgetfulness Forewarning Of Foresight

Multiplied By Plurality And Purity Purely Alone

Regarding the first image's
title -- "Moire" is in reference
to "Moire pattern", and "Mobius"
is in reference to "Mobius strip".

(I suggest clicking on the two
thumbnail images of the very
top and bottom images,
especially, to get their
larger versions.)

The cube-root of Satan,
they say.)

This reality was
inside us.
Thus, as I, it
is weirdly sane.


A weirdness:
Sees inward.


Our moon is alone;
the grids are to
fill this, its space.
Phases of all
coil inside
that or us.


All was this
loop again
inside ourselves:
.. A hollow sieve,
a spiral ending
as its soul.


Louder universes:
Our ruined selves.


An eye was of its
lost observations
made mad.
Insanity weaved so
as to be almost
as formed.


An oscillation shifted
not exactly by the
perfect amount is...

Conversely, words
misarranged are placed..
.. out-of-phrase.


Why do people say they need
"cold hard cache"**?

**(Misspelled to protect
the innocent.)

Does that mean they just
want coins?

"Dammit, I'm doin' laundry!
I need cold hard quarters!"..


Having concern for just
your own group is being...


(One could say that
selvishness leads to
slavishness {meaning:
particular groups of
people becoming the
slaves of other
particular groups
of people}.)


Anarchists often want to
take the law into their
own hands,...

..and then crush it there.

[Hope I don't get in any
trouble for making this
{As I nervously chuckle.}
Nobody ever gets arrested
for being witty, right?
Never ever, I hear..
But,... a 'witticism'
is just another 'ism'.
Achtung! Es ist verboten!
..But look at the bright
side, though: Since I am
a punster, the LAST thing
'They' ever will want to
do is "make me talk"..]


Possible offensiveness.
Warning. Political and
social commentary.

Those people who are SO stupid that they basically have negative IQ -- because most "facts" they believe are actually the exact opposite of what is true -- are the...

Yes, antillectualism is the big popular thing/trend these days, it seems.

The only reason the antillectuals -- the American ones, anyway -- don't always get killed in head-on collisions from driving down the wrong side of the highway is because they firmly believe, quoth,
"The left side of the highways is the side them liberal Commie f*ggots in Europe drive on! That why it's the LEFT side, duhhh. I drives on the 'Merican side, the RIGHT side! 'Cause 'merica is ALWAYS right!"

As for social issues, I think the antillectuals only care about the 'Rights Of The Unborn'(tm) because they are confusing the "unborn" with the "undead" ('born' being the opposite of 'dead', in a way); and they actually care more so about the rights of the undead, since so many of the antillectuals are undead themselves.

(Offended yet?
Oh, you should be glad I did
not post everything I wanted
to post today..)

If you agree with
someone's political
rants, are you then..

'ON-fended' by what they
have to say?

(Pun sounding familiar now.)

Speaking of Europe:...

'Stir-up that Europe syrup.'

(I have no idea how this
fits into this discussion,
but I had to just say that
for no reason other than
it sounds interesting.)

Canada = Maple-Europe?
(Could get sticky...)


Monday, February 4, 2013

Between The Betweennesses Of All Intrafinite Spectra

[Just ignore my pretentious
blog-title. Or is it of...

Blog-post # 362:
(362 = 2*181.)

Six new images:
(I like these today.)
(But will I like them
another day?..)
(But inanimation,
unlike people, never
becomes lusterless.)

Topology-less Glassiness

Spectra Each Permutated Within Into Imaginings

Intrafinity And Its Infrafinite Interfinitudes

Diffracted Dreams Of Unreal Circles

Disjointedness Of All's
Ambivalence And/Or Certainty

Regarding All Refracted Avant-Garde Ambivalences

(Note: The third image's name
is a bit tricky and involves
mathematical neologies.)
(And, yes, I am aware the
5th and 6th images' names
share the words "all" and
"ambivalence"; and that the
4th image's name involves
"diffracted" while the 6th
image's name involves
"refracted", and moreover
the 2nd image's name
involves "spectra".)


a trine of trines.
They're mine,
thus they're fine.)


They are it; as its
one multidimensional
scalar is them.
All their inanimate
sums do easily create
most in this.


Of the radioactivity's
It creates those in
every diffraction.


Our lasers:
So surreal.

[^An enlightening anagram.]

This shape is made
of our ignorance's
twisted mess.
It was conforming as
those same spheres
it did use.


These said...
the asides.


Ever do an...


Those fingerprints
are asleep, are
all aswirl too.
A star will loop
there as a pine's
leaf or tree-rings.


The fantastic zigzags
were in me as so.
Again, some fizz
was scattering these.


Loops enslaved
us there.
Pulses then
ever do also.


The eyes:
They see.

[^Did I already post
this anagram? This is my
tenth anagram today. But
since it may have been
posted before, and more
so because I wanted to
write above about a
'trine of trines',
I post this as just a


If one is (vaguely) clearly
almost an optimist, he
must be...

A fool half-glassy.

(However, what about the
optometrist who prescribes
only monocles?
He believes that the
glasses themselves are
best halved {whether fully
or otherwise}, I guess.)


Sit-com joke:

A small group of women are
talking amongst themselves
about how they try to
please their husbands.

One woman then says:
"Hey, the best way to
my husband's heart,
though,... is..
with.. a dagger."


Sit-com name:

"Sick-Tom's Sit-Com".

(This is a variation on
spoonerisms -- it is
a switch in the typical


We un-forgetful* people
are all now obsolete.

Yes, alas, our time has
.. 'past'.

*(but forgettable)

Computer algorithms are
often written using...


(Those algorithms are

And if a person is addicted
to addition, he may be a..

(I guess crystallographers
really like their..



Till a sad ellipse
spilled as all it.


Ah, to settle on the subtle..

And now to subvert
that subtleness....

Possibly offensive
langage ahead.]

New thing to say:

"Hey, that's really..


[Warning. Possibly
even more offensively
offensive offensiveness.
Warning. Politics.]

Right-wing conservatism is
completely counter both to
any common-good and to any
common-sense, yet, however,
(ironically and irritatingly)
it still is not in any way

^There you have it (for
you George W Bush-fans):
The... "Axiom Of Evil".

(But some people don't
agree with me here.


The news, generally, has been
so boring to me lately, very
unlike how it once was much
more interesting to me.
Almost nothing interests me
anymore regarding world-events
or even about national or
local news -- maybe because
things are SO AWFUL in the
news that I just have finally
given up and now surrender to
how horrible all of it is by
denying it all.

Well, I guess a full-scale
nuclear-war taking place
would interest me some bit,
however,.. but even then,..
only briefly so..