Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lines And Shapes And Shades And Colors And All Else

Blog-post # 365:
(365 = 5*73.)

[I was thinking of calling this
'blog-post # 364+1/2', but have
decided to just call it #365.]

[By the way, I am a proponent
of putting a plus between the
integer apart and fraction part
of such mixed numbers, as opposed
to writing them otherwise in the
more common form as '364 1/2'.]

Hey, I have seemed to figure out
how to post images now!

[Beware; the following is some
technical stuff:
I was before writing my own
extension name '.small' at the
end of my image-names, because the
images I post here are of a smaller
resolution than are the slightly
higher-resolution images I made
Having a custom extension used to
work fine for uploading to my blog;
but no more for some reason. So I
have now changed the ends of all
these picture names to instead
have the extension 'jpg'.
Problem solved.
The moral of the story:
I can no longer be a

And now, TWELVE new images:
(Yes, these dozen 'do Zen'.)

Mental Refractions Into
Non-Numerical Frequencies

Voids More Multidimensional Than
Even The Truths Describing Them

Infinitely Indeterminate
Yet Infinitely So

As Any Anti-Rhyme
Of Non-Algorithms

Moreover Less And Less More So
To Be Varied Or Vague

Instead Of Instead Of
Its Non-Volume As Voluminous

Re-arrayed Yet Dis-arranged
Yet Quasi-Counterclockwise

Of Anti-Oxymora Paradoxically
Too Anti-Paradoxical

The Least Like All
Similarities With Dissimilarity

Else Of Outermost Otherness
Otherwise Of Elseness

Scalene Sciences Wound
Around Randomness

Imagining Such Soliloquies
Of Unimaginability

As I said in my last post,
the images' names are rather
long this time.
(They are all taking two
lines to write out today.)

Lots of images of spheres
and images of rings and
images of both spheres and
rings amongst these, too,
as you can see.


I have made only one
anagram since I last posted:


The plusses do align so
within these many times.
This oneness was as
something they multiplied.


I have actually come up with
about one or two or three
other things I could post
today too, but I am too busy
to do so today.
So, those things will have to
wait until my next post.


Good to be able to 'be seen'


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Anonymous said...

Great pics. I've just made As Any Anti-Rhyme
Of Non-Algorithms my wallpaper, so special thanks!