Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Hyperdimensional Hypnogogia Of Ironic Ideologues

[Yet, these ideologues are
ironically one-dimensional,
if algorithmically and
logarithmically but
labyrinthinally* so;
oh, damn those amorphous
scalars and their
shapeless linearity..]
*(Or whatever the adverb
form of 'labyrinthine'
really is.)

Blog-post # 363:
(363 = 11*3*11.)

Seven of my new
artsy inanimations:

Moire-Mobius-ness Of All Amorphous Scalars

Like Lens-like Unseeability

Screams Thereafter Unlike Everything

Atop An Indirect Sky

Transections Transposed Unto Transversals

Formulaic Forgetfulness Forewarning Of Foresight

Multiplied By Plurality And Purity Purely Alone

Regarding the first image's
title -- "Moire" is in reference
to "Moire pattern", and "Mobius"
is in reference to "Mobius strip".

(I suggest clicking on the two
thumbnail images of the very
top and bottom images,
especially, to get their
larger versions.)

The cube-root of Satan,
they say.)

This reality was
inside us.
Thus, as I, it
is weirdly sane.


A weirdness:
Sees inward.


Our moon is alone;
the grids are to
fill this, its space.
Phases of all
coil inside
that or us.


All was this
loop again
inside ourselves:
.. A hollow sieve,
a spiral ending
as its soul.


Louder universes:
Our ruined selves.


An eye was of its
lost observations
made mad.
Insanity weaved so
as to be almost
as formed.


An oscillation shifted
not exactly by the
perfect amount is...

Conversely, words
misarranged are placed..
.. out-of-phrase.


Why do people say they need
"cold hard cache"**?

**(Misspelled to protect
the innocent.)

Does that mean they just
want coins?

"Dammit, I'm doin' laundry!
I need cold hard quarters!"..


Having concern for just
your own group is being...


(One could say that
selvishness leads to
slavishness {meaning:
particular groups of
people becoming the
slaves of other
particular groups
of people}.)


Anarchists often want to
take the law into their
own hands,...

..and then crush it there.

[Hope I don't get in any
trouble for making this
{As I nervously chuckle.}
Nobody ever gets arrested
for being witty, right?
Never ever, I hear..
But,... a 'witticism'
is just another 'ism'.
Achtung! Es ist verboten!
..But look at the bright
side, though: Since I am
a punster, the LAST thing
'They' ever will want to
do is "make me talk"..]


Possible offensiveness.
Warning. Political and
social commentary.

Those people who are SO stupid that they basically have negative IQ -- because most "facts" they believe are actually the exact opposite of what is true -- are the...

Yes, antillectualism is the big popular thing/trend these days, it seems.

The only reason the antillectuals -- the American ones, anyway -- don't always get killed in head-on collisions from driving down the wrong side of the highway is because they firmly believe, quoth,
"The left side of the highways is the side them liberal Commie f*ggots in Europe drive on! That why it's the LEFT side, duhhh. I drives on the 'Merican side, the RIGHT side! 'Cause 'merica is ALWAYS right!"

As for social issues, I think the antillectuals only care about the 'Rights Of The Unborn'(tm) because they are confusing the "unborn" with the "undead" ('born' being the opposite of 'dead', in a way); and they actually care more so about the rights of the undead, since so many of the antillectuals are undead themselves.

(Offended yet?
Oh, you should be glad I did
not post everything I wanted
to post today..)

If you agree with
someone's political
rants, are you then..

'ON-fended' by what they
have to say?

(Pun sounding familiar now.)

Speaking of Europe:...

'Stir-up that Europe syrup.'

(I have no idea how this
fits into this discussion,
but I had to just say that
for no reason other than
it sounds interesting.)

Canada = Maple-Europe?
(Could get sticky...)


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