Sunday, February 17, 2013

Somethinglessness Else Even Less

Blog post # 364:
(364 = 2*7*13*2.)

Ten news art-images:...

Well, no.

[Google seems to have changed their image-upload interface to one that does not work at all (for me, at least). I used to have the option, until days ago, to use an (older??) image-upload interface that actually worked for me. But it seems I have no such option anymore. So, no more images!
(At least no more images until Google fixes this problem, a problem which may simply be a bug. But they are not really good at responding to user-complaints, I have noticed.)

So, no images.
If this problem ever gets corrected, I probably will have lots and lots of images then to post all at once (or over a few blog-posts).
(If any readers of this blog -- if there are any readers of it -- know what I can do about this issue, please post a comment.)

I had made ten images just so far as of today since I last posted a week ago, too.
I even liked some of these still-unpublished images. (Yes, I liked SOME of them at least..)

But, alas, many of their names were REALLY long -- too long -- anyway.
(When I first started making computer art, the images' names were relatively short, often only one word each.
Then the names on-average started getting longer.. and longer.. and longer..)]

Anyway, some text-only-based
fun for you all, anyhow:


For old-time's sake
(as in some of my very
earliest posts to this
blog), here instead is
some "typewriter art":



(8: It ain't 'ate';
but it's still great.)

resets to so
sever time.
Yet noon ticks.
.. It seems it
coils forever.


All time spun
in these cute
because then
will sin.


The drawn rebus
so draws cleaved
Sums arranged
words ever as
what balanced.


Your drastic nightmares
were all as this ire.
Their ills' disarray
was screaming out there.


I am one;
as one is
entirely itself:..
as what I sired.
Soon, my realities
are seen with
sad finalities.


Television is
a sad ruse
I rendered.
Our lives are
seen inside
its dread.


The human nonsense
does that unto
sanity or sin.
It shuns someone
and stuns anyone
other than it.


Damnation's kiss:...
As a mind's knot is.


Anyone who is equal to
themselves is simply


(Yes, paradoxically
is that sameone's


Summing numbers together
that are never of even-
parity is engaging in..


(Or, is this what you are
partaking in while you are
being weird when trying
to get a role as an actor?)


When pi was equated to 4,
instead, because the lazy
mathematicians considered
it the perimeter of a square
divided by its width, this
miscalculation, ironically,
was due (this time) to
NOT cutting corners.

[By the way, no more
funniness in this post;
except for the non-funny
funniness, though.
Going to get odd in
here now..]

Of an object-like object:
This objective is
such a subject,
as it is of its
subjective object.


Translucency contaminated
with perfect transparency:

As transparency
and/or hollowness:
Moreover less so and
less more so than
are all variations
or any vaguenesses.


Have I already posted here
about 'and/or' being
"'and' (or) 'or'"?

So, what if we had instead:
"'and' (and) 'or'"?

Or maybe,..
"'and' (and/or) 'or'"?

But that^ is really:
"'and' (and{or}or) 'or'"?

So how about:...
"'and' (and{and}or) 'or'"?


And then...

Etc etc etc...

(I am having a
fun time in the

All is something:
Thus, all is..


(Note: Not a pun.)

PS: I also have been
thinking lately about
a concept I posted in
a recent earlier
the concept of:

Random pseudo-numbers.

But I have not many
meaningful thoughts
regarding these.
(Which seems


I was thinking that
there should be a
movie about the
US South titled,
"Mobius, Alabama".

(Of course, there is
a scene of some kid
living in Mobile, Alabama
who is painting one side
of a Mobius-strip white
and simultaneously painting
the other side black,...
and then the painted areas
come together on the same
side, unexpectedly to the
kid -- but expectedly to
anyone who can spot a
cliche from a zillion
miles away..)

[Does this movie or this
particular scene already
exist outside my mind?]

One last thing:..

Seemingly surreal are
systematic syndromes
surely synonymous to
synesthetic sine-waves,
such same sine-waves
sadly of someone's sin,
somehow somewhat so of
somethings' syntheses.


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