Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mr Zaggie Ziggs And The Cow's Meow

[Yeah, this post has nothing more
to do with the Mister Zaggie Ziggs
or his incredible cow. Sorry.]

Blog-post # 366:
(366 = 2*61*3.)

Six of my new art-inanimations:

Hyper-spectrally Clockwise

Lacking Thing-lessness

Unimaginable Unmalleability

Finite Then Infinite Or Also
Finitely Yet Infinitely

Between The Inwardnesses
And The Intermediacies

Analogously Like
Longitude-Like Logarithms

(I like most of these, I suppose.)


one of which is 4-part,..
thus it is 4-dimensional?)

These multidimensional
things end.
This mundane limit
is so lengthened.


I summed it into any ill.
Till I do sum time in any.
(My sum in a line,
I told it.)


Cliches are as rounded.
A circle has ended ours.


Most cliches are rounder
than as they still are:
So, any real circle thus
has its mortal end there.


Odd simplicity was of
all these hurricanes
instead so real.
Whereas, this cloud
spirals into any dream
itself as coiled.


Seizing gazes:
See in zigzags.


This hid as these prongs..
inside the sharp ghosts.


Sad differentiation is alone,
thus is mysterious,...
then is added.
As the future forms
inside it,.. as density
had done inside it also.


Person #1:

"Well, that's quite a..
'coarse mode'.. of
communication you're
using there."


Maybe offensive words spoken
in video-footage should be
censored ("bleeped")
like this:


[Whom am I kidding?
It would take too long to
sound this composite bleep.
That bad word would have
been long ago said by the
time all these 'bips' and
'beeeps' were sounded.]


If Charles Babbage had invented
a steam-powered A.I. computer,
would he had called it, perhaps,
the "Intuition Engine"?

Building a steam-powered
AI-capable computer would have
taken quite some...



Nano-technology is
quite a feat of...



The submarine's journey to
the bottom of the ocean-trench
was very...



If someone is being overly
concerned about the historical
accuracy of what is claimed
about the jeweled necklace
artifact, then that someone
is being quite...



Ironically, infrastructure
is often EXPANDED by...


"Shrinks", ironically, often
try to INCREASE their patients'
pharmaceutical dosages, and
likewise try to INCREASE the
bribes they receive from
drug-companies for doing this.


Commonly-held sexist beliefs
about men, beliefs that are
total 'BS', are...


(And such wrong beliefs
about women are..
'udder cowcrap'.)

Question Mark...

Because Mark asked
to be asked!


Spies under the table try to..

'underhear' conversations.

But they are unexpectedly
'overhanded' when publicly
admitting their deceptive


One who vandalizes something by
rubbing up on it and scraping it
is being quite the...



Why do ghosts each have a size
and shape, but have no mass?

Because each has a...



You know why the former
pseudo-geometer decided
to become instead a
professional fighter?

Because, he had failed
in 'squaring circles',
but he thought he
might have better luck
in 'boxing rings'.


You hear about the cargo plane
delivering equipment for the
control-tower? I heard it was
lost WHILE AT the airport.

Yeah, it had just...
dropped off the radar screen..



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