Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Madness Shaped From Enlightenment

Blog post # 246:
(246 = 2*41*3.)

Geometric Slander

Thereafter Unprecedented

Wrung From Its Conjuring

(I really should create more pictures that are square, as the bottom picture is.
Squareness is more 'natural' than the 6-by-5 ratio I almost always use instead.)


A number of anagrams:

Is aflame
I am a self.
Fail as me.


(For our recent econ-no-money:)

No sales
A lesson


In duality's thing
Is day until night.


Joke (must be unoriginal):

Sitting all day driving your Hum-V can give you...



Here is another old unoriginal joke.
I know even I have posted it here before in this very blog -- I must have.
But it is too appropriate to not post (unlike lots of my jokes which are too inappropriate to not post -- I mean, to post...).

There sure are lots of foolish people on-line.
They do like to post their...




Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dystopian Dream

Blog post # 245:
(245 = 7*5*7.)

Inexcusable Redemption

Dystopian Enlightenment

Equilateral Celibacy

Contradicted By Insufficiency

(Maybe I like the top picture best, but the other images are okay also, although not too spectacular.)


Be as forgotten mentality.
Fatal tomb's eternity gone.

That was an anagram that just happened.


Passion is a satanic monster.

It is our...


This is Dystopia.

Yes, reality -- which is all an illusion anyway, as you should know -- has been rather dystopian lately here on Earth. It has been so especially over the last decade, but has always been so more or less (mostly more) throughout history.

Even science -- the final refuge of all those who have a distaste for religion and politics and all that nonsense -- has been drafted for nightmarish purposes in recent times -- such as for mind-control, mind-reading and other super-surveillance, super-weapons, unethical biological experimentation, and other horrors. (If something CAN be done {no matter how horrible it is}, it WILL be done. That is the rule, and not only in regards to science.)

Climate-change, with its severe droughts and intense weather events, is about to reach its point of runaway acceleration, if it has not already. It is about to devastate the planet and humanity, and it will cause unprecedented mass-suffering (and even lead to more war).

Fuel shortages, which will only help exacerbate the food-shortages caused by climate-change, are about to lower all our standards-of-living at an incredibly rapid rate. (And these too will cause wars.)

And those wars -- caused by climate-change, caused by fuel shortages, caused by ethnic bigotries, caused by religious nuts trying to fulfill prophecies, caused by truly evil and monstrous leaders sadistically ruling over their people and threatening others, caused by selfish big-money interests with something to gain from conflicts, etc etc etc -- could cost millions, maybe even billions, of lives. Some of these wars might indeed involve nuclear weapons or biological weapons. (No, the world is NOT safe from even a full-scale nuclear exchange, one which could even end most life on Earth.)

And, oh yeah, (speaking of selfish big-money interests), the world economy is inevitably about to collapse BIG TIME, certainly. No, it hasn't yet, relatively. Don't make me laugh. Things are about to get REALLY bad economically here on this planet. Money will become absolutely worthless, essentially. Everyone, except of course the small number of the very super-elites who caused the collapse in the first place, will basically lose ALL our incomes (jobs, pensions, etc) and savings. Plus you will lose your homes. And your big-screen TVs. And your computers and your game-consuls. That is because you will use them to try to barter for food and water and medical care. But you will get very few takers to barter with, given the seriousness of the shortages of essentials. And these takers' prices will be too high. Sorry, your family will just have to die, I guess.
And so crime will become horrendous. You better get a gun and bullets now (while you can) to protect yourselves... and to go out and steal for you and your family's own survival.

And you think the government is authoritarian NOW. Ha. Just wait. The crackdown will be total. The Constitution -- which has always been just an illusion anyway -- will be subverted and negated completely, even more than it has been already, much more. The government's thugs will likely arrest you, rape you, torture you and your loved-ones to death. And this will be the best outcome you could have hoped for, given the unthinkable alternatives saved for the unlucky many others.

Yes, Hell is coming.
You have been thinking you were special, haven't you, and that you wouldn't have to experience such torment (as many many around the world have already)?
But now, the damnation will be whole and all-inclusive and MUCH worse than anyone, including I, have ever imagined or feared... or than even anyone ever before has suffered.



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not In A Stir

Blog post # 244:
(244 = 2*61*2.)

Unrestrained Virtue

As An Inadequate Tantrum

Only Somewhat Otherwise

Madness' Mass

(I guess I like the top picture best, but not by a large amount.)


Two anagrams today. (One more than one.)

Crescent is lit.
It sent circles.


Not in a stir.


Thus this:

Deadpan bedpan,
it entails entrails
of the psychic sidekick,
a cheapskate cheesecake
both oblivious and obvious,
despite his gentle genitals
of omissions, of emissions,
yes, surely, yet sourly.




Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unworthiness Gained

Blog post # 243:
(243 = 3*3*3*3*3. Worthy of wow.)

Acceleration Of Its Inertia

Circumferences Sickened

Exponentially Subtle

An Abyss Annihilated

Reverberant Eclipse

(I guess I prefer the bottom picture to the others, but I definitely am not too impressed with any of these today.)


Such an anagram:

Gain extrapolations.
Next, stir a loop again.


A poll:

Which of these words bests describes you?




Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ah, ... Existing

Blog post # 242:
(242 = 11*2*11.)

Hatred Opined Aesthetically

Punctured Apparition

Conditionality Without Requirement

Peculiarly Isosceles

(I suppose the top image is my favorite of these.)


An ... inappropriate.. anagram:

Ah, Lust Existing
Its Sexual Thing


Appropriately, some inappropriate humor:

Hey, I have a bigger ... thing.. than you do.
But I wouldn't hold it against you...

Ah, my .. thing..
It's been through a lot...

(Sorry about these. But I don't feel like writing anything erudite today.)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Sad Inertia

Blog post # 241:
(241 = a prime, maybe.)

First, let me say:
The elevens are aligning today! Holy schist!


Amorphously Turned

Properly Haphazard

Entangled Spillage

Formed Of Its Forgoing

Pitied Transcendence

I don't really like any of these pictures...
But I do falsely like them, perhaps...


Anagram for today:

And As I Tire
Sad Inertia


(Does anyone want to SHUT UP!?...)


The Humiliation Nation
(An 'up and coming' idea?...)

So, the government and authorities (plus those private individuals with the right "apps" on their smart phones) can identify you now, even from some distance, via iris-scans or by facial-recognition. There is even technology that can identify you via the way you walk. And, oh yeah, there is DNA identification, which someday soon will probably be doable from a distance. The government, for instance, is very interested in knowing which person in a crowd is a "terrorist" (or is a known antiwar protester or other type of dissident). And, somewhat more benign, the police would like to identify people they apprehend or question on the street to see if they are wanted.

So, in this world of full-body scans at the airport, what do I predict for the future of Homeland Security?

I predict the use of infra-red or radar to see through your clothes, pants and underwear, and identify everyone via the shapes of our genitals.
Yes, it is probably true that everyone's genitalia has a unique shape, a "fingerprint", if you will. And since identifying everyone by their genitalia-metrics would provide the government with the needed level of humiliation of its citizens so as to keep us in line, this prediction is likely to occur.
(The only problem with this idea is that people's genitals, especially men's, often change shape throughout the day.
But those folks who write the algorithms shouldn't be deterred. They'll just look at this problem as a challenge.)



Sunday, November 6, 2011


Blog post # 240:
(240 = 2*2*2*2*3*5)

Lopsided Selfishness

Finitude Voided

Astonishment Perturbed

Implosive Relinquishment


Okay, I actually have two anagrams for today:

As prayers,
rapers say.


And I toss pie.
It does a spin.


So, if you want to measure the level of religiosity of something or someone -- such as of a politician or of your kid's school's new "science" curriculum -- there should be a device to objectively do that.

And that device should be called the...

Actually, speaking of pseudoscience, I bet you could even "prove" astrology to be true if you conducted enough studies on the subject and invoked enough statistics.
(The ease that so many things can be "proved" is one reason I do not trust psychological studies, and tend to believe that psychology is at least somewhat a pseudoscience in actuality.)

I mean, in regards to astrology, I do highly doubt that "the stars" have any significant effect on our personalities at all. But... it might actually be at least somewhat true that when people are born during the year DOES at least somewhat affect people's personalities, at least on average.
But the reason why may actually be because of seasonal influences here on Earth -- such as certain allergens in the air or diseases acquired -- that our mothers are exposed to while they are pregnant with us or that we ourselves are exposed to when we are very young.
I bet, although I have not heard of such a study being done, that if there was a STUDY (A Study!) that compared personality traits to when people were born during the year, indeed, trends would emerge. But I think such trends would only be miniscule (such as, say, a 5% greater likelihood that people of a certain zodiac sign are more outgoing or whatever -- I am sure it would not be even close to the finding that all people with a certain sign have a certain trait more so than other people with other zodiac signs do).

What's your sign?..

(I think I heard that one somewhere.)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Certain Unlikelihood

Blog post # 239:
(239 = a prime, perhaps?)

Adroitly Misunderstood

Outlandishly Downplayed

Affirmatively Elusive

Superseded By Archetypes


Poll results:

Question: So, how long do YOU think we have until The End does come for us all who are still alive at the time?

The choices "Less than a year.", "1-3 years.", "4-10 years.", "11-30 years.", "31-75 years.", and "76-150 years." each received zero votes.
"151-500 years." received one vote.
"501-2000 years." received one vote.
"2001+ years, but eventually." received five votes, the winner.
And "Never." received zero votes.


Well, I don't know about the entire Earth,
but *I'm* out of here... for now.