Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Madness Shaped From Enlightenment

Blog post # 246:
(246 = 2*41*3.)

Geometric Slander

Thereafter Unprecedented

Wrung From Its Conjuring

(I really should create more pictures that are square, as the bottom picture is.
Squareness is more 'natural' than the 6-by-5 ratio I almost always use instead.)


A number of anagrams:

Is aflame
I am a self.
Fail as me.


(For our recent econ-no-money:)

No sales
A lesson


In duality's thing
Is day until night.


Joke (must be unoriginal):

Sitting all day driving your Hum-V can give you...



Here is another old unoriginal joke.
I know even I have posted it here before in this very blog -- I must have.
But it is too appropriate to not post (unlike lots of my jokes which are too inappropriate to not post -- I mean, to post...).

There sure are lots of foolish people on-line.
They do like to post their...




1 comment:

CarmenT said...

It is somewhat surprising to me that I haven't come from the coffee shop forum to check out your blog before now but better late than never I guess.

I really like your colorful multi-colored crazily shaped drawings. That is basically all I have looked at so far as I am being a bit lazy today. I'm sure I'll be back though.

Till then, keep up the good work. Oh and I did, as I was scrolling down to comment notice your little blurb about "ignor-Rants". I got a kick out of that. So true too.