Friday, November 11, 2011

Sad Inertia

Blog post # 241:
(241 = a prime, maybe.)

First, let me say:
The elevens are aligning today! Holy schist!


Amorphously Turned

Properly Haphazard

Entangled Spillage

Formed Of Its Forgoing

Pitied Transcendence

I don't really like any of these pictures...
But I do falsely like them, perhaps...


Anagram for today:

And As I Tire
Sad Inertia


(Does anyone want to SHUT UP!?...)


The Humiliation Nation
(An 'up and coming' idea?...)

So, the government and authorities (plus those private individuals with the right "apps" on their smart phones) can identify you now, even from some distance, via iris-scans or by facial-recognition. There is even technology that can identify you via the way you walk. And, oh yeah, there is DNA identification, which someday soon will probably be doable from a distance. The government, for instance, is very interested in knowing which person in a crowd is a "terrorist" (or is a known antiwar protester or other type of dissident). And, somewhat more benign, the police would like to identify people they apprehend or question on the street to see if they are wanted.

So, in this world of full-body scans at the airport, what do I predict for the future of Homeland Security?

I predict the use of infra-red or radar to see through your clothes, pants and underwear, and identify everyone via the shapes of our genitals.
Yes, it is probably true that everyone's genitalia has a unique shape, a "fingerprint", if you will. And since identifying everyone by their genitalia-metrics would provide the government with the needed level of humiliation of its citizens so as to keep us in line, this prediction is likely to occur.
(The only problem with this idea is that people's genitals, especially men's, often change shape throughout the day.
But those folks who write the algorithms shouldn't be deterred. They'll just look at this problem as a challenge.)




Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Totally mind blowing Leroy.
Sadly it may already be true.

flip said...

Can we just do away with pants? 'Cause I'm OK with that.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Anything, anything at all, to keep us "safe", I guess, Flip.