Monday, July 29, 2013

Lobo-dromes Of Loxo-botomies

(Lobo-dromes ond/ar loxo-botomies.)
(Those rhumbs logarithmically rhyme.)

Blog-post # 390:
(390 = 2*3*5*13.)

Nine new art inanimations:
(Plus a bonus tenth.)

Tautology Negating Itself,
Yet Being As Nullified

Superjectively Axistential,
Exiomatically Superposited

Less Than Nonexistent
Yet More Than Real

Any Quasi-Translucence
Between Now And Currently

Or Of Any Thing Of Whatever Was As
Anything Ever As What Is As Of It

Irrelevance Of Its/Our
Iridescence And/Or Bleakness

Incandescence Of
Aforementioned Glassiness

Less Unlike These Dissimiles

Or Else Non-Otherwise

Yes, the 2nd image's title
consists entirely of neologisms
(as far as I know).

I think the word "Dissimiles",
from the 8th image's title, is
a neologism.


I hid the silliness.
Hell is inside this.


Visions are as dreamt,
are weirder than was
anything as seen.
Those irises were shiny,
insane, aware, smart,
and avant-garde.


This gravity was there
inside all mass.
Everything is still
as dreamt as a wish.






Those surreal dimensions
may free this lost in us.
Therefore, our mindlessness
is also its humanity.

Time.. for another* visual pun,
if you can.. see.. what I mean:


*(Remember the very first,
maybe the only, such pun I did?
It was in my first post
to this blog.)

Humanity as a whole contains
highly-contrasted values and
ideals and customs and beliefs
all interwoven into their
oscillations too often
(and sometimes violently)
interfering with each other.

This is the nature of our..
social moires..-patterns.

(Quite a morass of mores
is that moire-pattern, too.)

As the cosmic ether might exist
and/or not exist simultaneously,
it is quantum-physically thus
quite ... 'eithereal'..


The cans cannot knot.

(Who would've thought?
Not wood.)


To be of humanity's

is to be inhuman,
sadistic, and mean.

(This is often a case of..

This oxymoron is
'utterly unspeakable'.

(Or so they say.)

Infatuation often is a very..
Pav-love-ian response.


Those paranoid "crazy" people
(now vindicated) have known
that the truth is so horrible
that it is very...


(The real truth is absolutely
unspeakable... It could never
be spoken, even if unclearly
and only to oneself.
Even the voices of a psychotic
cannot dare speak of it --..
it, this unthinkable reality
regarding such voices,
the silent voices of our..
these voices which now are
instead.. hearing us.)


Our guardian-demons, they are
still tirelessly watching over
us all.. so to allegedly
keep us (locked in their)..

[Their spy-satellites are..
with those sky-high eyes;
.. Heaven's Demons.]


Herein I write "National Security"
with upper-case N and S because,
like governments cynically do,
I like to capitalize on it..

Speaking of...
(US-specific observation)

These days when they arrest us
and then read us all our rights,
.. it is THEY who are now silent.


While we are on the topic of
Miranda, what is with this
"What you say can AND WILL be
used against you"?
Will?! For certain?
What if you only mention some
off-topic and/or completely
nonsensical non-sequitur?
Such as:
"My own spit I myself can
never taste, Mr Copper.
Why is that?"
Then later in court, the
prosecutor might strain for
a way to use the defendant's
comments against him, no
matter how unrelated to
anything regarding the case
those comments were.
(If this was really so, I
would almost want to be
arrested just to see how the
prosecutor ends up trying to
do that with whatever weird
comments I made to the cops
after my mirandization.
Fun and games.)
Maybe I could ask about the
Miranda Warning's*
"will be used against you"
itself. And I bet that many of
those who are arrested do
exactly that. I bet this is
often used against many such
defendants at trial, too,..
when the cops tell the judge
and jury what smart-asses
these defendants have been.
(How say you, jurors?
"Boo! Hiss!")

*(Just read that the warning's
wording is not fixed. I think
the US Supreme Court ruling
itself used the phrase,
"will be used against".
But apparently this is not how
the police in reality always
say it, often instead saying
"may be used against".
{They surely don't want to
tempt those whom they arrest
to make any more smart-ass
comments than otherwise.}
Whilst on TV the police almost
always say "will", it seems.)
[Warning: You have the right..
to not read the following,
which contains adult language
.. and, even worse, politics,
and, much worse still, a
reference to celebrity culture.]

We have become so afraid now of
being falsely labeled by the
government as risks to National
Security and then being
arrested (or worse) for what
we wrote/said, that I bet that
really soon (if not already),
even celebrity reporters who
write about any celebrity
saying (for example) the
f-word publicly, these
reporters will write that the
celeb "dropped the 'fuck-b'".

(Oh, surely we shouldn't B this
out-of-proportion, now now.)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Atomically And Anatomically As Autonomically Anthropomorphic

Blog-post # 389:
(389 = a prime, maybe.)

Seven new art-inanimations:

Encircled By Circle-lessness


Entropy Somewhat Either Or
Neither Yet Maybe Partway

Plexistentially If
Labyrinthinely Aswirl

Nevertheless Of A Non-Nothingness
Nonetheless As Nonsensical

Messily Monotonic And Monotonously
Multiangular Or As Multidirectional

Symmetry Is As
As Is It

Regarding some
images' names:

From 2nd image:
"Morpharithmic" is
derived from "morpha-",
meaning 'form', and
"-rithmic", taken
from the end of
the word "logarithm".

From 4th image:
is a portmanteau
mixing "plexus" or
"plexiform" with
isn't really a
neologism, but is
suppose to be the
adverb form of
(But I am not sure
if I have that right.)

Regarding the 7th
image's name:
Depending upon how
one defines
it may even be a form
of symmetry, ironically.
(An "odd (mathematical)
function", such as x^3,
is an example of what I
mean here. In other
words, the reflection is
the negation.
There are other possible
interpretations too of
what might be meant by
anti-symmetry is a
form of symmetry.)


(Then ten {again}.)

The dreams were
shaping all geometry.
Yet some nightmares
are graphed well.


Shapes encircled
this as...
its spherical
scenes had.


Each solar yet lunar moon
is as stellar, but is of
noisier finitude.
Such suns are to
rotationally remain
inside it all,
if before us so.


One is as two:
Cosmically, these numbers
alone did only add into
that whole.
This nonsense was all
a dichotomy between
all dichotomy
and/or solitude.


Therein our entirely hated
selves, freedom actively
revolts against us.
Nevertheless, it does rust
forever, as vile ignorance
yet ultimately had.


In a death aglow,
loss is cured.
All this was our
sad genocide.


As the self:
Flesh eats.

- -

I taste.
It eats.

- -

In taste, flesh dies.
The self is stained.

- -

Vegans' mirage.


(Regarding last anagram above:

Vegans don't eat golden calves,
regular calves, or any other
graven-images.. or any gravy.)

If a vegan slips-up by eating
a robotic calf (or some of that
lab-grown meat -- in the news),
they might claim they are still
... technically vegans.
(Wait, or are they NOT
technically vegans, but
are otherwise?)


My eyes are too close to
my nose. They are SO near
my nose.. that once when I
had a cold, I accidently..

'blue' my eyes..


You hear about the greedy
comedian who told very many
jokes involving spoonerisms?

Yeah, that funny-man
was a money-fan.

Speaking of:..
Be sure to wear your..
'wide socks'
when walking those..


(Footpaths: They are..
byways for the bipeds.)


Dressing counter-conformistly
is the latest...


Any reaction against the
recent rise in worldwide
will (hopefully) be quite

(But I guess the backlash
could work either way..
{as backlashes usually can;
.. by-definition, even}.)


If cosines are of the Cosmos,
are sines then of the 'Smos'?

(We are living in the Co-smos,
out-of-phase with the Smos.)

(But the Universe is ENTIRELY
out-of-phase with the "Iverse",


What happened to the band
when their fame was over?

Their fans..
'a-band-done'-ed them..


Where do they grow the
most weirdly experimental
of flowers?

In the..
'Avant-Garden', of course.

(And those flowers are
really.. ground-breaking,
.. especially right after
their seeds/bulbs sprout.)

(Agnostics are accosted
by caustic acoustics.)



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sideways, Yawed Is

Blog-post # 388:
(388 = 2*97*2.)

Ten new art-inanimations.
(Surprise. Ten again.
Maybe indeed often
it is of ten.)

Any Aspects As Such Are
As Things Such As Any Are

Counterpoint To All Collinearity

Aswirl, Alight, Aflame,
And Aglow, Although As So

Any Edgeless Unacknowledgement

If Perhaps The Existence Of
Existence Precludes All
From Existing

Our Most Imperceptible
Of Hallucinations

Macroscopic Thinnesses Unto
Anew Microscopic Thicknesses

Delineation De-Delineated
From The Likenesses Of Lines

Sinusoidally Spheroidal Spinlessness

Yet These Rhumbs
Are Logarithmically
And Loxodromically

[The first image here is
a counterpoint to the
6th image in my last post,
"As These Sur-cular
Cir-realities Are As Those
Cir-real Sur-cularities".]


(Six is.)

Swirling is as dense...
in weird glassiness.

[^Did I already post
this anagram?]

Truth is of reality's
own glass lies.
It rigorously was
less than itself.


In ruses where ghosts
are delineated,..
These swirl around
their edge as seen.


Ruses be...


Likewise in eyes
are the tints.
Yet I wink at
their lenses I see.


Is swayed.



'Sideways, yawed is.'


Why does the intelligent
enumerate those timepieces
in reverse order around the
circle they are arranged in?

Because he is quite the..



Why do vampires need
to keep drinking so
much blood?

because they always
are cutting themselves
while shaving...


Being mentally strained
by stains is being very..



A synopsis of the
preparations done on
your house for the
winter would be a..

of the winterization.


The so-called 'Domino
Theory' was a theory


just blame the intern..
(Speaking of proxies..)

"Yeah, it was the intern
who spread Communism
Yeah, the intern did it."

Quite an..
intern-national incident.

*From the free labor of
each intern according to
their abilities to each
corporation (or president)
according to their needs.

[Well, fun is done.]

It is ironic that the word
"amateur" is relatively
difficult to spell. While
someone who spells well
and even does so for money
(a writer or editor, say)
is (simply) a "pro".

We perhaps also need a
short word for "amateur",
such as "ama".

"I am an ama."
"You sure?"
"Yes, I 'am sure'
I am an 'amateur'."


Does even existence itself
ever exist? And can any
concept conceptually be real
if nothing but truth is true?

(Can solipsism be more than
absolute nihilism, or can
even purest nothingness be
herein me if only existence
exists {sans exception}?)

The thought itself must
think itself to be...
a thought...
and therefore not.

It ought to think of
that knot of noughts,
the knot of knots
of what we sought,
then fought,
or so forgot.


Allegedly we knew
to acknowledge all our
knowledge was alleged.


The masochistic cosmos,
the Maso-cosm, is
quite the Uni-versus.

(Warning: Some items
from the rest of this
post may offend you.)

[As long as we are
stereotyping people...
(Hey, EVERYBODY does it,..
or so is the stereotype.)]

Women may think
they're entitled.
But men think
they're endowed.


So, what do we know about
what that "H" stands for?..

Hey, exclaim this:

"Jesus Hussein Christ!"

And as long as we are
messing around with the
names of famous and
infamous people and

"Odin Bin Lama".

(That there is almost
a spoonerism, too.
A band-name, perhaps?)


And more to possibly
offend you all...

Where does the
Labia-Minotaur reside?

Within the
of course.

(Of course, this joke is
pretty useless. Except
that there must be a
band-name somewhere in
there,... in there,..
trying to escape,...
trying to exit,..
or trying to enter?..
Within?.. Between?..)


With omniscient government
spying, saying some things


often is offensiveness
turned-off, if turned
solely officially so
into, unto, upon, onto,
or of.. its upsettingly
awful offsets.]



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cir-really Sur-cularities As Malformulated

[See the notes about the images' names
{following the images} for a partial
explanation of the neologisms in this
post's title.]

Blog-post 387:
(387 = 3*43*3).

Ten art inanimations again.
(Often of ten;
And often I make the
"'of ten' is often" comparison.
But have I done so ten times?
At some point I will have,
or I have already, however..

Accurately Mis-alphabetized
Are All Its Abaci

Non-Monotonically Never
Likewise Less Unlike Nouns

Prosaic Grotesqueness
Of Poetic Technology

The Potentiality Of This Truth
That Truth May Possibly Be

Prosaic Mosaic Of Poetic Processes

As These Sur-cular Cir-realities Are
As Those Cir-real Sur-cularities

An Under-complicated Malformulation
Of Any Anagraphatization

Foreverness Formulated From Mythic
Metaphors Of Phenomenal Finitude

Collinearities Polychromatically
Parallel To Crescents

Ultra-Mythematics Of
The Ultimate Metaphor

First, an update regarding
what I said about one of
the image names from my
previous post. I said:
[I suppose that the
non-handle part of a..
'spoon' would be a
'hemisphere' which is
That is actually only
a semi-spoonerism

Regarding the 6th image's
name: It is the most
surreal of circles that
might possess quite the
'sur-cular cir-realism'.

Regarding the 7th image's
name: Yes, "malformulation"
is a neologism regarding
malformed formulations.
And "anagraphatization"
is similar to
anagrammatization, but
is in regards to images
and visual concepts
instead of words.

Regarding the 10th image's
name: "Mythematics" means
what you might have guessed
(or.. somewhat so..).
The myth of math. Maybe
pseudo-mathematics, perhaps.

And, yes, two images both
have both the words "poetic"
and "prosaic" in them.
For more fun in that regard,
see the last anagram below.


nine more than none.]
(Especially the first two
are significantly true.)

Axiomatic essence:
Existence is a coma.


Any meaninglessness
is solely logical.
Nonsensically so,
messes agilely align.


When analyzed, monotony
appears as labyrinthine
as messiest ruin.
Those are its own
phenomenally astray
mazes spun inside
any brain.


This destined cosmos again
is cast hyper-dimensionally.
Astrophysics indeed only
aligns so inside mathematics.


The last cosmos is what
lastly is what is manmade.
Masochism almost was this,
yet ends all that I was.


The ionic photons are thus
of myths until seen there.
They churn as fire upon
those into these lost
in them.


Everything's hues and
all's crescents arose.
These vast ends are
carelessly churning so.


Paperwork was what
is an end undone.
We are spoken with
and as drawn upon.


Insanity's prose:
It is any person's;
As in poetry's sin.


[This first observation seems
familiar, as if I have posted
it already.]

even the word "parody"
is itself mainly a parody
of the word "parity".

Unequivocally, a


Brownish-colored stained-glass
is quite...



Visual illusions are cast
by which kind of particles?

'FAUXtons', of course.


Photons: Partway particles;
And in some ways sine-waves.

In other words,..


(And when refracted,
photons do... part ways..
{so to diverge into
their different hues}.)


The branch of the theory of
relativity that deals not at
all with the time-dimension
is the..

Theory Of Spatial-Relativity.

{Einstein would have formulated
only this version of his theory
instead if...
he had had much less time.}


Remarkably reduced (in much
the same way the above joke
diminishes Einstein's theory):

Being quite...


The entropy of its entirety
leads the universe to become
quite the..



Infinitely in the past:


[This word seems familiar.
Has it preexisted before
all other words existed and
before time?]

Disturbingly distorted machines
and electronics are humanity's..


[And we created it all...
in OUR image...]

[Now, some sciencelessness..]

We are surely living in
trying times...

Well, worse, since we no
longer necessarily have any
habeas corpus right to even
be tried by time anymore.


Most Americans really want
to be congressional-lobbists
(more so than even be

Yes, most would LOVE to lob
the members of Congress
... with a catapult
into the abyss.

[Now the non-jokes..
{sort of}]

And it would be appropriate
if auto-correct 'corrected'
"autocorrect" itself by
replacing it with "autocracy".

(If you accidently write what
may be construed to be a bit
bigoted, however, you might
have made a.. 'stereotypo'.)

Hedging your bets is using:


(It seems that the best-case
scenario is almost always,
at-best, the middlemost-case


In English, adjectives modify/
describe nouns, and adverbs
modify/describe adjectives
and verbs, as you know.
Yet, as you also know, adverbs
modify/describe other adverbs,
which may confuse the reader
when there is a chain of many
adverbs each modified by the
previous adverb.

So -- as I bet has been
suggested already before by
others -- maybe an adverb
modifying/describing another
adverb should end in -"lyly".

And, as you might have
guessed I will now suggest, an
adverb modifying/describing an
adverb modifying/describing an
adverb might end in -"lylyly".


(Maybe -"ly^n" could be
used for those adverbs
of very high-order or
of variable-order.)

All these "lylylyly"s may not
necessarily be easy to say,
but maybe they would at least
be fun to say.. (Yipee.)
And maybe they might be less
confusing to read, at least,
whenever there is an attempt
to communicate in writing any
higher-order adverb-ization.


In this artificial artifice,
mostly maddeningly manmade:

Here, herein, are our..
hellish hallucinations of
luciferian incantations.

Forever formulated from
math's mythical metaphors
of unthinkability and
unimaginable finitude,
there, those and these
theses are nominally
as abominable, and thus
they are truthful if yet
they are theoretical,..

And the formulations of
forever are all malformed,
and otherwise are likewise
(and else are also)
.. malformulated.