Monday, July 29, 2013

Lobo-dromes Of Loxo-botomies

(Lobo-dromes ond/ar loxo-botomies.)
(Those rhumbs logarithmically rhyme.)

Blog-post # 390:
(390 = 2*3*5*13.)

Nine new art inanimations:
(Plus a bonus tenth.)

Tautology Negating Itself,
Yet Being As Nullified

Superjectively Axistential,
Exiomatically Superposited

Less Than Nonexistent
Yet More Than Real

Any Quasi-Translucence
Between Now And Currently

Or Of Any Thing Of Whatever Was As
Anything Ever As What Is As Of It

Irrelevance Of Its/Our
Iridescence And/Or Bleakness

Incandescence Of
Aforementioned Glassiness

Less Unlike These Dissimiles

Or Else Non-Otherwise

Yes, the 2nd image's title
consists entirely of neologisms
(as far as I know).

I think the word "Dissimiles",
from the 8th image's title, is
a neologism.


I hid the silliness.
Hell is inside this.


Visions are as dreamt,
are weirder than was
anything as seen.
Those irises were shiny,
insane, aware, smart,
and avant-garde.


This gravity was there
inside all mass.
Everything is still
as dreamt as a wish.






Those surreal dimensions
may free this lost in us.
Therefore, our mindlessness
is also its humanity.

Time.. for another* visual pun,
if you can.. see.. what I mean:


*(Remember the very first,
maybe the only, such pun I did?
It was in my first post
to this blog.)

Humanity as a whole contains
highly-contrasted values and
ideals and customs and beliefs
all interwoven into their
oscillations too often
(and sometimes violently)
interfering with each other.

This is the nature of our..
social moires..-patterns.

(Quite a morass of mores
is that moire-pattern, too.)

As the cosmic ether might exist
and/or not exist simultaneously,
it is quantum-physically thus
quite ... 'eithereal'..


The cans cannot knot.

(Who would've thought?
Not wood.)


To be of humanity's

is to be inhuman,
sadistic, and mean.

(This is often a case of..

This oxymoron is
'utterly unspeakable'.

(Or so they say.)

Infatuation often is a very..
Pav-love-ian response.


Those paranoid "crazy" people
(now vindicated) have known
that the truth is so horrible
that it is very...


(The real truth is absolutely
unspeakable... It could never
be spoken, even if unclearly
and only to oneself.
Even the voices of a psychotic
cannot dare speak of it --..
it, this unthinkable reality
regarding such voices,
the silent voices of our..
these voices which now are
instead.. hearing us.)


Our guardian-demons, they are
still tirelessly watching over
us all.. so to allegedly
keep us (locked in their)..

[Their spy-satellites are..
with those sky-high eyes;
.. Heaven's Demons.]


Herein I write "National Security"
with upper-case N and S because,
like governments cynically do,
I like to capitalize on it..

Speaking of...
(US-specific observation)

These days when they arrest us
and then read us all our rights,
.. it is THEY who are now silent.


While we are on the topic of
Miranda, what is with this
"What you say can AND WILL be
used against you"?
Will?! For certain?
What if you only mention some
off-topic and/or completely
nonsensical non-sequitur?
Such as:
"My own spit I myself can
never taste, Mr Copper.
Why is that?"
Then later in court, the
prosecutor might strain for
a way to use the defendant's
comments against him, no
matter how unrelated to
anything regarding the case
those comments were.
(If this was really so, I
would almost want to be
arrested just to see how the
prosecutor ends up trying to
do that with whatever weird
comments I made to the cops
after my mirandization.
Fun and games.)
Maybe I could ask about the
Miranda Warning's*
"will be used against you"
itself. And I bet that many of
those who are arrested do
exactly that. I bet this is
often used against many such
defendants at trial, too,..
when the cops tell the judge
and jury what smart-asses
these defendants have been.
(How say you, jurors?
"Boo! Hiss!")

*(Just read that the warning's
wording is not fixed. I think
the US Supreme Court ruling
itself used the phrase,
"will be used against".
But apparently this is not how
the police in reality always
say it, often instead saying
"may be used against".
{They surely don't want to
tempt those whom they arrest
to make any more smart-ass
comments than otherwise.}
Whilst on TV the police almost
always say "will", it seems.)
[Warning: You have the right..
to not read the following,
which contains adult language
.. and, even worse, politics,
and, much worse still, a
reference to celebrity culture.]

We have become so afraid now of
being falsely labeled by the
government as risks to National
Security and then being
arrested (or worse) for what
we wrote/said, that I bet that
really soon (if not already),
even celebrity reporters who
write about any celebrity
saying (for example) the
f-word publicly, these
reporters will write that the
celeb "dropped the 'fuck-b'".

(Oh, surely we shouldn't B this
out-of-proportion, now now.)


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kikinotdee said...

Less Than Nonexistent
Yet More Than Real,I love this name and the art they fit each other like a glove. :)