Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Of Syzygynesthetic Finitesimals

Blog-post # 394
(394 = 2*197.)

Ten new inanimations:
(Three posts in a row,
now, each with 10 images.)

Greater Than All Evenness
Yet Less Than All Oddness

Mis-enumerations Of
Mis-countable Mis-numberings

Phonemes Of

Protation Of Its
Own Rotruding

Anagrammatic Algorithms
Of Synesthetic Syzygies

Sinusoidally Aperiodic
Unlike Again All

Integers Differing
From Their Own
Inherent Magnitudes

Zeros And Infinities Alternating
Between And With Transpositions
And Themselves

Diffraction Of The
Differentials Of


Regarding 4th images name:
Yes, "Protation" and
"Rotruding" are
spoonerized neologisms.
(Spiraling outwardly:
The 'rotrusions' are

Regarding the last image's
name: "Finitesimal" is
perhaps a neologism,
meaning small but not
REALLY small (or, as
a noun, meaning the concept
of this mediocre smallness,
or something that is this
In other words, it is the
reciprocal of a finite
number, as "infinitesimal"
refers instead to the
reciprocal of infinity
(even if not always
literally so).


Spores so human:


Human topology spirals,
or these spirals are human.
All our ugly
anthropomorphism is
shape seen as art.


Glassiness' diffraction:
In its scan of false grids.




Hallucinations are
of nightmares known.
In all chants awaken,
I rouse from nothing.


The husband's ire was once
thought to be as only one
of his own hidden lies.
But he instead soon changed
within, then foolishly does
now so abuse her.

[^A very unsettling
anagram, surely. And aptly,
as it disturbs us, likewise
its letter-order has
also been disturbed.]


I possess distressing thoughts,
and possess them without proper

I am...



I can trust my instincts even
less than I can trust myself.

Alas, my 'instinct' is my..
'stink in' me.



The 'meaning' of all
is the 'meanness' of all.


I read that someone being
unethical and ruthless gives
that person an advantage in
the business world.

That would explain all those..



The poorly made monster-movie
was so very...


(^Quite a

Meanwhile, a poorly made
movie with lots of death
of innocents by explosions
is very..



The news segments these days:

Weather, sports, and TERROR.

(And celebrities!
Don't forget the celebrities.
Or is celebrity-news part
of the 'terror' news segment?)


Very vaguely of multiplicity:


(Did I post this portmanteau
already? I guess its existence
within this blog is itself
blural in number, then.)

Even Einstein means nothing
here in this, my Emptiness.


E(mptiness) =


Did I write here already
about the types of eclipses?

The syzygies are as so:

Lunar eclipse:

Solar eclipse:

So, what then might be
a 'terrestrial eclipse'?

(And you people might have
guessed why we don't have
the 3rd type of eclipse
{officially.. yet}
here on Earth..)


Polyphonic and polychromatic
eclipses are of quite the..




Wednesday, August 21, 2013

However, We Interpolated What We Meant By 'Extrapolation'

[See top image's title for what this
blog-post's title is referencing.]

Blog-post # 393:
(393 = 3*131.)

Ten new computer-art inanimations:

Extra-Dimensional Extrapolation
Of What Is Interpolation

Prognostication Of
Hypnogogic Protractors


Curled As Any Tilting
Perpendicular To Diagonality

Via The Consequences
Of Non-Sequiturs

Distillates Of All
Brightly Unlit Spinning

Permanencies Exchanged
With Their Transpositions
Of Temporariness

Perturbations Disturbingly

Dis-Transposality Defined Via
The Very Lines Defining It

Only So Vacuous As To Be Voided,
Volatile, And Unavoidable


Sums orbit pi.


The entirety is linear
unto any accumulation.
All continua yet are,
yet are in this continuum.


All rope was formed
by our messy knots.
Entropy flows so as
smoke made blurry.


Uncertain reality
Any countered truth
is a lie.


Similarities end:
Limits are inside.


Of this death's sleep:
It so shaped the self.


Being stretched on the rack
led many to die quite a...

'grew-some'.. death..


You heard about that
fire-breathing ranter?

He surely liked to..
dragon and on...

(^Old joke which is not
mine, I am sure.)

Why did the retired
politician then get a job
in the energy industry?

Because, either way, he
really wanted to be..
in power..


New term for whenever
US politicians sneakily
try to get around the
Bill Of Rights:

They try to do so by using..
"Zero-Amendment Exploits".


Eating too much cholesterol
can really...
drive a steak
through your heart..

[^Again, must be old joke.]

I am often shocked at just
how absolutely.. different..
(to put it very nicely)
some people's beliefs, values,
attitudes, and opinions are
from mine, even in regards
to the most fundamental of
those concepts
(even those I would have
thought, regarding my own,
to be obviously correct and
axiomatic to everybody --
but I guess not).

7 billion people on Earth...
It seems that each
individual human-being can
be defined as being almost
the exact opposite in every
way to every other.

Humanity is quite...


Why do paparazzi have
no senses of humor?

Because they always...
dog stars...

(Get it? Because they're
so... Sirius..)


Serious(er) stuff:

If our "souls" are nonexistent,
because our entire mental selves
are solely a product of only our
physical brains
(brains as material and no more
metaphysical than are any other
parts of our corporal bodies --
from our kidneys to our saliva-
glands to our gonads); and if,
in-turn, the entirety of this
physical reality of our existence
(the physical reality inside
which is embedded our physical
bodies) is actually nothing more
than the abstract collective
states of some hyper-real/
hyper-unreal computer-like
computational engine/brain
(its abstract states analogous
to what we might think of,
in our terms, as those of a
computer's logic-gates --
where this
"computer" might perhaps be
generating itself somehow
inside some abstract
hyper-dimensional "knot"
within itself, and within all
abstract concepts of self and
of knots and of
hyper-dimensionality and of
concepts and of analogs and
of abstractions); then...
(Are we what we are?)

What is this thought
we surely are thinking?

And WHY should I even care
about you?

Or why should I care about
anyone else who, like you,
is even less real than
even I myself am?

If "God" (or Whatever even
remotely resembles our grand
ideas of what a god should be
or is) -- to completely get
away from my main point --
exists in any way at all,
this is surely ONLY because such
existence would be infinitely
more bizarre and absurd than is
even the existence of any "real"
human person (even my own;
even Hitler's..).
And THUS, God's existence
consequently might even be --
or it MUST be, if only
ridiculously, cruelly,
infuriatingly, yet laughably
-- ... quite so.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Synonyms Of Such Infinitely Translucent Glassiness

[It seems appropriate -- and also not so,
and thus, appropriate -- that this post's
title has little to do with the post itself.
Although not completely absolutely
disjointed are they.]

Blog-post #392:
(392 = 7*2*2*2*7.)

Ten new computer-art inanimations:

Tautology's Many
One-Fold Symmetries


Synonyms Of Incompletely
Surreal Incommensurability

Mis-Entirety Of Mis-Irrelevance

Entropy Both Entangled And
Entwined By Ambiguousness

Thus As Else Is Tautology
Else As Thus Transposed
With Transparence

Every Infinitely
Alphabetized Analysis
Incapable Of Being Analyzed

Of Hyper-Hemispherical Scalars
Defining Any Concept Of Anything

Polychromatic Emptinesses,
Each Of Its Many Shapelessnesses

Refraction Through
An Infinitely
Translucent Glassiness

(2nd image's title)
is obviously a neologism. It is
based upon "soliloquy", of course,
with some liberties taken
regarding the numbers of i's
and o's.

I really like the bottom image's
name (and the image itself,
except that it is highly

(Only five.)

Knots were complicated in this glass.
Most line-drawings lack these optics.


Uncertain reality shouted.
Any countered truth is a lie.


Democrats only spun anything to then
make it our selfish liberalism.
Republicans' lies mislead.
They think more ignorantly
than most of us.

[^US-based subject-matter.]

It makes..


The noise is but data in
round or strange mathematics.
These summations are adding
unto their abstraction.

(Not many puns this post.
This post is very un-punny.)

Anew, this (herein) is not a knot
as much as not is any knot that
is not of knottiness or is not as
knot-like or likely not as also

However, it is otherwise tangled.


I smelt the smelter.
It smelt of sulphur.
It smelt of lead
and of cadmium;...
so it made me dumb.


You hear about the stupid

Really stupid, he was.
He couldn't even.. function.

(Oh, and he was quite..


(Yet another why-haven't-I-
probably-actually-have thing.)

It is dangerous to talk to
strangers, they* say.

That is why I should never
talk to myself..

*('They' being some strangers
themselves, perhaps?)


To be a pedant about it...

We probably should stop referring
to "the color of someone's hair".

Since every strand is probably a
bit differently colored, it may
be best to refer instead to the
"colors of someone's hairs".


Thing that will be the new fad:




Occam's Rube-Goldbergian Razor


A complicated deception with
an overly elaborate narrative
is quite..

[Warning: Politics.
Warning: Appalling politics
to tick-you-off (or to make
you laugh silly).]

Many on the far-right and far-left**
have now oddly come together on some
key issues here in America
(such as on the issue of privacy,
for one thing);
while both of these sides are
completely opposed to the positions
of the so-called "moderates" on such
issues. (But the left and right
might so agree sometimes for totally
opposite reasons.)

In other words,..
the far-left and far-right
have come to...

'Disagree to agree'..

**(I leave it to you to guess
which of these sides I myself
am on.)


With all that talk about the
"Job-Creators" back in 2012
here in the US, I almost came
to believe that the political
battle-lines are between...

The Progressives vs..
"The Productives"..


I only kid with America.
Sorry, America.
You see, for years we Americans
were taught (and taught again..
and again) in school and by our
media how "We are # 1!"..
(Whatever this even meant).

But in-fact, amongst
industrialized nations, the US
("USA! USA! USA!") is actually
dead-last, or near last, by
many measures.
(But forgive me, as I now forget
by which measures, exactly.)
And by other measures, such as
press-freedom, we are not last,
but are way way down the list.
(Not #1, anyway.
No, not at all.)

But we will be #1 again.
Oh yes we will...

#1 amongst the..
NON-industrialized nations..

(Did I post already my neologism,
"De-developing nations"?
It refers to nations going
backwards towards a significantly
lower standard of living -- as
often happens to societies in all
those sci-fi stories about the
dystopian post-nuclear-war-
Although it seems we now have a
post-apocalypse dystopia now..
without first having the actual
apocalypse itself. {I think I
did indeed post this last point
before quite a long while ago.})

***(And don't you forget the
"One nation under God" thing.
The US is even lower and more
despicable than even God is!?
But, all other nations are
saved from that worst of
shames, I guess?..
Har har.. Just kidding.
All other nations too seem to
be really trying to jump as hard
as they can under that very
low-bar the US has set this last
decade or so.)


Got to go now.
Got to get off-line.
There is nothing now
(And "nothing on-TV" either,
... but some junk I have to
throw out.)



Tuesday, August 6, 2013


[Finite numbers are 'definite'
in their magnitudes.
While infinite numbers are
considered more so
Yet a more nuanced word to
describe infinitely large
numbers (and just how it
is so nuanced is itself
indefinite.. to me)
might be the neologism
'deinfinite'. Or maybe not.]

Blog-post # 391:
(391 = 17*23.)

Eight new art-inanimations:

Semi-Symmetrically Semicircular
Simultaneousnesses Ultimately
As Simultimate

Lessover It Was So Or
It So Was Nonethemore

Nil-lessness Overwhelmed By
Zeroness Nonetheless Of None

Soliloscopic Nihiloquy

Metarithmic Logarithism

Analy-system Of Its
Own Ana-linear Analyses

The Innumerably Few Non-Nil Densities
Of Those Uncountably Many Zeros

Overlapping That Space

Yes, there are a few neologisms in
today's image-titles. But I do not
have time to explain them, or even
to point-out which words are the

[Some of these -- as always,
but especially this post --
might be erroneous.]

Smart heads are of wise minds.
As form was inside the dreams.


For, this rotation is a
tautology posited anew.
Thus, words of it
(as into it) are to
loop yet again.


Each prism is rotated,
thus each solely is
more than half-pi.
They all dare to form
as it into such
hemispherical shapes.


The entire dream was as
randomized as is everything.
A nightmare's voids are yet
drawn inside mazes there.


All is some yet as zero.
Mazes so are solely it.


Same as zero:
Mazes are so.


Our mazes:
A zero-sum.


As parallels aligned on it,..
All again pressed into all.


Our unseen eyes are of their
weird dreams forming only
inside all sad oddness.
Any things defined me so,
and so were as surreal or
nullified or denied or messy.


Politics can destroy any foul
wisdom in our mangled selves.
It spoils even its own
democracy, damning all of us
so rudely.


Fact almost always
is insanity.
As totally in it
was any fascism.


A fascist:
Is as fact.


All their terrorism
contains lies.
It made us think less
than even it.
Here, this mistaken
is our Hell's
evil instincts.


That hot syrup is as stone
made of its own sweetness.
This was spun from tastes,
yet was done so into these.


What physics apparatus has a
bubble-chamber with 6-fold

The super-kaleido'
of course.

(Note: I believe that one
of my old posts used the
word "Collider-scope", or
something similar, in its
title. This above^ is the
joke-version of that
word-play, however.)

A sub-microscopic microscope
is the.. nihiloscope.

A nihiloscope is a device*
devised to view -- via its
infinite-resolution --
VERY small objects of only
zero-width, objects so
small as to be only of
absolute nonexistence and
of purest nothingness.

In other words, the
nihiloscope alone can...
see the point
(of anything).

*(A hypothetical device
-- of the most 'hypo'-ly
of 'hypothetical's.)

An aside:
(Aside from its genocide..)
Point-Zero has zero point..


Why do dogs like to wear
pairs of shorts when it
is hot outside?

Because no dog wants..
t(w)o pant(s)..


The only time a fool
writes clearly...

is when he is doing so..
in invisible ink..


It is ironic that a
'voided check'
is in a way almost
the opposite of a

"Just have the payroll
department write me a
blank-check for
my labors, boss."

"Sure thing. No problem."

Boss stupidly thinks:..
"Heh, heh. He must not
know that no bank will
cash it."

(And.. I must have posted
already to this blog about
the problems anyone with
"Void" as either their
first or last name might
have trying to cash checks..)

Speaking of carte-blanche:

.. Descarte-blanche...

(as the US Supreme Court
ruled) corporations are
indeed people after all,
I guess.

As they each soliloquize:..

"I Inc, therefore I am."

[I know I heard this joke
somewhere else before.]

We only think
we are Rene Descartes
dreaming he is Zhuangzi
remembering he is
Philip K Dick.

(Watch it,
said George Orwell;
for, all of it
is just a lie,
as some people say
... on Fox News.)


Speaking of
news like a fox:

That network is indeed
"fair and balanced".
But it only is so in
the sense that the
truth is on one side;..
and it is balanced by
what that network has
ever claimed is true
on the exact opposite

.. Yes, 'balanced'...
(And fairly fair..
-skinned, too...)

**(This reminds me of my
symmetry observation in a
recent post to this blog,
.. but here with less
geometry and with more

truth and falsehood are
probably almost never
either-or, never one or
the other exclusively.

To assume so likely
is just a bunch of..
BULL-ean logic.

(Yet even the very truth
or falsehood of my very
contention here must be
quasi-Boolean at-most.)
(Like {broken} clockwork..)

Hey, even psychology
research-results are
correct twice a day..

Twice, that is,..
+/- an expected statistical
aberration per some
(or whatever mumbo-jumbo);
but all soon to be debunked
anyway during the related
(and under-reported)
large-scale meta-analysis.


Mankind, as I once said,
is really man-UNkind.

Sort'a sadistically sordid?

.. Yeah, unkind'a.

(And now,..
not being so cheery..)

Insanity murdered truth.

It was solely a suicide.


Terrorism has created us..
in its own (graven-)image.

.. And quite grave
is that graven image
(involving graves).


Regarding social-networks:

I have chosen to..


(It is oft apt to opt-out.)


Regarding the aforementioned

Indeed, you are the product..
(as they say, but...)
of whatever They have
wanted you to believe.


Now, for the offensiveness:
[Warning. Warning.]

What many women's bare
bosoms look like is quite...



Drinking too much beer can
lead some people to..

'hops' into bed
with almost anyone..


And.. the good news is,
as far as I am concerned,...

There are at most a FINITE
number of women on Earth who
are not in any way attracted
to me.


(And I will stay alone only
for a deinfinite amount of
additional time.)