Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Of Syzygynesthetic Finitesimals

Blog-post # 394
(394 = 2*197.)

Ten new inanimations:
(Three posts in a row,
now, each with 10 images.)

Greater Than All Evenness
Yet Less Than All Oddness

Mis-enumerations Of
Mis-countable Mis-numberings

Phonemes Of

Protation Of Its
Own Rotruding

Anagrammatic Algorithms
Of Synesthetic Syzygies

Sinusoidally Aperiodic
Unlike Again All

Integers Differing
From Their Own
Inherent Magnitudes

Zeros And Infinities Alternating
Between And With Transpositions
And Themselves

Diffraction Of The
Differentials Of


Regarding 4th images name:
Yes, "Protation" and
"Rotruding" are
spoonerized neologisms.
(Spiraling outwardly:
The 'rotrusions' are

Regarding the last image's
name: "Finitesimal" is
perhaps a neologism,
meaning small but not
REALLY small (or, as
a noun, meaning the concept
of this mediocre smallness,
or something that is this
In other words, it is the
reciprocal of a finite
number, as "infinitesimal"
refers instead to the
reciprocal of infinity
(even if not always
literally so).


Spores so human:


Human topology spirals,
or these spirals are human.
All our ugly
anthropomorphism is
shape seen as art.


Glassiness' diffraction:
In its scan of false grids.




Hallucinations are
of nightmares known.
In all chants awaken,
I rouse from nothing.


The husband's ire was once
thought to be as only one
of his own hidden lies.
But he instead soon changed
within, then foolishly does
now so abuse her.

[^A very unsettling
anagram, surely. And aptly,
as it disturbs us, likewise
its letter-order has
also been disturbed.]


I possess distressing thoughts,
and possess them without proper

I am...



I can trust my instincts even
less than I can trust myself.

Alas, my 'instinct' is my..
'stink in' me.



The 'meaning' of all
is the 'meanness' of all.


I read that someone being
unethical and ruthless gives
that person an advantage in
the business world.

That would explain all those..



The poorly made monster-movie
was so very...


(^Quite a

Meanwhile, a poorly made
movie with lots of death
of innocents by explosions
is very..



The news segments these days:

Weather, sports, and TERROR.

(And celebrities!
Don't forget the celebrities.
Or is celebrity-news part
of the 'terror' news segment?)


Very vaguely of multiplicity:


(Did I post this portmanteau
already? I guess its existence
within this blog is itself
blural in number, then.)

Even Einstein means nothing
here in this, my Emptiness.


E(mptiness) =


Did I write here already
about the types of eclipses?

The syzygies are as so:

Lunar eclipse:

Solar eclipse:

So, what then might be
a 'terrestrial eclipse'?

(And you people might have
guessed why we don't have
the 3rd type of eclipse
{officially.. yet}
here on Earth..)


Polyphonic and polychromatic
eclipses are of quite the..




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