Tuesday, August 6, 2013


[Finite numbers are 'definite'
in their magnitudes.
While infinite numbers are
considered more so
Yet a more nuanced word to
describe infinitely large
numbers (and just how it
is so nuanced is itself
indefinite.. to me)
might be the neologism
'deinfinite'. Or maybe not.]

Blog-post # 391:
(391 = 17*23.)

Eight new art-inanimations:

Semi-Symmetrically Semicircular
Simultaneousnesses Ultimately
As Simultimate

Lessover It Was So Or
It So Was Nonethemore

Nil-lessness Overwhelmed By
Zeroness Nonetheless Of None

Soliloscopic Nihiloquy

Metarithmic Logarithism

Analy-system Of Its
Own Ana-linear Analyses

The Innumerably Few Non-Nil Densities
Of Those Uncountably Many Zeros

Overlapping That Space

Yes, there are a few neologisms in
today's image-titles. But I do not
have time to explain them, or even
to point-out which words are the

[Some of these -- as always,
but especially this post --
might be erroneous.]

Smart heads are of wise minds.
As form was inside the dreams.


For, this rotation is a
tautology posited anew.
Thus, words of it
(as into it) are to
loop yet again.


Each prism is rotated,
thus each solely is
more than half-pi.
They all dare to form
as it into such
hemispherical shapes.


The entire dream was as
randomized as is everything.
A nightmare's voids are yet
drawn inside mazes there.


All is some yet as zero.
Mazes so are solely it.


Same as zero:
Mazes are so.


Our mazes:
A zero-sum.


As parallels aligned on it,..
All again pressed into all.


Our unseen eyes are of their
weird dreams forming only
inside all sad oddness.
Any things defined me so,
and so were as surreal or
nullified or denied or messy.


Politics can destroy any foul
wisdom in our mangled selves.
It spoils even its own
democracy, damning all of us
so rudely.


Fact almost always
is insanity.
As totally in it
was any fascism.


A fascist:
Is as fact.


All their terrorism
contains lies.
It made us think less
than even it.
Here, this mistaken
is our Hell's
evil instincts.


That hot syrup is as stone
made of its own sweetness.
This was spun from tastes,
yet was done so into these.


What physics apparatus has a
bubble-chamber with 6-fold

The super-kaleido'
of course.

(Note: I believe that one
of my old posts used the
word "Collider-scope", or
something similar, in its
title. This above^ is the
joke-version of that
word-play, however.)

A sub-microscopic microscope
is the.. nihiloscope.

A nihiloscope is a device*
devised to view -- via its
infinite-resolution --
VERY small objects of only
zero-width, objects so
small as to be only of
absolute nonexistence and
of purest nothingness.

In other words, the
nihiloscope alone can...
see the point
(of anything).

*(A hypothetical device
-- of the most 'hypo'-ly
of 'hypothetical's.)

An aside:
(Aside from its genocide..)
Point-Zero has zero point..


Why do dogs like to wear
pairs of shorts when it
is hot outside?

Because no dog wants..
t(w)o pant(s)..


The only time a fool
writes clearly...

is when he is doing so..
in invisible ink..


It is ironic that a
'voided check'
is in a way almost
the opposite of a

"Just have the payroll
department write me a
blank-check for
my labors, boss."

"Sure thing. No problem."

Boss stupidly thinks:..
"Heh, heh. He must not
know that no bank will
cash it."

(And.. I must have posted
already to this blog about
the problems anyone with
"Void" as either their
first or last name might
have trying to cash checks..)

Speaking of carte-blanche:

.. Descarte-blanche...

(as the US Supreme Court
ruled) corporations are
indeed people after all,
I guess.

As they each soliloquize:..

"I Inc, therefore I am."

[I know I heard this joke
somewhere else before.]

We only think
we are Rene Descartes
dreaming he is Zhuangzi
remembering he is
Philip K Dick.

(Watch it,
said George Orwell;
for, all of it
is just a lie,
as some people say
... on Fox News.)


Speaking of
news like a fox:

That network is indeed
"fair and balanced".
But it only is so in
the sense that the
truth is on one side;..
and it is balanced by
what that network has
ever claimed is true
on the exact opposite

.. Yes, 'balanced'...
(And fairly fair..
-skinned, too...)

**(This reminds me of my
symmetry observation in a
recent post to this blog,
.. but here with less
geometry and with more

truth and falsehood are
probably almost never
either-or, never one or
the other exclusively.

To assume so likely
is just a bunch of..
BULL-ean logic.

(Yet even the very truth
or falsehood of my very
contention here must be
quasi-Boolean at-most.)
(Like {broken} clockwork..)

Hey, even psychology
research-results are
correct twice a day..

Twice, that is,..
+/- an expected statistical
aberration per some
(or whatever mumbo-jumbo);
but all soon to be debunked
anyway during the related
(and under-reported)
large-scale meta-analysis.


Mankind, as I once said,
is really man-UNkind.

Sort'a sadistically sordid?

.. Yeah, unkind'a.

(And now,..
not being so cheery..)

Insanity murdered truth.

It was solely a suicide.


Terrorism has created us..
in its own (graven-)image.

.. And quite grave
is that graven image
(involving graves).


Regarding social-networks:

I have chosen to..


(It is oft apt to opt-out.)


Regarding the aforementioned

Indeed, you are the product..
(as they say, but...)
of whatever They have
wanted you to believe.


Now, for the offensiveness:
[Warning. Warning.]

What many women's bare
bosoms look like is quite...



Drinking too much beer can
lead some people to..

'hops' into bed
with almost anyone..


And.. the good news is,
as far as I am concerned,...

There are at most a FINITE
number of women on Earth who
are not in any way attracted
to me.


(And I will stay alone only
for a deinfinite amount of
additional time.)


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