Thursday, April 25, 2013

From The Honorable-Dimension

Blog-post # 376:
(376 = 2*2*2*47.)

Seven images of inanimation:

This Symmetry-lessness Of
Topological Entropies

Densely Clockwise Is All That Is This
That Is All As Counterclockwise

Unidirectional And Shaped As Shapes
(And Solely So)

Densest Dreams Of
Density-less Dimnesses

Almost-Clockwise Like Its Own
Corkscrew-Quark-like Looping

Summations Of A
Multi-Multiplicable Soliton

Metaphormulae (Of Their One Locus,
Of Only Their Fulcra)

(Sorry about the titles incorporating
words from each other in each other.
I thought this might work, but alas..
Although, "Metaphormulae" is a nice
portmanteau, I shall brag.)



All is as that in everything:
The last vanishing reality.


I lit a crystal...


Oddity sans symmetries:
Its mystery is damned so.


As this had those
circumferences inside
all hope:
There, such is a machine
of oddest spherical lines.


This nil is its reliable
disproof, yet revealing
the atoms therein.
All their entire
possibilities are to rid
themselves of anything.


The weather is storming,
is only of what it is.
This was this:
infinite wrath.


Then oscillations see...
into all these cosines.


These mostly round knots
swirl as we into a science.
Sines' densely clockwise
rotations somewhat turn.


Topology's weakest
rotations densely end.
A knotted entropy glows,
as it does only see.


curses these.
Thus seen, its
voices do ever lie.


My laziness:
Zany smiles.


In dreams,
ire damns.


In a polygon:
Any looping.


Grids in what:
Drawing this.


Sines drawn.


A dimness:
Mad sines..
made sins.


Time spins its own self
unto its beauty in all
its dreams.
An emptiness twists nil,
but is yet as I,
also formed until.


Pick-up line:
"Hey, baby. I saw you there
as I passed, and had to just
come back here to talk to you,
.. because..
'U-turn' me on!"..

[Very unoriginal seeming.]
[The following seems very
unoriginal and not mine.]

The 1st Deadly Sin;
The 2nd Deadly Sin;
The 3rd Deadly Sin;

'Ordinal Sins'.

(So, Sin #1 is the
'Car-iginal Sin'?)


The 1st in command at the Vatican
(the Pope);
The 2nd in command at the Vatican;
The 3rd in command at the Vatican;

'The Ordinal Cardinals'.


Hey, homosexuality must be
good with God.

If you are not suppose to..

"covet thy neighbor's wife",

but you are indeed suppose to..

"love thy neighbor as yourself",

hence, perhaps you are
suppose to then..

love thy neighbor more
so than you love his wife?..

(That must be the secret-
message in the Bible.)

And finally,..
some controversy...

Corporations are NOT people.
No, sir.
(No, sir, they are neither
sirs nor gentle-women.)

No, they instead are GODS!

The Ubermenschen.
Ubermenschen, Inc.

[But they DO demand
{And since, as they say,
anyone is what they eat,..
thus, corporations are
indeed people... And so I
guess they are also money.
Yes, they are superhuman
person-money thingies.}]


Losers only win
'honorable mention'.

But WINNERS win..


(THAT is where the honor
really is.)


Neither ever onerous
nor even very numerous
(nor even very even).


Portmanteaux can sometimes be
quite the..

'entwine-glement' of words..



Friday, April 19, 2013

This Title Is Absolutely Meaningless

[If the title claims itself to
be absolutely meaningless, then
does it thus have meaning?
This is the Liar's Paradox
for the Age Of Agnosticism.]

Blog-post # 375:
(375 = 3*5*5*5.)

Eight new art inanimations:

Stereoscopically Hyper-Angular Machine

Regarding Randomness' Spectra
Of Refrangible Chaoses

Formed From Finitude's
Formulae, Formations, And Form

Meta-Astronomical Extra-Celestial

As Of Any Ashes Formed
From Nothingness

An Overlapping Of Lacking By
Its Lacking Of Overlapping

Mono-Variables Themselves

Of Those Flaps Like
These Slab-like Straps


[12: A 'dozen';
Are they so 'zoned'?
Whoops, 13 now.]

Overly dramatic nonsense:
Randomness only reactive.

[^This one is sadly very
appropriate, given all the
news this last decade.]

Ignorant hallucinations
yet be so irate.
They lie in (as to)
our cotangential brains.

[^And I can say the same
about this anangram too.]

Rich saint:

[^Have I posted
this one already?]

All is overlapped
as Creation.
Voids are parallel
in/to space.


These perimeters will
contain any or every
thing's shapes ever
upon all this.
As they are overlapping
completely here within
their inner souls'


These multidimensional
monopoles are stirred.
Most atoms dare pulse
more inside their
lone nil.


We forget any ink lost.
Knots yet are flowing.


If less..
is self.


As inside me:
I made sines.
I am; dense is.


Pi is orthogonally aswirl.
This looping will array so.


Pi truncates inside us.
As I, its ends I puncture.


Unto helical loss:
In all holes so cut.


More about that "End Of The World"
I wrote about recently:

If all of humanity was to die off
from, say, a disease pandemic,
then, ironically, it would instead
be the SURVIVORS on this planet --
ie. all surviving non-human species
on Earth -- who are the ones who
could FINALLY...

Rest In Peace!



Humanity collectively acts as a
suicidal psychopath, in a way.

It not only wants to kill itself
off entirely, it really seems,...
but also it wants to..
"Take as many innocent species
with me/us as I/we can!!!"

The suicidal terrorist of species.


A corkscrew is made to dig a..



Roundish, but not quite perfectly
circular, lengths of string form



Non-sequiturs are often just
a bunch of..



If the proper usage of the pronoun
"she" is dictated by the rules of
'grammar', does that mean then
that the proper usage of the
pronoun "he" is governed by the
rules of.. 'grampar'..

(Grammar and Grampar begot all
language, and language then
begot you.)


If people start again to write
more so in cursive, and we do so
this time fractally (the letters'
loops contain within them loops,
which contain within them loops,
... ad infinitum), then
we will surely be writing..


(No more fun.)

Medical/psychological studies
never apply to me personally,
because those studies' human
subjects are all much too
unlike me:
They are all unreal.

Solipsism is itself as alone
as I am, it being the only
plausible explanation for
anything at all.


Nothing happening at all is
quite the..


A long while ago I wrote about
how the very anti-gay straights
were the.. 'hate-erosexuals'.

But we can also call them the..


They get so turned-on by being
so (supposedly) turned-off.


Carbonated Christianity;
It is like a soft-drink:

One has..
Its hollow bubbles of air;
The other has..
Its Holy Bibles of error.


We ourselves are the
'Human Errors'.

To BE an error is human;
To mistakenly have created
humanity is divine.

(Farting: To 'air' is human..
{And a few other species do
it too, or I so hear..
and so smell..})


I should periodically post in
this blog a section about items
I am curious if they exist online
somewhere, and where they must
surely exist, but I am too lazy
to do a search for them.

One such item:

The eerie parallels between
the Hindenburg and the Titanic
(For one thing,
the first-officer of the
Titanic was named "Hindenburg",
and the first-officer of the
Hindenburg was named..uh,..
{Shake up, Weeple!..})


Speaking of "Shake up, Weeple!":
Are liberals into
.. pro-spiracies?

("I figured it out.
See, America's liberals are
conspiring to give us all..
body-odor! {Gasp!}
What are Obama's initials?
And also, liberals are
So, their CONspiracies
are 'PROspiracies'!
See, that sounds like
It all makes sense now!
Or should we say,..
it all makes...
And take a shower!..
Before the Socialist
EPA bans our showers,
and tries to take
those too away from
you and your family!")

{^Damn, I scare myself.}


Quite the antisocial socialist,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Thereforth Hencefore... Yet Of Massless Mathlessness

Blog-post # 374:
(374 = 2*11*17.)

Ten new computer-art inanimations:
(And ironically, 'inanimations'
are NOT.. 'in animation'.)

Quasi-Colinearity Of Such
Complexly Empty Void-works

Of Such Synesthetically
Shaped Velocities

This Confusing
Complexity Of Scalars

Plexiform Continua

Cosines Transposed
With Converseness

Thereforth Hencefore
Multi-divisibly Di-multipliable

Semi-somewhat Upon Its
Edge Of Edgelessness

Mass-lessness Missing
Its Math-lessness

An Interleaved Knottiness Indeed
Entwined With Entanglement

Finitudes Furthermore More Numerous
Than Even Are The Forevers

[Update: I had to fix and repost
the 7th image, "Semi-somewhat
Upon Its Edge Of Edgelessness".
In the original version there
was an odd vertical linear
smudge that did not look like
it was supposed to be in there.)


[Five, only five;
1/4 as many as before; 'be-fourth'?]

As a null-set sets
Its ultimate lens
sees space.


Seconds tick less so
within them;
each repeats again.
Those are shaping
clockwise distances
then as time.


Time's things are yet
made of their spheres.
For, therein is this
earth's same empty edge.


All holes are potentially
solely of nothingness.
Oh, an entirely polygonal
line falls less to those.


All knots thinly flatten
themselves yet as in
such wire.
Then the vastly full
thickness was a
mostly entire line.



More regarding (if
only semi-somewhat so)
the aforementioned

Our Universe is the
'Void-works', as it is of
a clockwork-like complexity
of such a void, ie. it is
of its plexiform emptiness.


Yet more seriously:

Hope there is no massive
world-ending nuclear war
coming soon.

But if there is...

We will be able to say,

We're out-a-here!...
Humanity has left
the building/planet.
Sorry, no encores;
Sorry, no refunds.

[PS: And funny thing. I
just realized that many of
those same people who want
the "END of the WORLD" to
come about soon... also often
believe the world is flat
and not round, and thus that
it already HAS an 'End', but
in another sense. Hmmm.]


[Update: In my last post, I
said that mentally ill people
throughout history were...

"Once revered.
Then jeered.
Now feared."

Forgot to add,...

"Always weird."

(Mustn't forget that.)]


Nothing ever works out.
Because that is simply
how the world works...
and doesn't work.


The nerdy weakling says,
"Hey, later I'm going
to go work-out!
some math-problems."


Why did the grammar bank fail?

there was a run-on sentences.

(And I guess a judge giving a
convict consecutive terms in
prison would be giving him
a run-on sentence, too.
Well,... he will get a
run-on something, anyway,
given what I hear about
prison food..)


Some people!...

Just being a dick...
is their shtick!


[^And speaking of that type
of person..]

"Hey, baby. I promise I
haven't ever cheated on you
with even one single lady!...

But with lots of
married ladies, though."..

(^I may have read this before.
Warning: Possibly unoriginal.)

"Hey, baby. I promise I
have never cheated on you
with even one lady."..

Because there is no such thing
as an "even one", because all
ones are odd.
(Get it?)


Irrelevant is reality, as
this all is... 'ir-reality'.

And it is governed by the
theory of ir-relativity.

Not even light's velocity
matters anymore.
(But it_squared_times_matter
is yet quite energetic.*)

That's (massively) HEAVY!

*(E=m*c^2 must have some
sexual implications.
"Hey, baby, it ain't the
mass the matters, as much
as how fast it is going."
Thus, energy.)


A knotted Hell:


(Franz Kafka is 'twisting'
in his grave.)

The Inquisition:

Quite the..
dyst-Pope-ian era.


Suggestion for a band-name
and interjection:

"Vicious Christ(!)"

(I very well may have heard
this somewhere else before.)

Non-believers may find the
Christian story of Jesus'
birth, especially with its
virgin-conception and its
friendly farm-animals tending
to the new babe, to be quite
the.. Naivete Scene..

(A narrative of naivete, eh?)

Should the first book of the
New Testament then have been
instead called...
[Again, not my own joke.])

(Okay, and NOW I will
offend someone..)
Potential offensiveness
awaits you.]

Some specific very vile
people SHOULD have been
stillborn instead of having
been born, growing up,
and then doing their evil
things to everybody.

That would have then been
quite the...
'Miscarriages of Justice',

[^Did I post this already?]

[And this will REALLY offend.
Warning: Maybe you should just
not read the following at all.]


Do zombies who miscarry have
... 'stilldead' babies?

(Stilldead? As this joke is?)


Saturday, April 6, 2013

One's Mind Is.. Dimensions...

One's Mind Is.. Dimensions...
(Univerging Unto Sur-Dreamism)

Blog-post #373:
(373 = a prime;
and prime too are
3, 7, 37, and 73;
a fact which is highly
That's a fact.)

Seven new art inanimations:

Non-sequiturs Rotate --
Questions Are To Turn

Absolute Absence Additively
Adulterating Nonsensical Translucence

Diverging Unto Our
Universe's Convergences
(ie Univergence)

Limits End Inside This --
Its Destined Nihilism

Lunar Linearity Lacking Latitudes
Or Longitudes Or Carousels

To Not Gaze Unto The
Gears Or Unto The Sky

Refractive Symmetries Each
Untied Into Entropic Knots

(Notice something particularly interesting
about the name of the first image and the
name of the 4th image?... Hmmm?...)


(Twenty: Quite plenty.
{And 2 of these are each
4-part anagrams.})

Questions are to turn:
Non-sequiturs rotate.

[^Very well done, Leroy.]

Cold as night:
Scalding hot.

[^Pretty impressively
ironic anagram, I think.]

One's mind is.

[^I really like
this one too.]

Spirits' darker carousels
again flow there.
As we are riding their
spectral ark of souls.

[^Quite profound.]

I am accused.
Fakest questions are
asking me of this
sad sin.
Such Kafka-esque
agnosticism is at
an end, as is
its freedom.


Odd palindromes
are summed.
Our lopsided
dreams damn me.


As palindromes are
again set,
... anagrams also
repeat inside.


Their iris seen
folds wisest space.
Its eclipses are
of this weirdness.


Our worlds never be
as an earth's pieces.
Eclipses are drawn there
or above suns.


For, all creation forms
inside those
counterintuitive machines.
As their electronics are
of the trivial continuum
of dimensions.


My universe crafted
nouns into ideas.
Any continuum is
forever as destined.


Creative shapes
rotated this.
That art is
perceived as those.


Also as the stain,
an idea sums in creativity.
Art is then made so
via its insane causality.


Resolve us.


Neon's nights:


Scaring me.


Yell at..
all, yet..
(Let lay.)

[^These last two are...

A body soiled:
Die as bloody.


Rue clan.
Can rule.


Hardly solely ambivalent:
Almost evenly all a hybrid.


*Regarding "madman-agrams":
I can say this because I myself
am a madman.
(Old joke revisited:
I'm sorry. "Madman" is an
offensive politically-incorrect
term. I should have instead said

Mentally-ill people
throughout history:

Once revered.
Then jeered.
Now feared.


Now the pun fun:

In what way does the wheel
turn in the groove?

It.. 'RUTtates'..

(So, why then is "Top-40 Radio"
so groovy?
Because it is stuck in its..

(Well, the rest of this post
is not very pun-esque.
Some other types of word-play,

Lackluster luck lasts.


A frightening transposition:
(And a good idea for
a punk-rock song.)

Genital Wars
(lead to)
Nuclear Warts.

and vice-versa.)


The latitudes, longitudes, and
loxodromes of the moon:

Lunar linearity
(all quite such 'lunearity').


Have I heard a kid say this
somewhere in the media?

"Ah, a rainbow in the sky!
That there's God... frowning"..


Where is Hell?

In an alternate...



What the American fascist
elites have accomplished:



Civil-disobedience prank idea,
if you want to protest that
drivers are not being ticketed
for speeding in a school-zone:

Change the "l" to a "t", with a
simple short horizontal dash,
on the sign in the school-zone
"Fines doubled for speeding"
to get:
"Fines doubted for speeding".

(^Hilarity will ensue, surely,
from your "terrorist act" of

Now to get all profound:
(Protentiously prefound.)


Either so weird as to exceed
the relatively mild surrealisms
of dreams;
or very much like reality,
as seen from within dreams.


(As in the image-name above...)

Diverging unto
the convergences;
or converging unto
the divergences.

The universe converges and
diverges, and all does both
unto it.



ie. The convergences unto
the one convergence;
the one divergence from
all divergences.
Universally so.



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Even The Agnostics Are Nouns Herein

Blog-post # 372:
(372 = 2*3*31*2.)

Nine new art-inanimations:

Their Glass Is Graphed
As Is Any Translucence

As Primes Are Factored Into
Multiples Equally As Likewise

Non-Harmonies Of Dissidently
Non-Dissonant Nouns

Obscured By An Eclipse-less Sky

Meta-Refracted Etceteras Of
Multi-Angularity Thus Multi-Hued

So To Be Yet To Bend Any
Visually Unthinkable Non-Things

In Inter-commensurably
Interjected Inter(juxta)positions

Symmetry Interwoven With All
Its Own Magnitudes

Sums Of Countless


(Nine. So don't whine.
Nine, hey.
That's like the number
of inanimations today.)

Inanimate graphics
are glassy.
Art is shaping
any clear images.

[^In honor of my images.]

Mazes are spoiled
in that psychosis.
Crazy philosophies
seem as distant.


I bet those agnostics
are surely nouns.
Nothingness causes
reality to be ours.


Not nigh.


Then in songs.


One un-squirt.


Non-sequiturs are drawn,
are dreaming, yet
are then doomed.
Rounded squares were
made into any
rearranged into them.


The circumferences added
only as estimations.
Sums created science,
and they formed in it also.


Limits end inside this:
Its destined nihilism.

[I guess I mostly prefer the
longer of these anagrams.]

Funny that, long ago, "all one"
became "alone"; but then people
started saying not only "alone",
but "all alone".

Soon, in the near future, the
word-pair "all alone", however,
will perhaps become contracted
into "alalone".

Then, as you might expect
(me to predict..), people will
start saying "all alalone".

Then, henceforth,.. people will
then say "alalalone" and then
"all alalalone", etc etc...

So, when we all are saying
that we are
"all alalalal...alalalalone",
we will not be so much so,..
if only because we will then
have all those guys named "Al"
to keep us company..


If gays are "queers",
then are straights therefore


Two predictions for new US laws:

It will soon be a felony
(or an "Act Of Terror!")
to be a real human-person
and not a corporation
(and/or a politician).

The law will state that the
act of one not being a
corporation/politician is
in itself per se the felony/


Politicians (and other
corporate entities/elites)
will become a "protected class"
under hate-crimes legislation.

Yes, committing a crime against
someone just because they are a
politician or other corporate
entity/elite will get extra time
added to your prison sentence
(as is the case already many
times, actually).

But soon, the US may go all
European-style and arrest,
despite the 1st Amendment, the
anti-politician bigots simply
because they criticized those
poor repressed politicians/
corporate elites.
(The corporate/political elites
ARE a minority, after all..)

Next up:
Quotas in hiring and
college admissions.
(And bussing?
The politicians' kids getting
sent to the non-politicians'
kids' schools, and vice-versa?)


In America, who yells at their
"Less NASA! More NASCAR!"?

The 'Nas-Tea' Party, of course..

(I may have seen the following
joke already,.. but...
Who will hold moon-buggy races
on the moon in the future?
NASACAR,.. of course..)



Man"kind" is quite...

a feces of a species..